Discovering Cousin Ashley Parts 1-..April 2007 Story of the Month


Discovering Cousin Ashley Parts 1-2. . . April 2007 Story of the MonthBreathinghard, I gulped and grabbed the slick metal bars just before me andtugged myself upward. Aunt Sylvia was saying something to Uncle Jimback there as I dragged my wet body out of the water. I reached backquickly to make sure my trunks didn’t fall backward, exposing my rearend to everyone still in the pool: Aunt Sylvia, Uncle Jim, my mom andyounger cousin Mike . . .

“Where you going?” came another voice.

I didn’t look back. “Need to go inside. ”

“What, you need to pee again?” she shouted back.

“Ashley!” That was Aunt Sylvia, voice laced with disapproval. “Are you going to talk like that during the whole visit?”

“Probably. ”

Ashley’s attitude was different, that was sure — way different from what I was used to at my school.

I stepped across the patio, feeling the warm concrete under my barefeet, warmed by the mid-July sun.

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   Aunt Sylvia wasn’t saying anythingand I turned back to the pool to answer. “I’ll, uh, I’ll be right back. ”

“Why don’t you just pee in the water?” Ashley asked me. She was stillthere, hanging onto a turquoise-and-blue raft with a giant duck’s head. “That’s what Iwould do. ” Her bare arms clung to the inflatable plastic and her longbrown hair, wet and stringy, clung to her shoulders, some of itdropping in front —

“Ashley!” came her mother’s scold again.

“I didn’t say I did, I was just saying, if I were him . . . ”

“That is rude,” my aunt proclaimed.

I looked back in time to see Ashley shrug, then she tilted her head back, not caring at all.

Was my face already as red as it felt, and not just from the sun? Ipadded across the pavement, grabbed my towel, and stole inside. Thecold air from the air-conditioned sun room washed across me and Ishivered.

In the bathroom, I stripped off my trunks and stood there on my towel,dripping wet naked. I really did have to go.

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   My thoughts wandered backto Ashley, still splashing around in the pool in the back yard. The wayshe looked . . . the way she acted . . . oh, god . . .

No. Please! That plead was for my penis, which was ignoring me entirely and inflating along with my thoughts. Damn it, I thought. Now I would never be able to aim right.

Somehow I got finished and headed to my room.

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   The towel went on my bedand I sat on it, buried my head in my hands, and rubbed my drying facefor all it was worth. I couldn’t concentrate! I couldn’t do anything,couldn’t have fun in the pool like I used to, not while Ashley washere, not while her fantastic body was sometimes just inches away fromme . . .

For several years I hadn’t seen her, I hadn’t even thought of her —didn’t care much for any relatives of the family, actually. She hadshown up with her parents, my aunt and uncle, some time back, for somesummer get-together that I could barely remember now. I didn’t remembermuch about her at the time either. To me she was a girl hardly worthpaying attention to, at an age I didn’t know, though I suspected weweren’t that far apart.

I had homework and softball games and only saw her once or twice duringthat weekend. We barely spoke. At that age, I didn’t care for girls.

Then puberty hit and I discovered new things. While my body waschanging, during those days with two hours all to myself I was changingtoo. I discovered not only my new abilities, but the fact that my mom’scatalogs had pictures of nearly naked women in them, modeling bras andpanties. Before, they hadn’t seemed to interest me.

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   Now they did. Ohgod, how they did.

I kept it all to myself, though. I didn’t have any other options. Myschool was hardcore Catholic. I never experimented, had never been witha girl, kissed one or gone any further. I barely even had a girlfriend— a girl I liked who liked me back but that was the end of it.

I could date at 16, my parents said. That was more than half a year away.

Then came that day, the hot Saturday, when the relatives had arrivedfor a visit at just after lunch. At first I didn’t really care for thewhole “family reunion” thing. I was getting into soccer at the time,and working on the computer; I had one in my room now. I hoped to surfthe ‘net during most of the time the relatives were here — the aunt,uncle, and their son and daughter, my two cousins.

But first Mom (she was the only one there, my dad was working) made memeet them in our driveway. And Ashley got out of the car.

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My heart leaped into my throat and for a moment I couldn’t help staring. This was Ashley?

She was hot. Blue tank top that crested round . . . breasts . . . and denim shorts that revealed shapely legs. I couldeasily see her navel. Her hair, nondescript from what I rememberedbefore, was still brown, but now long and silky. And she wore a widegrin that seemed to tell me she almost didn’t care anything for anybody. . .

“You’re Brian?” Ashley told me, when my mom introduced me.

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  “I don’t remember you before. I just remember some little kid. My, myhow you’ve grown. ” She clicked her tongue, imitating an adult.

