Father daughter taboo


Then her best friend slid her hands in her soaked panties and spread her clit exposing it to the cold. Spreading her her legs wide ad swiping her tongue in her vagina. Tongue fucking her and swerving her clitoris. She was so fucking wet and slippery. Then she got up and pressed their pussies together and started humping so hard the bed was constantly knocking the wall. Moaning so loud and shuddering. They kept going at it humping and humping pounding at each other. Breasts bouncing sucking each other of so fucking hard and cumming right infront of her father. Dear old daddy masterbating his dick all hard and ready to come all over them letting them suck him off while he sat on there faces grinding his nuts on his fucking sexy daughters chin while he played with her sweet pussy fingering and swirling both coming so hard.
" daddy please don't stop. . . Keep fucking me oh yes mmmm"
" don't wore baby girl I'm going to make you squirt your cum all over my dick. " 
He pounded her so hard she was bound to be sore.  
He kept pounding into her deeper and deeper each thrust of his cock.  Her fathers nuts slapping her vaginal area all wet and slick.

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   Her daddy ripped her virginity apart shooting hot cum in her while she squirted her own moaning in pleasure.  " I love you daddy don't ever stop 'loving' me"Her ground his cock in his daughters tight as fuck pussy his nuts again pressing into his daughter slit making her moan and come all over again. He sucked her her pink tits.  "I'd rather die then ever stop fucking my daughters sweet pussy baby girl"  Then she remember the first Time she had her orgasm. At 15.  
Sitting at the kitchen table for breakfast she had on a shirt with not bra so thin it felt see through her nipples hard against the fabric and and a skirt with no panties it was really hot summer after all. Her dear old daddy only wearing shorts himself placed another pancake on her plate. When her fork slipped and fell under the table her father stood and said, " don't worry I'll get it" as he kneeled down he saw the full exposure of his daughters pussy so clean and soft he couldn't remember the last time he touched something so sexy. He couldn't help himself and drew nearer. Fuck me. " your not wearing your panties. " " shoot! Sorry dad it's just so hot"Well that her pussy was, her daddy thought. Just as she was about to close her legs he stopped her. Placing his big rough hands and Spreading them wider and pushing her skirt higher. Exposing the sweet vagina, and holly fuck was it sweet.

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   "Daddy?""Sorry baby girl I. . . I just can't resist but. . . Have you ever comed before?" "No, daddy"We'll god fuck him. He sniffed her pussy and then spread it wider just as it was starting to get slick and wet . She pushed her her pussy closer to his face and moaned " daddy please. . . Don't stop now" 
That was decently not a choice, her slid closer and kissed her inner thighs and breathed in her pussy.  "Sweet loving angel" I'm about to fuck you now baby girl" he growled.
His daughter shuddered and moaned again "Please daddy"He spread her clit and swirled his tongue in his daughters pussy. Licked and lick up and down sucking and kissing her sweet pussy licking so fast that she couldn't sit stil she cummed so fast and hard.

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her hands fisting and clutching her Daddy's hair pressing him closer and harder just where she needed him while she grinded Into his face moaning.
He sucked and licked, while he slid his hand up and down his shaft ready to pound his monster thick dick into her fucking tight cunt while she moaned  her tits bouncing up and down on his bed.  
With a demanding voice he said 
"undress. Now. I'm going to make you cum so hard my baby your going to be screaming me to stop. And I won't. "
His words were true not sooner then five minutes his monster thick shaft was tearing her vagina apart. Shredding her virginiry to pieces. She was in pain and couldn't handle her father pounding so hard while she bled on his sheets. " daddy please stop!. . . Slower please" His only response was a grunt of approval he liked that he was hurting his own daughter this way it was almost sick how her pain turned him on. But he didn't stop or slow down his pounding. Tears scrolled down her face.

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   How disgusting she thought  she was fucking her own father  but the pain was subsiding and an arousing pleasure was replacing it.  She didn't care she was fucking her own father anymore in fact she liked it! She liked that she was being touched by a man, a real man.    .