Diaries of a Young Master:The Beginning


Journal Entry 5/16

Summer with dad will be awkward at best this year. Mom and dad divorced shortly after I started my courses in August at UNH. It didn't come as a surprise to anyone. It was never a happy marriage. They didn't hate each other. In fact, we were quite happy overall. They just didn't love each other anymore. Mom and dad were always very careful to make me feel loved when I was younger. The last couple of years, though, were strained. Anyway, I spent Christmas break with mom in Alexandria, VA, where she lives with her boyfriend. Now, it's dad's turn.

My dad is bit of a recluse. He has a little place in the Northeast Kingdom, always writing his strange science fiction and fantasy novels. They sell well enough to cover his financial needs, including some of mine. Mom also supports me financially. But he stopped socializing long before the divorce.

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  He would lose himself in his writing, typing away on his old desktop for hours. He shares his writing with me, respecting my comments both positive and negative.

Spending a whole summer with dad wasn't my idea. It wasn't his idea. Mom wielded her mighty scepter of power. We must obey Her Majesty. Well, dad was more like "Fine. Whatever. "I hope to get outdoors most of the time and leave him to write in peace.

Journal Entry 5/29

Dad has a friend!I was shocked. I'm not sure if it's a mutual friendship but Mr. Merrin visited us four time since I arrived. Dad seems to tolerate his company. Personally, Mr. Merrin can visit us as often as he wants.

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  I haven't come out to dad and I have no idea which way Mr. Merrin rolls, so I try to be careful. He's a big man with a big voice. I don't want to anger him by being caught staring. But it's fucking hard to keep my dick under control when his deep baritone voice sends shivers through my entire body. And he talks a lot!He could talk me to an organism. Almost did yesterday.

I'm not sure if he'll visit today. It's raining pretty hard. I'd love to see him though, his tall frame towering over me, his thick arms crossed over his chest, and his booming voice saying, "What you been up to you, son?"My eyes would be level with his pecs, bulging through his t-shirt, forced outwards by his crossed forearms, and I would reply, "Not much. Just reading. "He would stride towards my dad on his computer, his steps heavy on the floor, legs like tree trunks, his big round ass filling his faded blue jeans. He would say to dad, "You making the boy read your crap again?It's summer vacation for chrissake. "He would rumble on and I would stare at his broad back, his round ass, and trace the outlines of his hamstrings.

God, I'm hard.

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  I need to take care of this. Bye.

Journal Entry 6/1

The rain won't let up!Flood warnings are posted for several counties. Memorial Day weekend was a bust. Dad hardly notices but I'm sick of this.

Journal Entry 6/3

Sun at last!We can't go anywhere since the driveway is under water. Good thing dad usually stocks up on non-perishables. And Mr. Merrin called. I answered the call since dad was eating.

"You still sane, son?" Mr. Merrin had asked.

"Just barely, Mr. Merrin. "

"Son, call me Jim.

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  All this mister crap makes me feel old. And when I feel old, I feel ornery. "

"Alright. Jim it is. "

"Your dad still writing his crap?"

"He's eating right now. "

"Good for him!Tell him he should eat more and put some meat on. "I gave the message to dad.

"Son, why don't you come up the hill to my cabin before you lose your mind?It's not as bad up here. "

"I can't, Jim. Our driveway is flooded. "

"You got boots don't you?Take the trail behind your dad's place. It's only a couple of miles. You'll see my cabin. The trail will be muddy but nothing dangerous. "


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  I'll be there. Thanks, Jim. "

Somehow I managed to sound casual even though my heart was beating fast and my cock was staining my cargo shorts with precum. I hung up and made for the bathroom. I managed to drop my shorts before I exploded. I caught my jizz in my right hand, supporting myself with my left on the sink. I licked my hand clean, imagining it was Jim's cum.

Journal Entry 6/4

I spent the night here at Jim's cabin. It's a nice, roomy log cabin. He passes the nicer seasons here and winters in Florida.