My eyes wandered down to her chest. I stopped myself before she noticed.

“You’re actually kind of cute now, ‘cuz. ” Her grin grew wider and shepulled me into a side hug. “I think we’re going to get along all right. ”

My face exploded in heat and I muttered something about hoping they had a good trip . . .

Then I remembered what my mom had planned. We were going swimming, inthe pool in the backyard. That meant everybody would be in swimmingsuits, including my mom — I was just okay with seeing her in herone-piece — and my aunt — and Ashley.

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Minutes later . . . time seemed to rocket past . . . I timed it justright. I felt like a fink, but I had already changed into my swimtrunks and just happened to find myself in the hallway, leaning my bareshoulders against the wall. I was just waiting on my aunt to finishlathering my mom with suntan lotion — wasn’t sure whether I wanted tosee that. They were both middle-aged and looking just-fine in theirone-piece suits. My aunt’s showed a bit more of her — well, cleavage —than my mom’s did.

But when Ashley stepped out of the bathroom after changing, I could barely keep my eyes off her.

Oh my god.

Was this the first time I had ever seen in a girl like this? Up close?After puberty? Or had such fantastic creatures been walking around likethis all the time, mostly on the beach, and I hadn’t noticed thembecause I was too young and stupid?

Ashley was in a bikini. Yes.

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   My cousin had to be in the tightest,flimsiest garment a girl could wear in public and still be legal. Hertop was lime green, cupped nicely around her beautiful breasts to forma deep dark Vin the middle and her bottom was green and blue. I took in all of herstomach and legs, then her back as she turned down the hall . . .

And her butt. Oh my god, I just couldn’t believe this babe was in myhouse and my relative. How old was she? Sixteen? I couldn’t evenremember. But there was her ass, behind only a layer of fabric —

Ashley turned and my eyes flew up to her face instead. “Were you waiting on me in there?”

“Wh . . . what?”

“I mean, were you waiting on the bathroom?”

“Yeah. ”

“Well. ” She shrugged and smiled.

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   “It’s free. Go, or forever hold your pee. ”

For a moment I was shocked. No one ever talked that way at school; noone was ever that direct about . . . bodily functions. I couldn’t sayanything. Ashley didn’t even noticed as she turned away, walked intothe nearby sunroom and picked up a bottle of sunscreen to slather onherself . . .

Oh god, how I wanted to see that. If only I could be invisible just towatch her. . .

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   . Maybe she would ask me to help. I couldn’t do that! —I would get too flustered from just touching her skin!

I headed into the bathroom. I could work up some incentive to stay in there if I had to.

But the problem grew worse in the pool, with only my aunt and uncle andmom and younger cousin — Mike, who was annoying — and the goddess whohad come into my house. Ashley was there all the time, swimming,splashing, telling Mike off, and diving underwater and then coming backup. At first I barely spoke to her.

Then at one point she swam up behind me, grabbed me from behind anddunked me low. I drifted downward, fully prepared to laugh and sputterwhen I came back up, then I opened my eyes and saw through the clear,warm water . . . Ashley, all of her. Her face was above the water’ssurface. She couldn’t see me from here, but I could see her. Almost allof her.


   Her curvy body, wet and hued in rippling blue, breasts . . . and the place between her legs . . . covered only by what amounted topretty much a bra and panties. Just like the models in the catalogs.

I definitely did come up coughing and sputtering. The water helped relieve the heat.

After that I had just tried to avoid her. I didn’t want to admit it,but my penis was hard almost the whole time, and I didn’t want anyoneto see — it would show like crazy through my thin swim trunks. HadAshley noticed my quick glances at her, my discomfort and almostembarrassment? I hoped not. I had hoped the swim would end soon and wecould have dinner, or whatever was planned, and then they could leaveand drive away home . .

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   . and I could take a very long shower.

My hand had wandered down to my penis now, still hard. “Come on,” I said, forcing my hand away. “Not now. Wait until later. ”

Little annoying Mike was still yelling about something outside. I couldhear him and the splashing through the window but not much else. MaybeI could just stay inside for a while, try to let the heat go away. Iwas just getting used to the cold, and my body was drying off, and itwould be a pain to go out there and get used to the water all overagain. . . .

Instantly someone rapped on my door and I tensed. “Yeah?”

A female voice muttered something.

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“Who is it?”

“It’s Ashley, now let me in. ”

Ashley? HERE?

She would see me . . . I mean, of course she would see me, but . . . she would see me, down between my legs . . . why was she here?

