Eva - The continuation...


She blushed. “How?” she questioned. “Take your T-shirt and bikini top off. ” I said. “And your bottoms. Hike your skirt up and put your foot on the dashboard. ”She quickly did as I asked. Pulling her skirt up, she stretched out a leg to rest on the dashboard. I reached over and started to gently stroke her pussy up and down, every so often slipping my finger deep inside her. Every time I did this she shuddered and moaned. The semi driver was enjoying the show and kept sounding his air-horn every 30 seconds or so. Eva suddenly moaned, “Oh Kris, I’m going to cum!”I could feel her pussy contract wildly around my finger, as I gently thrust it in and out. She was gripping my hand, using it like a dildo, thrusting deeper and deeper, her moaning steadily increasing in volume. Finally she let out a little scream, her twitching slowed down and she lay back, spent. I gently slipped my finger out of her. The semi driver gave one last long toot, which I replied to, then I sped up, leaving him behind.

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  After ten minutes or so my cock had gradually softened. Eva was still slumped in her seat. “My God,” she finally panted. “I’ve never cum so hard. What a turn-on. ”“Glad you enjoyed it. Are you sure you didn’t fake it?” I queried with a laugh, knowing that was not the case. She lightly punched me on the arm as I turned onto the freeway leading to our work. Once on the freeway I set the cruise control and relaxed a little. Eva’s hand moved back to resume fondling my cock. Again it rose to its full size. “Would you like me to resume what I was doing before?” Eva asked, batting her eyelashes at me. “I wouldn’t complain too much. ” I replied. “But I don’t want to get too turned on until we get to your place.

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  ”Eva smiled, “OK, I’ll try not to get too carried away. ”With that, she reached over, freed my cock from its confines and gently started to wank it back to its full hardness. Leaning over she engulfed the head with her lips, applying light suction and slowly pumping it back and forth in her mouth. She kept this up for the next ten minutes or so, until I finally gasped, “STOP!”As her mouth released my cock I panted, “I’m likely to blow any second. ”She grinned up at me. As we were nearing our work her timing was good. As we to the exit ramp I asked, “Do you want to pick up your car and then go to your place, or shall I drop you here to pick your car up later?”“Better pick my car up first, I think,” she answered. “I don’t know what condition I’ll be in later,” she said with a wink. She directed me to her car and I pulled up near it for her to get out. She stepped out, turned back to me and said, “Follow me. ”I moved my car back a little, so she could drive out and followed her. She lived about five minutes away from the shopping centre, so by this time my cock had returned to normal, but I knew it wouldn’t take much to make it rise again. Just thinking of the possibilities made it twitch, so I quickly thought of other topics. As she parked in the driveway, I parked out the front. I alighted from the car and walked up to the front door where she was standing, trying to put the keys in the lock.

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  “You’re the first visitor I’ve had in,” Eva said to me. “Please excuse the mess. ”She opened the door and I ushered her in first. There were a few boxes here and there, in various stages of being unpacked, but I had both seen, and experienced, a lot worse, with having moved so many times in my earlier years. “Would you like a drink of anything?” she offered. “Are you having something?”“A Jim Beam and “Coke”, strong. ”“OK then, I’ll join you, thank you” I replied. I followed her to the kitchen and watched as she made the drinks. She wasn’t kidding about making them strong, probably a 50/50 mix! She handed me my drink and then raised her glass to clink against mine. “Cheers!”I answered in kind and we both took a sip. She turned and headed out of the kitchen and I followed her, into the lounge-room, joining her in sitting on the couch. “So you enjoyed Sunnyside then?” I asked. “It was better than I ever imagined,” she said, taking another sip and nodding. “I felt so free without clothes. Can we go again sometime?”“Any time you want to and anytime I can find an excuse for my wife.

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  ” I said. “But it’s not going to be every weekend. ”“No, of course not. ”“If you like being naked so much, why don’t you do it at home?” I asked. “I didn’t realise I enjoyed it so much,” she admitted. “But I think at home would be different. ”“Have you ever walked around this house naked? Ever walked to the clothesline without clothes? I’ll bet you even wear a towel from the bathroom to your bedroom. ” I chided her. “No, no and you’re right,” Eva said with a shocked expression on her face, taking a long swig of her drink. “But I’ve never considered not wearing clothes before. ”“Does anyone else have a key to this house?”“No, just me. ”“Then why not be naked at home?” I questioned. “It’s not like anyone can barge in. And even if the doorbell did ring, you have a peephole to see who it is. If it’s someone you don’t want seeing you naked, then go and put some clothes on before you open it.

