Daddy's Girl.


I had just finished all of my homework from the past week when the doorbell rang downstairs. I heard my mom and a few of her friends come in and out of the house. Now it was just me and my step dad, Bobby. My mom had just married him about two months ago. Bobby was very handsome, dark brown hair and pale blue eyes. Bobby worked out almost everyday and jogged for two hours in the morning. From all of his exercise Bobby had large forearms and even a six pack. As I laid there I began to think about Bobby in ways you should never think of your step dad in. I had no idea how much I actually liked Bobby. Bobby was younger than my mom, only 26 years old while my mom was 33 years old. I often caught Bobby looking at porn on the internet. The porn was usually based on teens that looked about my age. Whenever I caught Bobby looking at that stuff he would just close the window and wink at me. It was kind of our little secret. After seeing Bobby looking at this many times I began to notice Bobby was very much attracted to younger women. That made me think that he probably thought about me in those ways.

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I heard Bobby turn on our family computer next to my room. I could here him shuffling around the room, probably getting out a newspaper or something. I think Bobby thought everyone was gone because after a few minutes I began to hear sex noises coming the room. It was a female so I knew it was the computer. I thought to myself that this would be the moment I could really get to know Bobby, the real Bobby. I could really see what he was willing to do. I looked at myself in my full length mirror. My dark brown hair rested at about the bottom of my breasts. I was wearing a white night gown with no bra and pink panties. My young breasts were big for only being 18 and I liked to show them off. My night gown especially showed them off, my breasts were practically falling out of the low cut gown. My night gown was very thin and you could see right through it to my nipples and pink panties. I knew I could seduce Bobby. I had seen Mom do it so many times before. She would slip on a small black dress then Bobby would instantly lift her off her feet and take her to her room, then me and my two younger brothers would hear them fuck.

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   Because Bobby was so young I knew he was always horny, especially now. I finally got the courage and put on my white slippers and walked down the hall. Bobby had the door wide open where I could see he was only wearing boxers. Bobby had stopped watching the porn and I could see he was watching the news on mute. He heard me walk in and turned around, at first he seemed upset thinking it was one of my brothers but his scowl soon turned into a smirk.  
"Hey, Kelly thought you weren't home," He said smoothly.  
"I've been studying since after dinner, I heard mom leave," I answered. I let my hand fall across my breasts and held on to my other hand. "How bout we go in your room and I help ya study or something?" Bobby suggested. If I hadn't been on a mission this would have seemed like an innocent suggestion. But Bobby could tell I wanted more than a study buddy.  
"That sounds fine," I answered and turned around to go to my bedroom. I could feel Bobby's eyes on my little butt. I always knew when boys at school were staring at me and Bobby was no different except this time Bobby could see my pink panties. .


  . a thong. . . through my night gown. I entered my room. I had, accidentally, left a lot of my panties on the floor and a few bras also. I noticed Bobby glancing at them; he just smiled and sat down on the edge of my bed where I had a text book and a note pad with a pencil sticking out of the spiral.  
"What subject?" Bobby asked me.  
"Oh, erm, history," I stuttered when I answered him. Bobby laughed and picked up my text book. I sat next to him on my bed. I was getting nervous. Bobby rested his hand on my knee as he read a few paragraphs from my history book.  
"We're studying ancient Greece," I told him.

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"I see," Bobby continued to read and had moved his hand to the very edge of my night gown. I rested my hand on his and moved his hand closer to my hips. Bobby set the book down and looked at me.  
"I don't think you need help with history, do you?" I shook my head no and smiled. Bobby smiled too. He kissed me on the lips and moved his hand underneath my gown to around my lower back. He gently rubbed my back and kissed my neck. I moved onto his lap, he held onto me by my butt and pulled me closer to him. My breasts came to his chin and he kissed them gently. He gripped both of my breasts with his strong hands. I arched my back as he rubbed my nipples.  
"Oohhhh, Bobby," I moaned. I could feel my clit rubbing against Bobby's belt. Bobby lifted my gown over my head and kissed me again on the lips, he slipped in his tongue where I met his. Bobby moved his mouth to my neck and down to my breasts, again.

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   Bobby stood up and laid me on my bed.  
"Please, Bobby, just touch me, touch me everywhere," I begged him.  
"Don't worry, baby," He told me and smiled. He rubbed in between my legs and around my wet pussy. Bobby pulled off my panties and stared at my pussy for a moment.  
"Oh god, Kayla, your mama has one sexy pussy but baby, yours is even hotter," He told me. He smiled at me and began to rub it slowly. He pushed one finger in and moved it around slowly, "I don't think I can fit in you. " 
"Oh sure you can, Bobby, Mom probably didn't tell you but I'm a bit of a whore, you wouldn't believe how many guys I've been with," I told him. I grunted quietly when I felt him shove in two more fingers. He moved them around faster and harder. He put in one more and rubbed my clit with his thumb. Bobby was a lot better than most of the guys I had ever been with. His fingers were much larger and moved around a lot nicer. The last guy I was with had played with me awkwardly causing a lot of pain and his tiny penis felt like one of his fingers.