I grabbed my towel and hung it over my shoulder, positioning it just soto dangle between my legs. Then I walked to the door, unlocked it, andstood face-to-face with Ashley in her bikini, though partially obscuredby the pink towel that was hanging over her shoulders.

“Where’d you go?” she asked me pleasantly.

“Um, here, obviously. ”


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   You done in the bathroom yet?” She stepped in.

Why was she stepping in? “Hey, this is my room here . . . ”

“Oh I’ll get out if you want me too. But good god, Brian, what is wrong with you?”


Ashley rolled her eyes. “You’ve been avoiding me in the pool. You’vebeen avoiding me since I got here, or, so you’d like to think. ” Shegrinned and cocked her head. “Something bothering you?”

“No. ”

“Oh yes there is. Don’t think a girl doesn’t know this sort of thing. ” She laughed a little. “You think I’m hot. ”


“Well of course you do, now you know you do and there’s no use denying it.

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  ” Ashley tskedat me, then shook her head, making some of her stringy-wet brown hairsbounce on her bare shoulders. “For some reason you’re all embarrassedabout being attracted to your cousin in her hot bikini. Youdidn’t even want to go near me in the pool, didn’t want to touch me,didn’t want to look at me. Or rather, you didn’t want me to see you looking at me. ”

“Ashley . . . ”

“Oh what the hell, Bryan, what’s wrong with you? Look all you want,okay? I wear this thing to get looks. That’s the idea. ” Ashley yankedoff her towel, threw it aside, then stood there . . . even spread her legs . . .

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   and stretched her arms up in the air. “Get used to it. I’m sexy. ”

“O . . . okay. ”

“Good. And now it’s your turn. ” Ashley stepped forward and before Icould stop her pulled my towel away too. Her gaze wandered down. “Oh,would you look at that. You still have that raging hard-on. How longhave you kept that up?”


“Now shut up, ‘cuz, or else the adults will hear. They’re all still outside, you know.

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I stared at her face now. “Ashley . . . ”

She was just staring between my legs. “Would you look at that hard-on. I’ll bet your dick is nice and big now, isn’t it? It’s been that wayfor at least an hour, ever since you spied on me coming out of thebathroom in my bikini. Do you think I don’t see you, when I’m divingunderwater and you’re just staying up there, afraid to move? Your legsand everything else are right down there where I can see them. Or see it, I suppose I should say. Why do you think I kept diving down?”

I just stared at Ashley, my skin hotter than a July 4 sparkler.

Ashley sidled closer. She touched my shoulder and I almost winced. Thenslowly, sensuously, she traced her finger down my bare chest . . .

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  stomach . . . and plucked at the band of my swimming trunks beforesliding her entire hand down my shorts and wrapping her fingers around my penis.

My entire body was about to explode from her touch. Then Ashley squeezed my hard cock.

Somehow I relaxed.

“There,” said Ashley, her voice soothing. “That wasn’t too painful, was it?”

“No. ”

“Now be a good boy and take off my bra, will you? I think you’d like tosee my tits and I figure it’s enough reward for letting me — mm—”Ashley gave another squeeze — “feel your dick. ”

My every fantasy was about to come true and I couldn’t believe it. Iwas reaching for Ashley’s breasts . . . I was touching her bra cups .

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   . . and then sliding my hands underneath the still-wet fabric to clasparound her symmetric mounds of hot, damp flash and squeeze . . .

“Oooh, yes,” Ashley told me, and she stared at my eyes. “Squeeze my boobs. Like ‘em?”

“I . . . I do. ”

She imitated me. “I, I do. Mm-hmm, well, I like this penis and I’d like to see it real quick before somebody sees us. Here, let me get rid of this.

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  ” Before I could see anything, Ashley letgo of my cock, flipped her hands and arms upward through the straps andripped her green bra up over her head. With a toss of her hair, she letthe bra fall to the floor, then crouched down after it — I saw hernaked breasts from above and stopped breathing — and she immediatelygrabbed the sides of my swim shorts and yanked down.

My penis sprung out right in front of her face.

“Oooh, god isn’t this nice?” Ashley groped me, repeatedly, wringing her fingers over my stiff cock. “Like that, cousin?”

“Oh yeah. ”

“Like your sexy Ashley feeling your rock-hard cock?”

“Yes. Yes I do. ”

“It’s longer than I would have thought. I’d say at leastseven inches. ” She just kept stroking it, stroking, stroking, then hermotion ceased and she just squeezed me. “Now what would you like me tokiss first? You, or the cock?”

She would kiss my cock — unbelievable! But . . . “Kiss me first, Ashley!”

