curiousity gets the cat


 Pillow talk after many all night Fuck sessions. . . . . led to something I never thought I`d say. . . . . . . and something I never thought my husband would like or agree to. My husband Rick asked my what I would like to experiment with and really make happen. . .


  . . . . . . i told him that strong dominate women make me wet and wild. After a being surprised by a mischievous grin on his face, I asked. "what?". . . . . . .

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  Rick said," one of my workers would love to take you up on that statement". I was stunned. . . . . . "who" I asked. . . . . "who in the hell would be a dominate women wanting to get next to me". . .

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  . . . . . . . then It dawned on me. Rick had a very butch lesbian chick working for him. . . . . . .

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  . . . . . . and she did always hover around me and stare me down. I laughed and just blew it off.

For the next few days. . . . . . .

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  I could not get it out of my mind. I thought about what that would be like and how I would react. How would this be . . . . ok. The more I told myself it shouldn't happen, the more I wanted it too.

It was fall and we were invited to a Halloween party at an associate of Rick's at the last minute . It was a "pimps" and Ho's party. . . . . and I love to dress slutty.

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  . . . . no need for costume here. So I had a ton of slut ware to choose from. . . I hurried up and got my big and sexy. . . . got ready. Rick got horny as hell watching me dress when he got out of the shower. .

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  . . The slutty I looked the hotter he grew and wetter i got. . . . . next thing you know Ricks cock was harding and throbbing as he rubbed it on my ass. I could feel his pre-cum and did not want to waste it. . . . I had to have him in my mouth. . .

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  It took Rick about two minutes to damn near drown me as he came in my mouth. God, I loved that. his hot cream was just what I need to start my night out right. I put a very clingy one piece outfit on and got out my 5inch spikes. . . . . . and we left.

When we arrived at the party. . . . everyone looked great.

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  . . . . some of the women were just gorgeous. . . . and after already getting some and being primed for action, I was introduced to Jen. . . . . Rick's lesbian coworker. I noticed her eyes getting real big.

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  . . . . . and just how cute she really was. All Rick's friends were laughing and quietly joking about her and I. I couldn't help but hear what they were saying. . . . and I have to admit. . . .


  it did not bother me.

Every where I went at the party. . . . I felt her eyes following me and undressing me. I felt helpless as I played right into it. . . . wetting my lips. . . . .


  smoking my cigarette as sexy as I could and just trying to make eye contact with her. Rick noticed and came over to me and whispered to me. . . . . . "I dare you". "Dare me to what" I asked as I started to get mad. Rick relied, "I know what your after. . . . you told me, remember". He went on to say.

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  . . . . "she really wants you, and I want you to". . . . . "so, I dare you". I looked at Rick and could not find the will power or strength to resist,

I grabbed my purse and headed to the little girls room. . . . .

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  . but made sure I passed her and made damn sure she knew where I was going and what I wanted. We made eye contact and that was that.

I walked in and she walked in right behind. I made off like I was just fixing my face. . . . I dropped my handbag and all my shit rolled out all over. . . . . . .

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  . off coarse I had to bend down with my ass towards her. . . . . . I don't wear undoes. . . . . . . .

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  . so I wanted to get maximum effect. To me, the best way to view a pussy is from behind. . . . evidently she did too. Just as I turned around, she grabbed me with a surprising strength and stuck her tongue into my mouth and I surrendered right there. Jen picked me up put my ass on the sink and lifted my skirt and parted my wet lips with her tongue. . . . I cannot remember ever being so horny. . .

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  . I thought I was going to loose my breath. I came instantly. . . again and again. For a 18 minute trip to the bathroom. . . . I had to come 3 or 4 times. I really didn't know how to react. . . .

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  all I could think of was Rick and how much I wanted more from Jen. I kissed her gently and asked her to please not say anything and I would like to meet her in here again in 30minutes. . . . . to talk! She laughed and gave me a impish smirk. . . . as she said. . . "yeah talk". She grabbed me again as I tried to exit and kissed me passionately.

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On returning to Rick. . . . I was nervous. Rick knew we made it. He was very pleased, and I was stunned, nervous, and wanting more. . . . . . . . but not comfortable with that feeling.

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After about 30 minutes. . . . . . just about time to meet Jen, Rick grabbed me and tol me "go get her. . . . and bring her home to our house". . . . .

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  "I dare you". I did. . . . . and I expected her to balk at that. but she did not. She was laughing like she knew the plan ahead of time. . . . . . somehow, I believe Rick and Jen had a bet.


  . . . I don't know who won. . . . actually don't care. I know I had a great time.



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