Conqueror's reward


By Cylis Derrens

Conqueror’s Reward


Diun’ja was the greatest warrior his people had ever seen. He had won many battles and much honor. As was custom the strongest was chosen for the breeding as was his reward. A world was chosen to spread his seed and through this spread his perfection as his people saw it. It was an isolated world where his progeny could grow. Earth was its name and the inhabitants would be unaware of the true purpose of this alien visitor.

Mistaken for the Homeless

Diun’ja traveled from the landing site dressed in street clothes that his people had given him to better blend in. He was lured by the city lights of L. A. Even from a distance it drew his attention. In this place there were many opportunities to meet potential mates allowing him to spread his genetic material.

Diun walked the streets of Los Angeles taking in all the new sights. There were building he had never seen and many people dressed in strange garbs. He must have wandered a good portion of the city before he decided to rest. Uncaring of the cold he fell asleep on a park bench in the middle of a park. Diun awoke to feel something tap his foot and a woman’s voice.

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   Shifting where he lay he caught sight of an attractive brunette in a uniform. It was the middle of the night and a full moon hung overhead. The badge she wore said police on it. Diun ignored her and went back to sleep. There was another tap on his sneakers this time more insistent. Annoyed he rolled over to face the cop and found a second one with black hair done up in a pony tail. She had tanned skin and the features of a Hispanic woman. Her body was tight and slender. This time she had been the one who had tapped his boot.

The other woman was backing up her partner when the black haired woman said, “Alright buddy time to get a move on or we’ll have to put you in the squad car and take you downtown. ”

Diun disliked the threat that was implied in her voice and rose to his feet. Growling he returned the challenge staring down at the two women. The second one moved for her taser firing it at him. The jolt that would have put down a full grown human no matter what size he was didn’t bother Diun. For him the jolt was barely noticeable though it was clear what she tried to do.

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   Picking up the dark haired one by her uniform he tossed her into the second one easily. The two women fell to the ground together unconscious from the impact. The attack now answered he moved off no longer interested in staying there. On his way out he found their cop car and to avoid possible pursuit he decided to put it out of commission.

Jessica and Patrice woke up to find the homeless man gone and rushed to the cop car. Exiting the park they found it laying there tipped over on the street. Looking inside they found the radio ripped out and the camera inside the car destroyed. Patrice pissed off kicked the side of the car. She couldn’t believe something like this had happened. It took awhile before her partner was able to calm her down. They decided to walk back to the station and possibly wave down a police car along the way before one of them spotted the perp up ahead.

Diun had just started walking away when he heard someone yell, “Freeze!” Standing in front of a wall he merely sprang over it landing in a crouch on the other side before continuing on. Both women looked at each other in disbelief. Finally Patrice after a moment led the way after him leaping to catch the top of the wall. Hoisting herself up she offered a hand to her partner who did the same.

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   After landing on the other side they unholstered their guns continuing the pursuit.

“Shouldn’t we shouldn’t we just let this one go and call for backup?” Jessica said as they continued to follow his trail. Looking for any sign of him Patrice replied, “And tell them what? That we lost the perp after he somehow managed to knock us out, flip our car, and leap over a wall right in front of us? Are you nuts? They’ll laugh us right out of the station! Now come on!” Patrice said leading the way. Jessica was close behind when she saw Patrice disappear suddenly and she moved around a nearby corner.

Jessica wasn’t able to get a shot off as she followed and was caught by surprise with a punch to the gut. The wind knocked out of her she folded to the ground her legs giving out. Patrice was on the ground in a similar position holding her gut and barely keeping herself from puking. Looking up Jessica saw the perp looking down at them waiting to see if either of them got up. Both women’s bodies had never taken a punch that hard and would take them a little while to recover.

He picked up both their guns now loose on the ground and tossed them on the building they were leaning against. Satisfied that they were in no condition to follow he turned around. Patrice managed to catch her breath and got up. Charging she tried to leap on his back and catch him in a sleeper hold. Jessica’s partner had a good grip and had taken many other much larger opponents by doing just that. This time however Jessica saw the man quickly turn around and catch her with one hand by the throat.