Ashley stood straight, then shoved me down on the bed and then crawledover me, her face right above mine and she lowered her lips to mine andwe kissed — OH MY GOD! Her lips were so wet, hot, clasping rhythmically at mine, silky smooth — real. She hummed and giggled as we smooched, repeatedly, and my handswandered to her breasts against and squeezed her.

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   I was really doingthis. I was really doing this . . .

“Want to see my pussy?” she suddenly asked.

“I — I can’t believe . . . ”

Ashley’s face hovered above mine. “What?”

I swallowed. “I can’t believe my own cousin is such a slut. ”

“Well start believing, or else we’ll never get anything done. ” Done?“Yes, I suppose I’ve picked up some nasty habits in school. Don’t thinkyou’re the first boy I’ve done this to. ” Ashley grinned wider andbacked away to a stand before me — I was still lying on the bed.


   Iscrambled up as she grabbed the sides of her bikini bottom.
    “Did youwant to see my pussy or not?”

    “Y — yes. Your ass, too. ”

    “They kind of go together. Okay, here you go. ” Ashley put on a sensuous glare as she yanked her garment downward. I saw pubic hair. I saw her pussy. I scrambled to a sitting position on the bed to watch. Then as shekicked the bikini bottom across the floor she swung her hips from sideto side, traced her hands across her thighs, then turned around andwiggled her ass just a foot from my face. I saw her butthole. “Like me even better?”

    “Oh yeah. ”

    Ashley turned around, grabbed her own breasts, then leaned to the sidetoward my window, suddenly quiet. Everyone was still splashing outthere.

    “Need to hurry,” she said.

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       “Here, I’ll suck your dick first. ”

    “What? Are you serious?”

    “Shut up and just try not to cum on me right away. ” Ashley fell into akneel and grabbed my penis again, giving me long, even strokes. Thenshe jerked her face down and gave my tip a long, deep kiss — I moaned,feeling her hot wet mouth — and then she sucked it in.

    I trembled, my body as rigid as my cock. “Oh, Ashley!”

    “Mmm. ” She pulled it out with a pop. “Like that?”

    I couldn’t reply.

    “Mmm. Mmm. ” Ashley was sucking it back in and I justcouldn’t believe my cock was inside her mouth. She slurped at my trunk,then palmed my balls, then sucked on the tip while she twisted her gripacross the base of my cock. “Mmm. Mmm. ” Slurp.

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       “Mmm. Mmm. ” Slurp, slurp. “Mmm . . . ”

    She varied the rhythm, never the same, sending bolts of thrill through my naked body . . .

    “Oh Ashley . . . oh Ashley . . .

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      ” I couldn’t say anything else as shepleasured me. “Oh Ashley . . . oh . . . oh, oh my god . . . !”

    Ashley popped the penis free. “What, you gonna cum?”

    I nodded violently.

    “Can’t you hold it in?”

    “Not — not with you!”

    “Okay, fine. Now you have to know most girls can’t do this, but . .

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       . ”Ashley slurped at my penis some more, then adjusted her bent knees onthe floor and let go with her lips, then started wringing my trunk withher tightly closed fingers. “Say when. ”

    “When!” I gasped.

    Ashley leaned forward, released her grip a little, aimed her chin and mouth directly beneath my tip.

    Streams of semen burst out of my pulsing cock and slicked acrossAshley’s face. She groaned sensuously as she just let me cum all overher, eyes wide open and lips parted just enough to allow clumps of cumto drip inside . . . I could barely keep silent, could barely evenbreathe as I finished, watching the milky substance coating her chin,lips and nose. One burst had even spread across her left cheek.

    Finally my breath released in my throat and I gasped, coming down from the orgasm, in total awe of her.

    Ashley smacked her lips, wiped the substance from her cheek, thengrabbed her nearby towel and began cleaning herself off. “Now how didyou like that?”

    “Ashley — you are incredible. ”

    “So I’ve heard.

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       Now let’s see how incredible you are,sexpot. I want you inside me. ” Ashley got up and slid beside me on thebed, grabbed my sticky-wet penis again for a moment, then leaned it tokiss me. We lay down together, naked bodies side by side on the bed,and I experienced Ashley’s mouth again, wet lips locking repeatedlywith mine. Kiss. Kiss. Over and over and over . . .

    My hand wandered down between our bodies, down her trim stomach, and I felt my cousin’s vagina.

    Ashley let go of my mouth for a moment. I felt her hot breath as shetold me, “That’s where you’re going, you nasty boy. ” Then she grabbedmy face and forced me toward her face again for another kiss — long,hard and sexy.

    Our lips popped wetly as they released and Ashley got up,at first kneeling beside me, then climbing on top of me. I just watchedher, spellbound.

