Ep1: Lindy Grows Up


Reader Advisory:This story contains copious amounts of pee fetish content as well as many references to large clitorises. Stop reading here if this does not appeal to you.

Episode 1 - Lindy Grows Up

Chapter 1: Helen and Lindy

Lindy remembered a lot of things which surprised Helen, knowing Lindy was moderately autistic. When Lindy was relaxed, she was calm, graceful, and was a regular source of laughter for Helen. Helen also had an elegant grace about her, but she had far more to deal with in her life. As a result, she was a bit more serious and determined because of Lindy’s condition.

Helen stood tall and proud, especially when it came to making sure Lindy was protected from the outside world. Lindy had always been a happy soul in spite of her disability and though her autism would often steal her focus, it never took away that calm serenity and gentle smile she nearly always wore. Even now, at 19, Lindy still possessed that peacefulness and smile that made Helen feel lucky that she was allowed to raise her after her parents had passed away.

Lindy’s parents, Laura and Steve, both FBI field agents, died when she was very young. When Lindy was born, it was discovered she had a moderate form of autism, so they made sure Lindy would be taken care of in the event they both were killed in the line of duty. As a result, Helen, who was best friends with Laura, was asked to be Lindy’s Godmother and potential guardian.

Helen had met Laura years ago when they were in their early 20s. Both were sitting in the waiting room of the same OB/GYN. Helen was there to find out if there was something wrong with her bladder as she had recently started peeing when she would orgasm. Laura was there for her first maternity exam as she had just gotten pregnant with Lindy.

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  The two women struck up a conversation, each sharing why they were there.

Much to Helen’s surprise, Laura was able to explain Helen’s issue as she had the same condition. Both women, when they had an orgasm, would involuntarily void their bladders. Laura explained that there was nothing technically wrong with it and getting it “fixed” was far more trouble than it was worth.

Eventually Helen came to enjoy the sensation of peeing during orgasm and even grew to have a watersports fetish. While this was not the only thing they had in common, it was part of the foundation which made Helen and Laura best friends.

It was just after Lindy’s 6th birthday that Lindy went to stay with Helen as her parents were going away for a weekend vacation. The following day, however, Helen received a call that both Laura and Steve had been killed in an auto accident caused by a drunk driver. Helen was devastated at the loss of her best friends and furious that their deaths had to be so meaningless. Helen had known Lindy since she was born and had grown to love her very much, so she proudly became Lindy’s legal guardian and gladly raised her as her own.

Years passed and Lindy had become a beautiful young woman. Long flowing locks of copper red hair fell gracefully upon her modest 34C bosom and accentuated her pale skin and slender 5’ 6” physique. Helen was 23 years older and was a gorgeous “Botticelli” woman. Her full figure was enhanced by set of stunning 36DD breasts with pink, silver dollar sized areolas sporting nipples that, when hard, were about the width and length of a woman’s fingertip. Like Lindy, her hair was in the reddish family, though Helen’s was a dark auburn.

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  Both women were kind hearted and sweet…but hidden beneath their angelic exteriors burned intense libidos that Helen had already embraced and nurtured…but that Lindy was only about to awaken.

Lindy never knew her father and Helen didn’t talk about him much. Lindy was shown pictures and told stories about her parent’s heroic lives, but beyond that Helen didn’t have much to share. Helen and Laura did, of course, have plenty of time for girl talk. Laura had shared a few juicy stories of her fantastic sex life with Steve, and on several occasions bragged about his 13” manhood. Helen had been widowed shortly after she was married as a result of a construction accident, so when she met Laura, she lived vicariously through these stories. Helen was jealous she didn’t have a man like Steve, but she had resigned herself to living alone…that was until Lindy became family and Helen took over as “Mom”.

Helen did everything in her power to make Lindy's life comfortable, productive, and joyous. To avoid the unnecessary emotional brutality that often accompanied public schooling, Helen chose to home school Lindy. As an editor for a large publishing house, Helen worked from home and had plenty of time to devote to making sure Lindy had the best learning environment for a child with her disadvantage.

It was late May and Lindy had just turned nineteen on the 20th of the previous week. Helen felt it was time Lindy started to learn about the world as it truly was. So for her birthday, Helen had a top of the line laptop computer with speedy internet installed for Lindy to explore the world. . .

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  if only virtually.

Lindy loved the computer and it wasn’t long before she was quite proficient at searching the web for anything she was curious about. For over a month, Lindy was at her computer daily for hours looking at pictures and reading stories about places she never knew existed. While she often wished she could see these placed in person, she was content, for now, just to know they were real.

