Dressing For The Office


Black, tight leather no pocket pants, black satin top, red leather blazer and 5" heeled black stilettos. I was almost ready, a few adjustments to my hair, pulled on my black leather wrist length gloves, smoothed out each finger and I was done. I bid the family farewell and told them I'd be very late home as I had a business dinner to attend that night. I walked into my office, greeting my boss and his approving eye. "You look very nice today Susan, as usual. . . ""I know, but I'm always happy to have people remind me" I retorted. "Well, as you requested, here's a company credit card for you to use for your clothing needs or anything else you require, work related or otherwise. "I walked over and took it, put it in my purse and said "Thanks, you didn't require much convincing. " I touched my gloved hand to his crotch and got an immediate reaction. "Well I cant have my best secretary walking around in cheap, unattractive, unprofessional clothing, can I?" He smiled. "Besides, we both know you deserve it. "He was so easy to manipulate it was almost amusing, we both loved that. "Let me show you why I'm the best. .

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  . " I bent down, my leather pants squeaked and creaked as I got onto my knees and unzipped his pants, he was already erect and I wasted no time, I took his shaft in my leather gloved hand and held it as I swallowed him whole, taking his entire member in my mouth, relishing the warmth. He began moaning and caressing my hair, I kept sucking harder and harder, placing my gloved hands around his thighs for support, cum started forming and I licked and swallowed every drop, enjoying the fact that I was in total control. He grabbed my shoulders and massaged them while I continued, it felt wonderful having the leather jacket moving against my skin. He began breathing harder. . . I prepared myself, I swallow every drop now, especially after last time when I forgot to clean off the stain on my leather pants. He began to ejaculate as I rolled my tongue around, warm cum flowed into my mouth and I began drinking it down, all the while hearing the boss say "Yeah, mmm that's it, keep going. . . "I swallowed more as the tide began to ease, and slowly finished him off, licking the head and shaft perfectly clean. Just as I was finishing, in walked Amanda from accounting, without knocking, the shocked look on her face was priceless. "Oh my god, Susan, oh I'm so sorry, I didn't think. .

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  . Oh god, what would your husband say Susan? What would your FAMILY say? How could you be so deceitful?. . . How. . . " My boss cut her off quickly. "Amanda, you know better than to walk in without knocking, take a seat outside, I'll deal with you in a minute. ""Yes sir, I'm so sorry, please forgive my intrusion.
    " She shot me a very dirty look as she left. I was absolutely livid, how dare she question me like that and try and tell me how to run my life. She was just an accountant!"I want her fired for stealing work funds, I don't care how you prove it, but I want her gone by the end of the day, I want her word totally discredited and I want anything she says about us will look like bitterness on her part for getting caught, how dare she presume to tell me how I should live my life, she is just an accountant!""Susan, there's no need for that, you know how valuable you are to this company, she will be gone by this afternoon. "A smile returned to my face, I knew I'd get my way. "Then you still have a partner for this evening's business dinner".

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      "Good, you go to your office while I finish up here then. "I walked into my office, fixed my hair in the mirror, smoothed out my leather jacket and smoothed out my leather pants, after I'd been kneeling down in them, they needed it. I sat back in my deluxe leather chair, another perk I'd "earned" and listened intently as my boss fired Amanda. She tried to apologise, swearing she wouldn't tell anyone and finally, telling my boss she needed the job to pay her rent or she would be out on the street. He simply said "We have no room in this company for thieves Amanda, you have until 18 a. m. to collect your things, after which, you will be escorted off the premises by security". I relaxed into my chair, ensured my gloves were on tightly, laughed and pulled my lighter and cigarette case out of my handbag. I lit a cigarette and sat back. Today was going to be a good day, I could tell.



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