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Shaking his head in disgust at this continuing annoyance he decided that no other choice but to embarrass them to try to end this. He intended not to hurt them seriously and would hold back. Letting her go he ripped open her sleeve tossing it aside then backing away. Patrice not getting it attacked again with a punch only to lose another piece of her clothing. Jessica soon began to see the rules. Every time he was attacked Patrice would lose something. Deciding to hit him while he was distracted she aimed low for the back of his legs aiming with her nightstick. A hand caught her near the collarbone and squeezed before she could even bring the weapon to bare. Jessica’s eyes rolled up into her head as she passed out.

By the time she woke up Patrice was riding the man they had just been fighting. Sliding up and down on his cock she felt him cum coating her insides. Jessica was so shocked she could only stare at the whole scene aghast. Pushing Patrice’s heaving body off so she rolled onto her pile of clothes beside him Diun got up. Jessica was soon given a face to face with his huge member still stiff, and hard now wet with her friend’s juices. The moon light illuminated his tan skin and powerful form as smiled the smile of a predator stalking his prey.

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   Even now his pheromones were beginning their work but Diun was growing impatient. He was beginning to like the softness of these human women. Even now he yearned to feel their velvety softness envelop his pole as he fucked Jessica as he had her friend.

The other one had been less resistant he found this one far more admirable. She reminded him of one of his own species’ women. Mating among his people were far more violent in comparison. A male had to prove his prowess by showing his strength. The act fueled their hormones of both causing the mating to become much more heated. The other one had begun to show him some new things before she finally lost it and mounted him riding him to the end.  

Grasping Jessica’s hips he pulled he up onto her knees. Positioning her in front of him he was given a pleasing view of her crouch. Ripping a big enough hole to expose her beautiful pussy he rubbed it with his fingers stroking her. Jessica sucked in a breath gasping at how good it felt. Slipping his fingers inside he copied his earlier actions with Patrice. Stroking her he teased her pussy until she begged for release.

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   Smiling Diun slipped his cock in easing it in inch by inch. Grasping her hips he buried himself all the way up to the hilt. Jessica sighed in contentment as she felt his full length buried inside her Jessica’s body shivered with anticipation.

“Fuck me please fuck me!” Jessica cried out. Needing no more encouragement Diun gave Jessica what she wanted. Grasping her hips plunge his hips forward as he used her hips to pull her back against him giving hard deep thrusts. Building up a hard pace skin could be heard slapping against skin as their two bodies slammed together.

“Ah, ah, ah aaah!” Jessica screamed passionately a Diun hammered into her.

“I’m gonna cum!” Jessica yelled after ten minutes of this her body squirting out her juices all over him. Her whole body spasmed as the orgasm wracked her from head to toe. After pulling out his sperm on its way into her womb he got up and got dressed. Two women were now pregnant in this surprising turn of events.

Jessica was still gasping for air shivering in the cold night air when Diun left the two of them. It would take awhile before her or Patrice were in any condition to head home and get dressed. Both were sore but still feeling the effects of their orgasms as they tried to recover.

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   Seeing him leave Jessica wondered who the stranger was and where had he come from? There was no doubt that she and Patrice would remember this night for the rest of their lives. They would call their sergeant later and try to explain how their car got flipped, and try to get it returned to the station. Even now Jessica knew they would have to lie. Who would believe the truth?

Sniffing his fingers Diun licked Jessica’s juices off his reveling in the taste. No one had told him how good human women tasted down there. Their cum tasted ever so sweet, and satisfying. His taste buds went wild as he licked his fingers clean his thoughts turned to idea of eventually getting more.

A Female Hiker

To avoid any further trouble from the police Diun decided to move away from the city for a while heading out to the hills. He had discarded most his clothes preferring to leave them behind once he reached the safety of the hills. Already he began to dislike their constriction and how they made his body feel hot as he hiked up the hill towards the Hollywood sign. He felt quite free like this without the restrictions of human clothes. A young female hiker was making her way up the path and spotted the naked man up the slope. His body well formed not too muscular. His species were not built to get much bigger for they were far denser than humans. Though his skin looked soft like theirs it was in fact stronger than any metal after dealing with strong gravity from his homeworld.

