Dave And The Alien TV Ch. 03


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own the Game Of Thrones TV show or the characters from it. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

Story Code: M/F, Incest, Sci-Fi

Dave And The Alien TV Ch 03 Day 02
By Muhabba

Dave slapped the snooze alarm for the sixth time before rolling back over and trying to get some sleep. “Gotta get that fixed tomorrow,” he grumbled before a shout surprised him awake.

“Dave!” Summer-Gram yelled, “Wake up!”

“I don’t. . . Wha?” Dave mumbled to himself as his bleary eyes focused on his alarm clock. “Da hell?”

“In here, Dave,” Summer-Gram said from the doorway to his bedroom. “Hi,” she said with a wave of her red tinted glowing hand.

Dave’s eyes focused on the slim, beautiful girl standing in his door way.

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  And then when he realized who was actually waving at him he realized that “Standing” may have been the wrong word. “Was doing?Why with the yelling?” he asked sleepily.

Summer-Gram folded her arms underneath her breasts, still wearing the white bikini from yesterday, and scowled at him. “According to my chronometer, you are approximately 20 minutes late for work,” she said smugly.

“Holy shit!” Dave blurted as he shot out of bed, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I am your entertainment center, “ Summer-Gram said sternly, “Not your alarm clock. Although, if you like I can add that to my features, many of which you are not familiar with. I have a list. . . ”

“No time,” Dave said as he quickly got dressed, “I gotta get to work. ”He ran through Summer-Gram on his way out never noticing the scowl on her face


As easy as his day job was, Dave still found himself unable to concentrate. It didn't require much thought to fold several dozen boxes to get them ready to ship for the delivery company but his thoughts still turned to the amazing alien device he had lucked into and the fact that he had fucked Lena Headey and Summer Glau. He was the luckiest guy in the world!

"Get your head outta your ass and get to work!"

The sound of Dave's boss's voice shocked him out of his fantasy. He looked down at his erection, grabbed a box, placed it over the front of his pants and spun around. "Sorry, Mr.

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   Battchi," he said meekly.

"What is it with kids today?" the manager of the delivery store muttered at his single worse employee, "There's full grown adults who'll do anything for a buck in this economy and I get stuck with you. "

"Sorry, it won't happen again," Dave said with a shrug of his shoulders. He tried to look his boss in the eyes but the managers gaze was drifting down towards Dave's box. He looked down and realized he had taken his hands off the box but his hard-on was keeping the box in place. He quickly grabbed the box again and smiled meekly, hoping his boss hadn't noticed.

"Just. . . just get back to work," Mr. Battchi muttered as he turned back to his office.

"Disaster adverted," Dave said to himself with pride, his hands on his hips and the box on his erection.

Shortly after lunch time, Dave walked into his dingy apartment like a king entering his throne room. "I am home, my peasants," he said to no one as he flopped down on his couch and picked up his remote. He punched the power but and waited for his entertainment center and TV to turn on.

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  He hit the power button again and when noting continued to happen he checked the batteries. As he lifted the back of the remote off all he found was a wad of green goo glowing eerily and just as he was about to touch it Summer-Gram appeared.

"Don't touch that!" Summer-Gram shouted, "It's toxic to humans and most cats!"

Dave screamed and quickly slapped the back of the remote back on. "Why didn't you warm me," he gasped as he gingerly placed the remote down.

"I did. Yesterday," Summer-Gram said with her hands on her slender hips, still wearing her bikini.

"I don't remember that," Dave said defensively.

"Yes, well, we seem to be having trouble with communication," Summer-Gram said with a roll of her eyes.

"English as a second language. I understand," Dave said obliviously, "Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it. "

Summer-Gram growled under her breath before regaining her composure. "Is there something I can help you with, Dave?" she grumbled.

"Where were you when I got home?I pushed the power button but nothing happened," he said as he got up and headed to the kitchen.

"That wasn't the 'Power' button," Summer-Gram started to explain, "It was the Internet Access button. I am never actually 'Off'.

