Cousin and Daughter


Years ago I and my cousin were very close, we started fooling around at an early age.
For years we masturbated each other and would always tell each other about our b/f and g/f. When she was 18 and I was 18 she was only too willing to let me be her first. I had explained that the first time could be a letdown so I would make it special. I would make sure she was relaxed and ready and she would feel safe with me.
It was an amazing experience and being so horny and excited I could not help myself and cum deep in her. She didn’t really understand the consequence of this but I was panicking for weeks after.
I soon put her on the pill and would fill her up every chance possible. Even when she was out around town and I was with friends if we bumped into each other we would disappear out back in an alley or park and I would take her from behind. If she knew I was going to be in the local that night she would wear something sexy and easy for me to get into her.

Later when she married we carried on with our sexual relationship, who would question cousins having a coffee morning. We knew it was dangerous me Cumming in her as she was trying to get pregnant by her husband but we just loved it.
When she fell pregnant she was so happy, we did not know who the father was but she didn’t care and we would never say anything.
She moved to Australia and although sorry to lose her I was happy for her and we keep in touch.
Recently her daughter now 25 travelled Europe and her mum asked if I would be a point of contact for her when she arrived in the UK. I was all too happy and insisted on picking her up at the airport and she would stay with me to save her money.

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She stayed for 2 weeks and we hit it off from the start. I took some time off work and showed her London and she met some family.
One evening we were having a good heart to heart, she was telling me about her life and her problems, I told her about how close me and her mum were all those years (but didn’t mention the sex)
The evening went on and we got more relaxed and drunk.
    She said she wished she had an uncle like me back home to confide in. I told her that I wasn’t actually an uncle as she was my cousin’s daughter.
    We started to dance a slow smooch and I couldn’t resist and kissed her. She responded just how I would have wanted. In no time my cock was out and she was rubbing it bigger while I rubbed her wet pussy. I told her I wanted her badly and she replied yes I want you to. I suggested instead of a quicky we make it special and retire to the bed.
    I was soon deep inside her and as she cum on my cock I told her I was close. She said she was on the pill and wanted to feel me throb inside her and feel my hot cum shoot deep in her. This sent me over the edge and I emptied a big load into her hot cunt.
    In the morning I asked how she felt and she cupped my balls and said horny. We fucked like crazy again and twice more before she left.

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    She is returning next Christmas, I have offered to pay her flight and her mum is giving her spending money.
    I guess I will never know if I had sex with my daughter but I know we will be doing it as much as possible over Christmas. .