Every mans fantasy


Every Mans Fantasy
Every Mans Fantasy
By Voodoo

So sit back and listen to what I have to say. I would call you to tell you to meet me at my local hotel. I would give you the room number and tell you the door will be unlocked for you. While I am waiting for you at the hotel, I can't help but to play with myself. I start to caress my tits, Playing and Pulling on my nice hard nipple from the boob job you paid for. As I slide my hand down my flat belly to my pussy. I start to rub my fingers across the clit and pinching my lips. I am getting so excited to think your dick will soon be inside me. I start to slide my fingers in and out of my slick wet pussy. As I am starting to get wetter and wetter I insert a finger in to my ass to do a DP on myself. As I climaxed I realized it is almost time for you to get there. I go into the bathroom and take a nice steamy shower. I re shave my pussy so it will be a bald smooth pussy for my man. As I am getting out I hear the door closing and tell you I will be right out. I come out in a towel and you are putting your bags down. I run into your arms and kiss you deeply exchanging tongues in each others mouths.

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   I start to nibble on your lip and I move you further in the room. I strip off your jacket and throw it to the floor. I strip off your shirt as I start to nibble on your ear lobe. I strip off your pants as I start to suck on your nipples. Oh you like that. Listen to you breathe deeply. I take off your boxers and release your hard erect penis. Oh it's so big. I don’t know if I can handle that big daddy. But I guess since I am such a bad girl that your going to have to teach me a lesson. Not. Not I lead you to the bed I push you on to it and you land with a thump. I pull out the restraints' and tell you I am going to tie you to the bed and your going to let me. You agree because you know if you don't our game is over. I tie up your hand and your legs and put a blind fold on you.

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   As you're lying there wondering what I am going to do, I strip off my towel. I bend down to the bed and I start to kiss and caress your balls. Oh they are so soft. I hear you moan. I take the tip of your dick in to my mouth and flick it with my tongue. You moan even deeper. I pull back up. I move around the bed and I place my pussy just above your face. You can feel it and sense in but you stick out your tongue and can't reach it. I lean down and stick your dick back into my mouth and start to suck you off. I pull back up and let my wet pussy drop on to your lips you start to suck and lick my young wet juicy pussy. I feel your tongue going in and out. I pull back up and you whine I tell you to shut up if you want more. You fell my lips touch your mouth again and as you stick your tongue out I get back off, and stand up. I leave you on the bed for a few.

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   When I come back I kneel above your face again you feel and smell my wet pussy just about your wanting tongue. You start to beg me to sit on your face. I stick my ass hole in your face and you start to lick my ass hole. I get back up and let you take a lick of my pussy. I tell you I have a surprise for you since you paid off my boob job. You ask me what it is and I tell you I will show you. Just then you feel a finger go into your ass you start to moan as the finger goes in and out and you feel a mouth go around your dick. You start to moan as the pussy drops on your face. You're licking like crazy when the finger stops going in your ass and the mouth stops sucking you but the pussy does not lift off your face. Then you feel another pussy drop on your dick. What how can that be? How can my pussy be on your face and on your dick? What is going on? As you lick my pussy dripping juice from excitement you feel another Pussy moving slowly up and down on your thick hard shaft. You can't believe the feeling you have. You don't know what is happening. I pull of your tongue as the other pussy pulls of your penis. You start to whimper.

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   I remove your blindfold and now you see a cute 5'1" blond with pierced tits next to me. I tell you that you have been a bad boy for not sending the money to me as fast as you could so now you're going to watch me and my girlfriend do things to each other and you can't touch or do anything with us. As a case in point my friend Tara sits on your face so you can taste her sweet 22 year old bald pussy as I put your thick craving dick inside of me. I start to ride you and she rides your face. After a few moments when we know we have you we pull ourselves off. We start to kiss each other near the bed. I grab Tara's tits and start to suck on her nipples as she is running her hands through her hair. I stand up and she starts to suck on my nipples. I moan so softly. You start to beg to join us and I tell you not yet. Tara and I lay on the bed next to you in a 69 position. My pussy near your face and hers near your feet. You see her tongue darting in my wet pussy as mine is darting in to hers. We do this for quite a while before I sit her up. Her tits are above your face and her ass is towards the bed as I approach her from behind with a strap on and start to fuck her young pussy for you.

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   I tell you that if you would have sent the money faster you would be fucking us both right now. You beg and say sorry just please let you join. I say not yet. She starts to moan as I pound it into her tight little pussy. She tells me she wants to fuck me for you. So I back off and now I lay above your head. She tells us she is going to fuck my ass. She glides it in to me and starts to move so slowly. I moan I know this is how you would feel if you were in my ass right now. I start to pull my nipples and you're just watching her fuck my ass faster and faster. As I climax I tell you that. I will untie you so you can have your way with us. I release your legs and as I move up to your arms Tara notices that your losing your erection and starts to suck on your penis some more. She says to me after a second that we wouldn't want you to lose that now would we. I free your arms while she is still sucking on your dick keeping you erect.

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   Now we tell you that you can order us to do anything you please as your award for paying for my boobs. You look at us both while your standing there and tell us both to take turns sucking on your dick while you think about what you would like to do to us. I kneel on by your right leg and Tara by your left. She grabs your shaft and points the tip of your dick in my direction. I take you into my mouth as she starts to suck and play with your balls. After a few moments we swap places. Tara starts to suck on your dick as I suck and caress your balls.
    After a while you tell us both to get on the bed next to each other on our knees. You line up behind me and you place the tip of your big fat penis up against my sweet young pink moist lips. You thrust your dick deep into my pussy while telling me that you have waited and wanted this for so long. You reach over to Tara and start to finger her young wet moist pussy with your finger. Oh you like this. You have never had two young pussies before. You pull out of me and line up behind Tara and you thrust deep into her pussy. You start to finger my pussy and as your fucking her you start to tell us how we made you feel teasing you like the little whores that we are.


       You stop after awhile and tell me to get underneath Tara and eat her pussy while you're fucking her. So I take my place and as you keep plunging deeper and deeper and harder and harder I am licking her pussy. You pull your penis out and put it into my mouth while you tell her that we are going to swap places. After I take your penis out of my mouth Tara and I flip over so you can fuck me while she eats me out. As you grab your penis to insert it in me Tara grabs your shaft to suck it for a minute. You insert it deep inside me again as Tara goes to work on my pussy. After what seems for hours you start to take a finger and play with my ass hole. You tell us that since you know I like it in the ass you're going to fuck my tight little hole too. You pull your dick out of my pussy and you let Tara suck my juices off it for a sec. you line your head up to my pink puckering little ass hole and drive it with a force deep into me. Tara starts to suck and eat my pussy with a force. After I climaxed about 3 times with your dick inside my ass you tell Tara you want to fell her ass too. You tell her to get in doggie style under me and me in doggie style above her. We do as you tell us and as you thrust your dick deep inside Tara's tight pink puckering ass hole you start to finger my pussy and lick my asshole. You pound the shit out of Tara's ass with your dick and my pussy with your finger.

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       You tell us you're going to explode and Tara asks you to do it in her ass. You start to pound her ass hole even faster as you bring your self to climax. You fill her asshole with so much cum that when you pull out it starts to drip from her ass. I lean over and start to lick and kiss her ass hole to get some of your juice. After we are done you said you need a nap and we agreed. We all lay down with you in the middle of us. When Tara wakes up she finds me riding your dick and asks if she can join in again. You tell her to get her pussy on your mouth. Now that's a new story and another time. Hope you like this and want to comeback for more.


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