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The woman stood dumbfounded looking at his alluring body every bit masculine. She made an audible gulp as he neared her, his pheromones filling her nostrils and making her body excited. She looked down in shock to find her nipples already hard and her pussy juices soaking her panties and pants.

She had extra set of clothes in her backpack and she would need them as Diun ripped open her shirt before planting a hard kiss on her. In a second movement he tore her pants open tossing them aside.

Monica a petite blond with small breasts and sexy curved ass stood now naked in front of the well-hung Diun. How all this had happened she didn’t know but she didn’t argue with her luck as he bent down and picked her up hoisting her right off the ground.

 The strange man must have been 6’4 towering over her at Monica’s height of 5’2. All the natural lube her body was producing was about to be put to the test as his massive member buried itself into her helpless body. Hanging off him she was jarred by the impact as he began to fuck her Monica’s orgasms coming all too fast. Every nerve in her body was so sensitive and she didn’t know how long she could last like this. Part of her felt like she was going to die by being fucked to death her body finally giving out under the strain. Monica felt like a rag doll and was loving every minute of it. Never before had she felt like this with every other man, and she didn’t want it to stop.

Sweat covered her body and her breaths came in gasps.

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   Monica felt like she was running a marathon as she seemed to climax without end against this seemingly tireless machine of a man.

With a loud growl she felt him cum inside her spurting his great load. Monica whimpered as she sensed that the experience was over and this strange man would leave her.

“Please don’t leave me. I have a house not far from here. You could spend the night there and leave in the morning if you wish. ” Monica suggested hopefully. Diun nodded seeing such a thing could prove useful.

Helping her dress he carried her back to her home because her legs could no longer carry her for a time. Diun found clothes from one of her old boyfriends that he had left there inside her closet. Some of the more baggy sweats and t-shirts fit him and he picked the most ideal to wear. He had decided that though he might have to wear human clothing it was not necessary to be uncomfortable.

Before he left Monica begged for him to take her one more time. This time he experimentally tried a slower pace to see how she handled it. These human women appeared to be more fragile than the females of his species.


   It wouldn’t do to kill one of his mates so he tried things more slowly. Her responses to this change further encouraged this.

Monica wrapped her legs and arms around him meeting each thrust. Pumping in between her legs Diun became fascinated by this response. Normally his species simply took what they wanted hard and fast. Now it was not nearly pheromones that were bringing her to orgasm but his improving technique. He sensed every reaction before she made it anticipating her. It was a new experience not simply breeding but giving a part of himself. The sound of her breathing, and her smell heightened his own pleasure.

Kissing her neck where it met the shoulder he heard her gasp out, “Yes, Yes. That’s it! Don’t stop! Ohhh Sh----ttt!” Diun felt her cream all over his cock her mouth hanging open. She kissed his neck as she tried desperately to catch her breath her chest heaving.

 Diun had been unaware he was even capable of this and it was a welcome discovery. Monica’s orgasms were fewer but more intense as her body was barely able to contain it. On the last one she passed out overwhelmed and exhausted.


   Diun was sure even now that a child would soon begin to grow in her womb. In a matter of weeks not months she would give birth to a healthy child that would be his. He had not talked to her the entire time at least not verbally.

He merely communicated his intentions unconsciously as was common among his people. Monica would raise her hips during sex allowing him better access or give him a glass of water when he wanted it earlier that morning. He could achieve this after making a conscious effort to communicate it. Speech had been forgotten years ago among his species. Even now he was barely relearning it instead he decided to stick to sensing her intentions just as she sensed his. It began with an image or emotion. Sometimes it was hard to describe. He simply knew what she wanted.

It was a beautiful feeling when dealing with humans. Their emotions were less raw like a pouring river and more like a gentle stream. Diun found it soothing as he let it flow through him mixing with his own emotions. He communicated how beautiful he thought she was at that moment gently planting that image in her mind.

