Enjoying Juan: PART TWO


We talked casually, a Little about art, a little about everything, really. It was just small talk and chit-chat. The talk came around to things we were doing, just in general, and to girls. Did he have a girlfriend, did I? The answer was no, in both cases, although he did admit that there was this one girl he liked who came into the liquor store. I suppose that was a mistake letting the conversation take that direction. As Juan sat there, I noticed this kind of suddenly embarrassed look on his face, and I could see that he was starting to get an erection. It happened very quickly, and there was nothing he could do about it. I have to confess that I was a little surprised. Although not very thick, his erection was unexpectedly long. Much longer than I might have thought. Its slender shape curving gracefully up from between his legs like a big cinnamon-brown finger. Juan looked totally embarrassed by his unintentional arousal, even if his darker complexion did not quite manage to show a blush. He apologized and I told him not to worry about it, and asked if he wanted to take a break. He wasn't exactly sure what to do, and continued to sit there looking helpless. I teased him good natured about how I had better not draw that in, although from an artistic standpoint mentioning how it was just a natural part of the male figure. Thinking about it that way made him feel somewhat better.

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   Deciding to take a break, he climbed off of the stool and I went into the house to get us a couple of glasses of lemonade. When I returned, I sat down on my shorter stool and he stood there having a drink, the whole time with his stiff penis spearing boldly up in a display of uninhibited freedom. I kept expecting it to go down, and probably so did he, put it remained stiff.
Finally, after we finished the lemonade, Juan returned to the stool, erection and all. I had to be admiring of his staying power, and in a way, even of how beautiful his erection really looked. Not being gay, something I had really never thought much about before nor had a chance to view so openly. After about two minutes, Juan finally started to loose his erection and his penis shrunk back down, even if not back to the point that it had been when he had first taken off his clothes. Instead, remaining just a bit bigger and thicker, but small enough to make Juan appear comfortable about it. After an hour, we finished up the session, Juan got his clothes back on, and I had an appointment at a gallery to keep. He agreed to come back the next day.
Juan showed up the next morning looking his usual self, wearing a t-shirts, cut-offs, and flip-flops, and grinning shyly. We got to work. He took his clothes off with a relaxed attitude about his once more getting nude, and I told him that I wanted to do a series of quick sketches so I would have them to work from. Juan was agreeable. I had him sit on a rug on the floor in various poses while I made charcoal sketches on a pad.

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   Naturally we talked while I worked and he posed, and at one point he apologized again for his unintentional arousal the day before. I just shrugged and told him not to worry about it, and said that if I had my clothes off and was posing, that he would probably see me having one as well, because I would be no more use to doing that than he was. Juan laughed and was skeptical of that, and confessed that he probably wouldn't feel half so self-conscious if I was nude too, and especially if he was not the only one to have it showing. I laughed, and told him that it probably wouldn't be very professional for the artist to be nude during the session, too.
We worked for the next hour without incident, and got to the point of knocking off for the day. I went to get us some more lemonade and came back to the studio to hand Juan a glass. He was still nude, taking the cold drink before pausing to put his clothes back on. As he stood there, perhaps feeling more aware of his nakedness now than when he had been posing, the teasing stimulation began to give him an erection. Once again, unable to prevent the occurrence and with no way to hide it, his penis shot stiffly upward. He looked embarrassed. I told him not to worry about it, especially now that the session was over. Although embarrassed to be showing off his attributes like that, Juan was relieved that I wasn't concerned about it. I suppose with the combination of being naked and aroused, getting dressed did not lend itself to be an especially appealing thing to do right then. Maybe it seemed even like a little bit of a prudish thing to do. Juan sort of awkwardly remained naked and did not immediately rush to cover up.

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  Instead, standing their sporting his boner in all of his naturalness. He remarked on how he was at least glad that the session was over and did not having to worry about being "professional. " I laughed and agreed that the work was over, so that wasn't a concern. He sort of teased me, and asked if that meant I was going to take my clothes off, too. I remembered my having put it that way when I had talked about being professional. I confessed that I really had not given that any consideration, having my clothes off after the session, questioning how appropriate that would be. Juan carelessly saw no reason why not, as if challenging me to be brave enough to join him. Now I was the one to feel awkward, and I mumbled that I suppose I could. It was not like there was anyone who was going to see us.
I went ahead and kicked my sandals off, and peeled off my shirt and slid out of my shorts, and just like that, I was naked, too. It was certainly cooler. I remember thinking that. I guess that I felt a little modest, too. .



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