Darlenes internet adventures


The internet hadbeen a wonderful sexual tool for Darlene. She had used it for the past 6 months to place ads on adult web sites with the intention of meeting and fucking eligible and willing studs that just wanted to pound her tight wet shaved pussy in a way that her husband no longer was capable of doing of no longer desired to do. Before getting married, Darlene had always had fantasies about laying her creamy white body next to a muscular mound of a solid black male. However her fantasy never materialized as her prisy white suburban family neither encourage her to intermingle with black people nor encouraged her to act on her secret desires. In fact her daddy made it very clear that he was more willing to accept her marrying and bedding white trailer trash than he would to have her marry and bed a black man. To bring home his point her daddy told her that if she ever married a black man he would remove her from his will, thus insuring she would never inherit any of his vast financial fortune. Darlene didn’t have a problem with that as she was constantly exposed to successful white males that daddy would approve of. She eventually met and married Frank a very successful and prominent businessman in her area. Frank did everything for Darlene that she wanted. He provided all the comforts and toys she needed and desired. Fancy expensive cars, lots of bling and his busy schedule allowed her the freedom to do what ever she wanted with her spare time. Just for amusement purposes Darlene opened up her own hallmark store in Chicago’s loop. She didn’t have to be there a lot as Frank made sure her store had top notch management and employees and basically Darlene’s business had become a successful turn key operation.
Franks busy schedule often kept him away from home for days at a time and often led to many late nights at the office. Darlene kept her self busy by spending time on the internet and on internet chat rooms. It was in one of those adult chat rooms that she met Robert.

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   Robert was a tall good looking black guy. He had a photo up on-line on his web page and as they began to talk more often he sent her two photos. One photo was of him in a suite and tie, the other photo was of him completely naked and his male tool at full glory. Rob and Darlene continued their on-line romance for several weeks until they both knew it was time they met in person. Rob, wanting Darlene to feel secure and comfortable suggested that they meet for lunch in Barrington. Far away from both of their homes. They hit it off right away as they already felt as if they knew each other from the various photos and emails. Darlene could feel the heat that radiated between the two of them as they sat closely and ate lunch at a secluded,dimly lit restaurant. Rob mad the first move by rubbing his hand on Darlenes thighs. When he didn’t meet with any resistance his strong hands went further and further up until he was touching Darlenes now soaked silk panties. Could this really be happening, thought Darlene, could she really be on the verge of about to fulfill her fantasy of experiencing a black man. Could she be about to experience Rob. Darlenes mind flashed quickly back to the nude photo Rob had sent her on the internet and she remembered how Rob looked to have a10+inch cock that had to be about 2inches thick. The more she thought about it the more her pussy became wet and the more she had decided to let Rob fuck her. Of course rob’s thick fingers rubbing on her clit and inside of her pussy underneath the linen table cloth went a long way into helping her make up her mind.

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   Darlene quickly came back to reality as simotaneously the waiter appeared with the check and Darlenes cell phone rang. On the other end of the cell phone was Frank who wanted to let her know that he had taken an earlier flight out of San Francisco and was headed home as they spoke. Darlene told her husband that she would meet him at home. As much as she wanted Rob to put his massive cock deep inside of her at that moment, she knew she had to get going in order to be home when her husband arrived. They called it an day and kissed each other in the parking lot and agreed to meet again real soon to continue where they left off. It had been two weeks since their lunch date. In that time they continued to chat daily on line on speak to each other on the phone. Darlene told Rob almost daily how much she wanted and needed to feel his massive 10inch chocolate cock buried deep inside her aching pussy as she had not been getting anything from home as usual. She wanted so much to feel the power of that massive man meet inside of her. For his part Rob told her how much he enjoyed eating pussy and how much he had also been craving to taste her creamy cum offering on his tongue and how he had so much wanted to fuck her deep and hard like she desired. Dalene confessed to Rob that she had always wanted to have a black man and that she also had thoughts of Rob fucking her in her ass which is something her husband refused to do, he thought it was nasty. After talking one afternoon they realized that both had business in downtown Chicago and were going to be there around the same time. They agreed to meet up after they had completed their respective business and maybe have a drink or two. They both met at a bar across from the Union train station. Their metra train left at 4pm and it was just past 2:30 when they got together so they had time for a couple of drinks before they had to board the train back out to the suburbs.