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   Like a flower she opened up to him it was Diun’s turn to gasp as he felt the full impact of it.

The thought of this woman carrying his child filled him with unusual pride. Normally his people did not open themselves to the thoughts of their partners especially when they considered them inferior. By all accounts that is what humans were. His people were the picture of physical perfection. None suffered from any physical ailment or disease.

They were tougher and stronger. Their minds sharper than the greatest of the humans able to anticipate an opponent, and take preemptive actions to defeat them even before combat commenced. Diun remembered each battle he had ever fought in and those that belonged to his forbearers. In his DNA were the memories of thousands of males and females from his line that came before him. Each lesson had helped shaped him adding to his own personality and strengths.

He had proven his line to be superior and all had bowed before him acknowledging his perfection. The new title of Nafi had bestowed to him for he was the first to ever rise to such a height. Even after he had bred with the unwed females of legal age many more of his own people’s women awaited his seed seeking to share in his superior genetics. Why did he not feel as honored by that notion as he once had? Was it perhaps that he felt a kinship with these humans?

In the beginning their two species had not been dissimilar.

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   His people had advanced far because their desire to prove their own genetics. When a new species came their genetics strengths were added to their own, and those who were not strong were merely breeding stock to make their children strong. Eventually the weak were bred out and only the powerful remained.

Diun’s mind now turned to the woman on the bed before him. Her name was Monica and he saw her dreams and desires. She wanted children one day but had been told that she couldn’t. Despite this he sensed that his DNA had only fixed this problem. The first sample had healed her imperfect womb and the second had planted his seed there. In their coupling he had and sensed their potential.

A new doubt was placed in his mind: Did he really want to leave is progeny to fend for themselves? Why not stay and see them grow up? Perhaps he could even see what they would do on this far removed world, and what of the mother’s of his children? Diun had no doubt his children would act out of the ordinary.

While some might not notice their mother’s soon would. Eventually they would seek out their birthright as warriors yearning for the call of combat.

Even now Diun remembered his past experiences. It had a strong pull among his people. Through it genetics were proven as with every other physical or mental competition.

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   That same drive would exist in his young no matter what the humans tried to teach them.

Why he worried about such things when none of his kind had before he didn’t understand.

Putting these thoughts aside he kissed her cheek tenderly an image of tenderness he had seen in her mind. She would have her wish for a child and he had provided the opportunity. Walking out of the house he headed towards the lights of the city. Already exciting possibilities filled his thoughts and he was eager to see what else he could learn from these humans.

Naughty Librarian

Diun decided in light of all he had learned already he should do some more studying on humans. Heading back into the city he eventually found a library where he could have access to books to learn from. Picking out books on sexuality he placed his hands on each page reading it by touch. Each impression from a former reader gave him the information the book carried within it. He was so engrossed in what he was doing that he didn’t notice a librarian sneak up behind him.

“Find what you needed?” She asked a smile on her face as he turned. Diun calmly turned to look at her returning her smile.

Sending her the impression he hadn’t she replied, “Would you prefer a book on sexual positions?” This startled Diun as he noticed that he hadn’t consciously communicated it. Was this a side effect of having sex with humans? How else had they begun to affect him that he had been unconscious of? Why had his people not told him of this risk? Diun had never heard of anything like this happening in the past.

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 Recovering quickly without her noticing Diun smiled acknowledging her question. Looking at the floor shyly Dana tried to gather her courage as she tried to think of what to say.

“If you want I would be happy to show you some personally. ” Dana said blurting out her innermost desires. Her hand quickly covered her mouth as she realized what she had just said to him. Dana wanted to simply get away her face burning with embarrassment.

Diun was intrigued as the freckled red head blushed. He had never seen anything like it. Reaching out he stroked her face surprised it was not red hot due to its color. Smiling as he looked into her deep blue eyes he nodded indicating he was interested. Dana couldn’t believe it.

“We could meet here after work. ” Dana suggested. Diun frowned at this. He did not like the idea of waiting.

