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[19:26] naughtybabe_alisha: hey
[19:26] naughtybabe_alisha: how r u
[19:26] dhkplayboy: fine
[19:26] dhkplayboy: thnaks
[19:26] dhkplayboy:  & you?
[19:26] naughtybabe_alisha: i am tired
[19:26] dhkplayboy: you are in invisible status. i can't see your login status
[19:26] naughtybabe_alisha: i got to do some work
 [19:27] naughtybabe_alisha: so that is y
[19:27] naughtybabe_alisha: i am invisible
[19:27] dhkplayboy: okay
[19:27] dhkplayboy: how is your everything?
[19:28] naughtybabe_alisha: is ok
[19:28] naughtybabe_alisha: how is ur life
[19:28] dhkplayboy: :-*
[19:28] dhkplayboy: quite busy
[19:28] naughtybabe_alisha: u r?
[19:28] dhkplayboy: how did you enjoy 31st night?
[19:29] naughtybabe_alisha: it was ok
[19:29] naughtybabe_alisha: i went to a party
[19:29] naughtybabe_alisha: u?
[19:29] dhkplayboy: me too
[19:29] dhkplayboy: what did you do there?
[19:29] naughtybabe_alisha: dance
[19:29] naughtybabe_alisha: u?
[19:30] dhkplayboy: dance, drink, make out & @ lastX-S
[19:31] naughtybabe_alisha: kool
[19:31] naughtybabe_alisha: so did u place any new stories online
[19:32] dhkplayboy: you know it's time consuming to write
[19:32] dhkplayboy: i am seeking for free time
 [19:32] naughtybabe_alisha: ok
 [19:33] naughtybabe_alisha: plz send me that website
[19:34] naughtybabe_alisha: u personal one
[19:35] naughtybabe_alisha: plzzzzzzzzzzz
[19:40] dhkplayboy: http://adultfriendfinder. com/reg/HANDSUM_PLAYBOY
 [19:44] dhkplayboy: awould you like to go for a roleplay?
[19:44] naughtybabe_alisha: sure
[19:44] naughtybabe_alisha: u seee
[19:44] naughtybabe_alisha: u r busy
[19:45] dhkplayboy: wht r u wearing now?
[19:45] naughtybabe_alisha: i shory skirt
[19:45] naughtybabe_alisha: ans white top
[19:46] dhkplayboy: another girl is trying to do it with me now. because she got satisfaction from it 3-4 times with me
[19:46] naughtybabe_alisha: u mean nline
[19:46] naughtybabe_alisha: online
[19:47] dhkplayboy: but i dont wanna do it with her now, so i am trying response her formally. yes, online
[19:47] naughtybabe_alisha: ok
[19:47] naughtybabe_alisha: lol
[19:47] dhkplayboy: remove yr dress plz. wear just bra n panties plz
[19:48] naughtybabe_alisha: i am in my office
[19:48] dhkplayboy: LOL. why didnt you tell me before. how can i do it with you now?
[19:49] dhkplayboy: so, we should only proceed with dirty talk now. not roleplaying,
[19:52] dhkplayboy: did any boy make out with you?
[19:52] naughtybabe_alisha: once
[19:52] dhkplayboy: when & who?
[19:53] naughtybabe_alisha: in college
[19:53] naughtybabe_alisha: a guy i liked
[19:54] dhkplayboy: how long did you make out? only kissing?
[19:55] naughtybabe_alisha: like for an hour
[19:55] naughtybabe_alisha: no not kissin alone
[19:56] dhkplayboy: did he touch your breasts?
[19:56] naughtybabe_alisha: yes
[19:57] dhkplayboy: naked brests, or over bra?
[19:58] naughtybabe_alisha: naked
[19:58] dhkplayboy: did he lick it?
[19:59] naughtybabe_alisha: that girl still tryin
[19:59] naughtybabe_alisha: yes
[19:59] dhkplayboy: did he touch your naked pussy?
[20:00] naughtybabe_alisha: he did me orally
[20:01] dhkplayboy: in college?
[20:01] naughtybabe_alisha: no
[20:01] naughtybabe_alisha: we went on a date
[20:01] dhkplayboy: how ols were you that time?
[20:01] dhkplayboy: how old?
[20:02] naughtybabe_alisha: 18
[20:02] dhkplayboy: did you make him cum by sucking his cock?
[20:02] naughtybabe_alisha: yesssssssssssss
[20:03] dhkplayboy: why didnt you do sex?
[20:03] naughtybabe_alisha: we tried
[20:03] naughtybabe_alisha: but he was big
[20:03] dhkplayboy: oh
[20:04] dhkplayboy: are you a lil bit horny now?
[20:04] naughtybabe_alisha: hmmm yeaaa
[20:04] dhkplayboy: is yr pussy getting wet?
[20:04] naughtybabe_alisha: yes
[20:05] dhkplayboy: :-*
[20:06] naughtybabe_alisha: hey
[20:06] naughtybabe_alisha: i that girl still tryin to
[20:06] naughtybabe_alisha: do u
[20:06] dhkplayboy: nop, now only with you.

