Daddy Dearest - Intro & Chapter One



** Chat Open **

Daddy123 > Nice to see you again. . have you thought about my offer?

RedAngel > I have. . . .

Daddy123 >and. .

RedAngel > When does the plane leave? :p

Daddy123 > As soon as your ready

Daddy123 > Remember there is no going back from this. . :)

RedAngel > I know. . .

Daddy123 > Be ready in an hour

** Chat Closed **


I can't believe I am actually doing this.
I thought as I shoved clothes and personal items into a bag.
We have never even met in person what if he doesn't like me.

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  . .
My mind trailed off thinking of the times he had seen my pale skin on his web-cam. His brown eyes staring at my body asking me to stand up so he could observe my height and weight. Daddy, as I was informed to call him, told me he was very picky in the slaves that he chooses.
I came back to reality, a smile on my face, and tied up my strawberry blonde hair. I turned off all the lights as I scrambled to throw on my coat. I pushed all my bags out the door and turned around to lock it. I quickly grabbed my luggage and ran down the stairs, the suitcases thudding all the way down. I passed the landlords door and slipped my last months rent and a note apologizing for my sudden departure and the state of my apartment.
I headed down the last two flights of stairs to the cab waiting outside. I pushed the lobby door open with my back and dragged my stuff in front of me. The cold September air caught me by surprise. Detroit never seemed to get warm enough. I took a deep breath and glanced around at the surrounding apartments, taking it all in for the last time.

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   I heard a dog bark in the distance, and a smile spread across my face. I knew Daddy was a doctor so he had to live in better conditions than this place that I called home for two years.
As the trunk slammed shut and brought me back from my dream like state the cabby got back into the car and looked at me from the rear-view mirror.
I spoke quietly, surprised when I heard my voice crack
“ Detroit Airport, Please. ”
The man started the meter and drove slowly out of the building parking lot. I looked around for the last time and let out a deep breath.
We drove in silence. I slipped on my I pod headphones and thought about all the stuff I was leaving behind. It was just as Daddy instructed. Your clothes, laptop and a few personal affects. Nothing else. I couldn't believe that it was actually happening. The Daddy I had grown to love over the last six months was ready for me to be with him
“That'll be 22. 60”
The cab driver stated; interrupting my thoughts.
I handed him the cash and slid out, headphones still in my ears.

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   I loved this song, everything seemed to be going perfectly I looked at the rather large airport and took another deep breath. I heard the trunk slam once again as the cab driver handed me my luggage. I waved goodbye to him like he was a good friend and hesitated leaving until I could no longer see the yellow car.
I turned around and headed into the glass doors, to the flight counter. The friendly travel clerk behind the desk greeted me.
“Hello, How may I help you today?” she said as she smiled.
“I should have tickets waiting for me, 'Sara Doucette,' to Seattle. ”
I stood there with my luggage, with a pit in my stomach, as she tapped on her keyboard. Finally she looked up and the smile returned to her face.
“One way ticket to Seattle, Oh! They are boarding now, you better hurry. I will call them and let them know you are on your way. ”
I thanked her as she printed the ticket and handed it to me pointing me in the direction of where I was to go. I rushed off as I heard her talking on the phone.
I hurried through baggage check and then through security, I ran down to my platform where another smiling flight attendant welcomed me aboard. I took a deep breath and sighed in relief.

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   Daddy would have been real angry if I would have missed my flight. I continued down the aisle until I came to my seat. The attendant helped me put my carry-on in the upper compartment and I settled into the window seat. I let out a huge sigh and thought No turning back now.
It was not long until I dozed off. I hated the feeling air planes gave me as they landed and departed, and when my eyes finally opened the plane was touching down.
“Welcome to Seattle” The computerized voice announced from the speaker above my seat.
I took my time getting off the plane, pretending to be still asleep, than having troubles with the overhead compartment until I was the last one left on the plane. I knew it would only be minutes until my new life would begin. I walked down the long hall of different platforms and stopped in one of the restrooms. I stood there, hands leaning on the counter, staring into the mirror. You could see the faint purple under my eyes from the lack of sleep over the last week. Daddy was constantly asking for me to come and be with him but I was always to afraid to admit that this was what I wanted.
I turned on the water and splashed my face. My hands were shaking and I felt like I was going to get sick.

