Enjoying Juan: PART THREE


Juan appeared delighted by my willingness to be naked, a grin spreading from ear to ear.
I stood there, feeling a bit self-conscious, but sort of liking the feeling of being naked. At the same time, seeing Juan's complete bareness and the sight of his erection. Something which I quickly found encouraging my manhood to respond. Effortlessly I was having a boner, too. We both grinned and laughed, and some how it only seemed fair that he had a chance to see me like that. More, it felt good and appealingly masculine, two guys naked and aroused together, just in a male way that we could both understand and appreciate. In that respect, making the moment something that we could both equally enjoy.
I have to admit that my erection looked thick and large, jabbing out and up from my set of hairy balls. I had nothing to be ashamed of, and even felt proud letting Juan see what I had. He looked sort of proud as well to be showing me his, and I have to admit that it was quite satisfying to have that freedom to be that open and honest with each other. It was like there was no question of it being gay, but simply a chance to enjoy that sort of masculine chemistry between two guys.
Shyly, Juan said that it felt good having a boner together. I had to agree.
Because the moment seemed to allow for it, I playfully reach my hand out to take a hold of Juan's stiff length and to give it a feel. Doing that more out of innocent curiosity and just for fun.

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   He offered no objections to my doing that. Instead, he stood there happily letting me have a feel. Cautiously, he reached over to feel my boner, taking its thickness in his hand, and gently squeezing it. I told him that felt good, and he said that he liked it. I think that we were both a little unsure, but we continued to hold and feel each others erection, finding it quite desirable to do. I told him that I had never done anything like this with another guy before. Juan confessed that he had, once, with his cousin, and that he had not minded it. I took that to be approval on his part, and I felt willing to go along with it. As we were feeling each others boner, Juan suggested that we might be more comfortable if we sat down on the rug. Carelessly I said that we could always go into the bedroom, if we really wanted to be comfortable. Juan said that would be fine with him.
Bare asses and with our erections spearing stiffly up, we left the studio, walked through the kitchen and the living room, and went into the my bedroom. We climbed on the bed and stretched out, our aroused nakedness inviting a romantic quality that was difficult to ignore. Cautiously we performed a small kiss on the lips. Then another.

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   While we were doing that, our hands slipped down to stroke our enormous erections. We were both being a little hesitant, but neither of wanted to hold back. I was surprised, however, when Juan pulled away and then bent down to take my boner in his mouth. I was kind stunned I suppose, not expecting him to do that. Yet, he seemed perfectly happy to accommodate me in that fashion. I laid there feeling his warm, wet mouth sliding up and down my hard length, his hand holding my balls. After a moment he pulled away and brought himself back up, grinning at me and over his indulgent behavior. I figured that I might as well try this too, so I bent down and took his boner in my mouth. It was quite exciting to be sucking on his dick. I played with his balls, juggling the firm oval shapes around beneath the loose skin while I worked my mouth up and down a dozen times. I wondered if he might come while I was doing that. I was a Little put off by the possibility, but also excited by the thought of his semen suddenly pulsing in my mouth. That didn't happen, though. I pulled away and kissed again and went back to feeling and stroke each others erection.
Juan was completely overwhelmed by the growing passion between us.

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   I rubbed my hands over the dark points of his nipples, kissed them and sucked on them in turn, all the while pulling on the length of his boner. Completely lost to the moment, he let me do whatever I wanted. It was all good and fine with him. I kissed his neck and his ear, and rubbed my hard boner against his smooth thigh and hip. He moaned and sighed. I felt my heart racing. I felt surprised with myself, doing all of this with another guy, and yet I was so enormously excited by it. I loved how Juan's smooth, slender, naked body felt. I liked his maleness. I found it attractive and appealing in a way that I had never imagined that I could. I felt my boner urging me to express my feelings.
I kissed Juan's neck some more and he turned a little to let me do that. I slid my hand down his back, all the way down to his smooth, firm buttocks, and he turned to let me do that. It was wonderful. I was possessed by wondering how far he would let me go with him, just in the same way that I would have been with any female.

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   As he laid there, I impulsively reached over and got the bottle of hand lotion that was on the nightstand. Squeezing out a generous amount, I slicked it onto my erection. I told myself that I probably shouldn't be doing this. That I shouldn't even be trying. Yet. . . there was no reason why not. I gripped my boner and guided it forward into the dividing cleavage of Juan's cute little bare buns. I expected Juan to move away, but he just laid there. Maybe, I thought, not knowing what I was trying to do. .