Fame Season 1 Preview


Fame Season 1 is loosely based off the movie and musical Fame. At first I came up with the idea of the story and it reminded me a lot of Fame so I decided to take the name.

Fame has a completely different story and characters then the musical the only thing thats the same is the idea and the school which is the New York High School of Performing Arts.

The story will follow 18 teens that go to the High School of Performing Arts. They will range from Freshmen, to Seniors. And chronicle their sexual endeavors though their years at the high school.

The following are the list of students:

Cody- A rich preppy student from a Boston who's father owns a major lumbering company. - Freshman
Alex- A petite red head who enjoys singer more then dancing. -Freshman
Evan- A tall, tanned, muscular who has dark wavy hair, he seems to be a better dancer then all the Freshmen, and Sophomores. - Freshmen
Ashlee- One of the sexiest freshman to have arrived at HSPA, she's tanned with a tight firm ass, with brown hair. She is very opened talking about sexual things, she isn't to good of a dancer but is an amazing singer. - Freshmen
Rachel- The blonde of the freshmen class. She is of average size with perky size 34 C. The guys call her the blowjob queen cause she is known for her great blowjobs but has never given into sex. - Freshmen
Jenna- Jenna is a very tight girl she is a gymnast, but decided to become a dancer, she has brown hair, and large perky 36 D breasts. - Sophomore
Dustin- A chubby but muscular teen with short spikier hair.

Athens Call Girls 

  - Sophomore
Blaine- Muscular, with brown hair, he only sings, he doesn't dance. - Sophomore
John- Very much like Blaine, he just has a tan, and can dance. - Sophomore
Megan Burril- She is blonde with a tight ass and perfect breasts. Like her sister is known to wear thongs and sexy clothes. - Junior
Emily- Known by her nickname Emmy, she is a very conservative girl, but is also super hot. She has petite perky boobs, and dark brown hair. -Junior
Devon- An amazingly hot black student who looks exactly like Ray J. - Junior
Rochelle Burril-Honestly, is probably the sexiest girl at the school she has a tight muscular ass just begging to be fucked. She has long wavy blonde hair, she has tight abs. She loves to tan, and is known to not be afraid of showing off her body. - Senior
Sidney- Basically the stud of HSPA, looks a lot like Leonardo Di Caprio.

I'm planning on having Episode 1 posted by the end of Monday, there will be 12 episodes for Season 1.