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   I had to get myself under control, I wanted to be beautiful when Daddy and I first met. I took one last look in the mirror and threw my carry-on over my shoulder. I walked out of the bathroom and continued down the hall and down the stairs to the baggage claim.
I had never been more nervous in my entire twenty-one years of life. I took a deep breath and headed for my luggage. The crowd had thinned and I was pretty sure I noticed Him from the corner of my eye but I pretended not to. I just stood there with my arms in front of me holding my bag watching luggage pass until mine would show. All the while, trying to listen to the noises and movements behind me.
I felt a presence behind me but I did not turn around. Daddy had told me never to look anywhere but down when confronted by him, unless instructed otherwise. I felt two strong hands go over my shoulders and I could not help but smile.
He smelt of the most amazing cologne and I could feel the warmth of his breath as he whispered into my ear.
“Why are you so happy?”
I took a moment to reply
“Because I am here with you. May I turn around?” I asked
“Yes, Sara, you may” He replied
I turned slowly but kept my eyes on the ground. I wanted to look at his face so badly it hurt.

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   He reached out, lifted my chin and looked directly into my eyes. I don't know what he saw but he smiled, pulled me close to him, and kissed me hard. I almost stopped breathing and my knees began to shake. He slid one of his hands down my back and pulled me closer pressing his body firm against mine. I could feel his hardness against my stomach. I couldn't help but look down. He grabbed my hair and pulled my face close to his, kissing me once more then pushing me away. I stepped back looking down, regaining my balance.
“I have your luggage, lets go” He ordered sternly.
I walked slowly behind him wondering if I had upset him. We walked out of the airport, the air slightly warmer then when I entered, though my face was as red as if I had been walking in the arctic. He threw my luggage in the trunk of his silver sedan, turning to me and pulling my carry-on off of my shoulder and adding it to the other two suitcases. He closed the trunk, it was a lot quieter then my cab drivers yellow piece of junk.
He turned to me and instructed that I face the passenger side door and wait for him. I did as I was told, as I listened to him open and close the car doors.

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   Soon he was behind me, he covered my eyes with a blindfold and tied my hands behind my back. He moved me slightly to the left, holding my arm for balance. I heard the door open and he gently placed me in my seat and fastened my seat belt. I heard him get into his seat and the light purr of the engine as he started the car. The car was on its way to its destination, my new home.
“How was your flight” He asked.
“Fine” I replied in almost a whisper.
“What is wrong my sweet angel?” He questioned. Noticing how quiet I had become, “are you scared?” He teased.
I shook my head yes, I had never felt so unsure. I did not know if I had done something wrong and Daddy always warned me that punishment was never something he took lightly.
“Daddy, did I do something to upset you?” I whispered almost flinching.
I heard him shift his weight,
“If you mean by making me the happiest man on earth, then sure. ”He joked.
“No Hun, you did nothing wrong, why do you ask?”He said softly.

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“No reason” I replied.
Daddy didn't like it when you spoke 'half truths' he called them. I felt the tension in the air as soon as I said it and I felt his body getting closer to mine. I realized he had pulled over and turned the ignition off. Then I felt his hand grab my hair as he pulled my head back as far as it could go exposing my neck. He kissed it softly.
“ I will ask you again, why did you think you did something wrong? Next time I won't be so nice. ” He warned.
“At the airport, when you pushed me away. . . ” I replied my speech breaking up in fear of his response.
He sighed,
“You didn't expect me to have my first encounter with you at the airport did you?” He asked.
I shrugged my shoulders unable to speak. I had always thought he would take what he wanted when he wanted it.

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   No matter where we were. In almost sync with my thoughts he spoke,
“I am not saying public is off limits by no means, there will be plenty of that. ”
I shuddered at the thought of being publicly humiliated, he continued,
“But I want you to myself first, get us nice and comfortable together. ” He chuckled.
He shifted away from me and the car started up once again. We continued driving for what felt like forever. Finally the car came to a stop and everything was quiet. He reached over and undid my seat belt, and untied my blindfold. He Smelled so good it brought another smile to my face. He looked at me expecting and explanation.
“You smell good” I responded.
He smiled back and after another gaze into his eyes, my sight moved to the shifting trees. Then I realized we must be here, I looked around adjusting to the light and the new surroundings. It was starting to get dark and the solar lights were beginning to glow on the edge of the driveway that twisted out of sight. The house was large, it almost looked like a mansion.

