Father son exchange club part 2


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Now to bring us up to date my first encounter with the father son exchange club was just over a month ago now and since then dad and I have made numerous exchanges and have been fully accepted by the community. Each meeting is arranged via email and the internet, when dad joined he was given contact details of all members and he would chat with them and arrange meetings, I never got involved with that stuff but I did help him cover our tracks. Anyway over my first seven meetings I had noticed a few facts about the men we met, they were all late thirties to late forties, none actually classed themselves as being gay, in fact a number of the men were married including my dad of course, all the sons were under twenty, all the men were successful in whatever they did and many of them had second homes which made a lot of our meetings possible. Some of the men would even give you gifts afterwards so far I have been given a PSP, a watch, a new phone and over three hundred just like that, dad would also give gifts he said it's only fair.

As for myself I find my situation very confusing I myself don't consider myself gay either, I have am sexually attracted to girls and have casual sex regularly with them, I have never been sexually attracted to men but show me a cock I will suck and fuck it like there's no tomorrow. I have also found that I prefer to get fucked rather than be the one that's fucking it doesn't really do much for me, I have had anal sex with a woman and prefer it to anal sex with a man, but the feeling I get being someone's filthy little whore sparks something inside my language skills just can't describe.

Dad is also loving every second of it and I can't think of a time when I have seen him so happy and we regularly have sex sessions sometimes I just in my room and mom will be in the shower or bath or sometimes just on the phone and he will come up, close my door and wedge it, fuck me then leave then later on I would hear him fucking my mom.

Another thing that I enjoyed about the sex was the variety some men liked you to dress up and perform roll plays others would ask you to call them daddy, baby, master, sir and my personal favourite papi. Some preferred to watch their son get fucked by my dad first before fucking me while talking dirty to his son. One man didn't even fuck me he just watched me getting fucked by my dad and his son and he came on my face after. Every meeting was different and exciting and I'm told that at the moment there is a new couple joining on average every month one joined yesterday dad told me and apparently he has twin sons and all three are hung dad was told thirteen inches.

Mom seems happy to I'm pleased to report although she was a little suspicious at first when me and dad started spending loads of time together and were going places together because it was something that we had never really done. I changed my football team to a local team and dad promised that he would take me to every match on a weekend and some weekday matches too, it is the perfect cover he even considered getting a rental property but he couldn't work out how to hide it from mom, that was our only issue not being able to host a meeting but everyone we met said it was okay and there were a lot of others who had the same issue. Anyway it's time to tell you about our eighth meeting.

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Dad arranged a meeting in a small town around fifteen miles away we didn't see mom that morning so we headed out. I was very excited as I always was during the car journey the anticipation always got to me and I could barely keep still.

The journey didn't take long but it always felt like it did, we pulled up outside of a large set of electric gates and dad pressed the buzzer and moments later the gates opened. We proceeded up the drive and pulled up outside a very flash glass fronted house. I was very quick to get out I walked around the car to my dad's side. Something then caught my eye which shocked me, I wasn't even looking towards the house my attention was grabbed by a open garage door and most importantly the sports car inside it was a yellow Lamborghini Gallardo spider I recognised it immediately it was the same car I had admired every day at school it was my teachers car I knew he was loaded everyone did he had a stake in his dads very successful gambling business and we would always tease him asking him why he would want to be a teacher if he had all that money his answer was always the same "I love my job" he would say. I also knew he was married. I stood and stared at the car until I heard a door open behind me.

"David good to meet you. " I immediately recognised the voice as that of my teacher,
"Ian how you doing?" my dad replied,
"I'm good thanks, I'm glad you could make it," he replied,
"Are you kidding Joe and I love these meetings," dad replied, it was now time for me to turn around and I took my time doing it too. The look of surprise on his face told the whole story,
"Joe?" He said,
"Hi sir," I replied,
"Do you two know each other?" Dad asked,
"Yeah, he's my teacher dad. " I replied,
"Maybe we should call this off. " he said,
"Don't be silly so what if you're his teacher what happens here stays between us no one will ever know," dad replied,
"Joe are you okay with this," he asked,
"Yeah," I replied, and with that he invited us in.

He house was very posh and very tidy and he had plenty of expensive looking furniture, as we walked into the large open plan living area we found Ian's son sitting there watching the television. I had never met his son but I knew he was the same age as me and that he went to a very posh school.

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   We all took a seat on a large corner sofa.
"James this is David and his son Joe," Ian said, James turned off the television and turned his attention to us,
"Hello," he said,
"Hello James," dad said, he was obviously very excited, James was very small and compact he actually looked more like a twelve year old than a sixteen year old, he had short hair and looked rather feminine he was the complete opposite of Ian he was tall around about 6'2" there about he was very fit and athletic he was obsessed with swimming.