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   Seeing his reaction Dana’s tongue licked her lips simply trying to wet them. What Diun saw was an action that inflamed his arousal. He had read about the act of kissing and was eager to try it. The act had in fact reminded him of it. Using his stroking hand on her face as subterfuge he reached into her mind lightly plucking out an image. It was her version of the perfect kiss.

Taking her in his arms his mouth hungrily sought hers just like in the image and his tongue parted her lips. Moving around he stroked the inside of her mouth with it concentrating on her enjoyment. Dana felt herself cum right there and then wetting her panties. Wrapping her arms around his neck she deepened the kiss feeling his strong arms wrap around her. When he broke the kiss Dana desperately tried to kiss him again but he stopped her, his finger pressed against her lips. Dana whimpered her eyes begging to continue the intimate act.

Controlling himself and his growing need to have her Diun planted the image of her home in Dana’s mind. Nodding in agreement as if he had said it verbally she led the way out the door. Finding her car they drove back to her house.

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   Once they were inside Dana closed the door behind them. When she turned around Diun began kissing Dana’s neck making it hard for her to concentrate. Something was still causing her to hesitate so Diun stopped.

He wondered what was wrong and she gave him her answer, “I’m a virgin. ” A questioning look came over his face after hearing this. He did not understand the full implications. The impression he was getting didn’t make sense. She knew about sex but was nervous about her first time. His people were never nervous. They had too much memory to call from. Surety was a part of being who he was.

Taking his hand she led him to the bedroom. Inside was the usual furniture along with a T. V. and VCR.

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Turning on the television she pressed play on the VCR. Images came on to the screen of a man and a woman having sex. Seeing it Diun nodded understanding. That was how she knew.

    Like he knew how to have sex from his memories she had learned from these images on the screen. Touching the VCR he read from it that she used it quite often for this purpose, as well as something more.

    He saw her touching herself while watching as well as using some strange object. Pleasure was attached to this image and he wondered what it was. Even now he could hear a steady hum attached to this new image.

    Moving to one of her drawers Dana took out a vibrator showing it to him. Taking it he looked it over and handed it back wanting her to show him how to use it. Removing her clothes shyly she moved to the bed. Dana felt so self conscious in this situation. She had never done this with a man in the room before or anyone else for that matter. Laying there with her head propped up by the pillows Dana began to stroke it across her pussy.

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       It buzzed and vibrated sending tingles through her body. She seemed to focus on her clitoris a lot pressing it there and holding it before moving on. As soon as she was good and wet she slid the vibrator inside herself.

    Once it was all the way in she began to move it in and out fucking herself with it. Diun watched in wonder moving in closer for a better view. An image on the screen caught his attention. Dana had forgotten to turn it off. Its sounds filled the background as she continued to play with herself. The sound of one woman cumming had caused him to look at it. A man was licking the woman’s pussy and she was running her fingers through his hair.  

    Diun liked this image and was eager to try it for himself. Searching for the word from among her memories his mouth moved clumsily trying to say it, “I…try…please?” Dana stopped slowly removing the toy and handing it to him while it was still on. Taking it he positioned his head over her pussy so he was lying on top of her. Using the vibrator at first he teased her clitoris pressing it firmly against her clit and then removing it.

    Facing his cock Dana had her own ideas about teasing and began to lick and play with it.

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       Her fingers and tongue stroked it playing with its length. Diun gasped at the sudden sensation unprepared for it with his attention directed elsewhere. As she began sucking it firmly in her mouth he tossed aside the toy and began licking with enthusiasm. Dana made sounds to show her appreciation. She was so wet and delicious that Diun practically tried to suck and lick off all he could of her juices.

    Dana came many times this way making him cum with her as well. What she lacked in experience she made up with passion. Apparently Dana liked how Diun’s sperm tasted as well. To her it tasted like a sweet syrup and she couldn’t get enough. About the fifth time Diun had to get her to stop or she would have kept on going until her jaw got sore.

