Father Williams


I have always been gay, since I was a child I have been fascinated with the male organ, it all started when I discovered a gay magazine in the backyard of a house near my house, seeing that black guy and that enormous cock made me feel something new to me, since then I began to trick a friend to kiss him, until my father caught us. Being a devout catholic he put me as an altar boy in a church, in hope that the evil sin inside me would be erased. Years passed and my homosexual tendencies increased, I began wearing my mother dresses and I used to stick a banana in my ass thinking I was a woman and the one penetrating me was a black guy.   My first sexual experience was at 14, with someone near me, Father Williams.


I have always imagined how it would be to have Father Williams cock in my mouth, he was a man of 58 years, his white hair have almost fallen off, he was obese but not too fat. My interest in him began one day when he was changing clothes, when he took his cassock , I could see a bulge in his pants, I was impressed, that I drooled and the hole of my ass dilated, my impression was that strong. One time the other altar boys were talking about Father Williams and how they thought he was gay, when they were on trip to another church, they passed trough a street that was know for his gigolos, he kept staring at some boys who were wearing shorts, this ignited my desires and I had to leave the room because my cock was hard.


The next day I began to think in a way to put the father so horny that he could fuck me, I put my gay magazines in my locker of the church, I waited during days for the right moment, and it happened, the office of the father was in the same hall of our changing room, the other altar boys went home a little early, I stayed waiting for everyone to leave and Father Williams was always the last one to leave, so I leave the door of my locker and the door of the room open, then I hid in a corner under   a lot of   dirty clothes, when Father Williams went inside to turn out the lights, he saw my locker and went to close it, then he just stood there looking inside. He went to the door to see if anyone was there, he went back to the locker, took the magazines, took out his cassock, his pants and underwear and I saw something incredible, he had a 9 inch cock, a very fat 9 inch cock.


He began to rub it; he opened all the magazines and watched all of them, looking at the hot boys with their giant cocks. He was ---- faster and faster, he was moaning and saying thing like: oh yes let me fuck you. When he ejaculated his semen went two feet in the air, it was such a load of cum like I had never seen.


I had everything I needed, Father Williams put everything back in the locker, he licked his hand with semen and went to his office, I went out ten minutes later, looked to his office and quickly got out of church. The next day when all the services were over, he called me and asked if I could stay a little late today, I said yes, he called home to tell my father he was giving me a ride back home. When all the altar boys leaved, he told me to go to his office and he closed all the doors. I sat in a red sofa in his office; there I waited with excitement.

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   Finally he came into his office, grabbed a chair and put it in front of the sofa, he looked at me like he was examining—me, then he said:


    • Zefstandig
  • 5in; text-indent: -0. 25in; mso-list: l1 level1 lfo1; tab-stops: list . 5in">-          Is there something you want to tell me?

    -          No, nothing


    -          I found the magazines in your locker.


          I acted like I was ashamed, and I told him they were mine, he said:


    -          Since when you have been living in sin?


    -          All my life, since I was a child I have wanted to be a woman. I said with a tone of innocence.


    -          Silence sinner! He yelled, I would teach you how to accept the Christ.


    I was scared. I thought he was going to call my father but he didn’t.


    -Take out your clothes.

    I did that in an instant, I got the most incredible boner ever, and I could break a wall if I wanted.

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    - Lucifer is already in you; I will take care of taking it out. In that instant he grabbed my balls and put his mouth on my cock, he was sucking it like a vacuum cleaner, I could feel his warm tong around my cock, right then I ejaculated.


    -          Lucifer is starting to get out of your body, but with the power of the Christ I will get it out completely.


    I began to play his game and I said:


    If you have the power of the Christ, have you become holiness in flesh? If I make love to you would I be making love to Jesus?


    -          Yes, I have become God, and now it’s the time to exorcise all the evil in you.


    He turned me around, put my hands in the wall, grabbed my ass and began screaming:


    -          Let Jesus fuck you, let Jesus fuck your body and soul, let my semen take out the demon, with my holy rod I purge all the evil.


    After saying that, he rammed me with all force, his 9 inch ripped my ass, I was screaming at first, but then it began to feel good, so fucking good.

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    I began to say:


    -Fuck me, I want your semen to purify me, turn me into a woman with your power, I want to be your wife, oh my Jesus!


    He began to hump me harder and harder, faster and faster, I could fell his cock, moving in and out of my rectum, the pleasure was great, my moaning filled the church, and then he yelled:


    -          Let my power be passed to you, I have fucked you like I have fucked my twelve disciples.


    And then I felt his hot cum inside me, filling me with his lusty holiness, he sat down in the sofa, and told me to sit in his lap My ass was dripping with semen of the Christ, and he told me while he was rubbing my cock and kissing my neck:


    -          The devil inside you was strong. But this exorcism drove him out, you mustn’t tell anyone, or the devil will return and destroy you. I told him I wouldn’t tell a soul about that. He got up and put me in the sofa, he went out and came back with a paten and a coup with wine. He cleaned his cock with the paten and put it in my mouth and said:


    -          This is my semen, swallow it and you will be the wife of Jesus and it’s followers, and you will do anything you are told.


    -          I will do anything I am asked to do, oh my lord, I and swallowed the paten with semen and shit.


    He took the chalice with wine, gave me some, and poured it in his cock and said:


    - This is the blood of Jesus, give me a blowjob and that will make you a real woman to the eyes of my father.

    I gave him a blowjob until he ejaculated.


    And he said:


          Through him, with him, in him, in the unit of the Holy Spirit we have fucked, all

           Glory and honor is yours, almighty Father, for ever and ever.


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    The ritual is completed. He said, we dressed and he took me home


    Ant that was my first, but not the last time I gave my body to Jesus.