Dave and Emily Pt.1


I was 18 at the time when I first had sex, and it was with the hottest girl in school. Her name was Emily. She was Italian with sun-kissed skin, hair a gorgeous shade of light brown and big brown eyes. Her boobs were about a 32B, not to bad for a 18 year old (we were both in the same grade, as well as the same age. ) Her body was curvaceous with extremely sexy legs with a tight little ass. She was captain of the gymnastics team, which resulted in her delectable body. I thought about her very often and would often daydream in the classes I had with her about what I would do to her. I thought about her ass and how I wanted to spank her. I wanted to fuck her mouth and hear her gag on my 6 inch cock. I wanted to suck on her tits and cover her face with my cum. My most coveted desire was to hear her scream as I fucked her.

I wanted her so bad, but she only knew me as a friend and nothing more.
The story really begins one Friday after 9th period. We were coming from English class and were headed to our lockers to pack up for the weekend (her locker was right next to mine). Our school had very small lockers so when we got there, there was only room for one of us to get to our lockers (Everyone else was at their lockers too as it was the end of the day. Being the gentleman that I am, I offered her to go first.

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