Cooking For Danielle


A friend of mine introduced me to Danielle.   After a few dates, I knew I had lucked out.   She was smart, intelligent, funny, compassionate shared the same interests and of course, beautiful! Dannie, as I called her, was  5’4” with flowing red hair and engaging green eyes.   She wasn’t skinny, but wasn’t fat either.   I guess you could say she had a little extra padding.   I’m six feet and had recently lost 140 pounds.

I invited her to my place to show her my culinary skills.   Apparently, women like a man who can cook!  She told me to surprise her for dinner.   Around 7ish, the intercom rang.

“Hi Dan!  It’s me!”  She said.
“Me who?”
“Very funny!  Buzz me please. ”  About five minutes, I had a knock on my door.
“Hi to you too!”  She responded.

She came in and put down her purse.   I hung up her coat and snuck a peek at her ample cleavage!  She was wearing red V-neck short sleeve shirt and a black skirt that accentuated her legs.
“Welcome to my place!”
“Thank you for inviting me over.

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We walked into my living/dining room.   I had done my best to impress her.   I had the lights dimmed and candles lit on the table.

“You sure know how to impress a lady!”  She commented.
“Well, thank you milady!”  I said as I bowed. . . and stole another peek of her cleavage.
“Dinner should be ready in about five minutes.   Would milady care to sit?”  I asked as I pulled the chair out.
“OOOO!  A gentleman too!  Extra points for you!”
“I wasn’t aware there were points!  What are the points good for?”
“You’ll find out eventually! So what has the chef prepared for us tonight?”
“You’ll find out soon enough!”

We started with salad, followed by chicken parmesan with spaghetti and garlic bread.   We drank lots of wine too.   For dessert, I made tiramisu.

“Dan, you are an amazing cook!”  She said.
“Thanks!  I only cook for special people.

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    Why don’t we grab our wine and head to the couch. ”
“Sounds like a plan!”

We headed to the couch where we drank more wine while we talked.   After finishing off a second bottle of wine, Dannie was a little buzzed.

“Dan, can I ask you a question?”
“Of course Dannie. ”
“Did you invite me over here for sex?”
“Wow!  I’ll be honest.   I did think about it, but it’s not the reason I invited you over. ”
“Really!  I like you a lot and I’m very attracted to you, but sex is never a requirement. ”

She leaned over and kissed me on the lips.   We started to make out.   Thinking that I was taking advantage of her, I asked,

“I feel like I’m taking advantage of you”
“You’re not.   The question was a little test.   Most of the guys I’ve dated just want sex when they invite me over.   So I ask the question.   If they say yes or they push for it, I leave. ”  She explained.

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We went back to making out.   She pulled up her skirt a little and straddled me.   Her breasts were now right in front of me!  What a sight!  I looked into her eyes and saw pure lust!  She leaned down and we began kissing again.   She started dry humping me.   Slid my hands under her shirt and began fondling her breasts.   This went on for 18 minutes or so before she got off me.

“Let’s move this to your bedroom. ”  She said.   I wasn’t about to say no!

We continued making out all the way to my room.

  As I backed up, I hit the edge of my bed and fell onto it, pulling her with me.   She got up and pulled her shirt other her head to reveal her huge breasts encased in a red bra.

“I know you like these, don’t you?”  Pointing at her breasts.
“Hell Yeah!”

She continued undressing by removing her skirt, letting it fall to the floor.   She wasn’t wearing any panties!  She was gorgeous!  I tried to remove my shirt.

“Here, let me help you.

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She walked up to me, got down on her knees, undid my pants and pulled them off.   She looked at the bulge in my underwear and said,

“Is that because of little old me?”

I just smiled and winked!  She pulled my underwear off, gave my cock a couple strokes and began sucking the head like there was no tomorrow!

Looking down at her, I said “Oh!  That feels so amazing!”

She looked up at me, smiled and began deepthroating my entire cock!  Her small mouth fit my thick cock almost perfectly!  I wasn’t sure how much longer I was going to last.   I kept fighting off my orgasms and she kept trying to induce one.   I couldn’t fight it anymore!

“I’m going to cum!”  I said.

This only made her increase the suction.   I came deep in her throat.

