Enjoying with my Aunt


The next day uncle had a call from friends. He was invited to a friend’s birthday party so he left for that. Soon after uncle left aunt went to have a shower. Knowing uncle, he would probably get too drunk to drive back and he would have to stay the night over at his friends place. Some of aunts friends from another room called her over for drinking and she asked me if I would also like to join in. I decided not to go and aunt left. I was all alone and feeling disappointed.

Deciding to masturbate I took off all my clothes and lay down with my feet apart and started to play with my tits. Lifting my head I put the nipples of my right tit in my mouth and started licking and sucking on them all the while rubbing and pulling the other tit so it wouldn’t feel abandoned. My other hand was roaming my body, touching myself everywhere until I felt myself getting wet. I let go of my right tit and switched to my left tit and continued arousing myself.

My eyes were closed so I didn’t realize my aunt had come back. She bent down and touched my stomach and started running her hands up and down my body. I opened my eyes, seeing my aunt I started stammering and making excuses. My aunt pushed me down and bending down took my right tit in her mouth and started licking and sucking them all the while massaging my left tit and then switching. Moving her head up she started nibbling my neck and soon she was kissing me on my lips passionately.

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   I started to respond to her passionate kisses. Somewhere in my mind I felt her hand moving down to my pussy. Touching my clit with the tips of her fingers she started flicking them and rubbing them. Before I knew it I was grinding my hips against her hands and she plunged one of her fingers inside me. “Aaaaahhh aaahhhh oh yes. Don’t stop. ” While she continued finger fucking me her head moved back down to my tits and started sucking on them again. Within minutes my muscles contracted and I came all over her finger.

Getting up she walked over to her wardrobe and took something out. I got up and tried to see what she was doing. I couldn’t see what it was since her back was turned to me. When she turned I saw she was holding a bottle of lubricant and a dildo. It was around 18 inches and very thick. Coming over to me she put the bottle of lubricant and dildo beside us and before she could make any move I pushed her back and straddling her kissed her on the lips. Soon I was flicking her tongue with mine.

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   My hands were massaging her tits. Breaking off the kiss I moved down and took one nipple in my mouth and started sucking them in my mouth while my tongue licked the tips. She was moaning and sighing, holding my head to her tits. I switched to her other tit and continued working my magic on her. Still sucking her tits I started grinding my hips against her and moving down my hands I pried open her pussy lips and with the other hand started finger fucking her with two fingers. Her moaning got louder “Aaaaaaaahhhhh oh yes baby. Finger fuck your aunt. Ohhhh yes. Ah ah ah. ” In another few minutes she came all over my hand. Falling on top of her we stayed like that for a few minutes calming our breathing.

    “Get on your back, baby. ” Getting off her, I lay down. She came on top of me and we adjusted ourselves in a 69 position. I started eating her pussy.

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       Licking her clit and using my hands to pry open her pussy lips I plunged my tongue inside her and tongue fucked her. I felt something wet on my pussy and realized my aunt was rubbing lubricant on and around my pussy hole. Without stopping I continued tongue fucking her. My aunt rubbed the dildo on the opening of my pussy hole and started inserting it inside slowly. Throwing my head back I started moaning loudly, almost shouting while lifting my hips up to allow the dildo to go further in. Aunt pushed her pussy back and started grinding her hips on my face. Knowing what she wanted I pried her pussy lips open with one finger and started tongue fucking her while using the other hand to rub her clit. By now the dildo was almost inside me and my aunt had started fucking me with it, slowly at first and then going faster. I also increased my pace tongue fucking her and also rubbed her clit faster. We were both moaning loudly. In another few minutes we both started coming like we never had cum before.

    Tired we fell asleep beside each other. When I woke up my aunt was holding me and we were still both naked. Kissing me she said “That was the most amazing sex I ever had. ” “Me too,” I said and snuggled closer.

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       “I always wanted to enjoy sex with a girl,” she said again. “Now get dressed and go to sleep, we will do this again soon. ”

    This is my third story. I had a threesome with my aunt and uncle also but that is the next story. Don’t forget to comment on this story. The next will follow soon. .



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