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   He didn't last very long.  
"Sure you are going to be okay?" He asked me. I nodded. He smiled took off his shorts. I looked at his very erect penis. It was a lot larger than I thought it would be. I almost changed my mind it was so big, I had been with a lot of guys but none of them were even half the size as him. Bobby laid on top of me and moved his penis around the outside of my pussy. It felt so good just having a penis against my pussy. Bobby hesitated, probably trying not to hurt me.  
"Ummmm, ohh," I moaned as he pushed along inside of me. Bobby tried to resist pushing it all the way in and slowly moved it in and out of my pussy. I could feel myself starting to climax and I arched my back slightly.  
"Kelly, your pussy is so fucking tight," He told me and shoved his penis in too the back of my pussy.  
"Ohhhh, god, ohhh, mmm, jesus christ," I screamed out.

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   It didn't hurt as much as I thought his long dick would feel. He began to start slide his cock fast up and down my pussy. As much as it hurt, it felt twice as good. I finally climaxed and cummed, Bobby took out his penis and let my cum flow out. It dripped out of me and on my bed. This wouldn't be the first time I had gotten cum all over my bed. "Ohhhhh, Bobby," I called out his name, letting the 'y' hang on for awhile, let him know I appreciated his large dick.  
"Come on, baby, you ready again?" Bobby asked me. I didn't say anything I just pushed myself forward. Bobby laughed and got inside me again. This time he went faster but took his time sliding it back and forth. I loved the way his long dick pressed against the inside of my pussy. Finally Bobby started to cum he didn't seem to care and let it all go right inside of me. I felt it fall out and drip on my bed.  
"Ohh, sit up, and suck me," Bobby demanded.

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   I didn't mind. I liked how aggressive Bobby was. I sat up and Bobby shoved his long penis in my face. I didn't hesitate and grabbed it with my right hand and shoved it in my mouth. His penis tasted tangy and almost bitter, unlike some of the boys penis' I had sucked before, salty and unpleasant. Bobby sighed and lurched forward as his penis started cumming in my mouth. He cummed so much I couldn't swallow it all, I swallowed most of it and licked up the rest. I continued to suck on his dick the best I could and even nibbled on the tip of it with my front teeth. Bobby seemed to like this because he even moaned. I couldn't handle not being touched.  
"Please, touch me do anything, please," My pussy began to get wetter as I pleaded him for more. I wanted him to tear me apart. I'd do anything to have him inside me again. Bobby didn't mind and told me to lay down again. I did so and he stood there for a minute just drooling at my pussy.

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   I didn't understand what he was doing.  
"Kelly, have you ever been fucked in the ass?" He asked me slowly. I could tell he wanted to do this very bad. His dick had gone limp after a few cum shots but now it was rising again. I smiled at Bobby and flipped on my stomach and got on all fours. Bobby gripped my ass in his hands. It felt so good having a grown man touch me. Once before I was fucked in my ass, but that was it. Bobby pushed his dick hard in my ass. I didn't like the way it felt as first. His dick was so big it felt like he was ripping my ass in half. But soon it felt so good. Bobby had moved his hands from my ass to my tits. He rubbed them slowly.  
"Ohhhh, my god, Bobby, please stop," I begged him.

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   I didn't like the way it felt, it was too weird. Bobby shushed me and slowly slid his dick up and down. After awhile the oddness of it all went away. He was gently holding on to my breasts and rubbing my nipples. He moved one of his hands down to my pussy and rubbed my clit.  
"Mmmmm, ohh," I moaned. Bobby finally took his dick out and flipped me over on my back. He forcefully spread my legs apart and shoved his penis deep inside my wet pussy. Bobby slid his penis up and down fast and hard. It felt so good having his penis rubbing fast against my pussy. I couldn't stand how good it felt and cried out: "Ohhhhh, Bobby, oh, oh, Bobby, oh oh, ohhhhh!"  
"Mmmmm, that's a good girl, yeah you like that?" He asked me and slid up and down harder and faster. My bed was moving in movement of Bobby and me. I started to get very tired. It was already late and now with him riding me.  
"Ohhhhh, hmmmm, ahh," I kept moaning unable to stop.


   It felt so good and I climaxed within my moans.  
"Oh yeah, good girl, my little baby girl," Bobby beckoned to me. Bobby reached for my breasts and rubbed my nipples. Bobby and I kept doing this, Bobby riding me harder and harder, for almost an hour until I couldn't stand it anymore.  
"Okay, Bobby, please, enough, ohh, please," I begged him as he continued to ride me, he slowed down but didn't stop. Luckily Bobby and I heard the front door open and hear Mom call upstairs.  
"Bobby?" She called. We heard her start to climb up the stairs. Bobby pulled out of me quickly and put on his boxers he found an old t-shirt of his that I had stole a while ago to sleep in. I put on my panties, a bra, sweat pants, and a tang top. I pulled my bed cover over my bed, hiding some of our cum and opened the door.  
"Hey sweetie," Bobby said to Mom and kissed her on the lips.  
"Um, Hello, what were you two doing?" Mom asked suspiciously.  
"I was helping Kelly with some ancient Greece history," Bobby explained.  
"Okay, well night Kelly," Mom said to me and kissed me on the forehead.

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   Bobby did the same and winked at me as he and Mom left. Mom was wearing her little black dress.