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  I have far to many functions to attend to to ever be turned off. "

"I've got Internet now?Coooool," Dave said through a face full of potato chips completely unaware of the look of disdain on Summer-Gram's face. "How much is that gonna cost me?" he asked worriedly, "Cuz I skipped outta work early so my paychecks gonna be pretty light this month. "

"I am. . . We talked. . . " Summer-Gram stuttered. "It's. . . It's free," she said rather than explain.

"Coooool," Dave groaned.

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Summer-Gram carefully went over how to explain her internet functions a simply as possible to Dave. "I can access what you humans refer to as 'The Internet' by. . . "

"No time, I've got a idea for a fantasy," Dave interrupted and began explaining to Summer-Gram what he wanted.

In a flash of red light, Dave found himself in a large, dark, stone room. "We should hurry before we are missed," a sexy, British voice said from behind him. He turned around and saw his fantasy, Lena Headey dressed as Cersei Lannister standing in her royal gowns. He looked down to check his own clothes and saw that he was indeed dressed as Cersei Lanaster's brother, Jamie and they were in one of the stone towers at Winterfell.

When he had been able to afford the internet, Dave had downloaded every episode of Game of Thrones, it was one the few shows he would actually pay attention to and not just because of all the sex. Although the constant female nudity was a huuuuge plus. And because Lena was in it it made it a huuuuge plus too. And he had to admit to himself that the incest between Cersei and her brother was kind of hot. Especially now that he was her brother.

Lena's hair was longer than it had be in The Sarah Connor Chronicles and dyed a dark blonde and her body was nearly completely hidden beneath her clothes but he could do away with those without to much trouble.

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  She stepped closer and he wrapped his arms around her slender waist and held her close as he bent down and kissed her. Her moist tongue quickly found his as he groaned with lust into her mouth. She began grinding her body against his and he began pulling up her gowns until his hands found her pert ass and she groaned in appreciation back into his mouth.

Dave kneaded Lena's ass as she began unfastening his pants, her hands searching for his rapidly hardening cock. He slipped his fingertips between her firm cheeks, sliding them down until he could feel the start of her damp pussy, her slick juices dripping out of her horny body. He began frantically searching for any type of button or zipper to open her gowns more but he couldn't find even a hint of an opening for him. On any normal occasionally he would have been more than ecstatic to even be able to lay an eyeball on Lena Headey but to have her in his arms, for a second time no less, and not be able to touch her was nearly maddening.

As Lena slipped his hand in his pants and grasped his shaft, Dave completely forgot about his frustration.

"Oh, Jamie," Cersei gasped as she fisted her brother's cock, sliding her thumb across the sensitive tip. With her free hand she managed to tug his pants down and cupped his balls, massaging them in her palm as she fisted his prick.

"Oh, yeah," Dave groaned as Lena's expert hands massaged his cock and balls. His hands continued moving across her body through her far to many layers of clothes as he moaned in pleasure. He once again began tugging on her gown trying to find a way in and nearly ripped her clothes off.

Releasing her hold on Jamie's wonderful cock and balls, Cersei began hiking up her skirts. "We don't have time," she chided her brother, "We must be quick before we are found out.

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  "She managed to pull her gown up to her waist, baring her glistening pussy to her brother as his eyes grew wider at the sight of her naked sex. "I love the way you look at me," she said as she turned around, baring her ass as she looked over her shoulder at Jamie and smirked knowingly at him. "Take me now," she whispered breathlessly as she got down on her knees.

"Yes, ma'am," Dave said enthusiasticly, surprised to hear Nikolai Coster-Waldau's voice, the actor who played Jamie Lannister, rather than his own. But as he looked down at Lena's pale, up-thrust ass he found that he didn't really care. He knelt behind her and slid his hands reverently of her soft, silky ass-cheeks before bending down on the floor. He spread her cheeks apart and licked up from her moist slit to her tiny, puckered asshole. He'd already fucked Lena Headey during his Sarah Connor Chronicles fantasy and knew where he wanted to fuck her now.