Over the next twenty minutes to half an hour we casually talked among ourselves although we had separated into pairs by now Ian and myself talked about school briefly before talking about the club as it turned out this was only their third meeting, we paid little attention to dad and James but they seemed to be getting on very well and were enjoying each other's company. We continued to talk about our experiences with the club and about how we became involved with it he said he knew another member through his dad and that he found out about James when he went to a dogging spot and found James there getting fucked from both ends and after that they started having sex together. It was then we noticed James down on the floor between my dad's legs sucking on his cock while dad stroked his hair.

"Shall we leave them to it?" Ian said,
"Yeah lets go. " I replied and with that we quickly left the room, as we made our way to what I assumed was going to be his bedroom, Ian and I made general conversation,
"So Joe do you like getting fucked?" he asked,
"Yeah I love it, I hope you're big I love a big cock," I said,
"Don't worry I am, so do you like dressing up?" He asked,
"Yeah it's fun," I replied,
"That's excellent," he replied as we reached a room. I was a little surprised when I walked in because it wasn't his bedroom at all it was his office and it was nothing like the rest of the house it was very plain and formal. It was actually more like a headmasters office, it had a desk with a large leather chair and in front of the desk was a small chair.

"Okay Joe here we are," he said when he closed the door, I was extremely excited at this point and was more than ready to get down to business, he walked over to the desk and sat down in his chair,
"Take a seat Joe," he said, I assumed he meant on his lap but when I went to walk around his desk he pointed at the small seat, so I sat down on it facing him.
"Why don't you have your uniform mister?" He asked,
"What?" I said,
"Why aren't you wearing your uniform?" He said, it was then I clicked on to the fact he was roll playing,
"I don't know sir," I replied,
"It's not good enough young man," He said. He then lent down and opened a draw and he reached down and when he came back up he had a full school uniform trousers, polo shirt and sweater with the school badge on it.
"Here I want it back tomorrow," he said,
"Okay sir," I replied, I wasn't sure what to do next normally this would be where I walk out,
"Well put it on," He said,
"Now sir?" I said,
"Yes now you stupid boy!" He snapped,
"But sir I'm not wearing underwear," I said,
"So what boy I'm a man I've seen it all not change," He ordered and I stood up and began to undress. I took my t-shirt off throwing it on the floor, I knew this was my chance to tease him so I turned around before bending over and taking off my trainers, I then undid my belt buckle and unbuttoned my jeans button by button before bending over and sliding them off while wiggling my arse at him. I didn't turn to face him at any point because my cock was rock hard and also to tease him I then put the trousers on and then turned around to put on the rest, but I had left my fly undone so that my cock would pop out and give him a look.

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   Once I was dressed I put my cock away and zipped up my fly.

"For a kid with so much potential you really are stupid Joe, I give you chance after chance but you just don't listen. " He said,
"Sorry sir," I replied,
"You're not though are you Joe?" He replied,
"I am sir," I replied,
"I've given you chance after chance and you do the same thing over and over again. I should have expelled you when I caught you looking at porn gay porn at that,(True story)" he said,
"It was a pop us sir I was looking for lesbians," I replied,
"You shouldn't have been looking at porn in the first place! I should have also excluded you when I caught you getting a blow job in the girls toilets, (Again true story)" He said,
"She dragged me in, I wasn't going to say no," I replied, I actually did feel like I was getting told off at school I had to remind myself where I was.
"Do you want to stay at this school Joe?" He asked,
"Yes sir," I replied,
"I just don't know how long I can keep doing this telling you off and you going away learning nothing from it," he said,
"Sorry sir," I reply, he then stands up and walks around his desk with a obvious bulge in his pants. He then leans against his desk facing me.
"Have you got an erection sir?" I ask,
"No I do not and why are you looking at my crotch?" He said,
"It looks big sir," I reply,
"Joe. . . " he said,
"Can I see it?" I ask with a cheeky grin, I then lean forward and rub his crotch, it did feel big and also hard but it was begin confined by his trousers so I quickly unzipped his fly and reached in, took a hold of his cock and pulled it out,
"I hope you know what you doing with that," he said,
"Let's find out," I replied.

