Cruel Intentions (Part 5)


"I ain't cheap and you know it," she said, "Besides you better start treating me a lot better," she added.

"Or what?" I asked.

"Or I'll tell your wife about us," she said feeling as if she had the upper hand now.

"And what would prevent me from then telling your husband," I asked.

She looked as if she hadn't calculated that, but said, "It would be worth it. "

"Then that settles it I suppose," I said. I pushed her backwards off of me without notice. My cock slipped out of her ass and the dilldo fell out. "What the hell?" she yelled.

I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to her over face down. I moved behind her and slid my cock back in her ass with one push. I started pumping her pretty rough. She reached back to try to push at my hip. I grabbed her wrist and held it down to the bed. My balls slapped her cunt as I pounded her. She gritted her teeth straining and said, "Hurry up and cum.

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"Sorry hun, but I plan to enjoy this," I told her. I let go of her hands and pushed up off of her. I began pulling my cock all the way out of her ass, then pressing it back in in a single stroke. Her asshole hung open upon withdrawing my thick cock. Upon withdrawing, she'd crench closed her abused hole. She fished around on the bed for the vibrator and put it back in her cunt. I pumped her tight ass for nearly ten minutes before the sounds of discomfort faded away and were replaced with a low, deep growling noise. I twisted and pressed my cock into her in different angles. I even pressed on the top of the shaft while I pile drivered her to apply a lot more pressure against the vibrator. I pulled my cock out from her, and spit in her gapped asshole to further lubricate her. Pushing it back in, there was little resistance. Not even a whimper out of her.

I continued pumping her ass for my own pleasure for a few more minutes before I felt her starting to tense up and bucking on the vibrator. It felt like riding a wave as her body tensed up and pushed her ass up against me before she came. She squeezed my cock so hard it hurt.

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   I continued pumping through it anyway. She screamed into the pillow, "FUCK ME, FUCK ME IN THE ASS!"

Her clenched ass brought me close to cumming as well. I figured I'd degrade her a little further. As she laid there recovering from her orgasm while getting sodomized, I told her, "On the ground on your knees," and pulled my cock from her ass. I helped motivate her to the ground by pulling her by the hair. I stood in front of her knees slightly bent with her on her knees in front of me. She had a dazed, beaten look in her eyes. I told her, "Open your mouth," which she complied.

I jerked my cock in front of her face, rubbing the head against her extended tongue as she looked up at me with watery eyes. She held her tits up for me to look at while I stroked it. After about thirty seconds of stroking, I grabbed her by the hair and hissed, "Open your mouth, whore. "

I stroked it until I could contain it no more. I aimed my cock at her mouth. The first salty load hit her upper lip and into her mouth. Some of it splashed down onto her tits.

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   The second heavier shot squirted into her mouth and ran down onto her tits as well. I slid my dirty cock into her mouth as the remaining cum drained. She made faces as the taste of my salty load mixed with the taste of her ass. She squeezed my balls with her hands to milk the remaining cum from me.

I walked over to the dresser and picked up my digital camera. I said, "Say cheese," and snapped her photo before she could put up much of a protest. In the photo, she was on the floor on her knees with a pissed off look on her face. Jizz on her face and covering her saggy tits.

I sat back on the bed to look at her and asked, "Same time tomorrow?"

She said, "Go to hell," as she struggled to her feet and went to the bathroom.

I walked into the bathroom a few minutes after she went in. I found her bending over looking at her ass in a full length mirror. "Your welcome," I said.

"For what?" she asked pissed.

"Next time won't be so rough," I indicated.

"What makes you think there will ever be a next time asshole?" she asked even more pissed off.

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I mimmicked her earlier statement, "Fuck me, fuck me in the ass," with a smile.

She turned a bit red and looked away. Then said, "I was just trying to make you cum sooner. "

"Great job at faking that epic orgasm then," I stated.

"I'm leaving," she stated harshly.

She grabbed her clothes and hastily put them on. She had a hard time getting her underwear and shorts on. Her legs were shaking anytime she bent them. She ended up leaving around 1:30am.

I called my wife in after she left and filled her in on the details. She asked, "Did you get what you wanted?"

I indicated that she wouldn't be able to shit right for a week. "Poor girl," she said lying. I told her that one of her vibrators needed thrown away or boiled. She said, "Yes, and boil my sheets too while you're at it. " "Naturally," I said.

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"So did you cum in her ass?" she asked pointedly.

"No, I made her suck a shit covered dick until I came in her face and mouth," I described.

"I almost feel bad for her, almost," she said happily.

"I snapped a photo for you," I added.

"Nice," she said.

"I think I may have burned my bridges for an encore," I said lightly.

"Poor baby," she said sarcastically, "You'll have to do with my body until we find you a new toy. Except I'm not sucking a shit covered dick!"

"What a prude," I said facetiously.

"Well, this prude is going to bed since it is three hours later on this side of the country," she said.

For several days I heard nothing from the woman. My wife finally returned from her trip. When my wife returned, she demanded a reinactment of everything except the ass to mouth portion.

Several days after she came home, the woman contacted my wife and wanted to go to lunch with her. My wife agreed.

Once at lunch, the bitch confessed everything to my wife.

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   My wife played along, pretending to be outraged. She said they should return to our home so they could discuss it more in private. My wife made her describe what I did to her in full detail. She showed her what I did to her on the bed. She even showed her her torn up asshole.

My wife asked her if she liked any of it truthfully. She lied and said no. My wife said, "Let's check the message log in Instant Messenger to see what he wrote to you. "

She nervously agreed. There in the history was her entire string of messages arranging to fuck.

Before she could start to back peddle on her story, my wife asked her smiling, "[Her name deleted], do you like the taste of your own shit?"

"No. . . But. .

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  . he cheated on you with me," she said confused.

"Don't try to figure it out trailer trash, just leave," my wife said. As she began to get irate, my wife added, "Keep pushing and the history gets sent to your husband, along with a copy of this hot photo. " She threw a copy of the photo of her on her knees at her.

Her eyes welled up with tears as my wife said, "I suggest you hit the road home wrecker. "

Later that night I received a long bitching message from her complaining that I had used her and mislead her all along. Since she was such a fan of reliving her sorrows over and over by bringing them up, I decided to continue my torture of her. Placing the blame entirely on her writing me again, I told her that she had to come service me in front of my wife or the data would be given to her husband. She begged and pleaded to get out of it, but the damage was already done.

I stuffed a dick in her ass as my wife watched intently belittling her. At the end, she was obligated to suck a shit covered cock. She was used several times before her servitude ended. . .

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Good times. . .



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