When I arrived from the hike up, my boots and calves were caked in mud. Jim had me stand on a flat rock a few feet away from his stacks of firewood while he hosed my boots and calves with water. I had to do some complicated calculus in my head to keep from getting aroused. He put my boots on a boot warmer to dry and gave me a towel. I dug out my trailrunners from my backpack and we went for a stroll around the hill.

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I love walking behind him. He kept pointing out the views but I was seeing something better. At one point, he bent down to pick up a fallen tree branch. It was a big one. I watched as his buns and hamstrings stretched out. I stopped breathing for a few seconds!And then, before we went into his cabin for lunch, we stopped at the same flat rock he had hosed me down. He planted his right foot on the rock and nodded to his cabin. "I had that built five years back. Best decision I've made. It did wonders for my writing. "He chuckled. "Yup, I'm a writer too. Mysteries are my thing, though. That's why your dad puts up with me. I don't really believe his writing is crap.

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  It's just friendly banter, you see. "

"I see, " I said, literally and figuratively. I saw the mound between his legs. His bulge had always been visible but now it was more fully revealed. "I need to use the bathroom. Do you mind?" I blurted out.

"Help yourself, son. I'll heat up some soup. "

I stood over the toilet and jacked off, imagining how big his cock and balls must be to create such a mound. Mine were bigger than average, a good size. Somehow I had to see him naked, I thought, as I once again filled my cupped hand with cum and ate it.

When I came out of the bathroom, Jim called me to eat in the living room. I sat down on the sofa and started on the chicken noodle soup, apparently from a can. Jim was sitting in a recliner, angled toward the sofa, in front of the fireplace with his mug of soup. I darted glances at him when he wasn't looking my way.

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  His shaved head glistened in the light. His green eyes would look out contentedly through the windows. He kept his moustache and beard short but not too short to be bristly. High cheekbones, wide and full lips, strong chin. . . I wanted to kiss him. His lightly haired arms were thick and muscular. He probably played football in his younger days. Now, chopping wood kept his upper body strong. Seated, bare feet on the hardwood floor, all of his lower body strained against the fabric of his jeans. I had to stop looking before. . .

"You alright, son?"Jim was looking straight at me.

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  "You're looking at me mighty strangely. "

"Sorry, didn't mean to be rude. "I didn't know what else to say.

"Don't mind. I was hoping you'd be a little more straightfoward. I'm not very good at making advances. "Was that hope I was seeing in his eyes?He was hoping I'd hit on him!

"I. . . I didn't. . . uh. . think you.

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  . . you know," I stammered, hoping he would finish the sentence for me. But he kept quiet. "I didn't think you were gay. "

His eyes never wavered from mine. "Well, I'm not, I guess. Never looked on a man with desire. . . before. "

"What do you mean 'before'?"

"Before you. "

"You desire me?!Why?I'm just an average kid in college. I'm not a hottie or hugely endowed or anything like that. "I wasn't being modest, just honest.



"If you're not attracted to me, I'd understand. I'm more than twice your age. . . "

"Fuck, Jim!Not attracted to you!You're all I've thought about the last few days. God, I've cum so many. . . . "I couldn't believe what I was saying. Even more, I couldn't believe my eyes. Jim was blushing!

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that. I didn't mean to embarrass you. "

Jim smiled at me.

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  I smiled back at him. Neither of us made a move though. We were both unsure of what to do next.

Jim cleared his throat and made as though to say something but faltered. He licked his lips. "Um. . . I've never been with a man. I don't know how men do things. I've been with plenty of women, mind you, but that's a different thing. . . different ways of doing things. .

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  . . well, you know. . . ah. . . . "Jim looked away, embarrassed, still licking his lips.

I realized then that he wanted me to guide him, to show him how men do things. He was vulnerable, sitting there, licking his lips, his cheeks still a bit pink. How far would he follow?Let's find out!

I stood up and walked over to him. I watched as he turned his face and looked up at me. He didn't look at my bulging crotch but looked directly into my eyes.

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  His eyes were like the waters of a bay on some Caribbean island. I swam in those waters for some time. I don't know what he saw in my brown eyes. Finally, I broke eye contact and looked down on his crotch. His bulge was huge but I could tell he wasn't hard.

