Courting Consequences


Courting Consequences

Robert Smith had found himself a really adorable girl friend, and what he liked about Tina was her cleverness and self reliance. She also knew her own mind and was very independent. Tina told Robert that if he wanted to go out with her on a regular basis then he must meet her mother. The meeting was arranged and to Roberts surprise he was to meet Mrs Steward alone.
Mrs Steward was a tall austere looking lady with her hair in a bun, she had a long open skirt pleated which was well below her knees and she wore flat ornamented shoes. She ushered Robert into the sitting room offered him a seat and sat opposite him.

"Well Mr Smith so you have taken a liking to my Tina?"
She spoke with a very well educated and refined voice, and Robert felt almost as if he were being spoken to by an old fashioned schoolMa'am.

"Yes we do seem to hit it off well together,"Robert replied.

"You know that my daughter and myself are inseparable, I brought her up alone and when she got older treated her like a younger sister. Any man that has a relationship with my Tina has to have a relationship with me as well. "
Mrs Steward looked hard at Robert to see the full effect of her words.

"I do not mean that I chaperon you, but Tina and Iwill have evenings to ourselves as we have always done, and once or sometimes twice a week you visit me alone. Don't look so worried Mr Smith I'm not going to ask you to make love to me but to satisfy certain important needs. Your happy relationship with my Tina will depend entirely on how you and Iget on.

Our relationship will be absolutely private and it will not be based on friendship but on service. If you serve me well then all will run as smooth as clockwork.

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   Do you understand my conditions?"

"Err yes but what exactly will you require of me, I'm quite willing to comply but I would like to know a little more if that's ok Mrs Steward. "
"Your time with me will be spent under my skirt, I do not wish to see you, you will use only your hands and face; I would also remind you I want no conversation I will instruct if need be. You will stay under there until I'm completely satisfied and when that happens I will leave the room. It will be your duty then to clean yourself and leave. I would remind you I detest bad language of filthy talk of any kind. At all times you will address me as Madam and I will call you sonny. What is between my legs we will both call Fanny and you will serve my Fanny, is that clear ?

"Yes Madam," Robert was now very excited and could not wait to get under those long skirts.
Mrs Steward removed a low stool from the cupboard the seat was adjustable and there was a size able hole in the centre. Spreading her skirt she moved over to the stool.
"Under you go sonny on your back. "

Robert edged him self under her wide skirt where it was completely dark his face right under her bottom which was barely eight inches from the ground, he could smell her arousal and feel her buttocks as he put his lips to her hairy fanny and tongued her.
She reached under and lowered the stool about an inch pushing his nose into her wet labia he heard her sigh and felt her settle in the stool as he began the licking and swallowing, she had a large pussy and it covered his mouth nose and eyebrows.
After about fifteen minutes she said, " Put two fingers in sonny and keep licking manipulate that fanny I need plenty of manipulation. "

She was silent again apart from some long deep sighs and the occasional mmmmmmm, then the stool began to rock and her fanny rubbed up and down on his hot sticky face her clit rubbing his nose. In another ten minutes she began to orgasm rocking faster her buttocks pinning him as they protruded and swung across his face.

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   Suddenly the stool was lowered and he felt the full weight of her genitals pinning him down squirting their juices in a final climax.
In a second she was gone and Robert was left alone.