detention In the Back of My Lesson


It started from a detention I gave yesterday. It was only at lunch time for ten minutes but I ended up chatting to the girl for about 20. We talked about ask sorts of things and ended up having a bit of a laugh.

During my next lesson we were doing a bit of silent work and I had sat her right at the back in the corner. Everyone was working and faced forward so I went to sit next to her. This raised no suspicion as I would often do this to random students.

Now to explain the uniform if you were in the oldest year like this girl was. You had to wear a white shirt with a your house tie and a dark blue blazer. Girls could wear either black trousers or a skirt. This girl chose to were a skirt like most did.

As I was sat next to her I could see that under her tight fitted shirt she had on a bright pink bra. You could make out the outline through her cheap school shirt. Her breasts weren't big which I liked and her blonde hair was long and straight.

She looked stuck and I leaned in very close to see her page. She didn't move away so I put my arm around her as I explained the question.

I placed my hand on her thin waist as she worked truth it moving higher as she worked towards the correct answer.

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   As she got her answer my hand got to her breast feeling its firmness under my tight gripping fingers. At this point I was hard as a rock. She looked to me shocked and said thanks. I let go, now fearful someone may turn around to see and went to teach the test of my lesson.

Towards the end I caught her chatting to someone and I took it upon myself to unfairly give her an after school detention.

She didn't protest and as she left my room but simply said see you later sir.

At the end of the day she walked back into my room and sat down in front of me with a slight smile. I told her thank you for coming while fixed on her chest like a pervert. She undid the top button of her shirt and loosened her tie and told me she enjoyed the lesson.

My eyes fixed on hers I told her I enjoyed helping her a lot. I told her that she was in my room because she was chatting but also because I felt she was dressed inappropriately for school. She looked at me confused and asked what about her was inappropriate. I told her that she needed white underwear and not bright pink which would distract others such as myself and other boys.

She pulled her blazer aside a little and stuck out her beasts protesting that you couldn't see it. I asked her to stand up and I walked to her.

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   I cupped her breast and with my free hand drew the outline of her bra.

    "See, it's clear as day. "

    I then let go of her perky breast. I explained that it would make guys aroused as they saw you which would be less productive in lesson.

    "Sir, did you get hard from touching me again?" She said

    I smiled at her and her eyes drifted down to the bulge in my trousers. Her eyes widened and her lips cracked a smile. She sat back on a desk as I pressed against her body. She parted her legs to let me in and my hands worked to undo a few more buttons on her shirt revealing that pink bra and soft perky tits. My crotch was now against her mound which was safe under her matching pink underwear.

    I moved my body over hers so she was laying on the desk and I was on top dry humping her to my orgasm. Her legs wrapped around mine and her hands touching my chest. My eyes were fixed on her bouncing tits as I built to a fast climax. Waves of my cum were filling my boxers and I lay on top of her delicate body.

    After the moment was over I straightened up my shirt and told her she could go home after she straightened her uniform.

    The next lesson she came in early and I noticed today she had on a black bra under her sexy tight shirt.

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       I knew she enjoyed yesterday and I had no problem taking it to the next level after school again. .