"Are you sure you desire me?I'm hard," I said with a glance at the tent in my shorts, "but you're not. "

"I do, really. It doesn't get hard unless it's worked on. "

"Do you desire my body?Which parts?"

"Yes, your eyes and lips. "Again he licked his lips.

"Not my cock or ass?"

"I don't know. This is all new to me," Jim replied lamely. And for some strange reason, I noticed then that he had stopped referring to me as "son. "Jim had his hands spread on the the arms of the chair, the fingertips pressing into the cushions.

"Do you know what my name is, Jim?"I kept on with the interrogation even though I could see Jim was getting uncomfortable.

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"No. Your father introduced you as his son and you never said. I don't know. I guess I should have asked. "

"Jim, my name is Tommy. Nice to meet you. "I extended a hand and Jim took it in his for handshake.

"Nice to meet you, Tommy. "We held on to each other's hands. Finally, with a gentle smile, I released my grip and pulled my hand away. Jim didn't try to hold on but kept his fingers lightly against my skin to prolong the contact.

"Take your shirt off, Jim. "I whispered.

Jim didn't hesitate. He leaned forward and pulled off his shirt.

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  I looked down on his bare torso, muscular pecs with firm, protruding nipples, soft downy hair full on the chest and tapering down to his belly button. He had bit of a gut but I could still see hints of the muscles beneath the fat.

Stepping back, I said, "Stand up and drop your pants. "

Again, Jim did not hesitate. He sprung to his feet, unbuckled his belt, unzipped the fly, and pushed his jeans down around his ankles. He stood there in his boxers, jeans pooled over his feet. I told him to drop his boxers and he complied.

I marveled at the man before me. "You are gorgeous," I said. Jim blushed again. His soft, pink cock hung down over his round pink balls. He had a small fluff of brown pubic hair but his balls, like two billiard balls, were completely smooth. His thighs were massive with again that soft downy hair lightly covering them. He wasn't a hairy man like I thought he would be but I wasn't disappointed.

"Step out of your clothes and turn around," I said with more authority in my voice.

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  I was getting turned on by Jim's obedience. Jim sprung to action immediately as though he had been waiting eagerly for instructions. His back and ass were smooth, just a faint fuzz of almost imperceptible hair. I ripped off my own clothes.

"Bend forward. "I watched again as his buns and hamstrings spread, now completely exposed. His calves too flexed and stretched. His tiny hole came into view, also pink and hairless. I wanted to lean down and eat his hole, press my tongue into him. This was too much for me. I needed to come.

"Sit down," I commanded hoarsely. Once seated, I said to him, "I need to cum, Jim. I want to come in your mouth. "

Here Jim hesitated.

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  "I don't know, Tommy. Couldn't you. . . "

"Your mouth, Jim. Open it. "Strange, I had never been very forceful before. Having this big, gorgeous, older man obey me turned me on enormously. I couldn't stop.

Jim opened his mouth. I could see in his eyes that this wasn't what he wanted. But he obeyed me anyways and I had to cum. I didn't force my cock in. I laid the tip gently on his tongue, holding my cock in place with my hand. As soon as I felt his tongue, I shot my load.

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  Though the shots battered the back of his throat, Jim didn't bolt at all, but kept perfectly still. I, on the other hand, trembled bodily, collapsed forward. The orgasm had been a powerful one.

When I recovered and my heartbeat returned to normal, I looked down on Jim and saw that he was erect. His cock stood straight up like a mast. It looked more like a dangerous club than a cock, the head was an angry purple, a tiny glistening bead of precum on the pisshole.

"You liked that, didn't you?"I asked. When he didn't reply, I stood straight up and looked him in the face. His mouth was still open, filled with my cum. "Swallow it," I ordered. He gulped it down and then licked his lip. I straddled his thighs, his cock pressing against my own and my stomach. I looked him in the eyes and kissed him. We moaned together as we kissed, our tongues lapping each other. I could taste the cum on his tongue.

