Denise's Virginiry


By: Sammy ParsonsDenise has a problem. When it happened to her and that now she had to deal with it. Geez, she thought, How in the hell did she get to this point at such a young age. After all she was 18 and she had just graduated from school, she had a full summer to do what she wanted before she started college in the fall. She was also a Virgin. She wanted to have sex but she did not have a social life. She wanted to fuck someone's brains out but she had College and Law School goals. She had discovered her sexuality at about 18 when she had a growth spurt and raging hormones at the same time but she was also aware of pregnancy and did not want to ruin her life with sex. She was at a sleepover at her friend Janie's house. Late in the evening she and Janie were discussing things when Janie asked her if she ever "played with herself?"She blushed even though she did not know why and asked what Janie meant. As Janie began to explain and show her how to pleasure herself she discovered two things, she discovered that those twinges that she felt in the shower a few weeks before were normal and she discovered that she loved to finger fuck herself. She was a bit awkward at first trying to duplicate the things that Janie was showing her but after a few strategic strokes to her clit she warmed up just fine. The dryness was now gone and it felt fantastic to work her fingers up to her tender erect nipples then plunge them back into her gaping wet gash. She was so wet that she could feel warm juices sliding down the crack of her ass and this made her go even faster until she felt the warm wave of her very first real orgasm sweep over her like a 30 foot wave. As she bucked against her fingers like a maniac she became aware that Janie was stroking her hair and kissing her neck. She did not even care at this point, At this point she had discovered orgasmic sex and that was all that mattered to her.

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   As she felt the second wave of orgasm sweep over her and subside she turned giggling to Janie to ask her what in the hell she was doing. Janie only moaned and jammed her fingers deeper into her own cunt with one hand and started to stroke Denise's dripping cunt with the other. With her body resting against Denise's she moaned into her ear that she wanted to lick her cunt for her. Instead of being turned off by the idea she lay back a little more and spread her legs wide. She was amazed at the feeling, Janie's tongue was warm and softer than her own fingers and almost immediately she started to buck her sopping cunt against Janie's tongue. She thought to herself that she should return the favor but it felt so good to have her clit worked over that the thought soon passed and was replaced by another orgasm. Within 18 minutes she had not only become aware of the sensations of sex not just the "Don't Do It" mechanics of Sex Ed at school but she had had three orgasms. This was part of her problem, she knew about teenage pregnancy and STD's from Sex ED and she had decided to just ignore sex as much as possible until she finished Law School. Before that first orgasm she was sure that she would not miss a thing, now she was really confused. She knew what a Lesbian was and did not want that but Janie had rocked her world. She thought about it and came to the conclusion that she would have to find a way!She went down to breakfast the next morning and for the first time she really noticed Janie's older brother Jeff, To her surprise Jeff was sneaking peeks at her and she felt a warm sensation building in her thighs. Jeff was a bookworm but a cute one she thought. She flirted with him for the rest of the morning and was sure that he wanted to fool around with her. She did not want intercourse so she thought of ways to seduce him. She mentioned her interest to Janie who just smiled and left the room.

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   A few minutes later she returned and said she had a surprise for her later. At about 5 their parents left to go shopping and Janie swung into action. At this point she suggested that they both get naked again and since Denise had a feeling what was next she did not question it. When they were both naked Janie whistled and Jeff entered the room, He was stark naked! Denise felt shy but Janie turned her back to where my eyes faced him and at that point I was wet and ready. As we looked each other over I noticed that his dick was really very small compared to the ones I had seen in magazines. It was rock hard and about 4" long. I was disappointed at first but then she remembered that she was not going to fuck him anyways so it did not matter how big it was. At this point Janie and Jeff started to rub all over Denise and she moaned loudly as the juices in her young cunt began to flow inside her upper thigh where Denise fingers were working her clit into a frenzy. Jeff slowly slid to his knees and Janie went with him to kneel in front of Denise. It turned out that she was going to teach him to eat a woman's pussy and mine was their target. He was not very good at first. He was too rough and was all over the place. Denise directed his tongue to her clit and told him to lick it gently. After a couple of minutes she began to feel a raging fire in her loins. As he sped up his licking Denise began to buck against his tongue and exploded into an orgasm so intense that her legs buckled and she slipped down the side of Janie?s bed and fell to the floor.

