Driving them around


It all started one night when my wife Karen told me she wanted to go to dinner with our friend Jim. Jim is a mutual friend we have know for quite a while. We have fooled around with him before; well he joined us one night as we were having sex.

Well we were on our way to go meet Jim when my wife told me she was very horny and was not sure how she was going to contain herself around him.

When we got into town where we were supposed to pick him up he was standing there waiting. I thought I would be nice and open the door for him so he could get in the back seat of my truck but when I did my wife said she wanted to sit back there as well. I didn’t think much of it. I figured she just wanted to sit back there and chat him up about something.

As we were driving out of town I told Jim he should get comfy. He knew what I was talking about so he pulled his shorts down exposing his cock to my wife. We have about the same size cock. The only difference is his is circumcised. I tried my best to adjust the mirror so I could watch the action in the back seat. Karen moved close to him and kissed him full on the lips. I watched as he got hard just from making out with her.

As I was driving around trying to watch the show going on in the back seat Jim asked me if he could get Karen a little more comfy.

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   She shifted her body and slid her panties to the floor and hiked up her skirt to give him better access to all the moisture that was building up in her crotch.

I heard her whimper and him moan at the same time, she had lowered her head to his crotch and engulfed his rock hard cock with her mouth and he had stuck his fingers deep in her pussy. I didn’t know what I wanted to watch more my wife sucking on his cock or his fingers in her pussy. I went with watching her expertly suck a cock off that wasn’t mine. I was so hard at this point I had my cock out and was leaking precum.

All of the sudden I hear from the back seat “I am going to cum” he shouted as he held her head on his cock. I watched as spurt after spurt of cum flooded her mouth. She did her best to swallow it. I was amazed. He had told me while we were planning this he was not going to jack off or have sex so he could save her a big load. It must have been big because she had to swallow three times just to get it all down.

I then decided it was time for dinner. I drove around and let them compose them self’s before we got to the restaurant. On the way I told them they should act like the married couple and I will just be the friend that is going to dinner with them.

As we were sitting at dinner I watched Karen fidget a few times then realized she never put her panties back on and Jim was fingering her under the table.

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   This went on the whole time we were at the table.

So after dinner I decided we should drive around some more to see what else will happen. We all sat in the same seats me driving Karen in the middle seat in the back and Jim behind the passenger seat. Just before we left the restaurant I pushed the seat forward as far as it would go and leaned it forward so I could see better. As soon as we started driving they both got naked in the back seat and started fooling around Jim with his fingers deep in her pussy and Karen with her mouth on Jim’s hard throbbing cock. It didn’t take long for her to say I want this hard cock in me. That’s when she started to beg him please put your cock in me.

Jim asked me if he needed to wear a condom. I told him it was up to Karen. She told him she wanted him to but wanted me to put it on him so there I was pulled over on the side of a country road . We opened the back door of the truck and he just sat there hard cock in hand as I eased the condom on his thick shaft. It was the only time in my life I have ever touched a cock other than mine. I was so hard just thinking about where that cock was going to be going.  As I started to drive I hear her moan from the back seat. Come to find out later she slid the condom off him right before she got up and sat on his lap, impaling herself on a cock I touched only minutes earlier.

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I freed my cock from my jeans but was afraid to touch it. I would have cum all over the dashboard. I couldn’t believe it my wife was in the back seat of my truck with our friend having sex. It was such a turn on.

It didn’t take long before he announced he was going to cum again. I thought she was going to get off of him and swallow it again but all she did was grind her ass into his crotch and told him “shoot it deep in me. Make my husband have sloppy seconds when we get home. ” That’s when he grabbed her hips and held her down tight on his lap as blast after blast of his hot semen shot against her cervix.

As she stood up and he slid out I could see his cum starting to leak out. She put her panties on to keep as much in there for me as she could. So we took him back to town to drop him off and head home. That will be another story though. .