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I broke the kiss and gave Jim a mischievous grin. "I bet you like to be sucked?"Jim nodded. "Hold on, then. "I slid down off his lap and kissed his cock on the head. Jim gasped. I let loose, licking, kissing, sucking. His cock was thicker and longer than I've been used to but after a couple of minutes I adjusted to his size. At first, Jim was quiet except for a few gasps. But as he got closer to cumming, he began moaning and grunting. It is intoxicating when a big man moans and grunts.

I didn't let him cum too soon. I wanted to play so I pulled away and fondled his balls. They felt so good cupped in my hands. Then I licked them and took each one in my mouth. "Oh!" I heard from Jim.

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  I looked up to see his head tilted back, mouth gaping wide. I lavished attention on his balls for a couple of minutes and then attacked his cock with vigor. "Oh, God!" Jim exclaimed.

As soon as I felt his balls tighten and his legs tremble, I pulled away. "No. Please, Tommy. Don't stop," Jim begged. I grinned devilishly at him. Jim whimpered, realizing he'll cum when I'm ready for him to cum. "Please, Tommy. Please let me cum. "

"Keep begging," I said as I returned to his balls. They were delicious. I occasionally slapped them making Jim gasp and eyes bulge.

"Please, Tommy.


  I can't take anymore. Please!"

"You want me to stop?"

"No, please, no. Don't stop. Just let me cum. "

"I'm not ready for you. Get up!"

Jim pushed himself up, his legs a little unsteady. I sat down on the chair and had Jim grip his ankles, his ass presented to me. I tenderly rubbed his ass cheeks. They were firm and hot. I brought my face closer and sniffed. His crack smelled like soap. Good, he had washed. I gripped his hips and, without warning, drove my tongue against his hole, licking it furiously. Jim's whole body convulsed. He moaned, "Oh.

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  . oh, my. . . oh. . . oh, god!"After a little while, I eased up and licked gently, slowly. It sounded like Jim was purring, a deep baritone purr. My cock was completely hard again.

"Stand!"I was getting accustomed to using my commanding voice. Jim stood with his back to me. I caressed his ass and asked, "Are you enjoying all of this?"

"Yes," he blurted, breathing heavily.

"Turn!"He stood with his cock proudly saluting me, precum dripping along the bottom of his shaft. The veins were pronounced.

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  His balls were drawn up, sack furrowed, and they had also taken on an angry shade of purple. "Poor Jim, you really need to cum, don't you?"

"Yes, Tommy. I do. Please let me cum. "He looked like a puppy begging for a treat. I didn't reply immediately. Instead I watched as his chest and abs moved with his breathing.

"Do you like it when I command you?"

"Yes, Tommy. "

"Do you like obeying my commands?"

"Yes, Tommy. "Just then his cock twitched and a drop of precum oozed out and dropped to the floor.

"Did you obey any of the women you were with?"

"No, I was always in charge. "

"Why do you like obeying me then?"

"I don't know. At first, I didn't know what to do and you did so I went along. But then. .

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  . then I started. . . to get turned on by it. "Jim was in full blush now. I adored him.

"Will you address me as 'sir'?"

"Yes, sir. "My eyes bulged out as his cock hardened even more and rose almost to a complete vertical. I hadn't thought it possible for it to get more erect. My own cock twitched up a few degrees.

"How do you feel about it though?"

"I admit I'm shocked and embarrassed but mostly aroused, sir. I didn't expect any of this, sir. I never would have thought I would fall for another man, let alone be obeying him, sir. "It was amazing how naturally he took to addressing me as sir.

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"You probably thought I'd suck you off and we'd both be happy. "

"Basically, sir. "

"What!No reciprocation?"

"I didn't think about it, sir," Jim confessed this with a meek shrug of his shoulders.

"Maybe I should just leave you like this and not let you cum. "

"No, please, sir. Please don't leave me. I'll do anything you command, sir. "He seemed to have forgotten that he had already taken my load in his mouth. Plus, he seemed more afraid of me leaving instead of him not cumming.

"I won't leave. And I think I'll show some mercy now. "I ordered Jim to straddle the chair, his legs hanging over the armrests. He gripped the back of the recliner. His ass was stretched wide a couple of inches above my thighs, his cock pointing straight at my face. I traced a fingertip along his lips.