    Lying there next to each other they kissed tenderly while Dana rested and relaxed. Diun was eager to cum inside her after she had caught her breath. Dana was only happy to oblige. Climbing on top she mounted him and began to move her hips up and down riding his cock. Now she was in control, and the one time that Diun tried to get too involved fucking up into her she shook her head to stop him saying, “Wait a minute baby you’ll like this.



    Moving her hips in a circle she ground into him like the porn movies had shown her. It took awhile to get the hang of it but eventually she got the response she wanted. Diun grasping her hips began to spurt inside her the stimulation too much. How many times he came she didn’t know but each one sent her into a mini orgasms and she liked it. She had never seen a man do that in any of the movies and was so proud of herself for causing it.

     By the time it was over he was exhausted as well. Both of them were covered in sweat as they slipped underneath the covers. Dana cuddled against him and Diun enjoyed the feeling wrapping one of his arms around her and kissing her forehead. For the first time he found himself wanting to tell her everything but he knew he shouldn’t. How could she understand and what if she turned away from him because of it? These new emotions began to unsettle him and he decided to leave the next day when she left for work. There was something dangerous about this woman he had not dealt with before. Part of him was screaming to get away from her.

    Kissing her goodbye he waited until she was out of sight before he left. As he walked down the street in search of something new another emotion surfaced and he did not recognize it. It made him feel bad for leaving her and not trying to explain.


       It was an emotion humans called guilt. What he didn’t realize is that during the experience he had done something without realizing it: Diun had stopped using pheromones.
    A Stripper’s Surprise

    While walking the streets Diun met a mugger. Pointing a gun at him the man urged him into an alley. Little did the mugger realize just who he was dealing with.

    “Give me your money!” The mugger yelled keeping the gun on him. As close as they were Diun could feel the evil of the man and see the images of the innocent people he had killed. Some he had raped, while others he had murdered in cold blood uncaring of how much they suffered before they died. This made Diun angry though he couldn’t explain why. Moving forward he felt the impact of the bullet on his skin and ignored it. The bullet did not penetrate or even hurt. The mugger panicked and kept firing without any better luck only stopping when a punch from Diun leveled him breaking his jaw.

    Taking the gun Diun crushed it into a hunk of metal in his hand easily, dropping it on the ground beside the mugger. Liking the man’s overcoat he saw little harm taking it from the unconscious thief. When he thought of it the man might have tried to kill him and done the same as he put it on.

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    As part of that thought process he had little trouble taking any of the man’s money or the valuables he had stolen. Touching the man’s sleeping mind he picked out the image of a pawnbroker nearby who unknowingly sold the stolen goods from time to time. The mugger had used many of them to cover his tracks and not cause suspicion.

    Walking there Diun sold the watches, rings, and other things that he had found on the mugger. The money was pretty sizable because most had been expensive, and Diun added it to the cash he had already taken. Thanks to what he had already learned Diun knew how much each bill and coin were worth.

    Walking the streets he walked in front of a strip club where a man called out to him, “You interested in a good time friend? Plenty of pretty ladies inside just waiting for a fella like you. ”

    Diun sensing no danger from the man or from anything inside, he shrugged and entered the building walking right past the man. He was a large fat man with a big buzz cut and a good set of muscles on him. Judging by the look of him Diun guessed he was also there just in case of trouble. The man smiled pleasantly at him waving him inside.

    It was dimly lit inside with flashing lights and mostly empty chairs around little tables surrounding a stage. The stage was towards the middle of the room against one of the walls. There were a couple of guys inside but they were just some of the regulars who frequented the place. Most were middle aged guys or older men looking to get away from the troubles outside and see a good show.

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       Diun watched some of the women as he took a seat at the bar with some of the other men. “What will you have stranger?” A pretty little blonde bartender in nice black shirt vest and black slacks asked.

    Seeing what the nearest man had been drinking he pointed at it. The drink was a hard whiskey. The lady poured and all the men who happened to glance over at him were impressed when he just downed it unfazed. Sitting there Diun wondered what the purpose of the drink was. It held a slight warmth going down but that had been it.

