Coming of Age


Coming of Age

Even after so long I still love sucking Derek's huge cock. It always amazes me just how big it is, I can't get it even half way in before it pushes down my throat and makes me start to gag. I take it out to draw breath and marvel at the way I can pull the foreskin right back exposing the taut pink helmet. I lick it making him tremble in pleasure and ooze a little precum that I lap up hungrily savouring the salty taste. I take it in my mouth again sucking gently, cupping his balls in my hand and massaging them gently feeling them large and mobile inside the soft skin with its silky hairy growth. He pushes my head back a little and murmurs to slow down and I realise that I'm not going to be allowed to drink his sweet juice this time. I reach down between my naked thighs, past my own rock hard shaft and grope for the tube of lubricant I left on the floor, remove the top and place a generous smear on the middle finger of my right hand. My left hand guides his cock back into my mouth sucking softly again, my left hand fondling his scrotum as the other feels for my ass cleft andlubricates my tight little hole for what I know Derek will want next.

I catch sight from the corner of my eye of a couple of boys further down the dormitory who are looking on with interest. I pump my head and smile thinking to give them a good show and see if either of them starts to wank. Derek pulls my head off his straining tool with a moan and lifts me up planting a kiss on my lips and whispering in my ear, “bend over my little cock slut!”I do as I'm ordered resting my head on the bed and standing with my legs spread a little so my bottom is as high as I can get it. Even so Derek has to bend his legs to get down far enough to rub his cock head against my puckered opening. It is well lubricated and his knob is wet from my saliva but it still makes me moan in a mixture of ecstasy and agony as he pushes firmly and stretches my almost virgin boy cunt. I clench the bed sheets with both fists as he pushes harder and I feel myself opening wide for him. God, even though this isn't the first time it still hurts and I let out a little squeal as he pushes harder. I hear him murmur if I'm okay and I grab the pillow and bite it hard nodding my head.


  I feel his hands grasp my hips and pull me to him as he slides slowly but firmly deep inside. I gasp at the wonderful sensation of him right up in my belly making it ache where its so full, full of his cock!He pumps slowly and each time he thrusts in I think Ill almost pass out with the joy of him enjoying me so much. I glance back under my armpits at the other boys. One of them has his cock out now and is wanking frantically. I smile, pleased that watching Derek fuck me is giving them pleasure too.


Oh how different to when we first went on holiday together a few weeks ago. I'm David by the way, I'd just finished my A-Levels and went on holiday with Derek, a boy about a year older than me who'd been following the same course. We have been friends since Derek doubled a year and we found we enjoyed playing with each other's cocks. I should say I am small and look younger than my 18 years, I even get teased about being a bit “girly”. Derek on the other hand is a big guy, he is the mainstay of your school rugby team he's about 1. 9m tall and beefy. So, apart from playing with each other I tagged on to him because he could get served drinks in pubs whereas I always got refused. I knew he had met other older men on a couple of occasions as he told me that they had sucked his cock and how wonderful it felt. He even persuaded me to suck him a couple of times. I felt ashamed at how much I enjoyed doing it for him so I played shy and wouldn't do it very often.

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Our parents would have refused to let us holiday alone but mine seemed to be quite relaxed about going with him as he was big and “could look after himself”. I think his parents saw me as being a restraining influence to keep him out of trouble!We hitchhiked our way down through France staying mainly in Youth Hostels. I think Derek was disappointed since in most of these we shared accomodation with other boys and I realised that he had been looking forward to being intimate with me rather more often than proved possible. We had got down to the Jura region and stayed at a hostel on a small lake. We had the dormitory to ourselves and Derek wanted to take full advantage of it. I was kneeling sucking him when we realised that a couple of other guys had crept in and were watching. God I was ashamed!Derek laughed it off but the other guys said in poor English to “continue they no object”. I was too shy to do so though so we sat looking sheepish. The guys laughed and said how we should try the “gay nudist” beach on the other side of the lake. They even showed us out of the window where it was.