[20:07] naughtybabe_alisha: ok
[20:07] naughtybabe_alisha: jus askin
[20:07] dhkplayboy: take my:-* on your wet :-*panties:-*
[20:07] naughtybabe_alisha: r u get a little hard
[20:08] dhkplayboy: yes. like my cock''s pic
[20:08] dhkplayboy: I am fondling your boobs from over bra, pressing them and then squeezing them(k)
[20:08] dhkplayboy: how r u feeling? my(l):x!
[20:09] naughtybabe_alisha: i loved it
[20:09] naughtybabe_alisha: hmm
[20:09] naughtybabe_alisha: horny
[20:09] naughtybabe_alisha: as ever
[20:09] dhkplayboy: are you insertinf your finger into your pussy?
[20:10] naughtybabe_alisha: i am in my office
 [20:13] naughtybabe_alisha: i am
[20:14] naughtybabe_alisha: sexy
[20:14] naughtybabe_alisha: :-*
[20:14] dhkplayboy: I keep kissing & inserting my hands inside your bra and feeling the smoothness, softness and warmth of your boobs with my palms. You are moaning again
[20:15] dhkplayboy: Your bra is so small that it could hardly cover your nipples(y)
[20:15] naughtybabe_alisha: hmmmmmmmmm
[20:15] dhkplayboy: now i m licking ur boobs over bra n squeezing ur back
 now let me remove yr bra:-*
[20:15] naughtybabe_alisha: u r good
[20:16] dhkplayboy: thanks. because i m feeling you with love & romance(k)
[20:16] naughtybabe_alisha: yes
[20:16] dhkplayboy: i went back of u, and put off yr bra
 now i m smelling yr bra:x
[20:17] naughtybabe_alisha: hmmmm
[20:17] naughtybabe_alisha: oh god
[20:17] dhkplayboy: sweet scent, adorable!. As I am unhooking your bra, your tits sprang out and the bra fell off. You are now only in your panties(l) you mmmmmmm:-*
[20:18] naughtybabe_alisha: oh
[20:18] naughtybabe_alisha: fuck
[20:19] dhkplayboy: now let me remove yr panties:-9
[20:20] dhkplayboy:
 i m taking yr panties' one side into my mouth n hold it by my teeth
 n sliding it to yr feet
[20:20] naughtybabe_alisha: plz do
[20:20] dhkplayboy: it smeled mor adorable with yr cunt's love juice!
 now u r naked infront of me!:-*
[20:20] naughtybabe_alisha: ohhhh fuck
[20:21] dhkplayboy: say more deeply, use slangs & my name
[20:21] naughtybabe_alisha: ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh ovilash
[20:21] naughtybabe_alisha: that is sooooooooooo
[20:21] naughtybabe_alisha: fuckin hot
[20:21] dhkplayboy: Okay My Love, Alisha
[20:22] dhkplayboy: be ready for it
[20:22] dhkplayboy: i laid you on your table
[20:22] naughtybabe_alisha: oviiiiii lash
[20:22] dhkplayboy: & spread your legs
[20:22] naughtybabe_alisha: fuck
[20:23] naughtybabe_alisha: plz b=get naked
[20:23] dhkplayboy: don't you want pussy licking?
[20:23] naughtybabe_alisha: yesssssssssssssssss
[20:24] dhkplayboy: I lowered more & licked ur shapely boobs. And gave u a big kiss on ur