With that I began sucking on his ever expanding cock, he had been circumcised and the head was very large and fat as I sucked he undid his belt and opened his trousers and I quickly pulled them down and threw them out of the way. His cock was now on full show and fully erect it was beautiful he was completely shaven smooth and didn't even have hair on his balls, it was also long around nine inches but most important for me it was fat it was the fattest cock I had encountered so far but it didn't put me off I continued to suck that cock, I gave it my undivided attention and continued to do so for a couple more minutes, it was now my turn for some attention, I stood up and he helped me undress and soon I was stood in front of him naked. He reached down and took a hold of my cock and gave it a stroke before moving me and bending me over his desk.

He crouched down behind me and began sticking his tongue in my very excited hole and I soon got caught up in the whole scene enjoying every second of his tongue lapping away at my whole I could feel it as it probed away at my hole and every single nerve ending in my body was responding he then began fingering my hole with on hand and with the other he took a hold of my cock and began sucking it from behind I actually had to get him to stop as I was about to cum there and then, he then went back to work on my hole which by now was very wet and very loose. I wanted him inside me there and then but I knew he was that big it was going to need some lube which was a shame I didn't like sucking cock when its covered in lube.

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"Do you have any lube?" I asked,
"Yes," he replied and with that he stopped what he was doing and walked around his desk, I then proceeded to follow him egger to have him inside me, he opened his draw and took out some lube I bent over his desk again and he began applying I then caught a glimpse in a mirror on the wall my hole looked huge it was wider then I had ever seen it, I quickly stood up and spun round,
"That'll do," I said, and with that I lay back on his desk and raised my legs up, I wanted his cock so much I couldn't wait any longer and when the tip touched my hole all I wanted him to do was slam it in, luckily he didn't as when he began sliding it in I felt everything he really was huge and it took a while for me to accept it he gently thrust in and out give tiny trusts which helped to loosen me up and I began to enjoy it even more, I love the feeling of having something in my arse and this something was very satisfying and over the space of a few minutes I was able to take more and more and he was able to thrust more. Finally he bottomed out in me and we were able to have some serious fun now. He picked up the pace and I began to fuck back onto his cock.

The room was warm and beads of sweat started to form on his chest and brow we were now in full flow and I was loving it he was an excellent lover and he always seemed to know what speed to go and how hard to thrust. He pulled out so we could change positions I sat him down in his chair, I turned around and sat down on his cock allowing me to be filled up once again, I used every inch of his cock to pleasure me, I bounced on it and grinded on it, he then surprised me he grabbed my legs and stood up with his cock still in my arse he was defiantly strong he took me over to the window which was open, I took a hold of the frame he now started pounding me from behind. The window itself had no cover from the street so anyone walking past could see but even this was exciting, he put me down but we stayed by the window. I knew he was getting close but there was no way I wanted this to end. We moved from the window back to his desk and he continued pounding my arse from behind his thrusts then began to slow and lengthen I didn't know what to do, did I want his cum in my ass, mouth or face I wanted both but my decision was made for me he pulled out dragged me to the ground and stuck his cock in my mouth, I began sucking his cock while playing with my ass which was gaped wide open, it didn't take long for him to shoot his load deep into my throat it was very warm and very thick and most important there was a lot of it, I quickly swallowed it and sucked every last drop of it from his cock and while he was still hard I jumped up lay on his desk and stuck his cock back in me he then began fucking me again while jacking my cock, it didn't take long for me to then begin spraying cum all over the place as my orgasm took over, my ass locked down on his cock with it deep inside me and he actually had an orgasm himself again it was the perfect end.

When we came down from our high we headed for the shower exhausted but satisfied but yet I still wanted more. In the shower I sucked his cock again and while I was doing this my dad and James walked in both obviously exhausted too.
"Did you two have a good time," Dad asked,
"Yes we did," Ian said,
"Yes dad," I replied briefly before returning my mouth to his cock.
During the shower I began sucking James cock and in the end I sucked all three, James had a small cock only five inches or so but his arse hole was huge it even got me excited and the two men watched as I fucked James in front of them in the shower and then we tried something which we had never even attempted before I can't even remember who suggested it, James stuck his cock in my dad, I then stuck my cock in James and then Ian stuck his dick in me it was very awkward and didn't work very well but it was fun we stopped and I sucked all three dicks there wasn't much cum left which was disappointing, we then showered and dad and I made our exit.

The ride home always consisted of me and dad talking about our experiences , dad told me that James was very willing and could give a excellent blow job but he wishes he was a little tighter. I told dad about the role play and then the sex he admitted he was shocked at how fat Ian's cock was but we were already thinking about our next meeting, I asked dad to get the man with the twin sons and I told him for that one I wanted everyone to fuck me. We stopped again in our usual spot for sex but when we arrived there was a truck parked dad pulled up and waited a short time and the trucker got out of the cab and came over to the car and to sum up we ended up having sex with dad and sucking the truckers cock.

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