Days with my lover


It is not easy to relive the moments I had my lover Travis. It was in all a wonderful and memorable time. He used to tell me how use to suck off a guy who worked at his dad’s workshop and enjoyed it. But when he got to be with me – he showed me all the  things he could do. He pulled down my pants and sucked my cock. I was amazed at the way my cock would disappear in his mouth.   Then came the time when I started sucking his cock, he practically forced me into doing it -  I sucked him off.

One day he was unusually horny and without even saying anything, simply teasing – meant he wanted or was begging for some real rough sex. I chased him to my bedroom, stripped off his clothes.

Though he was naked – he avoided sucking my cock. It was the first time I had spanked him and seemed to get a kick out of that. Then I slapped his rather thin body. He jumped and lunged at my cock and swallowed it whole. He sucked it wildly – even when I cum in his mouth twice, my cock was limp and slippery, he pursed his lips and did not let go.   He brought his hand over to my cock, pulled it and began sucking my balls.

The first time around I told him I wanted to piss, he let me go.

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   I went over to piss and when returned, he had his back towards me with his ass wide apart. I had an erection again. I fucked him. When tried to grab his cock to suck, he moved away,

“I am going to wash your cock” Travis  says.

I go to the basin and puts soap over my cock and balls and washed them along with his hands.

    Wd dressed up and went back to where we were.

    A few days later he did the same the same thing, I was prepared to give him the worse of it. Spanking and slapping – he was begging for more. This time I fucked his asshole first, he was squirming in pain, because I was banging him harder than before.

    “In my mouth, in mouth” He says.

    “What. . . ?” I ask

    “Cum in my mouth, asshole” He shouts

    I pull my cock out and bring it to his gaped open mouth and blast my cum in it, he began gargling it. I had an urge to do something, but did not have the nerve to.

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       He stops gargling .

    “Piss” Travis  says.

    That was the call I was waiting for and I do. He drunk a entire load and had big smile on his face. He did not stop me from sucking him off. He did not piss. It was a year later, when Travis told about the strange things he was up to. I could not believe it though.