It was the end of the first week of school and life was good. At age 18 I had just started the eighth grade. Like most girls my age I liked school mainly for the social interaction. I had a lot of friends and enjoyed being around them during the school day. This first week had allowed me to reconnect with some less-close friends that I didn’t really see over the summer.

It was late Friday night. Mom and dad had gone to bed about an hour ago and were sound asleep. I had finished some homework and was doing some late-night texting with my friends. My 18-year-old brother Dylan had been out late at a party. Our parents were more lenient with my brother than with me. I know I’m young, but I wouldn’t be allowed to attend a party like he could.

As I finished up my last text with my best friend, I heard the front door open then close. Dylan was home. I heard his footsteps walk across the kitchen then down the stairs to the basement. My room was upstairs like mom and dad’s, but Dylan had snagged the basement bedroom as his. I wasn’t ready for bed so I went downstairs to see how the party had been.

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  I quietly descended the stairs to the main floor, then proceeded across the kitchen to the basement door. Opening it I saw a light coming from somewhere and could hear Dylan moving around.

Closing the door behind me, I walked quietly downstairs and saw that the light was coming from the bathroom. I headed that direction, assuming that Dylan was brushing his teeth before bed. I was wrong. He was standing in front of the toilet urinating. I stopped suddenly and stared. Dylan was oblivious to my presence as he continued to relieve himself.

I am not a freak exactly, but the sight of my brother’s penis caught my eye. I had seen diagrams in health class and had even gone online with some friends and seen actual pictures of them, but this was the first time I saw an actual penis. Dylan finished up and shook it a couple of times, then tucked it back in his sweats. I quickly stepped away before he saw me and sneaked back up the steps to my room where I decided to just go to bed.

I laid in bed for over an hour but couldn’t fall asleep. Part of it was that I just wasn’t tired, but the other part was that I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had seen. At 18 my friends and I were fascinated by sex.

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  My girlfriends and I had talked about boys and their penises. We had watched internet videos and talked among ourselves about what it would be like to jerk them off or even suck them off. We were all talk, though. None of us had actually done anything.

As long as I laid there in bed I couldn’t get the image of Dylan’s penis out of my mind. I knew Dylan was a boy, of course, but I had never thought about him like I was now. As I continued to dwell on this, something occurred to me. Dylan always came home from these parties drunk, something our parents didn’t know. I had seen him come home late, hit the couch, and fall asleep – I mean really asleep. Once he was out nothing could wake him. Feeling equal amounts curious and horny, I got out of bed and headed back downstairs.

The door to Dylan’s room was slightly ajar. I drew close and listened. Sure enough he was sound asleep. From his breathing I sensed that he was really out.

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  Not surprising, I thought. I slowly pushed the door open and stepped inside. I wanted to ensure he was really out of it, so I quietly whispered his name. “Dylan?Dylan?”No response.

Feeling emboldened I entered further into his room. I opened the home screen on my phone and clicked on my flashlight app. The light fell on Dylan’s sleeping body. He was laying on top of his sheets with nothing on but his boxer shorts. I called to him again. “Dylan. Hey, Dylan. ”Still no response.

I drew closer, right up to his bed, and leaned over him. He looked completely out, and as he breathed I could smell the alcohol on his breath. I reached out my hand and gently touched him.

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  No response. I increased the pressure of my touch and even began gently pushing and shaking his arm. Still no response. As I suspected, my brother was completely wasted and out of it. He had been this way before. I had learned over the past two years that when he was like this, nothing could rouse him. Good, I thought.

I stood there looking at him in the light of my phone. Dylan was a nice-looking guy, I knew. He was athletic and had nice muscle tone. I had noticed this before when he wasn’t wearing a shirt. My eyes drifted downward to his navel where he had a small amount of hair. My friends and I had discovered that this was called a treasure trail. I started breathing heavy as I thought about the treasure that trail led to.

I sat down on the edge of his bed, put my hand on the front of his shorts, and felt his penis underneath.

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  It felt as big as I remembered from my brief view earlier tonight. I began slowly moving my hand along its length. Dylan continued to sleep.

Finally I felt I couldn’t wait any longer. I slipped two fingers into the fly of his boxers and touched his penis for the first time. It was so warm, almost hot. I continued my gentle stroking and felt his member getting stiff. I felt around for his cock head and gently guided it out of his open fly, exposing him to the open air and my view. I was impressed with how fast he was becoming hard. Within seconds of freeing him, he appeared fully erect.

I sat there taking it all in. His penis looked so big to me. Granted, I had never seen one in real life, but even so I was impressed by his size. I wrapped my hand around his boner, giving it a light squeeze. Dylan exhaled deeply.

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  I held my position, not moving at all. I gave him another squeeze and he once again exhaled deeply, this time accompanied by a soft moan. His cock remained rock hard.

Convinced that Dylan was not going to wake up until late morning, I made an even bolder move. I slowly crawled up onto his bed, positioned myself between his legs, and laid down with my head right above his cock. I laid there and looked at it for a few moments, taking it all in. He smelled amazing. That was something I had never thought about before, but Dylan’s penis had the most amazing, masculine aroma to it.

I slid my hand down to the base of his shaft. I could feel his pubic hair near the open part of his fly and his heartbeat as it pulsed through his member. Finally I knew it was time and I was more than ready. Lowering my head, I put my mouth on Dylan’s penis, taking in the head and closing my lips around it.

Dylan moaned softly. I began sliding my lips up and down his head, using my tongue to massage the underside with a slow circular motion. I was loving this!

As I continued to orally explore my brother’s erection, I slid down further in an attempt to take more of it in.

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  I managed to get around halfway down before I gagged, so I stopped at that point. That said, the top half of Dylan’s penis was more than enough to hold my attention.

I loved the feel of him in my mouth. His cock was a total contradiction. On the one hand it was so unbelievably hard, but on the other it was so smooth and soft. I loved the feel of it against my tongue. I was vigorously licking his glans and sucking his mushroom head, and that’s when I noticed it. I was tasting something, something lightly salty. I suddenly realized that it must be his precum. My friends and I had encountered this term in our quest for online information. Since I was definitely tasting this, I knew that Dylan was enjoying what I was doing. That encouraged me even more.

Grasping his penis more firmly at the base, I began to increase the pace of my sucking. I slid up and down him faster, adding more pressure from my lips and tongue. It seemed to be paying off.

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  Dylan was breathing heavy, his breaths coming in raspy grunts. He was also moaning softly:“Ohh. Ohh. Ohh. ”The sounds were driving me wild. I knew that this wasn’t going to last much longer and was determined to give him a good finish.

I sped up a little more and applied more pressure from my tongue. My tongue was slathering his cock with a vitality all its own. I had no idea I could do what I was doing, but for some reason it felt totally natural. I noticed that Dylan’s breathing became faster and his body was starting to tremble. Suddenly he tensed up, his muscles becoming stiff and his penis getting even harder. This was the moment and I was prepared for it.

Dylan began moaning lowly, loud enough to hear but not to anyone upstairs, I was sure. “Ugh!Ugh!Ugh!Ugh!”I felt his body convulse as he ejaculated in my mouth. I had only imagined what a boy’s ejaculation would feel like.

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  I loved it!He spurted over and over, coating my mouth with his semen. I sucked, tasted, and swallowed, determined to not waste a drop. And I didn’t.

Finally he subsided and began softening. I laid there for a while, listening to my brother’s breathing, realizing that I had given him some major pleasure. Between that and the booze, he would probably sleep until noon!

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