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  "Suck my finger. Get it nice and wet. "He took my finger in his mouth, his moist tongue circling it. His eyes were closed, lids fluttering.

"Open your eyes and look at me. "Jim popped his eyes open and looked at me as he continued sucking my finger. "Now, no matter what happens next, I want you to continue looking at me. Don't close your eyes. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir," he mumbled around my finger.

I snatched my hand away and quickly shoved it between his legs. I pressed the wet finger against his hole. His eyes opened wide. I couldn't tell if he was excited or afraid. I pressed till the tip pushed through and then the entire finger. His eyelids fluttered, his mouth gaped, and his arms tensed.

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  I felt a warm wetness on my arm. A rivulet of precum from Jim's cock had slid around my forearm.

Moving my finger in and out, I asked, "Does that feel good?"

Jim's mouth was still gaping open with rapid exhalations. "Yyyesss. . . . sssirr. "

He was so close. He would explode any second. I lowered my mouth to his cock and flicked my tongue against the slit. More gasps from above. I wrapped my left hand around his balls, my right still finger fucking his ass, and then took his cock in my mouth till the head pressed against the back of my throat. Some of the shaft was still exposed. I couldn't get it all in.

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  I sucked hard, finger fucking Jim as fast and deep as I could.

It took only a few seconds. "Oh, God!" he cried out as he began shooting. I had only the mushroom head of his cock in my mouth. I wanted to feel the shots. They were like cannonballs, thick, hot, and forceful against my throat. He cried out again and again as he came, his body gyrating up and down, legs stretched out straight, trembling. As he descended from his climax, he whispered, "Thank you, sir. "

I pulled out my finger and placed it in front of his face. Unbidden, he took it in his mouth and licked it clean. He wouldn't have stopped on his own so I pulled it back. "Thank you, sir," he whispered again.

"You're welcome. That was quite a load you shot. Was it a good orgasm?"

"Yes, sir.

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  The best, sir. "

"Really?That was your best orgasm?"

"Yes, sir. I've never cried out like that before. And I almost thought I wouldn't stop cumming. Thank you, sir. "

I grinned. He was quite grateful. I looked down at my cock, hard and dripping. "I guess we'll need to take care of this," I said to Jim, tapping my cock with my fingers. "Would you like to suck it?"

"Yes, please, sir. Please let me suck it, sir. "I nodded my head and he pushed himself to his feet, stumbling a little. He knelt down between my legs and lovingly embraced his hand around my cock. He kissed the head, along the shaft, and then each ball. He then licked each ball, up the shaft, circling the head before wrapping his lips around it.

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  He didn't take too much of my cock in his mouth at first, concentrating mostly on the head. But left to his own devices, he began to take more and more. He was too greedy to settle for just the head. He wanted all of it.

"You're doing great for a first timer, Jim," I complimented. It was the truth. He was a natural cocksucker. Jim stopped sucking just long enough to thank me again. I stroked the dome of his head, loving the smoothness. I began to apply pressure on his head, gradually, making him take my cock deeper. After some time, he was moving his head up and down, taking the entire cock. He was able to deep throat me, though only for a second or two before gagging. I sat back and enjoyed his services for a while. I had cum so many times recently that it would be a long while before I reached climax.

With all the fun I was having, I had lost track of time.

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  I looked at my wristwatch. It was half past four. Dad likes to have dinner around six so he could read a couple of hours before going to bed around nine. "I'd better call dad. I think I'll stay with you tonight if you're ok with that. "Jim didn't stopped sucking. He simply raised his head a little and nodded.

"Give me the phone. "

Jim reluctantly stopped sucking, leaned back and picked up the handset from the coffee table. He gave me the phone and asked, "Should I stop sucking while you talk to your dad, sir?"He stroked my cock and licked his lips as he asked this.

"Do you love my cock?"

"Oh, yes, sir. Very much, sir. It tastes so good and feels so wonderful. "

"Do you want to worship it?"

"Yes, sir. Please let me worship it, sir.


