Crazy,but she let us! pt1


------------------------------- Mistletoe started this off -------------------

New year just gone brought this about. Having relived it with my wife and written it up. She's just said, "Go on then,post it"- So here goes.

We'd decided to spend new year at home just doing nothing when about nine o'clock the doorbell rung and I answered it. It was our friend,well my friend really,but Angela had known him for nearly as many years as she had known me. "Hi kiddo" was his greeting at the door. "Hi Ang' how yah doing" he added on entering the living room. "Alright Eric,how about you?" - "Yeah,I'm okay,got bored so I thought I'd call round to see what you had planned for the new year" - We answered together, - "Nothing really,just lazily sat here" - "Fancy going out for awhile,my treat!" - We did. . . so off we went. Nothing heavy,we done a couple of pubs and finished up in the most lively one we'd found as the new year chimed.

Dancing old out and new in followed. Hugs and kisses prevailed all round and after about half an hour things petered off so we headed back home. On the way,Angela made comment about the number of guys that took a kiss from her and added, - "You two! I saw you gropping that old tarts tits,both of you as you took forever with her lips" - We laughed, - "Us gropping,what about that old bloke that gripped your ass cheeks,christ he nearly ate your face!" - That was Eric saying it to her. - "You didn't hear what he suggested to her then Er'?I did.

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   He said he wanted her as a fairy for his christmas tree and his cock would be the tree she'd be on" - "You bastards, stop it,you're making me all embarrassed. Anyway he was drunk" - "You aren't I threw at her"

By this time we'd nearly got to our house and the talk changed to, - "Lets go in and talk somemore while we're having another drink or so" - We did and the talk got back on to the kissing. Angela needed a piss,so off she went,on her return she placed herself back on the settee between us,where as before she was on one end of us. After a little more small talk,I reached and hooked a piece of mistletoe from where it hung just above head height when standing. "We forgot to get you as we came in Ang' so how about using it now" - Without hesitation,she craned towards me and I kissed her passionately while Eric having taken his chance to the mistletoe and relieved my hand of it waited his turn.

I think he saw my hand now empty slip on to her tit and grope it somewhat. This kiss went on for a long time until Angela decided she needed to come up for air,having eased my hand from her tit before doing so. Grinning now,she looked at Eric saying, - "I suppose you want a turn now?" He dropped the mistletoe on her head and went straight into a clinch with her. I could see it was a full open mouth job and noticed he also took advantage of her tit. At first try,she moved his hand off them but as he persisted she let it stay there.

Their tongues were by now working overtime on each other. This I admit was making me horny - I'd never seen her getting the treatment from another bloke and what with the booze and her fun at the pub,I put my hand on her leg and started smoothing it gradually going higher and higher up the thigh. Her hand again moved and gently stopped me from going further. Pulling from Eric's mouth, - "No don't"But he had her mouth again, tonguing her, as she responded to his sexual endeavours I took the opportunity to put my hand right up and on touching her panty's I knew she was enjoying the attention what was going on, because,not only were her knickers wet around the pussy,but she was showing signs of trying to widen the space between her thighs. - SHE WANTED TO BE FINGERED

Understand,we'd never done anything in front of another bloke or woman for that matter and here we were about to let my mate see her getting her cunt fingered.

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   I realised Eric had realised what was happening,because not only did he keep at her mouth,but he moved his body some to allow her to open her legs enough to let my hand get to her vagina. I also noticed a smile on Angela's face,she obviously knew what was happening. Eric really went to town on her mouth,intermingling that with tongue play on her neck. - Always a winner with Angela - She now looked staringly at Eric as I felt his fingers searching for the other leg hole of her knicker's. In an instant as I realised he'd found his way in she was embracing his mouth again,with whimpers she failed to disguise by kissing and tonging his mouth.

He and my fingers were clambering around in her pants for best position on her clitoris. She broke from his kissing and searched with eyes closed for my mouth. On finding it she went frantic at kissing me. "I can't stop it happening" she gasped in my ear, - "Is it alright if we go on with it?" - I whispered back, - "Yeah,but you might finish up getting fucked by both of us" - With head nodding in excitement, - "I know,but are you alright about what Eric's doing?" - "If you are"The passion oozed from her,she pushed me and Eric away somewhat and moved to spread herself flat on the settee to allow us to both feel her properly. As one he and I took hold of her knicker's and as she raised her bum the knicker's were gone to the floor.

In an instant as I placed my fingers back at her clit,I felt Eric's fingers reach inside and start finger fucking her. With her clit bucking at my fingers and Eric's fucking her,she lost herself in her own sensations. - "Oh god,you're going to make me cum C-U-M-M" with her legs flailing around out of control she orgasmed. I clamped my mouth on to her's and she went berserk mincing my tongue with her own. I knew what was causing this as she continued to flail around while trying desperately to push at Eric's head now somewhere in the viscinity of her thighs.

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   She gasped and pleaded, "NO. God NO! Not that,please not that one of you" - She was now so hot she didn't seem to know who was about to lick her out. I also realised that her dress was well up her belly - Now my Angela was not all too inclined to let people see that supple exciting belly - and yet here she was, letting Eric not only expose it including her pubes and pussy slit - she was ready to have it licked and probably fuck by both of us!