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   They greeted each other with a hot passionate kiss. Darlene placed her tongue deep down Robs waiting mouth as their tongues did a slow wet passionate dance. Rob palmed Darlene’s ample ass and pulled her body closer to his. Darlene could feel Robs hard cock rubbing between her legs. Rob could feel the heat coming from Darlenes pussy through her tight thin skirt. Darlene knew she wanted him, Rob knew Darlene want him, Darlene knew Rob wanted her. They pulled themselves apart from each other long enough to have one drink before they headed to the train. When they got to the metra train they were early so they boarded they last car of the train, no one had boarded that train yet. Rob grabbed Darlene by the hand and pulled her into the bathroom on the train-car and locked the door. Without saying a word he began to kiss Darlene. Darlene let his wonderful tongue work its magic in her mouth. Rob suddenly stopped kissing her and reached down and raised her skirt up over her ass revealing the satin and lace thong panties that Darlene had worn. Rob turned Darlene around so that her back was to him then pulled her thong panties down to ankles then off of her completely. He instructed Darlene to bend over and place her hands against the sink. When she did rob took out his hughe man tool and inserted it deep inside of Darlene’s already wet pussy hole.

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   This was not exactly how Darlene had envisioned their first fuck together, she did at least think there would be some foreplay involved, but she was just as hot for his cock as he was for her pussy and she couldn’t turn back now as Rob had began to lay inch after hard black inch of cock deep inside of her pussy. Rob grabbed Darlene’s ass cheeks and squeezed them as he pumped her pussy over and over again with his thick cock. Darlene had began to moan louder and louder to the point that she felt herself about to scream with pleasure when Rob put his hand over her mouth to muffle the sound so they would not get busted…at least not until they finished. Deeper and deeper Rob went inside of Darlenes pussy. He had not even gotten all 10+inches inside of her and he was already at the back wall of her pussy. Never before had Darlene felt her pussy so full. Never had she felt a cock go as deep inside of her as Rob was inside of her now. This was more than Darlene had dreamed about. She knew that Rob’s cock was big but she never expected this. Darlene began to cum hard. Harder than she had ever cum with Frank. Harder than she had ever thought possible. She begged Rob to stop as she couldn’t take anymore. Rob was hitting the back of her pussy with his cock, it seemed like he was trying to tear her a new pussy. Rob wasn’t hearing this stop business, he was deep inside the pussy he had only seen on the internet and had only tasted when he licked his fingers after fingering her during that first lunch date.

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   I had been waiting to get all up in this pussy for months and nothing short of the police was going to stop him now. Rob continued to fuck Darlene with all he had . . banging her pussy from behind, trying desperately to make sure she knew he hadbeen there. Darlene had cum so hardand so much she began to cry. This cock was so good, so bigm so hardm so so much of everything she had wanted. She now knew the true meaning of that old phrase “once you go black…you never go back” Darlene knew her husband would never be able to match this intensity, this heat, this depth, this feeling. Darlene had surrendered her pussy to Rob. He was now controlling her pussy with every hard pump of cock meat. With every inch of his pole that went into Darlene she became his fuck whore. She knew that she was hooked. Rob could feel his cock ramming all the way inside of Darlenes small tight pussy. He knew he was big, he also knew she wanted him as deep inside of her as he could get. He knew she needed a good fuck. Robs balls began to fill with built up cum juice and he knew it wouldn’t be long before he erupted inside of this glorious pussy.

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   They could hear voices moving around outside of the door of the bathroom as they realized that people had started to board the train. It wasn’t long after that Rob gave his cock a few more hard pumps inside of Darlenes pussy and he began to cum like he had never cum before. Rob released what felt like a quart of hot steamy cum deep inside of Darlene. As Rob came; Darlene also came for the umthteen time. She had cum so much that she had lost count. They both embraced momentarily with Rob holding Darlene from the rear with his cock, still, semi-hard, deep within her. Darlene turned her head around, not wanting that wonderful cock to ever leave her hot pussy, and gently kissed Rob and thanked him for the great fuck. As Rob took his wet cock out of Darlene’s pussy you could see the cum juice dripping down Darlenes legs. She quickly gathered some paper towels and wiped her pussy and legs and then straightened her clothes up. Rob suggested that she leave out the bathroom first and find a seat on the train and he would join her so that people would not see them leave out of the bathroom at the same time. Darlene kissed Rob again and unlocked the door and quickly exited the bathroom. Rob quickly locked the door again, waited a few moments then exited himself. His exit raised a few eyebrows as the elderly couple and this other black lady sitting next to the bathrooms looked at him. It was obvious that they didn’t see him go in after Darlene left out. The black lady just cracked a smile at Rob and put her head back into the newspaper she was reading.

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   Rob joined Darlene in a seat in the adjoining car and they cuddled as they rode back to the burbs together. Darlene laughed when Rob told her she would not qualify for the Mile High club with that session but they could always say there’s nothing like a good old fashion train ride.

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