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   I guessed there were three floors and a basement.
    The house looked the size of my whole apartment building. This got me a little excited as I looked around further. I read the number 27 on the house but I had no idea what street we were on. He looked at me puzzled, trying to figure out my reaction.
    “Its beautiful. ” I said before he could ask.
    He smiled and got out of the car. A few seconds later he was pulling me out and leading me towards the door.
    “I'll get your stuff later. ” he spoke as he unlocked the door.
    I took a deep breath as the door slammed behind me. Looking around I became overwhelmed with the space before me. Daddy dropped the keys in the bowl on the stand next to the door, and slipped off his shoes. I copied his actions and slid my shoes off lining them up as perfectly as possible with my foot, distracted by my current actions I didn't realize He was watching me.


       I looked up and before I had time to say anything he was pushing me toward the two story stair case.
    We headed up the stairs in silence, my eyes darting from wall to wall. He didn't have any pictures of other people, just what seemed to be great works of art. He led me to a room at the end of the hall and to the right, and opened the door.
    “This will be your room. ” He stated.
    I stared at him with a questioning look on my face, he must have read the confusion and said
    “You didn't think you would be staying with me, did you?”
    I could feel my cheeks getting red and hot, embarrassment overcoming any confidence I had to speak.
    “Being with me is a treat, you will stay with me when you deserve to stay with me. However, what I meant this room to be for was your things, so don't get all scared on me, I haven't even done nothin' yet. ” He chuckled, shaking his head.
    I took a deep breath and smiled, trying to show him I was just taking everything in. I looked around at what was now my new room and noticed the walls were a soft green and the bed was no bigger than a double. The bedspread was white with soft pink flowers and all the furniture looked brandnew. Some of the expensive looking paintings hung on the wall, the room was quite exquisite. I turned to him and nodded in approval suddenly feeling shy and looked down at his feet.

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    He sighed, grabbed my arm and lead me out of the room to the room across the hall. He took a chain from around his neck that contained two keys. He took one and unlocked the door, opening it to reveal a dark room, what seemed to be the exact opposite to the previous revelation. All the furniture was a black wood, the bed was a grand king sized bed with a four post frame. The walls were white but the curtains completely blacked out any light from the outside.
    He walked away from me and turned on a faint lamp, he then slipped the keys back over his neck. He tucked the chain under his shirt and walked behind me. I stood there unsure what to expect, I felt his hand reach up to my hair as he pulled the elastic band that had held it in place and moved my hair to one side. He bent down and kissed my shoulder up to my neck. I felt weak all over, and before I could think what he would do next, he pushed me to the end of his bed forcing me to bend over, his one hand holding me down by mytied arms and the other undoing his belt.
    I closed my eyes, my heart racing, I couldn't believe it was happening already Daddy was going to take me for the first time. This was it the thought was already making me wet and my breathing began to intensify. He started to pull down my jeans when the sound of a pager loudly interrupted. I felt the pressure of his hand release from my back as he grabbed the device from the night stand and looked at it. He pulled up his pants and redid his belt.

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       Then he continued to untie my hands, he told me to sit on the bed. I did as instructed and rubbed my wrists where the rope had burned a dark red line into my pale skin.
    “I have to go to work, the page was from the hospital. They are having a huge emergency and its 'all hands on deck. ' I probably won't be back for a couple of hours. I will get you your luggage, and when I get back I expect your stuff to be put away, you to be showered, and dinner on the table. We will continue where we left off before you go to sleep tonight. See you later dear, I am so glad you finally came to your senses and joined me, but I have to go, 'till then you have some work to do. ”
    He looked at me waiting for my reply, I was to busy thinking about all I had to do to realize he was waiting, when I came back to, he looked slightly angry.
    “Oh, yes Sir. Sorry I was thinking about the tasks at hand. Is there anything you would prefer to have for dinner?” I asked.

    “Anything you make should be fine. ” he stated as he was gathering his things from the night stand.
    I followed him down the stairs to the front door, moments later he handed me my luggage and kissed the top of my head.

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       He said goodbye and headed for his car. I watched him drive away, wondering how far away from the hospital he was. Feeling proud knowing Daddy was on his way to save a life. I dragged my luggage inside, closed and locked the door, and got ready to explore the rest of the mansion before me.