Chapter 2: New Discoveries

It was nearing the hottest part of the year, so Lindy often slept on top of her covers. Sometimes, she would get a chill in the night which made her need to pee, so on one such occasion, she quietly got up to do just that. On this particular evening, as she made her way to the bathroom, she heard moaning from the living room downstairs. Curiously, she peeked around the corner and down through the railings.

The rather large TV was on which was clearly illuminating the view below. There below, was Helen; naked on the couch, with her legs spread. Her left leg was up on the armrest with the other planted firmly on the floor. This gave Lindy a very good view of Helen’s clean shaven muff which was currently being held open while her clitoris was being massaged with the middle finger of the same hand. She was moaning just enough to get Lindy's attention, but it had never woken Lindy before, so she didn’t worry that she was being too loud. Lindy was fixated on the scene and was staring wide eyed when Helen shuddered and started to orgasm. As she came, her vaginal canal began rhythmically contracting and her clit, which was large, but not unusually so, began to twitch.



What happened next, however, was extraordinary.

When Helen’s bladder released during orgasm, it was spectacular. Her orgasm produced a thin fountain of pee that shot up nearly two feet, and arced out over three feet across the floor. The stream glistened in the light and made a quiet pattering sound as it landed on the carpet. Helen had thrown her head back when the orgasm started, but had lifted it to see the fountain as it turned her on even more to watch it arc across the floor. Helen let out a low, guttural moan as she watched the stream and her finger moved to stroke the underside of her clit as it twitched during the orgasm. Because she had a narrow urethra, it took longer for Helen to pee when she had a full bladder. She could pee for at least a full minute before she was empty, though her orgasms never fully emptied her bladder.

Helen’s orgasmic pee fountain continued for another fifteen seconds before it started to dwindle. When it had finally stopped, Lindy silently snuck into the bathroom to pee, then return to her room hoping Helen would never know she had been witness to the decadent display. Lindy had never truly masturbated before, though she would occasionally “pet” her genitals as that did feel good. Lindy was both amazed and confused by what she had seen and drifted off to a somewhat fitful slumber.

A week passed and Lindy was looking forward to planting flowers in the small garden Helen had in the back yard. During that week, Lindy also spent a lot of time thinking about what she’d seen that fateful evening and was growing ever more curious. Lindy's internet explorations had certainly exposed her to several pornographic advertisements, but she never actively pursued pornography.

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  She wanted to know more about what she’d seen and was now very curious about her own sexuality.

As Lindy had never paid much attention to her own lady parts, aside from the necessary business in the bathroom, she didn't really know how things worked or why petting it made her feel good. Helen had not gotten to the “Birds and the Bees” conversation with Lindy yet since there were no men in her life, so she was learning as she went. The people in the porn ads she'd seen looked like they were enjoying themselves, and she knew peeing made her muff feel good which she associated with that memory of Helen’s orgasm. That connection drove her first intentional erotic explorations.

It was a sunny June morning and Lindy returned to her room after her usual shower. She put on a light sundress as it was warm due to the fact that it was turning out to be a very hot summer and her windows let in a lot of light. She was eager to start looking for more pictures and videos like those she had seen in the various random porn ads, but mostly to see more things like what she’d seen Helen do. Lindy was so eager, in fact, that she simply skipped putting on any panties and completely avoided brushing her hair. She sat down at her desk and googled a word she was sure would bring up sexual images she wanted to see. That word was pee.

Several links showed up and Lindy clicked on the first one. The video she found was of a man stroking his penis as he peed onto a woman that was squatting in front of him and masturbating while she peed onto the ground below her. This made Lindy pull up her skirt and look at her pussy. Lindy’s mound was smooth as she had been shown how to shave her legs and since Lindy wanted her muff to look like Helen’s, she figured out how to shave there as well.

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Lindy inherited the best and worst from her parents. The combination of genes that gave her autism came from both of them. Laura gifted her with average breasts and a shapely set of outer labia that formed her perfect peachy mound. She also inherited her narrow urethra and a large bladder so when Lindy really had to pee, she could pee well over a minute. From her father, she inherited keen eyesight and the massive size of his penis. Since Lindy was a woman, however, this translated into an extraordinarily large clitoris.

As Lindy watched the video, she spread her fleshy labia apart and lightly rubbed her meaty clitoris as she’d seen Helen do. This sent jolts of pleasure into Lindy’s stomach and she felt her clitoris begin to swell. Soon she realized she was getting very warm all over and the mental clarity she enjoyed when she relaxed began to slowly evaporate. The more she became aroused, the more she wanted to just stare at the video and stroke her clit. She became focused on only the magical sensations and what she was seeing. She rubbed her clit as the man on the screen continued to stroke his huge penis.