“Holy moly!  That was the best ever!”  I said.

I moved myself fully onto the bed.   Dannie climbed on top of me.   She started grinding her pussy on my cock.   Dannie suddenly stopped and sat up.   I looked at her inquisitively.   She reached back and removed her bra, letting the breasts I’ve been dying to see hang free.

“I know you’ve snuck peeks at them!  Now you don’t have to sneak around!”

I reached up and grabbed a handful in each hand.   They felt so good!

“MMMM!  Pinch and twist my nipples!”  I complied.

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“Harder!”  I complied again.

I pulled her down, kiss and then bit each nipple.

“OH!  You dirty boy!”
“You know you like it!”  I said as I winked.
“I certainly do!”

She leaned down and kissed me.   I took the opportunity to roll over so she was below me.

“I wanna fuck you so badly!”  I said.
“Before you fuck me, you’re gonna have to eat me out first!  It’s only fair!”
“No problemo!  Move up a little. ”

I lowered my face to her plump pink pussy.   The smell was intoxicating!  I began licking her pussy from bottom to top, swirling my tongue around her clit.

“MMMM!  That feels good!  Keep going!”

I did as I was told!  I mixed it up a little, changing directions and styles.

“Keep going!  I’m close!  So close!”

I applied a little pressure to her clit with my teeth, which set her off into a very loud orgasm.   She was panting heavily as she said,

“Damn!  You’re pretty good yourself!”
“You have an exquisite pussy!”

I moved back up and kissed her.   I reach into my night table for a condom.

 “Is that a latex condom?  Don’t use it, I’m allergic to latex.   Don’t worry, I’m on the pill and I was recently tested”

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    Not a fan of condoms anyways.

I grabbed my cock and teased her clit with the tip of my cock a little bit.   I then pushed the head of my cock into her pussy and pulled out.

“Stop teasing me and fuck me!”

Once again, I did as I was told.   I slowly pushed my cock into her tight, wet pussy.   It was a sensational feeling!  I was fucking her with slow and long strokes.   She was moaning with every stroke.   I sped up the pace, which brought a pleasurable smile to her face.   As the pace quickened, she wrapped her legs around me.

“I love your cock in my pussy!  MMMMM!”

As amazing as her pussy was, I couldn’t forget the sight of her on top of me with her tits free from her bra.   I pulled out, rolled off her and told her to get back on top of me.   I watched as my cock disappeared again in her pussy.   I looked up to the familiar sight with a smile.

“Should I just sit on your cock while you admire my tits?  Or should we get back to fucking?”
“I’m done admiring them. .

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  . for now!”

She gave me a devilish smile.   She slammed down on my cock and continued fucking me hard.   I grabbed her hips to slow the tempo just a bit and matched it with my upstrokes.   We were going at for some time when she said,

“I’m gonna cum soon!”

I increased my upstrokes and put my finger into her ass.   That set her off!  Her pussy locked down on my cock and she was screaming.   A minute or two later, she released her grip on my cock.

“That was better than the first orgasm!  Now it’s your turn!  How can I make you cum again?”
“Let me titty fuck you!”
“You really are a dirty boy!  I love it!”

She caught her breath and rolled off.   I straddled her stomach and put my cock between her huge tits.   She pushed them together and I started fucking her tits.   It wasn’t the same as her pussy, but it was still pretty damn good!  It wasn’t going to take long for me to cum.

“I’m close!  Where do you want it?”
“All over my face!”

I pulled my cock out from between her tits and got up on my knees.   After a very brief handjob, I came all over her face.   As I finished spurting, Dannie pulled my cock into her mouth, sucked the last of my cum out and cleaned off my cock.   I got off her.

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“That was awesome!  I’m gonna go wash up. ”

I just layed on my bed, revisiting the events of the night in my mind.   A moment later, Dannie returned.   She got on the bed and cuddle close to me.

“Dan, I have to admit that I was hesitant about coming here. ”
“Really?  Why?”
“As nice as you have been, I told you about my past experiences and wasn’t sure if you were just being to get me in bed. ”
“And now?”
“I’m really glad I ‘came’ over!”
“Haha!  Very cute!”

We cuddled and talked some more until we fell asleep.




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