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 u moaned loudly. I licked it like a dog.
[20:24] naughtybabe_alisha: oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[20:25] dhkplayboy: I bite ur nipples. Oooooooo I just love biting all over ur body. It is
  soooooo sooooooo great
 wanna suck my cock?
[20:25] naughtybabe_alisha: yes
[20:25] naughtybabe_alisha: yes
[20:25] naughtybabe_alisha: i would love to
[20:26] dhkplayboy: u went down on me. . . just the way I did it oooooooooohhhhhhh god and then u went down on my cock.  
 cock is springing high. Uuuuuuuhhhhhhhh oooooooooohhhh. . .
[20:26] naughtybabe_alisha: remove ur pants
[20:26] naughtybabe_alisha: i would play wit ur
[20:26] naughtybabe_alisha: sac
[20:26] naughtybabe_alisha: nut sac
[20:26] naughtybabe_alisha: i would
[20:26] naughtybabe_alisha: take u in my mouth
[20:26] naughtybabe_alisha: hmmmmmmmmm
[20:26] dhkplayboy: The nipples on the tips of your fleshy boobs have grown hard and pointed. They are really firm and tight
[20:26] naughtybabe_alisha: u taste good
[20:27] naughtybabe_alisha: ur moanin
[20:27] dhkplayboy: I m  screaming I m enjoying it sooooooo muchhh ooooooohhh. .

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  . .
 u just go up and down
[20:27] naughtybabe_alisha: and i keepin on suck
[20:27] naughtybabe_alisha: nibbin
[20:27] naughtybabe_alisha: and now
[20:27] naughtybabe_alisha: i want u to cum
[20:27] dhkplayboy:  hold ur hair sooooooo tight I wanted u to stop and give me a break
  and a time to breath. But u didn't!!! u didn't care how hard I
 pulled ur hair, but instead u r enjoying it.
[20:27] naughtybabe_alisha: so i am jrekin
[20:27] naughtybabe_alisha: and suckin
[20:28] naughtybabe_alisha: ohhhh fuck
[20:28] naughtybabe_alisha: u r tasty
[20:28] dhkplayboy: Still u didn't stop. u kept on sucking it. Ooooooohhh I m shaking. .
 . my whole body is shaking. . . I m like oooooo
 please stop now. It is hurting me soooo much. ;-P
[20:28] naughtybabe_alisha: i love ur cock
[20:29] dhkplayboy: I cummed & a big load of cum shot right in ur mouth.