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       My cousin grabbed my penis again as she moved hervagina over my own center, then pointed it up between her legs. Shejiggled her hips a little. Then Ashley stared at me, unblinking, asexy, slutty stare, as she lowered herself to my body . . . my cock mether pussy opening . . . and slipped up inside her crack and into herbody.

    Oh my god oh my god oh my god . . .

    Ashley twisted her midsection, now attached to mine. “Ooooh, that feels goooooood. ”

    “Ashley,” I gasped again.

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    “I’m gonna fuck you,” my cousin told me. Then she jerked her body up, then down — and bolts of pleasure burst through me. “Ungh! ungh!”Ashley exclaimed, then jerked up and then down and wriggled herself onme — thrills radiated outward from my cock, embedded in her hot wethole. “Oh, god that feels good! Is it good for you, ‘cuz?”

    “Y — yes!”

    “Mm, need some more of this and I think I’ll be cumming too. Ever seen a girl cum?”

    “I’ve never seen a girl — ahh! —” another penetration — “do anything like this!”

    “Your lucky day, Brian! Ooh, god you have a nice cock. ” Ashley hadsettled into a rhythm now, penetrating me into herself over and over,slowly at first, then more quickly, and I just lay there and let heruse my body . . . “Think you could cum again too, ‘cuz? Like seeingyour hot Ashley completely naked and fucking you totally naked?”


    “Watch the boobs, Brian, watch my boobs. ”

    I did. As Ashley started going faster and faster, they were bouncing.

    “Oooohh, now I’m about to cum,” she gasped out, riding me even faster. “Mm! God! Better hurry — I can get noisy sometimes — almost got caughtin the locker room — aghhh! Eeeshh — god — aahhh!” She stopped ridingand ground her pussy around my cock, her body tense, pulsing with whathad to be her orgasm. “Aaahh! aaahh! Oooh, god — good cum — agghh!”

    Ashley just kept wriggling herself, pushing my pleasure senses to the limits . .

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    “I’m gonna cum too,” I grunted out.

    “Hold on,” she managed. Then Ashley suddenly exhaled and got off me,slipping my penis out of her inside with a slick wet gooshing sound. Seconds later she had wrapped both hands around my cock and squeezed itin twisting motions, up and down, turning, turning, then lowered herface to my penis again and slurped it more than halfway into her mouth— I actually felt the back of her throat this time as she sucked, andsucked, and sucked, and sucked . . .

    This time I erupted into her mouth and Ashley just kept sucking andI could hardly believe it as my cum shot up and into her throat — Ithink she swallowed it once — then she cracked her lips open and let itrun out, still squeezing my trunk — it dripped on her hand — I keptgoing and so did she.

    Had seconds passed already? I sighed, still naked and lying on the bed. I looked over. Ashley was at the window, pulling the blinds aside,peering out into the backyard. “Safe,” she said, whether to herself orme, I couldn’t tell. “They’re all still out there. No clue their kidsjust got done screwing in the upstairs bedroom . .

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       . ”

    I had just had sex with my cousin.

    Ashley bent over, naked and sweaty, and picked up her bikini bottom. Quickly she thrust both legs into its holes, pulled up the tiny bit offabric and adjusted it to fit between her legs and across her butt. “Have a good time, ‘cuz?”

    “Oh yeah . . . ”

    “We should get together again sometime. ” Ashley retrieved her bra next,slipped it over her head and fit her breasts inside. Then she gave me aperplexed look at my facial expression. “I’m serious. ”

    “You’re serious . . . ”

    “There’s all kinds of tricks I know that I just haven’t shown you.

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       Wejust don’t have time. Next time we get together — and I hope it’ll besoon if I can help it; parents are so naïve — next time I’ll show yousome other things. You think you’ve done it all now? You haven’t seen anything yet. ”

    Redressed in her bikini, Ashley gave me a wink, then strutted to the door.

    For a moment she turned back to me. “Might want to do something about that cummy towel. ”

    Then she opened the door, stepped out and disappeared.

    I just sat there, still naked and still stunned.

    More shouting came from the back yard, and I stood up, stepped over andpulled aside the blinds. Ashley had gone back outside and was yellingsomething to Mike, who had taken all the folded towels on the side ofthe pool and splashed all over them . . .

    For a moment she sat on the side of the pool and just watched, thendove in, crossed to one of the floats and climbed upon it, then justlay there, her lithe, nearly naked form taking in the sun.

    I still couldn’t believe it. She could do all that, and then just go back to normal things?

    One thing was certain, of course.


       I would never look the same way at any relative ever again. .