Cruising With Pals....



This is a story created in a 'what could happen' attitude with my friend trey.
We've had sexual encounters before which were generally random and not planned but now I’m going to write what I’m going to do to him and he's going to love it because I’m going to make him read this.

Anyways I’m driving to pick my friend trey up for a cruise in my car with our other friend Sam.
Anyways we end up cruising for a while, going to Sams for a drink etc.
After a while I decide to call it a night and take the lads home, Sam first. . .
Heading towards treys house he finds my iPod and looks at the music on my playlists. . . .
Next thing I know (I was driving) I could hear the distinctful moans of the porn star getting fucked hard on a video on the iPod.
The moans continue and Trey watches it for sometime before I pull up at his home.
He puts my iPod down and says "fuck me that’s some good porn. I don’t think I can get out the car like this!"
He then adjusts his hard cock in his trousers and I notice the outline.

Feeling horny from hearing the moans I grab Treys cock and say "oh u wasn’t kidding.

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  . . . feel mine"
Trey then grabs my cock and imitates the hand motions of my hand on his cock.
I undo his belt and his jeans and tuck my hand under the rim of his boxers, taking his bare cock into my hands. . . he tenses up in pleasure for a split second.

I pull his cock out and work it slowly in my hand. . . . I bend over and surprise him by taking his cock into my mouth.
I work my tongue up and down his cock and pause a moment to lick the head of his cock.
He utters a slight moan as I try to slide his cock all the way in my mouth making me gag a little.

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I pull back and grab his now wet cock in my hand and work my saliva into his skin.
He’s hard as a rock now as I mutter the words "I do to you, you do to me"
Trey then looks around to make sure no one’s looking as he slowly bends over the gearstick to undo my jeans and take my now hard shaft in his mouth.
He sucks like a vacuum as he works up and down my cock. . . he takes my balls into his hands and slowly works them around. . .
He sucks up and down my cock faster now and pulls away slightly to mutter the words "cum in my mouth"
I get even harder now as the combination of him sucking my cock and working my balls tips me over the edge and I squirt lace after lace of cum into Treys mouth. . . he lovingly swallows as much as possible and then sits up wiping the corner of his mouth. . .

"Now what about me?" says Trey.

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  . . not wanting to 'leave a nigga standing' as u might say I say "jump in the back. . . trust me"
He gets out the passenger door, looks around to ensure the street is dark and there’s no twitching curtains.
He jumps in back and takes off his jeans. . . I jump out the driver’s seat and get in the seat behind it, also taking off my jeans.
I then bend over and use spit to lube my ass up as I say "well fuck me then, take it slow". . .

Trey then moves his cock over to the entrance of my ass, and spits on the head. .

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  . rubbing it into my ass. . . he then slips the head of his cock into my ass making me moan. . . there was a mixture of pain and pleasure as Trey slowly thrusts his cock further into my ass almost to his balls.
I moan in pain a little. . . he then pulls back and slowly starts to fuck my ass back and forth.

This continues for some time until his momentum gets quicker and with it my moans. . .

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   gasp of pain and pleasure. . .
"Oh come for me" I say as Trey says "yea I’m going to cum. . . going to cum"
With that I feel him stiffen up and twitch as I feel hot man juices enter my ass. . . Trey pulls his cock out of my ass and slowly jerks it off.

We both quickly put our clothes back on. . . keeping the conversation to a minimum, we know that we'll never say anything about what happen just then so we say god bye and we seperate.
Trey going into his home and to his usual business while I drive home to go and have a wank over what just happened!

Hope u enjoyed this story,
Comments are appreciated and hopefully Treys going to read this and shoot his load thinking of it!

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