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  Poor Jeff was so excited that when Denise went to the floor he thought she wanted him to fuck her in the pussy. As soon as she realized what was about to happen Denise screamed "NO!" And clamped her legs shut covering her young snatch with her hands. Janie saw what was happening and moved in front of Jeff. As soon as she did she began to stroke his small cock and Denise soon realized that Janie was going to fuck her brother. She at back up against the bed and then moved back a little to watch the show. He entered Janie fast and hard, she had to catch her breath from the first stroke but it did not matter much because after only about 30 seconds or so he started to groan and buck harder and then shot his load into his sister's pussy. As soon as he realized that she did not get a thing out of it he immediately slid down past her tits and plunged his tongue into her sloppy with cum cunt and started to lick her for all it was worth. After seeing this Denise started to get hot again and decided to give his dick her first Blowjob. Denise lay on her side and moved her mouth onto his still cum dripping dick. He pushed his hips forward enough for his dick to enter Denise's lips and she started to move her tongue around the head and take the shaft into her mouth. Denise was thankful that his dick was so small, she barely kept from choking on it in her small mouth but she was so hot that it did not matter. Janie came soon and Jeff was right behind her. Denise did not come with them but as she licked Jeff's dick clean she felt the warm sensation of Janie's tongue in her snatch and she knew Janie would bring her to another orgasm and she was right. They all showered together but besides a little teasing we were done for the night so she and Janie went down to watch TV. She had managed to have orgasms but in her mind she was still a 2 way virgin having lost her mouth cherry to Jeff.

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   She planned to keep it that way. Over the next 3 years she continued to pleasure herself as many as 3 times a day. She found that she spent more time with girls than boys who worried her but she rationalized that she could not get pregnant by a woman and it was hard to find a guy that wanted to pleasure her orally but not fuck! Then she met Chuck and thought that she might have found a guy that she could get what she wanted from. Chuck worked at the same store as her Mother and she saw him whenever she picked her up. She asked him out and he said yes, she was pleased that he was seemed sort of shy; she did not view him as a threat. They went to dinner then they went to her house to watch a movie while her parents were away. As soon as they settled in she made her move. She looked him straight in the eye and said "I want to suck your dick!"He seemed surprised since he knew her reputation as a Virgin but he was not going to turn her down. They fumbled with their clothes and were soon naked on the floor in front of the big screen TV. She made the suggestion and then moved them into the "69" position. He was already hard and she was a bit scared of the massive 9" cock when she first saw it pop out as he stripped off his underwear. She moved to it slowly as if it was going to bite her. She was so turned on by this massive tool of his that she was soon licking on the head of with her tongue. It was the biggest she had seen and she was apprehensive a bit whether she could take it all but he was already working on her into her snatch with his tongue and before she realized that she had had cock most of the way in her mouth and throat. Within minutes by the bucking and moaning she knew he was about to cum.

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   When he did he buried his face in her cunt and his tongue in her clit, she thrust her hips furiously against his tongue and nose and came with him. As she moved him out of the way she noticed something strange. Unlike most of the men she had blown he was still rock hard. She started to move when he flipped her over and she felt that massive cock pressing against her butt cheeks. She panicked and said "NO!" But he continued to hold her down. At this point he told her "I'm going to fuck you in the asshole!"She struggled more but strangely she wanted it. He lifted her ass with one hand on each side of her hips and drove the head of his dick which was still wet with his cum and her saliva into her tight virgin asshole. With one fast push he was buried all the way to the balls in her virgin asshole and she could not go back now. The thought of what was happening turned her on so much that she started to buck her asshole back and forth on his massive rod. The pain was intense but she did not slow down, screaming and moaning ay the same time. After about 18 minutes of not stop ass fucking he came in her bowels and she moved forward still feeling the affects of her orgasms. There was a loud popping sound as his dick left her asshole. Finally she collapsed on her stomach. After laying there in pain for a few minutes she went to the bathroom to clean up. As she climbed the stairs she heard him rustling for his clothes, She did not really want him to consider her a "fuck and run", after all she had a reputation to uphold but at this point she barely had the strength to carry herself and her clothes both up the stairs.

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   She did not even say goodnight to him, as she heard the front door open and then shut as he left she simply sighed out load. She thought to herself, "if he goes and brags to anyone I will just deny it. " Then she entered the bathroom, dropped her clothes in a pile and stepped naked into the shower. As she stood in the shower resting her body against the tile walls she could not help but notice the stream of cum, blood and shit that was leaking from her asshole and running down the inside and back of her legs and circling the drain on it's way to the sewer. She slipped a finger into the crack of her tight young ass and moaned in both pain and pleasure as she wiped the remainder of the evidence from her butt hole. At that moment she realized that for the first time in over 3 years she only had her pussy virginity left. She also knew that there would be a lot of guys, girls, parties and drinking in the next 6 years of college and she would have to work hard and plan well. After all it is hard to stay a Virgin. That thought seemed to lead her hand directly from her asshole to her now sopping snatch as she began to work herself to another orgasm. .