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Here I am waiting for 2HOT4U, browsing the book isle, our predetermined meeting place, for about ten minutes when she entered my field of vision. I let out an inaudible sigh of relief when her beaming smile conveyed both acceptance and excitement. I return her smile with one of my own and hope her expression doesn’t change. Apparently it’s OK because she fearlessly steps up to me and places a hand on my chest. This gesture of confidence elicits an involuntary blush of surprise. Her smile doesn’t falter as we briefly exchange greetings. She decides we can go to her place, as it is a short ride.
We don’t talk on the ride; she looks out the windshield observing me only with her peripheral vision. I think she is enjoying my gaze. I am overwhelmed with anticipation as I admire her neckline, her full lips and the swell of her breast as she breathes. She has an almost ephemeral glow about her. Her skin the color of coffee with a hint of cream is both smooth and unblemished.
She takes my hand after exiting the vehicle and leads me to her door. A mutual excitement passes between us like a constant electrical charge. As soon as the door closes she pushes me up against it, leans into me and softly moans in my ear “take it all off.

By this point the tension in my jeans is unbearable due to my rapid thickening.

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   I eagerly comply. She is wearing a sundress which she slips over her head with ease, revealing the fullness of her. She allows me a moment to revel in her beauty before seizing my shaft and pulling my mouth to hers. I can barely exhale before her tongue finds my own. The heat, the passion, the lust is overwhelming me with euphoria as we hobble-walk towards her couch. She smiles and pushes me to a sitting position.
Still holding my shaft she kneels before me as if in worship and kisses the sensitive tip once, twice, three times before licking its length. She teases my balls taking each one in turn into her mouth. She plunges her tongue into my ass and gently caresses my shaft. She teases like this for a while before taking me fully into her mouth. Up and down, all the way, several times until I begin to pulsate within her mouth and my seed explodes from me and speeds down her throat. She allows me to convulse inside her briefly before releasing me. She begins to kiss me gently below my navel then above. She kisses my chest my neck my ear. She thrusts her breast into my mouth and I eagerly suck.

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   She pushes me flat upon the couch straddles my face and pushes her mound into my chin, my nose, my eagerly salivating mouth. I dash my tongue in and out tasting her heat, her wetness. I pick her up and become the superior, thrusting her legs up and away and plunge my tongue into her ass, her pussy, her ass. I settle over the nub of her clit and suck lightly and quickly, she moans and trembles in orgasm. I greedily gobble up the fullness of her labia and penetrate her heat with two fingers. I thrust them in and out quickly. I curve them upward so as to best target her sweet spot. She orgasms two, three, four times this way before I can bear to be outside her no longer.
Any evidence of my previous ejaculation is unapparent, as my cock is as hard as granite, the skin stretched to the point of bursting. I rise up before her revealing my stiffness. Her eyes are pleading and hungry.
"Yes please…now. ” She begs. I enter her slowly, as to fully experience the sensation as I go. The pleasure is wonderful and encompasses me fully as my speed increases.

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   Faster and faster I thrust as her moans encourage me and I am capable of doing nothing else. I am blinded by all but our combined pleasure as she orgasms twice. As I peak I pull from her and deliver my load all over her belly. She playfully moves it to the pool in her navel licks her finger grabs my head and kisses me fully on the mouth. I taste myself in her mouth and that is fine.
While we are gathering our clothes I mention I never asked what her real name was. She smiles and tells me… and this is fine too. .


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In sum, Madrid is a fantastic urban destination. It is no surprise that Madrid is one of the most visited cities in Spain, since it is home to some of the country's most important historical sites, as well as some of the world's best museums, restaurants, shops, and nightlife. So why wait any longer to book a vacation to Madrid and see all this incredible city has to offer?Even though there are risks, many women in Madrid still work as prostitutes, and there are many ways for them to stay safe. There are groups that help sex workers with legal services and health care, as well as giving them support and tools. Also, there are a lot of social programmes that try to teach people about the truth of prostitution and the problems sex workers face.

The metropolis of Madrid is rich in history, culture, and tradition. The city is also renowned for its lively nightlife, immaculate gastronomy, and, of course, its sensual side. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, Madrid offers a variety of experiences that will stimulate your senses and leave you wanting more.In conclusion, Madrid is an inclusive city. It's not surprising that Madrid is one of the most popular visitor destinations in Spain, given its rich history, breathtaking architecture, world-class institutions, delectable cuisine, excellent shopping, and lively nightlife. So why not schedule a journey to Madrid today and take advantage of all this incredible city has to offer?
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