  "Drool slipped out from the side of his mouth.

"Then worship it. It won't stop me from talking. Just be quiet. "

"Oh, thank you, sir. Thank you, sir. "He was so happy.

I felt wicked calling my dad as his friend serviced my cock. It turned me on. "Hi, dad. I'm gonna stay over at Jim's tonight. Ok?. . . Yeah, he doesn't like the whole mister thing.

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  . . Things are fine up here, much drier. . . I won't be a bother, dad.
    . . . I know he's a writer. He told me. . . . Ok, dad.

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      I'll be good. Bye. "I tossed the phone on the sofa. I watched Jim for a while. He had taken to jacking my cock as he sucked. My cock was thoroughly wet with his saliva. Every now and then, he would slurp up the excess moisture. It was time to move on.


    Jim stopped and stared up in alarm. "Did I do something wrong, sir?Did I scrape my teeth. . . "

    "No, you're doing fine. I just want to do something different. Are you up to doing something different?"

    "Yes, sir.

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      I'll do anything you want, sir. "

    "Think about it carefully before you say that. I'll hold you to it. "

    "Yes, sir. I have thought about it carefully, sir. Please tell me what you want to do, sir. "

    "I want to fuck your ass," I said, leaning in to stare him in the eye. Let's see how he reacts to that, I thought. I saw the nervousness in his eyes. But then almost immediately it was gone. His eyes were big, green saucers. There was a glow in his eyes. His breathing grew rapid. Jim was excited.

    "Fuck me, sir, please," he begged.

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      "If your finger feels good, your cock must feel unbelievable, sir. It's so big, though, sir, I don't know if I'll be able to take it but I want to try, sir, please sir, please fuck me. . . "

    I had to press my finger against his lips to stop him. He was practically bouncing with excitement. "Do you have lube?"He shook his head. "Do you have Vaseline or Crisco?"Again he shook his head. "Do you have some sort of cooking oil like olive or vegetable?"He nodded his head. I put my finger away and asked, "Which?"

    "Olive oil, sir, extra virgin, sir. "I ordered him to bring some in a small, shallow bowl, along with a towel. He returned in a couple of minutes. Without being ordered to, he knelt down before me and handed over the bowl and towel. I then ordered him to take down a wall mirror and place it standing up against the sofa, in line with the recliner, and to push the coffee table aside.

    "Get on your hands and knees and face the mirror.

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      I want you look at yourself in the mirror. Don't close your eyes. "

    "Yes, sir. "

    I repositioned him to bring his ass within reach, laying the bowl in the small of his back and draping the towel on my lap. I groped his ass for a while. Playfully, I lightly spanked him, not expecting much of a reaction. "Thank you, sir," he said. I arched an eyebrow. Well, well. Again, I spanked him, a little harder. "Thank you, sir," he said again. I rubbed his ass, warm and soft. His ass was so large it made my hands look like a child's. I'm no child, though. Maliciously, I slapped the closest ass cheek hard, stinging my hand.

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      Jim cried out in pain but he kept his gaze fixed on his reflection and his back level. "Thank you, sir," he gasped out. For good measure, I slapped the other cheek just as hard. Jim cried out again and then thanked me.

    I dipped my right index finger in the olive oil before pressing it into his anus. Some oil dripped on to his back. Jim half-closed his eyes and inhaled. I worked my finger in his rectum, moving it around in circles, stretching his sphincter. He was having a difficult time keeping his eyes open but he managed. When the index finger started sliding easily, I dipped it and the middle finger in the oil. There was some resistance initially but when I instructed Jim to push out with his sphincter, I was able to penetrate his hole with both fingers. His eyelids were fluttering madly, his entire torso expanding and contracting with deep breaths, his thigh pressed against my shin trembling. I spread my two fingers apart inside him, sliding them in and out, rotating my wrist. Jim moaned and whimpered. A couple of minutes later, I dipped three fingers in the olive and into his ass.

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      It was easier this time, almost as though Jim sucked them in with this sphincter. He was ready for me but I wanted to play a little longer.

