Cruel Intentions (Part 1)


Back around the summer of 2005, my wife made a new friend with a woman who lived nearby. Generally, I avoided really associating with her friends since they were usually pretty dim and all things tended to degrade where they wanted to sleep with me behind my wife's back. While I am moderately attractive, the real lure is money. While I am not rich, I earn a great living in a respected stable profession.

I live in the south western part of the US. The majority of the people living here are retired or what most would call, poor. Few professional jobs exist. So most work menial jobs with no future. I'm one of the few professionals in the area. My age at the time (mid 20's) put me in an even rarer group.  The problem always manifests in the same fashion. Women realize what their life would be connected to me rather then the guy who works the drive thru at Sonic. Their only asset to lure a man centers around what they're willing to do with their body. This game is played over and over by women who think they're smarter than everyone else.

I smartly married a woman who doesn't care if I fool around with women on the side so long as I am honest about it, don't hide anything, keep it low profile, share action details with her and don't fall in love. We have a standing policy that all of our friends do not know about our arrangement.

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   My wife, like the evil spider that she is, weaves a web for our prey to get caught in. Our standards are quite simple. We do not lie to women to falsely lure them to their doom. Our games are centered around home wreckers, whores and other wouldbe evil bitches. Our goals are never to seek out women to destroy, but we allow them to self immolate due to greed, pride or simple vindictiveness.

You may think these games are evil and cruel. You would be correct. Neither of us claim to be saints, rather devils looking for victims. You may play Pictionary with your spouce while me and mine game plan how to fuck someone over who is trying to do that very thing to us.

That preface brings us to the tale of the blonde bimbo. The only thing missing with this one was the trailer park she must have escaped. She was around 26 years old. Married to some douche of a guy who worked as a clerk in a gas station. He was a fat overweight bastard who played video games all day long (like half the guys reading this short story right now, you know who you are). He was a bit younger than her.

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   She had two children from a previous train wreck. She was white and had light brown shoulder length hair that was dyed blonde. She was fairly short at around 5'4 and a little chunky. She appeared to weigh around 150 pounds. Her saving grace was she had some nice fat double D tits. Naturally, they sagged some, but overall they weren't bad. In my unbiased opinion of hotness, she was a 4.

In the scale of intelligence, I'd put her at a 5. You could speak about things a little more complicated than daytime TV, but not much further than that. If you tried to explain the differences from a movie and the book, you might as well talk to yourself.

Surely the US tax payer probably contributed as much income as they both made combined. They were on every kind of government assistance you could imagine. They lived in subsidized housing in run down apartment.

I believe my wife made contact with her on myspace, but I'm not 100% sure. They met, went to lunch and movies a few times before I was scheduled to meet her.

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   Finally, one night we were invited over to their HUD palace for dinner and a movie. We sat there in the living room that was pretty much trashed. There was no room for a dining room table, so we had to eat on a coffee table. Her husband was already drunk by the time we had arrived.

The woman was overly happy to see me and almost too helpful. She insisted on sitting next to me during the movie (my wife on the other side. )

By the end of the movie, she had had a few drinks and felt we should see her favorite sex toy. A vibrator with a bunny clit tickler on it. Her husband didn't even seem to mind either. By then, it was fairly late, so we started saying our goodbyes before hitting the ol dusty trail. On the way home, my only comment to my wife was, "Wow. . . "

She asked, "What do you think of her?"

"Kind of big, but I bet she's got a nice set of tits," I said, then added, "And can take a 18 inch cock aparently. "

"She likes you, you know," she stated matter of factly.

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"How do you know?" I asked.
"She sat by you rather than her husband, or by me," she explained. "Plus, she was showing you her sex toys, she is telling you how dirty, wild and willing she is," she added.  

"Maybe she was showing you," I joked.

"No chance in hell, or she would of been showing me she cold tie a knot in a cherry stem with her tongue," she stated with a smile.  

"Jealous?" I asked.  

"yeah, you two have loads in common," she said sarcasticly. "The extent of your interest in her would be measured in how long it took you to cum," she added with an ironic smile. "Besides, if you left me for her; she could have you," she added with a poke.

"We'll see in time," I said closing the conversation smiling.

Around a week later I received an instant message on my computer from her. She indicated that she took the liberty to look me up since we were all friends now. Over the next few days, her topics of conversation transformed from the usual interests based conversations to complaining about her wonderful husband. She even fished for a way for me to either get her or him a better job. I blew her off by saying I'd keep my eyes open for something.

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   About the oly thing I could see her doing very well is polishing cocks.

She was very negative about her appearance in an attempt to fish for compliments. I was quite forward and said she was easy on the eyes. I added she probably had some nice tits. I gave her some exersize tips on how to better her appearance. She would make vague comments that I should show her how to do them.

Over the next couple months, we went out all together to dinner an the movies. Generally, I had to pay unless I wanted to eat at the dollar menu at McDonalds. A few times her ended up at our house before going out with my wife. The first time she was there, she laid on our bed and rolled around in our satin sheets. She said, "Bet this feels awesome on your naked body. "

She went into the master bathroom with my wife to get ready to go out.
    I laid on our bed waiting for them to finish up.

    They both came out after about half an hour. My wife said to me, "Tell her she has nice tits.

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    Slightly alarmed, I said, "From what I've seen, they look nice. They look very good right now. " she had on a low cut shirt that tied in the back that revealed a mile of cleavage. I knew internal bra was holding everything up, but it didn't matter. They looked good.

    She said nervously, "Thanks, but I don't like them without a bra on. They sag too much. "

    "All big tits sag," I said reassuringly.

    My wife said, "Exactly. Only big fake tits stick out, and they don't look natural. Here, show him. "

    Her eyes darted around the room as she smiled nervously. My wife went behind her and untied her shirt. The shirt fell forward revealing her huge tits. She lifted her tits from below to push them up.

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       I moved in front of her and brushed her hands away. Then I looked at her from the side like judging a piece of meat. "Very nice," I said, "Here's how they look best," I explained. I moved behind her and put my hand on her back and pushed her so she would bend over. "That's the view every guy wants to see, particularly from my vantage," I said with a smile.

    She turned extremely red and couldn't stop smiling. "That's enough pervert," my wife said casually. "Be careful of this guy, don't accept his free pearl necklaces either. "

    "Hey, you didn't mind them," I added.

    "Yeah, but her husband might," she responded.  

    She was too shy to comment. She nervously fixed her shirt. My wife brushed by me and said quietly, "Catch and release. "

    This meant don't push it further that night. The three of us went on to dinner.

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       I returned her to her home quite drunk. I walked her to her door and passed her off to her husband. I told her she was ready for him.

    In the car, my wife told me to be careful or it'll look like she I want her to sleep with you. "So, now what do you think of her tits?"

    "Theyd be great to see swinging," I said without much care.

    "And? What else would you do with them?" she asked sexually.  

    "I bet they feel great to stick a dick between them or to suck on," I answered.  

    "You'd rather fuck her from behind though -- wouldn't you?" she asked.  

    "Yeah, you think she'd take it up the ass?" I asked.

    "As in all cases, it depends who you are," she responded. "Beside, you saw how low her self esteem is. She'll do anything to please you," she said while looking out the window. "She will try when I go on my trip in three weeks," she added.

    "How do you know?" I asked.  

    "Simple really.

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       I told her in the bathroom where I was going and for how long. She asked if it would be Ok if she brought you dinner once in a while and to keep you company," she explained. "Naturally, I said that was fine," she added with an evil smile.  

    To be continued. . .