    Looking at the other men he saw varied degrees of reactions from them as they continued to drink. Everyone one of them seemed to enjoy the aftereffects if not the taste. Putting a bunch of money down Diun asked for the bottle. Handing it to him the bartender had a amused smile on her face that quickly disappeared as she watched him drink. Downing it with ease Diun opened his throat chugging the contents of the bottle. When he was finished he set it back down again not drunk at all. Waiting for a few moments he sat there patiently wondering when he was going to start feeling as the other men felt. After awhile he grew disappointed staring at the bottle as he waited when nothing happened.

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       Looking around he found everyone at the bar staring at him their mouths wide open.

    Uncomfortable under all those eyes Diun moved to one of the tables near the stage for a change in scenery. There were some chairs surrounding the stage itself. An attractive Latin woman with nice tan skin a beautiful ass and shapely legs motioned him over. Unsure of what to do he stayed at his seat unwilling to move.

    One of the other strippers who had been talking to a regular came over to Diun and said, “She wants you to go over there big boy. Don’t worry she doesn’t bite. ” The stripper who had said it was an older blonde woman with a sizable bosom and nice curves. She was still quite pretty and had an aura of sexiness about her that seemed so natural. “After you’re finished you can have both of us if you want. By the way my name is Emily and the one eyeing you on stage is Candy. ” The blonde said.

    Getting up at her urging Diun made his way to the stage taking a seat. The woman started posing in front of him arching her back and giving him a view of her still covered pussy and tits. Diun watched the show curious.

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       While interesting it didn’t feel private like he wanted. He was growing to dislike the attention of other eyes, it proved to be distracting. Seeing that she wasn’t getting his full attention Candy danced a little closer now her pussy was only inches from his face. Smelling its sweet scent and feeling her closeness Diun started to pay more attention.

    “What’s wrong baby? Don’t you like me?” Candy said concerned. While her tone had been playful when she said it there was genuine concern behind it.

    It had been a long time since she had actually had to try to keep a man’s attention. Obviously either this man felt uncomfortable in present circumstances or he had something else on his mind. Part of her job was to make him comfortable and forget about other worries. A happy man came back because he had been satisfied in the past. Coming up behind him Diun sensed Emily’s presence.

    “Maybe it’s the crowd. He seems to not like it. I saw him looking around while your back was turned. Perhaps he would prefer some private time.

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      â€ Emily suggested. Smiling as she understood Candy said, “Would you like to have both of us sweetie?” Diun looking at each of them and nodded. After Candy finished her show she and Emily each took one of his hands and led him into one the private rooms.

    Both women were very wet and hot from being so near to him. Technically the pheromones that Diun was pumping out without thinking about it weren’t even necessary. Diun was a lot more handsome than the average joe who came in here and both women were eager to have a little fun.

    Taking their tops off each woman gave him a lap dance feeling his hardening cock as the rubbed against it, and were impressed by the size of it. While Emily was giving him a dance her friend watched Diun’s hand move to Emily’s pussy rubbing it. Candy was surprised when her friend didn’t move it away immediately and instead seemed to go with it. Rubbing her clit through the fabric of the g-string bathing suit Diun felt her grinding against him increase. He quickly loosened the strings on each side of her bottom revealing her pussy. The reason soon became clear as Emily squirted all over the place gasping as she was overcome by an orgasm. Diun had safely moved her clothes out of the way just in time.

    Candy could only watch as Diun set her friend on the ground getting up off the cushioned seat they all had been using. Rubbing some of the juices dripping from Emily’s pussy Diun coated them on his rock hard member.

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       Getting behind her while she was on her hands and knees he entered her ass slipping in easily with all the lube. Emily had never cum that much in her entire life and was now glad of it. Her cum now allowed Diun to fuck her virgin ass with minimal discomfort.

    Fucking her ass like he would her pussy Diun went nice and deep causing Emily to shake as another orgasm hit her. Jealous of her friend Candy quickly removed her own bottoms and took a position right next to Emily looking back at Diun expectantly. Smiling Diun pulled out of the other stripper and entered her pussy.