Cruel Intentions -- The Shy Girl


"So where you want to go tonight?" my wife asks.

"Doesn't matter to me, who is going?" I asked.

"I was thinking Erin," she said.

"Shy Erin?" I asked.

"Yeah, I was thinking drinks and a club maybe," she said.

"Why would you want to go to a club with her? She'll just sit there," I asked. Not being a huge fan of clubs or drinking.

"Perhaps some alcohol will loosen her up a bit," she said with a smile.

Erin was a 6 out of 1 to 18 in the 'tang scale. She had long dirty blonde hair, a C cup chest and weighed about 125 pounds at 5'6 or so.  She was around 23 at the time. She was extremely shy and had a hard time speaking to me. She would usually only answer basic questions with, yes, no or okay. It was known by all that she had a crush on me. She was the type of girl you'd like to fuck, but hate to date. You never knew if she was shy or just stupid.

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Around 8pm, we picked her up from her apartment. From there we went to a local club. We spent 2 hours there. Both women drank quite a bit. To the point that they were mostly dancing with each other. She was talking a little more but mostly just giggly. As the driver, I was completely sober.

At this point, they said they were hungry, so we left the club and went to a local mall that had resturants in it. Along the way to the resturant, there was one of those photo booths. My wife drug her inside. I looked through the curtain while both posed sexually as each shot was taken. By the last few shots, my wife had exposed her excellent C cup tits and had pulled Erin's top down as well. The final photo shows my wife biting her left tit with Erin looking up at me. I flicked my tongue at her which caused her to turn red and look away.

While eating, my wife said that we should skip the movie and continue the party at home.

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   Erin readily agreed as did I. Instantly, I realized the night had some potential.

Upon arriving at my house, the party continued in the livingroom. The liquid courage came back out. While my wife was drunk, Erin was wasted. They sat next to each other playing drinking games and would push each other back and forth. Several times their tops would slip down exposing their tits. Finally I moved onto their couch sitting between them. Their drunken game continued over the top of me. My wife said to Erin, "Want to see something nice?"

She said, "Okay," happily.

My wife unzipped my pants and fished my semi-rigid cock out. My wife said, "Want to play a new game?" to Erin.

"Like what?" she nervously said.

"Who can make him hard first," she said with a smile. "You go first," she added.

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She shyly pulled her dress down showing her tit. My wife interupted and said, "You're doing it wrong. Suck his cock," she firmly stated.

Nervously, she leaned in and grabbed my cock softly. She put it in her mouth and moved it around a little. I looked at my wife and gave her a disappointed look. My wife said, "Time out. What are you doing?"

I added, "If you don't want to do it, don't. "

Erin said, "I do, but I don't know how. . . "

My wife said, "I'll show you how it's done. "

My wife moved to the floor and got between my legs. She said, "Loose the pants. "

She untied my boots and pulled them and my socks off.

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   Thrn unbuckled and unbuttoned my pants. She pulled them down and off along with my boxers. My wife was on her knees between my legs. She told Erin to lean in close to watch. She told her that you have to treat a cock like a dangerous animal. She gripped the base firmly. "This animal is the type you must tease," she added. She took one of my balls into her mouth, pulling on my sack with her teeth. I was rock hard by this point and leaking precum. "You try," my wife said continuing to suck my balls. Erin leaned in gripping my cock. My wife instructed her to milk the precum from my cock and suck it. She squeezed the shaft and stroked it. The precum continued to ooze out. She bent down and took the head of my cock into her mouth.

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   My wife started rubbing my asshole with her finger and sucking under my balls. My wife leaned up to her ear and told her quietly, "You suck his cock good and he'll lick your pussy just as good. "

I leaned over and told her quietly, "That's right. . . I'll lick your clit to your asshole and everywhere inbetween. "

My wife continued licking my taint and running her tongue around my asshole while she stroked and sucked my cock. I reached down her back and slid my hand up her short dress. I squeezed her ass with my hand over her underwear. I pulled up her dress to expose her ass. I said to both, "Lets take this somewhere more comfortable. "

We got up and moved to the bedroom. I took off my shirt and told them to lose the dresses. My wife quickly removed her dress straps allowing it to fall off of her. As she stepped out of the dress, she went to assist Erin out of hers.

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   I laid on the bed on my back watching as my wife removed her strap causing hers to fall away also. She shyly smiled standing there nude except for her underwear. My wife slid down her body and pulled her underwear down her legs. I looked at her and told her, "Come sit on my face. "

She crawled onto the bed carefully. She moved her legs over me putting her hairy pussy and ass in my face. I squeezed her ass with both of my hands spreading her little ass. I thought to myself, I'm going to make this shy little whore scream tonight.

My wife laid between my legs sucking my cock. She instructed Erin to do the same. Both women sucked and kissed my cock together, my wife at the bottom, Erin at the top. Tongues meeting at times. My wife lead and instigated kissing between the two. My wife continued to stroke my cock when their lips were interlocked.
I ran my tongue up Erin's inner thigh and probed her hairy pussy with my tongue.

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   I pulled her ass towards my face and began sucking on her taint. Her tight little asshole pressed against my nose. I ran my tongue around the edge of her asshole causing her legs to shake. I spread her asshole with my thumbs and probed her with my wet tongue. She stiffened and squealed. My wife asked, "What are you doing to her?"

I said, "I'm licking her asshole. "

My wife asked her, "Do you like getting your asshole licked?"