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  ”I continued with a smile, “And if it is someone who you want to see you naked, imagine what a fabulous surprise it would be for them!”“I guess you’re right,” Eva acknowledged. “It’s probably my up-bringing. With having youngsters around all the time I never went nude around the house. ”“Stand up and close your eyes,” I encouraged. Taking another sip of her drink, she did as I requested. I stood up and went over to her. “Now don’t be alarmed,” I cautioned. I raised her T-shirt over her head, with her lifting her arms to assist me. “Trust me,” I continued, as I undid her bikini top and dropped it, then her skirt, and let it slide to the floor. I backed off a couple of paces and said, “Now slip your bikini bottoms off. Imagine you’re in your in your bedroom, getting ready for bed. ”As I watched entranced, she slipped out of her bottoms and stood there naked. I moved next to her and took her arm saying, “Open your eyes now. How do you feel?” I asked. Fluttering her eyes open she breathed, “Not too bad. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

   But having you here helps. What do we do next?” She picked up her drink and finished it. “OK, follow me. ” I gently guided her through the house, her naked and me fully clothed, entering and moving about every room, with me lightly holding her arm all the way. Out the back door we went, walking along the back porch and pausing. I gestured into her backyard and pointed out that it was secluded, with nowhere people could see in. “See, you’ve nothing to worry about. No-one can spy on you here,” I assured her. We returned to the privacy of the house and back to the lounge-room. “Now, I’m going to join you,” I said, as I unbuttoned my shirt and took it off, followed by my shorts and underwear. Again we walked around the house arm in arm, this time both of us naked, finally arriving back in the lounge. “See, no problems, right?” I suggested. I picked up my drink and sat down on the couch, motioning for her to join me. Eva picked up her empty glass and said, “I feel like another one, how about you?”Knowing I still had to drive home I graciously declined, pointing out my drink was still half-full. I watched her go to the kitchen and heard her pour the Jim Beam (at least half a glass), then open the fridge and add the “Coke”.

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  Sipping it as she came back into the lounge, she joined me in sitting, naked, on the couch. “This has been a really fun day,” she proclaimed, continuing to sip her drink. “I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it. ” I swivelled round, so I was more face on to her and casually let my hand rest lightly on her bare thigh. I took another pull of my drink, as did she. Her nipples were starting to harden and I took my hand from her thigh in order to brush away a wisp of hair from her eyes. She glanced down at my soft cock and commented, “It’s amazing the difference in size when you’re hard. ”I gently caressed her right nipple with my free hand and countered, “Well, it’s the same with your nipples”, as her nub swelled under my fondling. “I don’t know about you, but sunbaking always gets me really horny. ”“You too? Thank God, I thought it was just me. ” Eva drained her glass, then reached out and set it down on the nearby coffee table. “Boy, I needed those drinks. ”Fully aware that she’d downed two very strong drinks in less than half an hour, it came as no surprise to see a slightly glazed look on her face. I stood up, then crouched down in front of her. Gently pushing her back, I said quietly, “Just relax.

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  ”I kissed her stomach, lightly running my tongue around her belly button, then moved my head lower. When my tongue made contact with her flesh she moaned and slumped back in the couch. I ran my hands lightly along the insides of her thighs, just grazing her pubes. A shiver ran through her body, so I wormed my hands under her bum, lifted her crotch up a little and trailed my tongue up and down her pussy. She gasped and I plunged my tongue into her, working it from side to side, then found her clit and started a firm up and down motion on it. She reached down and clutched my head, moaning louder now. I brought my thumbs up to massage her pussy lips, causing her to pull my head harder into her groin. At this stage, as breathing was becoming a tad difficult, I extricated myself, moved back at said, “I think we should continue this in the bedroom. ”A little flushed, Eva stood up, swaying slightly, breathing unsteadily and panted, “Let’s hurry,” as she grabbed my hand and led us into her bedroom. I guided her onto her bed, laying her flat on her back and went down between her thighs, spreading them wide apart with my hands. My tongue continued its assault on her clit, but because of my changed angle of attack I was now able to use my middle fingers to massage her pussy lips. Smoothly I slipped a finger inside her, gently thrusting it in and out, aiming for her g-spot. Her twitching and moaning was becoming more and more pronounced. Dipping the middle finger of my left hand into the copious pool of her secretion and my saliva combined, I used it to lightly tickle her puckered arsehole, causing her to buck her hips violently. Slowly I slid the finger in, up to the first knuckle, all the while continuing to thrust in and out of her, with my other hand, as well as lashing her clit from side to side and up and down.