    I stretched out my left leg and commanded, "Worship my foot!"Jim was beyond words at this point, only capable of making unintelligible sounds. As he slobbered over my foot, I pressed my fingers deeper. I wasn't satisfied with just three fingers so I oiled all the fingers of my right hand, dropped the towel on the floor between his legs, and attempted to fist him. I started with my fingers joined at the tips. With patience I was able to get in up to the second set of knuckles. Jim was gasping and moaning with my toes jammed into his mouth. Pity he wasn't able to take more. With time. . . .

    "That's enough," I said as I drew back my leg and pulled out my hand. Jim automatically resumed his gaze on his reflection.

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      I lubed my cock with my oiled hand and then wiped the hand cursorily against the towel on the floor, kissing his ass as I leaned down. I slid off the chair and positioned my cock against his stretched anus, shiny with oil and more red than pink. "Tell me if it hurts. "

    "Yes, sir. "

    I was gentle with Jim, pushing in slowly, allowing him to adjust to me inch by inch. His head rocked up and down, eyes on the mirror, moaning a steady song of oh's and ah's. He never once complained of pain. When I was inside him fully, I held still, savoring his warmth, his inner flesh against my cock. Jim too savored my cock, gushing, "You feel so wonderful inside me, sir, so wonderful. I've never felt anything like this before. Oh, God, it feels so good. "I didn't just hear his voice, I felt the vibrations inside him through my cock. If he kept talking, I wouldn't last long.

    "Hush!" I bellowed, spanking his ass. I saw him clench his jaw shut in the mirror.

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      "I don't want to cum too soon, Jim. I can feel the vibrations in your body when you talk so you'll have to be quiet. "Jim nodded. He didn't want this fuck session to end prematurely either.

    I built up a steady rhythm, pulling out till only the tip remained buried and then pushing in. It was tempting to fuck him hard but I wanted this to be a good experience for him. There will be time enough. I fucked Jim for a good ten minutes like this, sometimes changing the angles or rotating my hips. He kept quiet, only emitting soft moans.

    I pulled completely out and stood up, picking up the bowl of olive oil. I made Jim stand and bend forward like a football scrimmage position, legs bent and fingertips on the floor, eyes on the mirror. His balls hung low between his legs. There was a string of precum dangling from his cock to the floor, where a wet pool had formed on the wood. I dribbled some oil above his ass crack, watching it slide down across his puckered hole. I put the bowl down on the recliner, gripped his hips, aimed my cock, and slammed it home.

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      Jim screamed!It sounded like the roar of a bear but it was definitely a scream. Here I was fucking a man more than twice my age, almost twice as massive, who had been straight before, and I made him scream.

    "Did that hurt?" I asked, somewhat concerned but extremely horny.

    Jim shook his head, breathing so hard he couldn't speak. In time he said, "No, sir. "He didn't elaborate, adhering to my earlier command for silence. "Good," I said and began plowing him. I have never fucked so hard before. The harder I fucked, the louder Jim screamed, his deep baritone becoming almost a tenor. I felt beads of sweat on my flesh. Jim's face was flushed red, grimacing as though in pain. His eyes were closed. I spanked him hard as I thrust, alternating between left and right hand. "Eyes open!" I roared. I felt like a wrathful, conquering god.


      His eyes almost popped out of his sockets. I didn't stop spanking him though. I was possessed. He screamed louder, his ass turned redder, and, consequently, I fucked harder. It was a vicious cycle.

    The cycle had to end. I felt the pressure building up inside me. It would explode soon, too soon for my taste. I stopped spanking him long enough to shout, "I'm gonna cum soon. At my command, you will cum too. "Jim couldn't respond at all, not even a nod. I didn't bother waiting for a response though. I resumed the spanking. I was determined to fuck as hard and fast as I could before my orgasm would put an end to it. I was panting furiously.

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      Jim was screaming incessantly. I felt the first wave rising. I thrust all the way in, stretched up on my tiptoes, and roared at the top of my voice, "CUM!"