She said shyly, "It feels good. "

My wife said, "Good, but I want to see. "

She moved over to my left side and watched as I teased her body. She said, "Looks good, I'm jealous. "

I ran my tongue down her slit to her clit. My wife moved behind my head, her great C cup tits hanging in my face. She spread her ass with her hands and began licking her asshole while I sucked on her clit. She bent down putting her tits in my face and leaned in to kiss me. I told her, "Taste Erin's pussy off of my lips.

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I extended my tongue and she took it into her mouth sucking on it. She said, "Mmmm, but I rather taste her off the end of your cock, trade me places. "

I moved out from under her and moved behind her as my wife moved into a 69 position with Erin on top. I'm clipped, so no rubber was needed. She didn't know I was, and she still didn't protest.

My wife slid her tongue right into her hairy pussy. I pushed my cock against her and slowly pushed in. She sighed and said, "You're big. "

I responded, "Yeah, and you're one tight bitch. "

I could feel my wife sucking my balls as I slowly worked my cock into her. I grabbed her by the hair, and pushed her face down into my wife's crotch. I told her, "Lick her pussy like you want to be licked. " My wife added, "Copy what I do to you. "

Erin responded, "Okay. "

I reached around her and squeezed her tits as I pumped her.

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   My wife told me, "Pull it out. "

When I did, she guided my cock into her mouth tasting her slit. She pulled it out and guided it back into her pussy and continued licking her clit and letting her tongue run along my cock as I pumped her. I asked my wife, "So, does Erin know how to eat pussy?"

She responded, "She could use some skilled teaching. "

I pulled my cock from her cunt and said, "Switch spots. "

I made Erin lay on her back with my wife on her in the 69 position. My wife's cunt was waxed except for a small strip above her clit. I went behind my wife and got down near Erin's face. I told her, "Let me see you eat my wife's cunt.

    She nervously poked her tongue into her slit. I asked her, "Is that what you like?"

    She responded, "Sure," shyly.  

    "It felt like you enjoyed this better," I said as I spread her ass cheeks and ran my tongue down the crack of her ass and around her puckered asshole. "I want you. . .

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       to press your face into her slit and run your tongue over her clit," I told her. As she did what I said, my wife said, "Oh, that's much better. "

    I spread my wife's ass and ran my tongue around her asshole before probing it with my tongue. I told her, "Stick your tongue in her ass Erin. "

    I got up behind my wife and stuck my cock in her hot box. I pressed in deep and held it there. I felt her tongue on my balls and move up my taint. I sat down lower on her face as I let her lick my asshole. "Good job," I told her. I began pumping my wife slowly. Erin focused on licking my wife's clit. I pulled my cock out and told Erin, "Suck my cock. ". With her head leaned back, I slid my cock into her mouth. I pumped her mouth as she held her head still.


       I pulled my cock and stuck it back in my wife's snatch and pumped her hard. Erin returned to sucking her clit. We fucked and sucked her until she came in Erin's face. I made her clean my cock off as I pulled it out from her. I squated over Erin's face and told her to lick my ass. My wife turned around and sank her mouth onto my cock. She jerked me while letting the head rub on her tongue. My wife then said, "It's your turn Erin. "

    We got off her and I laid on top of her. I slid my cock into her missionary style. I asked her, "Is this the position you're used to?"

    She said, "Yes. . . "

    I pushed her legs forward and put them over my shoulders. My wife then asked her, "What about this one?"

    Her eyes rolled as she took a deep breath and said, "No.

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      . . "

    "Good, eat my cunt then," my wife hissed. She straddled Erin's face facing me. My wife looked at me devilishly and licked her lips and rubbing her tits. "Eat my asshole," she commanded.

    I could feel her body stiffening. Every few pumps, I'd hammer her hard. Her hands reached for the bedspread and her fists clenched. She started moaning, "Fuck me. "

    Her waist lifted off the bed when she came. It was loud and violent. She thrashed as each wave of pleasure struck. Her moans muffled in my wife's muff. I slowed my pumping as she subsided.

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       I pulled my cock out of her and my wife quickly took it into her mouth. After sucking me clean, she started licking her slit. After a few minutes, my wife told her, "It's his turn. "

    I told her, "You on top, 69. "

    I slid my cock in her wet pussy easily from behind. I spread her ass with my hands revealing her pink little asshole. I spit on the crack of her ass and let the spit run down her ass crack to her asshole. My wife's face directly below sucking on her clit.

    I pulled my cock out of her slit and pressed it firmly against her asshole. She asked, "Wha. . . What are you doing?"

    I told her, "Im about to fuck you up your ass Erin. "

    She said shocked, "But. .

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      . But I poop from there. "

    I told her, "Not right now you don't. "

    My wife told her, "Relax, you'll like it. "

    I slowly pushed my thick 6. 5" cut cock up her ass. The tongue on her clit muted the discomfort. Within 18 minutes, I had my bone buried. I began pumping her very slowly. She rocked her hips from the clit sucking she was getting. I slowly increased the speed in which I sodomized her. My wife drove her over the edge licking her clit. She came hard from having a cock in her ass. As tight as her ass was, I didn't last long. As I felt my balls boiling, I to get on the floor on their knees.

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       I pulled my cock from her virgin ass and they both lined up. I kept jerking my cock until I exploded. I shot my first stream of jizz across Erin's pretty smiling face. The second blast splashed across my wife's. As the remaining load dribbled from my cock, my wife caught most in her eager mouth. My wife then began to French kiss Erin, sharing the salty load between their mouths. Much of it drained from their mouths and onto each others tits.

    We all then showered together where they continued to suck my cock. They each hugged and kissed under the water.

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