Lena hissed in lust as Dave licked the wrinkled entrance to her ass. He kneaded her taunt ass as he gently probed her tight little hole with just the tip of his tongue. He slid his tongue down to her dripping pussy, drawing her juices out and causing her to gasp out in pleasure. He slipped up back to her ass and pushed his tongue back into her just a bit further than the last time before licking back down to her pussy and up again. With every push he sent his tongue just a bit farther inside of her until he was tongue fucking her ass and making Lena cry out in pleasure.

"Yes, Jamie, yes," Cersei hissed through clenched teeth as she pushed her body back and tried to get every bit of her brother's tongue into her as possible. His fingers slid down her ass to between her trembling thighs as she rocked herself back and forth on her hands and knees.

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  She may be a queen everywhere else but with her brother she belonged to his body. As Jamie slid a knowledgeable finger into her sopping cunt she groaned out in lust, "By the old gods and new that feels good. "

"Mew met," Dave mumbled into Lena's ass. He slid his finger as deep into her pussy as he could while sliding his tongue as deep into her ass as he could. He began pistoning in and out one at a time, his finger into her pussy as he pulled his tongue out as he then pushed his tongue in and pulled his finger out. Her arms began to tremble as he tongue and finger fucked her and as he slipped a second finger into her she collapsed forward lifting her ass up higher.

Cersei moaned into her arms as she pushed her ass towards her brother. A wicked smile crossed her lips as her legs began to tremble. She felt her orgasm begin to rise and chewed on her bottom lip , giggling to herself, if only her husband could see her now. She stuttered in pleasure as Jamie switched fingers and tongue, fucking her ass with his two fingers and fucking her pussy with his tongue.

Dave began to lose track of what his fingers and tongue were doing, there were just to many moving parts for him to remember everything he was doing. He pulled his fingers and tongue out and shook his head to clear it as he thought about everything he was supposed to be doing.

"Please, don't stop, Jamie," Cersei begged, "I'm so close and we have so little time. "

"Gimmie a second," Dave said as he began counting to four in his head over and over again to help him keep track. When he firmly established the rhythm in his head he bent down again and slipped his two fingers into Lena's hot, wet cunt and his tongue back into her tight, up-turned ass.

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  She squealed in glee in front of him as he pushed his tongue in and out of her ass four times and his fingers into her pulsing pussy four times.

"Oh gods yes!" Cersei gasped as her brother switched his fingers and tongue again. His tongue rippled inside of her needy pussy as his fingers wiggled inside of her ass. Her orgasm quickly doubled and she felt it roll over her, her entire body seizing in pleasure and she smiled wildly. Her warm, slick juices gushed out of her pussy, dripping down her thighs as she shuddered and squealed in joy.

As Lena twitched and writhed around on the tip of his tongue and wiggling fingers, Dave sat up and positioned the tip of his throbbing cock at the entrance to her drooling pussy. He slid himself into her gripping pussy slowly, enjoying the way her cunt parted around him. She seemed to draw him into her body as he held her hips and smiled wide to himself in pride. For the second time in his life he got to fuck Lena Headey and it was all thanks to lucking into that alien entertainment center.

Cersei moaned in contentment as she felt Jamie bottom out inside of her. She lifted herself up into her elbows and began rocking herself back and forth, fucking herself on her brother's wonderful cock. His talented hands crawled over her ass, kneading her flesh as she worked herself against him, his fingers parting her cheeks and toying with her wet hole, opening her up to him. His thumbs slipped past the tight ring of muscle with a lewd pop as he began fucking her ass with his fingers and she fucked herself with his prick.

When he felt that Lena's ass was as wet and as accommodating as possible, Dave slid his thumbs and cock out of her, making her mewl with disappointment.

"No, Jamie, don't stop now," Cersei begged as she tried to push herself back against him.