    Jim responded with a roar of his own, drowning out mine, shaking the walls. His mouth was stretched to the limits, a bullhorn, his face like a cooked lobster. His eyes were wide open, still obedient, with a look that said, "I can't fucking believe this!"His whole frame convulsed as he sprayed his seed all over the hardwood floor, his ass clenched so tightly around my throbbing cock, forcing my cum out, draining me. We were joined in ecstasy for a long while, me filling Jim's anus with my juice as he spilled his on the floor. Then I collapsed across his broad, level back, eyes closed, catching my breath. Jim somehow kept his position, his every muscle strained, breathing even heavier than me. I listened to the quick drumbeat of his heart, the billowing of his lungs. He was moaning but there was also another sound. It sounded almost like a plucked string of a bass, plucked in rapid succession. It was that purr from earlier, but deeper, from the gut. It stirred my cock but I was too spent.

    I pulled out from him and plopped myself down on the recliner. Jim didn't move.

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      "Relax," I croaked. Jim toppled over to the side and landed hard on his ass. The entire cabin shook with his fall. The mirror slid to the floor with a crash, unbroken. His eyes were on me. I couldn't read them, though. They had changed. I thought maybe I had gone too far. I hoped not.

    "Clean up your cum with your tongue!" I tested, wondering if he'd still obey. Jim got on his hands and knees and meticulously licked clean the floor. He remained on his knees and gazed back at me with that same, unreadable look.

    "Are you ok?"

    "Yyess. . .

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      . sir," he panted.

    "I'm sorry if I was too harsh. I couldn't help myself. It was like I was possessed. I didn't want to hurt you but it turned me on so. I. . . "

    "Please, sir. You didn't hurt me. I loved it, sir, every bit of it. And even if it did hurt, you can do whatever you want with me, sir. I'm completely yours, sir. "

    "But you have such a strange look in your eyes.

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      I can't read it at all. Did I go too far too quick?'

    Jim kept quiet for a while, contemplating his words. That strange look didn't disappear. "I don't know how to say this, sir. I've never felt anything close to what I'm feeling right now, sir. "He paused. "When you command me, sir, and do what you desire with me. . . when you spank me. . . and when you fuck me. . .

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      it feels so. . . so right. . . like this the way it was meant to be. . . the way I'm meant to be. . . you see, sir, I've never loved anyone before. . .

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      sex was good but never awesome like it was with you, sir. "Jim fell silent then. He lowered his head but kept his eyes raised to me.

    "Do you love me, Jim?"

    "Completely, sir, with all my mind, body, and soul. "

    "So, Jim. What is it you're thinking?What's with that look?"

    "It's. . . it's worship, sir, adoration, devotion, sir. I want to love you and worship you and serve you and obey you and give myself completely to you, sir. "

    "I'm not a god, Jim. I felt like one when I fucked you like crazy but I'm just human. "

    "I know, sir. I don't think your infallible or impeccable or perfect. .

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      . just. . just worthy of my love and devotion. "

    "Alright, it sounds great to me. "I smiled at him. I had always dreamed I would find myself a daddy. I would be his boy and he would dote over me. I would love him and gladly service him. He would be firm with me, punishing me if I misbehaved, but tender when I'm good. I never dreamed of this role reversal. But I found it more to my liking.

    "Sir, I'm not sure if you completely understand me. I. .

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      . I. . . I"

    "Jim, it's ok. Just say what you want to say. No need to be nervous. I will try to understand, I promise. "

    "Yes, sir. Sir, I want to be. . . be your slave. Please, sir. "

    "You want to be my slave?Like I would own you.

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      . . you'll be my property?" I asked, incredulous.

    "Yes, sir. I promise I will always obey you, sir, and I'm yours to do as you wish. Please don't reject me, sir. "He looked rather pathetic there on his knees, begging me not to reject him as my slave. Isthis really happening?

    "One condition. We'll do this on a trial basis. We'll try it for a month and then, if that works out, for the whole summer. Then I go back to school and we'll see what happens after that. Agreed?"

    "Yes, sir. Thank you so much, sir. "Jim was practically beaming with joy, tears were streaming from his eyes. "Sir?"


    "May I address you as 'master'?".

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