As Eric's tongue hit the spot,she - trembling - conceded to the tongue and once again her belly trembled as she realised her body was about to be taken to new heights of lustful pleasure. I eased my cock out which she immediately grabbed and started to wank. I thought, - better drop my trousers away,she's going to need one hell of a fucking when Eric brings her off this time. Her eyes now wide open because I'd taken my cock away from her hand watched me. Then her eyes swept down across her belly watching Eric lick at her quim with his nose tickling at her pubes.

"I want it,but upstairs on the bed" I made a guesture of, - Okay when we get to that point. - She smiled contentedly,I think it was her way of getting consent to be fucked by Eric as well as me. Her hand went to Eric's head as I kissed her neck somemore. Steadying his head,he looked up her belly questioningly. - "Let him do me,come up and kiss me somemore" - I wondered why she'd said this,but moved to bury my head between her thighs. As I suckled her clit I watched what she was at. Taking hold of his waistband,she struggled at releasing the belt. He realising she wanted his cock to be made available,he removed his trousers and under gear allowing his hardon to pop clear.

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   - Smiling,she said. - "OOO! A twin,I've found the twin of your's Tommy" - I of course,knew Eric's cock and my own were very similar in size and foreskin,even our helmets were about the same size. We hadn't measured or nothing,but we had skinny dipped on many occasions.

Reaching behind her head after inspecting his cock closely including rolling his foreskin away from the mushroom head - I watched as this far from drunk wife of mine inspected every inch of Eric's penis. As I said, with hand behind her head it returned with the mistletoe grasped in it. He smiling caught on quicker than I did as I concentrated on keeping up the licking of her cunt. - He levelled his hard cock before her eyes,which glittered in lust as she pursed her lips to kiss its end as she held the mistletoe above the purple head of it.

She touched it with her lips as you would a baby. Several times she gently kissed at the end and it wasn't lost on me that he had precum now stuck trailing a web like loop from his cock end to her lips. Her tongue licked across this and drew it from her lips into her mouth as she quickly made contact in another kiss that linked precum again on to her lips.
    She gripped at its shaft and drew up ituntil his precum appeared in a tear at the end of it. Smiling,she knew exactly what she was doing and smiled down at me to indicate she was enjoying having two of us gloating over her with every intention of giving her a three in a bed experience.

    Eric was fast losing control and she gripped his cock tightly as he tried in vain to push its head between her lips. "I've never done that" she lied,I have this - Letting go of his cock,she dragged at her top revealing in full her braless breasts. She was tempting him to tit fuck,but he wanted sucking.

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       Resisting this he got frantic and caught hold of herhead and with his hand spread across the back of her head,he tried frantically to push his cock into her mouth. - "NO! NO! I can't do that,I've never tried" Again she lied,giving me a furtive look. She knew perfectly well she'd sucked me off on many occasions.

    Soberly, she and I knew she was in the moment of torment that would make Eric so horny,he'd do anything she wanted and probably things she hadn't even thought of. As her head swung from side-to-side,making spitting noises as though to reject the precum on his cocks end. Now en-wrapped in his endeavours to fuck my wife in the mouth,he held her head with both hands to keep her from moving it to-and-fro. "Suck it,Angela! SUCK THE FUCKING THING OFF YOU BITCH!"

    Her eyes met mine and I knew she was playing him like a fish as with clenched teeth she still resisted the pressure of the helmet against her teeth. Her breath hissed between her teeth as he now squeezed her nostils closed in an attempt to get her to gasp her mouth open for breath. Then all appeared to be lost as gasping heavily she relented and he rammed the head of his cock past her now open teeth. As he pulled back for a second push she clamped her teeth around the shaft and made him yelp, - "OW,Fucking hell Ang' what's got into you,I don't want it bit off!" - Grabbing the root of his hardon and looking him straight in the eyes. - "I decide what happens to cock in my mouth or anywhere else for that matter. GOT IT" - The look on her face was serious,but only I and she knew it was an act.

    I knew that indicated,she wanted fucking and we were about to be fucked stupid. - I'd been there often and been found wanting although I could fuck like a rattlesnake. I also knew that this was why she'd led us by the nose into a three in the bed.

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       She'd taken this opportunity to find out if even with two blokes she could finish us both off as she'd so often milked my cock as dry as any ham-bone! Eric bought it. He now stood as my wife started to suck and torment his cock,while reaching and pressing my head back into her pussy. - "You,see to your own business down there,I'll deal with anything needed up here"

    Before Eric could shoot off and with my cock throbbing for relief,I felt my wife judder secretly,she'd just orgasmed again and it was time for her fucking. - How did I know? I'd known for ages,she had ordinary orgasms, multi orgasms and when she was really worked up this sort of orgasm. This sort indicated she was up for anything on offer. She discarded Eric's throbbing cock. After her trembling secret cum,she cast me away and standing now before us,she stripped naked. - Eric looked at me,having devoured the total naked body on offer to us and I indicated with my eyes, then said, "We're to take her to bed,she wants us both on the bed"- "I know,I heard earlier when she said it" - "NAKED NOW!" - Angela ordered. we grabbed our clothes as was still on us, off it came and as we went to go ahead of her,she lashed out at both our asses, SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! . . . I admit that although I'd had this slapping in the past,it still came as a shock. But Eric yelped as it was a new experience for him. - "FUCK! Angie' not so hard,that fucking hurt"

    "Get your asses up those stairs,work me up would you? Lets see just how good you two are at finishing what you started in the pub,you sex rats" Eric grinned,I knew he thought he had the measure of Angela,but I wasn't so sure as we climbed the stairs.

    See continuation in part two.

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