The video Lindy had chosen was rather long, so Lindy alternated between watching her incredible clit grow, and watching the video. Her clitoris had grown so much that it was sticking nearly two inches straight out from between her beefy outer labia, which had also swollen and parted to make room for the sizable erection that Lindy was now gently stroking. It was visibly throbbing and had turned a darker purplish color; Lindy was now in a state of complete arousal and in a world of her own.

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The video continued and Lindy, now having a "penis" of her own, began stroking it with her thumb and index finger, not unlike the man in the video. As she stroked her hardened clit, she also began feeling the urge to pee. This brought forth the memory of Helen’s orgasmic pee fountain again and Lindy was certain what she was doing now would make peeing feel really good.

The man in the video neared climax and Lindy was barely aware of the world. She worked the hood of her enormous erection back and forth over the swollen clit as the feeling of needing to release her pee became prominent. Suddenly, she felt small spurts of pee jumping from her exposed urethra onto the floor with every stroke. Lindy couldn’t stop and was beyond caring; she was panting heavily, almost grunting with every breath.

Then, Lindy had her first orgasm and it changed her world forever.

The man on the screen thrust his huge penis forward and began to spurt long ropes of white cum onto the woman below him. Lindy's clit began twitching uncontrollably even as she continued to stroke its incredible length. As her orgasm hit her, she felt a flood of pee escape bladder and spray out from her sensitive urethra. Lindy looked down and watched helplessly as the powerful jet of pee erupted from her pussy. The stream noisily splashed onto the back panel under her desk and soaked the rug beneath. Lindy witnessed the spectacle in a detached haze and was lost in the orgasmic contractions her pussy was making during her orgasm.

Lindy was awash in sensation and didn’t want it to end.

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  Her orgasm and pee stream lasted over a minute and the video had long since ended. After her pee stream slowed to a trickle and the contractions subsided, Lindy slumped in her chair and she relaxed. Over a minute elapsed before she regained enough mental clarity for her to clean up the results of her first orgasmic endeavor.

Chapter 3: Making It Go

Masturbating to a wet orgasm became a daily event for Lindy. Now that she was aware of the results of her actions, she would lay out the towel from her shower to catch her micturition. Sometimes she would get aroused while watching a video, and other times the need to pee which would spark her clitoris to life and it would begin to swell causing her to, as she had come to call it, “make it go”.

The latter was the case the day Helen was passing Lindy’s room and paused to check in on her. The door was slightly ajar, so Helen could see Lindy get up, go to the far corner of the room, lay out her bath towel, hike up the skirt of her dress, pull off her panties, and sit on the floor facing the corner. She watched in stunned silence as Lindy put her hand to her pussy and began rubbing. Soon, Lindy had gone from rubbing to making the "jack off" motion that Helen was quite familiar with. This confused her and prompted her to find out what Lindy was doing. Helen quietly entered the room as Lindy’s breathing began to get heavy.

"Lindy, Honey, what are you doing?" She said moving toward Lindy.

"I'm making it go," Lindy whimpered in response.

Helen moved to stand over Lindy and could now clearly see the spectacle unfolding before her.

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Helen had no idea that Lindy was so well endowed. Helen was both shocked and aroused watching Lindy stroke her enormous clit as she stared down at her pussy. Helen’s libido instantly reacted and her own clit began to swell. Helen put her hand on her mound in response to the increasing pressure. Lindy was now panting heavily and Helen was having a hard time not giving in to the arousal building in her own loins. With each passing moment, Helen’s pussy grew increasingly wet and the pressure on her bladder became more pronounced.

Lindy let out a small grunt and Helen immediately noticed that small spurts of pee were jumping from Lindy's pussy and landing on the towel before her. Helen pressed harder on her mound through her jeans and knew she may not be able to avoid coming on the spot. Soon, Helen was unconsciously rubbing her hand up and down over the seam of her jeans as she stood mesmerized by Lindy’s lusty display, hoping to find out what Lindy meant by "Making it go".

She didn't have to wait long as Lindy softly grunted again and Helen could see Lindy’s clit begin to twitch as Lindy stopped stroking and instead, pressed on the base of her mound, making her clit push out even more. The purplish head of Lindy’s flexing clit was shiny from the wetness on it, making Helen’s own completely stiffened clit jump and signal that it was about to cum. Helen was lost in the moment and had no desire to stop it.