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   u took it all in 
 ur mouth. Some dripped out of ur mouth on to ur breasts & some u 
 swallowed. But still u didn't stop. u keep sucking my cock n ate my cum. . until it shrinked!
[20:29] dhkplayboy: really? i love you, everything of you my Jaan!:x
[20:30] dhkplayboy: I could see ur vagina, which is tight. u started
 moaning. By this time I could see the love juice coming
 out of the cave.
[20:30] naughtybabe_alisha: i would
[20:30] naughtybabe_alisha: i am gaggin
[20:30] naughtybabe_alisha: but i still want more
[20:30] naughtybabe_alisha: ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh
[20:30] dhkplayboy: My hand instinctively went on ur cunt & started exploring it.
 u moaned ag:-*ain
[20:30] naughtybabe_alisha: ovilash
[20:30] naughtybabe_alisha: plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[20:30] dhkplayboy: ohhhhhhh Alishaaaaaaaaaaa yes my fucking bitch
[20:31] dhkplayboy: I kis:-*sed ur cunt & it smelled so good
[20:31] naughtybabe_alisha: make me ur whore
[20:31] naughtybabe_alisha: hmmmmmm
[20:31] naughtybabe_alisha: ovilash
[20:31] dhkplayboy: I pressd my mouth way to it tightly. ur cunt is so hot, soft and wet.
 it's very juicy, sweet tasty and full of honey 2. i like it very much
[20:32] naughtybabe_alisha: plz u r killin me
[20:32] dhkplayboy: u fucking bitch, i will kill u by fucking hard sexy slut!X-O
[20:32] dhkplayboy: My Alishaaaaaaa
[20:32] naughtybabe_alisha: fuck
[20:32] naughtybabe_alisha: me
[20:32] naughtybabe_alisha: plzzzzzz
[20:32] naughtybabe_alisha: i like u to do it hard
[20:32] naughtybabe_alisha: oooooooooohhhhh
[20:32] naughtybabe_alisha: ah
[20:32] naughtybabe_alisha: ah
[20:32] naughtybabe_alisha: ah
[20:32] naughtybabe_alisha: ah
[20:32] naughtybabe_alisha: ah
[20:32] naughtybabe_alisha: yesssssssssssssssssss
[20:32] dhkplayboy: My fingers went into ur cunt & I could feel ur clit waiting to be felt
 At that moment u moaned heavily & said yes.
[20:33] dhkplayboy: I then lowered my tongue spreading ur cunt with my fingers & started
  licking:-* ur clit.
[20:33] naughtybabe_alisha: plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[20:33] naughtybabe_alisha:  fuck me
[20:33] naughtybabe_alisha: i want ur hard
[20:33] naughtybabe_alisha: 8" in me
[20:33] naughtybabe_alisha: plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[20:34] dhkplayboy: okay
[20:34] dhkplayboy: will i stop sucking & licking?
[20:34] naughtybabe_alisha: i would love if u could kiss me while fuckin me
[20:34] naughtybabe_alisha: plllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[20:35] dhkplayboy: okay my Love(l)
[20:35] naughtybabe_alisha: :-*
[20:35] dhkplayboy: I pressed ur breast hard.

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   u screamed a bit. I sucked ur nipples 
 so hard that I nearly bit it. Then I applied my saliva on ur cunt and
 on my dick for more lubrication.
[20:35] naughtybabe_alisha: ok fuckkkkk
[20:36] dhkplayboy: Then u said  u wanted to loose her vignette (u haven't took the cock in).
 It is waiting for a rod to be broke open. B-P
[20:36] dhkplayboy: Then I guided my rod through ur legs into ur pink pussy and in one
 blow broke open ur lock. ;-P
[20:36] naughtybabe_alisha: naughtybabe_alisha: u r soooooooooo
[20:37] naughtybabe_alisha: big
[20:37] naughtybabe_alisha: and hard
[20:37] naughtybabe_alisha: i want u to do it
[20:37] dhkplayboy: u screamed with pleasure and me too. :-9. you are very tight my Jaan!
[20:38] naughtybabe_alisha: oooohhh
[20:38] naughtybabe_alisha: fuck
[20:38] naughtybabe_alisha: me
[20:38] naughtybabe_alisha: fuck me
[20:38] dhkplayboy: u r saying stop, stop and moaning like a wild bitch. I did not care
 and I m ramming u . and had pinned uoohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!:-*X-D
[20:38] naughtybabe_alisha: plzzzzzzzzzzz oviiiiiiii
[20:38] dhkplayboy: oh ahhhhhhhh yeah mmmmmmmm
[20:38] naughtybabe_alisha: ooooooooooo
[20:39] naughtybabe_alisha: aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
[20:39] dhkplayboy: naughtybabe_alisha: more hard
[20:39] naughtybabe_alisha: harder
[20:39] naughtybabe_alisha: harder
[20:39] dhkplayboy: I could see the love juice coming out and u r enjoying every bit of ur
  life at this time. X-O
[20:40] naughtybabe_alisha: oh
[20:40] naughtybabe_alisha: fuck
[20:40] naughtybabe_alisha: i am cuumin
[20:40] dhkplayboy: I got up and put ur legs on my shoulders and started giving u in ur
 pussy. X-P
[20:40] naughtybabe_alisha: oviilaaaaassssssh
[20:40] dhkplayboy: My cock went in and out  and faster and faster every minute8-O
[20:41] naughtybabe_alisha: i would wrap my legs around ur sexy butt
[20:41] dhkplayboy: u r moaning in pleasure. . .