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"Hold on, hold on," Dave said as he positioned his cock-head against the puckered entrance to Lena Headey's sweat slick ass. He pushed himself forward until the tip of his prick slipped into her ass causing her to gasp at the sensation. He entered her slowly, letting her tight ass envelope him at a snail's pace as she mewled like a small animal. He let her take over, pushing herself back against him, letting her part around him at her own pace until he had filled her completely and his bloated balls were resting on her sticky pussy-lips.

"Sweet God yes!" Cersei growled as she began rocking herself back and forth, fucking her royal ass with her brother's cock. Her ass made wet slapping noises as it impacted Jamie's hips, his hands on her waist holding himself still as his wonderful prick filled her again and again. She panted and moaned in lust as she felt her juices slip down the insides of her quivering thighs and her brother held her possessively. "Fuck me. Fuck me, Jamie my love," she groaned in pleasure.

Dave began timing Lena's thrusts and moved his hips slightly. He groaned lustfully as her tight, heavenly ass gripped him tight. The wet sounds of their sex echoed through the stone room as he gritted his teeth, fucking the Queen as deep in her ass as possible. His dangling balls slapped wetly against her drooling pussy as he pistoned faster and harder, rocking Lena's body forward and using his firm grip on her waist to pull her back. He was amazed at how easily their bodies synced together almost like they were brother and sister which turned him on all the more.

They both began panting and moaning in unison as they felt their orgasms begin to rise as they thrust against each other.


  Dave pulled Lena hold, holding her tightly against him as he pushed his prick as deep inside her body as he could, enjoying the way her tight asshole gripped him like a fist.

"Stop, stop," Cersei pleaded as she stared in open mouth fear at the window across from them.

Dave looked up at the window and thought, "Shit, I forgot about this part of the show. "Crouched in the open window was a young, dark haired boy staring at both of them. He couldn't remember the character's name but remembered what he did in this episode of the show. With no control over Jamie, Dave pulled his pants up and ran over to the window, grabbing the boy. "Are you completely mad?" Jamie asked on his own, continuing the scene as it had originally played out on the show.

"He saw us," Cerise gasped again, building to a panic.

"It's alright," Jamie said as Dave tried to exert some form of control, "It's alright, it's alright. "

"He saw us," Cersei pleaded to her brother.

Dave screamed inside his mind as Jamie said back to his sister, "I heard you the first time," before looking out the window at the ground far below. "Stop it!" Dave screamed inside his brain as Jamie looked back at the kid. "You're quite the little climber, aren't you?How old are you, boy?"

"Ten," the kid said and a look of sadness crossed Jamie's handsome face.

"Ten," Jamie said solemnly before looking back at Cersei. "The things I do for love," he said matter-of-factly before pushing the boy out the window.

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"Ahhh. . . !" Dave screamed as he thrashed around on his couch.

"Dave, stop screaming," Summer-Gram said.

Dave stopped yelling and blinked blankly at Summer-Gram before starting to yell again. "Ahhh!How can I stop yelling when I just killed a kid!," he screamed at her before starting to yell again.

Summer-Gram rolled her eyes at Dave. "You did not just kill a kid. It wasn't real," she sighed.

"I ki- ki- killed a kid- d- d-," Dave cried.

"It wasn't real, Dave," Summer-Gram said in frustration, "It was all just a virtual reality fantasy. "

Dave blinked back the tears. "It. .

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  . it wasn't. . . wasn't real?" he hiccuped.

"No. It wasn't real," Summer-Gram said with her hands on her hips.

"But. . . but I pushed that kid out the window," Dave whined.

"Yes, that was how the scene played out," Summer-Gram explained. "You inserted yourself into a scene and all you added was the sex so you had to finish the scene," she continued, "I've explained this to you before. "

Wiping the tears from his face, Dave stared up at Summer-Gram. "I don't remember that," he said.

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"Yes, well, I'm sure you may have been a little distracted," Summer-Gram said as she waved her hand at her small, white bikini, "Also you nap a lot. "

"Maybe," Dave said defensively.

"Would you like me to repeat my functions?"

"Yes ma'am. "

To be continued. . . .