A thin stream of pee burst forth from beneath Lindy’s twitching erection creating a low arc that easily hit the wall several feet in front of her. The urgency in Helen’s bladder reached a critical point as she easily related to the sensations Lindy was feeling. The pressure of Lindy’s pee stream increased as her orgasm consumed her and the angle at which Lindy’s pee arc left her pussy steadily rose, resulting in her stream splattering higher and higher on the wall.

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As Lindy’s pee fountain rose up on the wall, Helen came. Her own clit throbbed as she gave into her orgasm and flooded her jeans. Helen watched in awe as her own pee soaked the crotch and legs of her jeans and flowed down to create a pool on the hardwood floor. Lindy’s fountain continued unabated for nearly a full minute as it leapt from her pussy and splashed noisily upon the wall.

Helen’s orgasm subsided nearly thirty seconds before Lindy’s stream ended. All Helen could do was gaze upon the scene before her and hold her hand over her completely soaked muff. After herstream ended, Lindy remained motionless for another minute as she relaxed and regained her mental clarity.

“I made it go, just like you did. ”Lindy said, looking up at Helen.

“What do you mean?” Helen asked still spent from her orgasm and in shock from the recent display.

“I had to pee one night and I heard you downstairs, then I saw you rub your muff and pee. ”

“Oh, Honey, you were never meant to see that!”

Helen had finally removed her hand from her crotch and squatted down to help Lindy get to her feet. The two of them cleaned up the wall and Helen took Lindy to the bathroom where they each showered and went to the kitchen to have some lunch. Helen asked Lindy to describe what she had seen and immediately knew the event Lindy had witnessed. Helen then inquired as to when Lindy started “making it go” on her own.


  Lindy told Helen about the pictures and videos she had seen and how they made her feel. She told Helen that she started doing this every day because it made peeing feel so good and that she didn’t like peeing in the toilet as much anymore.

Helen listened intently and took it all in. As her “Mom”, Helen knew she needed to set some boundaries without making Lindy feel that what she was doing was wrong. She knew Lindy was going to discover her sexuality eventually and would not stop her from doing what came naturally. She was proud of Lindy for not being afraid to tell her what she had done and, as usual, wanted to make sure Lindy felt comfortable and safe about expressing her sexuality in a way that didn’t make more work for either of them.

Months passed and around November, Helen had the downstairs bathroom completely remodeled into a modern, stone tile bathroom with a large walk in shower. In the shower, was a raised platform about two feet high, and four feet deep at the back of the shower, opposite the shower head. On this platform, was a large, gel filled, ‘bean bag’ chair that either of them could sit on if they needed to masturbate.

Lindy used it almost daily whenever the urge came to “make it go”. This often happened while Helen was in her office working. Sometimes, however, Helen would be out in the kitchen and could hear the patter of Lindy’s pee fountain echo out of the shower enclosure. Normally Helen would smile knowing how good Lindy was feeling and simply return to her office. On rare occasion, she would sneak to the bathroom door and watch Lindy’s orgasmic pee stream in amazement. This would always make her horny and when Lindy would return to her room, Helen would use the chair in the shower to masturbate to a powerfully wet orgasm.

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Life went on like this for two years and Lindy was now twenty-one. She had become a fairly skilled painter and imaginative writer in spite of her occasional lack of focus. Helen could not have be more proud of her and wondered how long it would be before Lindy would want to try getting a job or even move away. Helen knew it was inevitable, but didn’t want to think about it. She knew the world would not understand Lindy’s need to “make it go” at the drop of a hat and tried to help her understand that other people would not accept her that way. Lindy didn’t seem concerned with that nor was she concerned with experiencing the “real world”.

One evening, Helen was working late and heard Lindy come downstairs and enter the bathroom. Lindy only used the new bathroom that late at night when her need to pee had aroused her in her sleep and she needed to “make it go”. Otherwise, she would just quickly pee upstairs and go back to bed. Hearing Lindy’s decent, Helen’s clit involuntarily began to tingle. It had been some time since she’d masturbated, so she becoming increasingly aroused knowing what Lindy was about to do.

Helen moved to the bathroom door after Lindy entered and did her usual “spying” as Lindy removed her nighty and settled onto the chair in the shower. Helen’s clit was already stiff beneath her robe as Lindy laid her head back and began stroking her clit which had already swollen into an enormous erection in her sleep.

Helen was extremely horny and began rubbing her own clit while watching Lindy. So horny in fact, that she spontaneously decided spying on Lindy was not enough.