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  ooooooo  ooooo  . . . . "ooooo .
 . fuck me. . . fuck me fast. . . ooo ooo  do it. . .

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[20:41] naughtybabe_alisha: ohhhhhhhhhhhh
[20:41] naughtybabe_alisha: come on do it harder and faster
[20:41] naughtybabe_alisha: yes
[20:41] naughtybabe_alisha: yes
[20:41] naughtybabe_alisha: yes
[20:41] naughtybabe_alisha: yessssssssssssssssss
[20:42] dhkplayboy: then I laid on u and started kissing and fucking u at the same time. .
 . my hands rubbing ur boobs mmmmmmmmm. . . its soooo great. . . %-)
[20:42] naughtybabe_alisha: oooooooooooooh
[20:42] naughtybabe_alisha: fuck
[20:43] dhkplayboy: . . then 
 u got on top of me and started jumping on my dick. . . Up and down.

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 . mmmmmmmmmmmm ooooooooooohhhh ooooooo yesssssssss. . .   i am going to cum ooooooohhhh ooooo
[20:43] naughtybabe_alisha: i am cuumin
[20:43] dhkplayboy: okay, let's come together:-*
[20:43] naughtybabe_alisha: yes
[20:43] dhkplayboy: mmmmmmmmmmmm ooooooooooohhhh ooooooo yesssssssss. . .
[20:44] dhkplayboy: yes
[20:44] dhkplayboy: yes
[20:44] dhkplayboy: yes
[20:44] dhkplayboy: hold me tight my love Alisha
[20:44] naughtybabe_alisha: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh
[20:44] naughtybabe_alisha: i am
[20:44] naughtybabe_alisha: stay in me
[20:44] naughtybabe_alisha: jus like that
[20:44] naughtybabe_alisha: plzzzzzzzzzzzz
[20:44] dhkplayboy: It is great mmmmmmmmmmm. . . I m holding ur hands tight. . my Jaan. my cum is coming out
[20:45] dhkplayboy: & it fills your pussy totally
[20:45] naughtybabe_alisha: ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh
[20:45] naughtybabe_alisha: fuck
[20:45] dhkplayboy: I m holding ur hands tight.

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 . and u r holding mine tighter
[20:46] naughtybabe_alisha: wow
[20:46] dhkplayboy: your juice is coming out from your cunt!
[20:46] dhkplayboy: :-*(l) you so much
[20:46] dhkplayboy: :-*
[20:46] naughtybabe_alisha: :-P
[20:46] naughtybabe_alisha: i am ontop
[20:46] naughtybabe_alisha: sooooooooo
[20:47] naughtybabe_alisha: it is runnin down on ur cock
[20:47] dhkplayboy: yes sweatheart1
[20:47] dhkplayboy: are you satisfied? how did you feel?
[20:48] naughtybabe_alisha: sated
[20:48] naughtybabe_alisha: but i want u even more
[20:48] dhkplayboy: now?
[20:48] naughtybabe_alisha: i think we should rest
[20:48] naughtybabe_alisha: a while
[20:49] dhkplayboy: okay
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