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   I could feel her pussy trembling around my finger, and her arsehole clutching the finger of my other hand. I removed my finger from her arse long enough to scoop up some more lubrication, then plunged it back in, this time to the second knuckle. Her knees started to tremble and she gripped my head tighter, emitting one long, continuous moan, gradually increasing in volume and pitch. Suddenly she screamed and both her pussy and arsehole fluttered powerfully about my probing fingers as she came hard! I continued gently thrusting and licking, gradually diminishing both the force and the speed, until Eva gasped, “Enough!”I lifted my head and slipped my fingers out of her holes, causing her to emit another gasp. I moved up and lay next to her, just taking in her body with my eyes. It was a mass of pulse points and she lay there gasping and twitching for a good five minutes before raising her head to look at me. “I thought I’d cum hard in the car, on the way home,” she panted, “but this was even more intense. ” She looked down my body and said, “Oooo, looks like I’d better help you out with your problem. ”My cock was rock hard by now, as she knelt up and smoothly slid her mouth down over it. My cock involuntarily jerked in her mouth. Whilst not quite able to deep-throat me, Eva did managed to take about six inches into her mouth before gagging slightly and pulling back. Her hands were busy fondling my balls, which alternated between being extremely tight and hanging loose. Her mouth began a steady pumping motion on my cock, with a gentle, heavenly suction thrown in for good measure.
    I gasped, “Do you swallow?”She paused very briefly, to look up at me. “Give me all you’ve got,” she smiled.

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      Again her mouth worked my cock up and down, until I gasped, “Oh, Yes…Soon, soon…NOW!” As my balls exploded their load of cum into her, I grabbed her head firmly, but not too hard, and jerked my hips upwards. I could hear her gulping my load down, breathing hard through her nose, but never letting go of my prick. I must have sent four or five jets of cum into her mouth, but she kept pumping my cock with her mouth. Finally I panted, “No more!”I gently pulled her up to join me in lying on the bed and kissed her. As our lips met, she pushed her tongue into my mouth and with a shock I realised she hadn’t quite swallowed all of my cum. It was the first time I’d ever tasted myself, but I thought “fair’s fair. ” The taste wasn’t that bad!Eva was smiling up at me. “Like it?” she questioned. “Well that was a first for me,” I admitted. “But not distasteful. ”My cock was still rock hard. It had been some years since I’d been able to recuperate so quickly. Don’t let anyone tell you men in their late 30s only have one shot; it just depends on their partner and the situation!I sat up quickly and before Eva could react, got to my knees behind her and slapped her firmly on the bum. “Get on your knees. ”She did as I said.


       I reached under her and started playing with her pussy with both hands; one finger penetrating her and the other hand manipulating her clit. She let out low moan, “Oooooohhhhh. ”“Put your head down and hold yourself open for me,” I ordered. Again she obeyed, and I removed my finger, grasped my cock and started rubbing it up and down her pussy from behind, still teasing her clit with my free hand. Slowly I eased the head into her tight pussy. I stuck my thumb in my mouth, to get it nice and wet, and then firmly caressed her arsehole with it, popping it in up to the first joint. I wondered, “How much sexier can it get,” with my thumb in her arse, my cock in her pussy and me playing with her clit?I gently started to thrust deeper and deeper into her pussy, feeling it twitch around my cock. Eva was panting, gasping and moaning, obviously liking this three-pronged assault. When my cock was thoroughly buried in her pussy, to the hilt, I started a slow “side to side” motion, flexing my cock deep inside her. “My arse,” she cried, “Fuck my arse. ”The blood pounded in my ears. It had been years since I’d done that, and here was this cutie begging for it!I popped my thumb out of her arsehole and stopped playing with her clit. Her hands, currently spreading her thighs and pussy wide, moved up and held open her arse cheeks for me. I slipped my cock out of her pussy and nudged the head against her arsehole. Due to my thumb’s previous ministrations, in addition to the copious quantity of lubrication from her pussy, my cock-head slipped easily into her arsehole.

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      “Ooohhh, yes!” Eva cried. I grasped her hips and gradually worked my full length into her bowels. Her hand reached under us to clutch and fondle my balls, while she thrust back hard against me, ensuring my cock was again completely buried, this time in her arsehole. The tightness and grip of her arsehole was out of this world and, combined with her moaning, made me sure I couldn’t last too long before exploding. She was hunching back against my cock gasping, “AH, AH, AH, AH…. Fuck me! Harder! AH, AH…”I was clasping her hips and sliding almost the full length of my cock in and out of her arsehole on each stroke. The familiar sensations of my impending orgasm were becoming more and more pronounced. Sweat was trickling down my brow. All of a sudden Eva’s hand clenched my balls, her arsehole twitched about my cock spastically and she screamed, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”That did it! I unloaded my second load of the day, deep into her arse, gasping from the powerful feelings caused by my cum spurting forth from my cock. Eva collapsed forward and I followed, falling on top of her, my cock still deep in her arse. We must have lay like that for about five minutes before my cock softened enough to slip from her arse. Eva sleepily turned to face me, kissed the tip of my nose and said, “We’re going to have to do this on a regular basis. ”“Now Eva,” I said hesitantly. “It can’t be too often or my wife will become suspicious. But I’ll do what I can, when I can, OK?”“Agreed, I’ll take whatever I can get, whenever I can get it.

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      ”Glancing at my watch I saw the time, and asked her if she minded if I let myself out, as I was running a little behind schedule. We kissed again and I left, making it home with enough time to have a quick shower before my wife arrived. I’m still in shock that a twenty-one year old would want to continue to fuck my brains out. Comments please. .