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  In an uncharacteristically bold move, Helen opened the door and approached the shower. Lindy looked at her, but didn’t stop playing with her pussy.

“Would it be ok if I make it go with you, Honey?” Helen said, anxious that Lindy would be put off by her presence.

“I would like that,” Lindy replied looking back down at her throbbing erection.

Helen removed her robe and stepped into the shower. She positioned herself with her right leg up on the platform and facing Lindy, but at such an angle that when she came, her pee stream would hit the platform and not Lindy. She knew Lindy’s orgasmic pee stream would hit her and she was counting on it.

Both of Lindy’s legs were on the platform, heels touching, and spread as far apart as they would go. She was reclined in the chair in such a way that her erect clitoris pointed skyward. Lindy’s gaze never left Helen, but drifted down to stare at Helen’s pussy. Helen was holding her pussy open and exposing her beefy, but less endowed clitoris. She let out a soft moan and began rubbing it with her middle finger. Lindy’s own clit was dark and bloated as it had become almost overly engorged while she stroked it and watched Helen.

“Mine is so much bigger than yours,” Lindy said, clearly referring to the size difference between her own and Helen’s clitoral erections.

Helen was lost in arousal but commented breathlessly, “You were gifted with that and I was blessed with these,” She said bringing one of her double D breasts up to her mouth to first lick, then suck the thick, hardened nipple.

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Lindy, in contrast, had no more than a C cup. As Helen ministered to the nipples on each of her own breasts, Lindy gently rubbed hers and watched as the nipples hardened, making her stroke her massive clit even faster. Several minutes went by and Helen could tell Lindy, who had returned to gazing at her own beastly clit, had become lost in her own world. Lindy’s pussy lips had swollen and parted to fully expose her urethra. The tip if her clit had become purple and shiny. Helen’s own clit felt bigger than it had ever been and she started to rub the underside of it as she knew Lindy was getting close. Helen’s orgasm was imminent and she could feel her pee was now dribbling out helplessly onto the stone tiles below.

“Make it go, Lindy. . . I’m about to cum…” Helen gasped as her pussy began its rhythmic contractions.

Helen could neither slow nor stop her approaching climax. Helen pulled up on her pussy which fully exposed her incredibly swollen clit and changed the angle of her urethra. A small but growing stream of pee left Helen’s pussy and instead of landing at the base of the platform, was now hitting Lindy’s right ankle. Feeling the warmth of Helen’s pee, Lindy rolled slightly forward to more clearly see the pee hitting her leg.


  This sent Lindy over the edge and she came hard.

Helen watched in complete rapture as Lindy’s pussy began to convulse and spurt pee onto the platform. Lindy’s panting got louder as she suddenly stopped stroking her clit and pressed down hard at the base with the thumb and fingertips of both hands, making it rear out another half inch. Lindy’s clit began to twitch violently, and for the first time in Helen’s memory, Lindy spoke as she came.


A firm and steady pee stream leapt from Lindy’s pussy, immediately hit Helen’s stomach, and slowly began to rise toward her quivering breasts. Both women slowly rode their respective orgasms, each watching the other’s pee arc rise both in both height and volume. Helen turned slightly causing her rising stream to splash all over Lindy’s thigh and lower torso. At the apex of their climaxes, Helen’s orgasmic pee fountain was hitting Lindy’s thigh, and Lindy’s stream was dancing all over Helen’s left breast.

Pee was splashing everywhere and both Helen and Lindy were awash in each other’s pee, and their own orgasmic bliss. Helen’s stream subsided before Lindy’s flow showed any signs of weakening. Lindy was still forcefully peeing on Helen’s breast when Helen took her foot down and moved back just enough to let Lindy’s flow splatter onto her pussy. Out of sheer lust, Helen held open her pussy to let Lindy’s pee splash onto her sensitive clit.

Helen was still luxuriating in Lindy’s fountain as it started to wane. Helen noticed Lindy’s lengthy clit was still twitching lightly as her stream dried up. In the relative silence, both women took a few minutes to enjoy the afterglow and come back to reality.

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“Can we do that again soon?” Lindy asked smiling weakly and completely spent.

“Let’s see how things go, Honey,” Helen replied helping Lindy off the platform.

Both women rinsed under the warm water of the shower and dried off. Once dressed, Helen and Lindy stood in the bathroom and hugged each other for a long while. Not wanting to lose the relaxed state she was in, Helen suggested they head to their respective bedrooms to get a good night’s sleep. The two awoke the next morning with a lot to talk about.



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