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Im a 28 year old man not bad shape stand 5 5 with a 6 in cock. Now that is not really to inpresive I know but Im very gifted oraly. I have a extremly long toung. But that dose not always stand out at first. Im pretty shy and not very out going. But when I do get a womenn in bed they do not forget my toung. I just moved to anouther city did not know any one other then one coworker. She was a older lady in her late 40s. We worked in a small maling office on the out scrits of columbus oh. There were only four people that worked there. her me and to old men that were asleep more then they worked. She found out that it was my B day. She was not much of the partying type but she said to meet her and her friends at a bar. It was a normale night on the town with ten 40 somthing wemen. we drank a few beers then One of the friends said somthing about me. This guy needs to liven up its his B day.

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   Lets get some shots. At that point My coworker left like I said she was not much for a partyer. I tryed to leave but they told me I had to at least have a shot. So after 3 or 4 latter I found my self doing body shots from these very well brested wemon. I was very losened up When I went for the shot I would lick the salt off the neck would not even use my lips to grab the shot. I would slide my toung inbetween there well formed ceveage and tip the shot down my thought. I found my self shoving my toung down thier throughtsThe mian one was Milly she was the one who bought the first round. When I would take a shot from her she would press her body into mine with a grind. She wispered in my ear I would love to know what you would feel like with your head between my legs. In a drunken hornyness I say lets find a table and Ill do it right here. She pulls my head back and said really right here We can do. I noticed it was only the party of wemon I was with and the bar tender wich was a women about the same age. She sits me down at a buth and climbs on the table. She pulls up her dress and reviels her slightly shaving with a landing strip. I did not care that there were still ten wemon watching my.


   I slowly went down one leg just as she thought I was going for the gold I went back to the knee of the other leg. and worked my way down kissing lightly sucking. Then teased her lips licking each lip leaving the well protuding clit for last. She was all ready pretty wet. I could tast her jucies sweet with a slight bitter after tast. I was really into it. I twerled my toung around it till she grabed the back of my head and pushed me in to it. I took that as to go harder faster. I went after it I took as much as I could into my mouth and sucked and kept twirling. I would relece and be able to use my upper lip to suck as my toung would work its wy down to tast the pool of juices. I pressed my fingure into the opening and it slid in with out any resitance. So I put a 2nd one in. I pushed them in and out slow at first then faster then moverd to the com hither motion. It only took a few stroks before I found the sweet spot. With every twich of my fingure she would buck her hips She was on the going to cum I could feel her contract around my fingurs.

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   So I went as hard as I could. I was even about ready to cum to. So when the dame broke she flodded my mouth and face. the tast the feel the went right to the top of my dick. I exspolded. I was wearing tan cakies that did not hide a load like that. I had a huge dark spot right at my bulg. Milly and all the rest could see how much I enjoyed that.
    Milly asked I think the b day boy needs anouther. Im next Sue said she was pulling off her jeans and jumped on the table As mill got on her knees under the table and pulled my pants down. I di not even teas sue I dove right in. I went at her started licking and fingur fucking her as hard and fast as I could. She was easy she came with in minutes. she set a shot in front of me and joined milly underneth the table. Then the next jumped up then the next.

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       By the tenth one My jawll was dead. The only one left was the bar tender. I had to get off at least 4 times from the blow jobs. She was not in a hurrier like the rest. she slowly made her way up to me. She said I'm diferant then the others. Do you know what a rim job is. I did but never tried. She asked if milly knew how to give a rimjob and she said yes. Well to night your going to learn. Get on the bar on all fours. She got up in front of me with her ass about a inch from my mouth. then milly got behind me in the same postion as me. Just do to me as she dose to you. With out warning Milly shoved Her toung in to my ass hole.

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       Even thow I was suprised I did the same with the bardtender. I shoved my toung in She did a bit of a squrm Then I did as milly I moved it from side to side up and down then pulled out and went around and around. She was grinding her ass in to my face. I dove in again. Begain toung fucking her. Milly grabed my cock So i played with her clit. Then sue slid her way under the bartender. They were in a 69 postion. Two others went on eather side of me and played with my dick. takeing turns sucking my cock and balls. I did not even care what missy was doing to me I could feel what she liked Between me and sue. It felt like an hr before we all came at onece. After all the cuming sweeting and drinking. we all passed out right on the bar. the next morning The bartentender took me home to her roomates But that is a full other story.

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       All I can say is from that day foward I cant go two days with out the tast of pussy. .



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