Next morning we got kicked out as usual at 8. 30 and Derek was dead keen to find this beach. We walked round the lake and were there before 18 am even after stopping for a coffee. We sat on the beach with not a soul in sight and feeling somewhat disappointed, though I must admit I was a bit relieved too. Derek challenged me to strip off to swim and as there was no-one about I agreed if he would too so we both stripped and plunged in.

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  It was gorgeous in the soft warm water, just deep enough to swim and with almost no weed and a sandy bottom. We were enjoying it so much we failed to see another couple arrive on the beach and set down not far from where our clothes and towels were. Once we saw them I was very shy and even thought we'd have to stay in the water till they'd gone. Derek just laughed and said look at them. I realised they had stripped off and were naked smiling at us. We carried on swimming and after a few minutes the new couple got up and walked down to the water. I could see that they were two men, one tall and well built and I guessed about mid 30's the other smaller and slim and I guessed early 20's. They came into the water and waded out close to Derek and I. They had obviously deduced our nationality from our conversationand the older guy immediately spoke to us in perfect English (Paul as he was calledtold us later he taught English at the university in Paris). They made easy conversation (the younger guy Michel we gathered was one of Paul's students) and before we knew where we were they were right close to us in the water. If the cold hadn't stopped me I should have blushed with shame as the water was clear enough that they could clearly see we were naked. I tried to keep my eyes off their anatomy but it was impossible not to see their tackle under the water.

Eventually Paul suggested we get out and sunbathe for a while and led us all out of the water and up the beach, thank God the cold water stopped me getting an erection or I would have died!He moved their things next to ours and once we'd dried ourselves on the towels we lay down on them and let the sun warm our bodies. I lay on my tummy so they couldn't see my genitals which once I'd warmed up started to arouse in no uncertain manner. I noticed Derek too was lying on his tummy and guessed he had the same problem whereas Paul and Michel seemed quite unconcerned as they moved about with no sense of shame.

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  I lay there wondering how on earth I could hide what was happening to my body!After about 30 mins Paul laughed and said we should turn over or we would burn on that side. Derek turned over without much hesitation and Paul whistled as he saw Derek's massive tool almost fully erect. Derek grinned partly with embarassment but also I could tell with pride at their admiration. They all looked at me as I sat up awkwardly trying to keep my stiff cock down between my thighs. Derek prodded me to lay back and as I did my thighs couldn't grip my hard shaft any longer and it sprang up and slapped loudly against my belly making me blush with humiliation.

Paul lay next to me and told me not to be shy it was quite natural and I didn't need to worry. He said it was quite a compliment and he felt the same way about me but being older his body did not respond quite so urgently. We chatted for some while and I calmed down a bit when he asked if I would put some sun cream on him as he was burning. He lay on his front and I smeared cream all over him, well, almost all over I was too embarassed to do the really intimate bits. He then told me to lay down and he applied the cream all over my back and the backs of my legs and I noticed he took a long time applying it to my bottom right into my cleft. He lay down again and I was glad to be face down so my erection didn't show. We chatted again and I could see over the top of him that Derek and Michel were chatting away too. After some time Paul said it was time to do the other side. I tried to make an excuse but he was very firm and said I didn't need to be shy we were all men together. I noticed Derek and Michel were creaming each others fronts so once they'd finished and laid back downI sat up and let Paul put cream all over me.

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  He stopped at my tummy and asked if he should carry on. I was speechless but I nodded and he got a generous pool of the lotion in his hand and smoothed it gently all over my aroused willy and balls almost making me cum. He noticed me bitingmy lip and breathing hard so he just smoothed some more cream down my thighs and shins. When he'd done he handed me the bottle and asked if I would return the favour and lay back smiling. I lathered some cream all down his chest and as I caressed his nipples I got the most fantastic urge to suck them which I resisted. I creamed down his belly getting closer to his pubic hair and felt my heart thudding. He guessed my reticence because he just gently took my hand and laid it on his cock which was growing and getting firmer under my touch. I rubbed cream into it then down his thighs and shins as he had done feeling my cheeks glowing as my face was close to his wonderful penis. I lay back down my heart racing as he lay close to me and held my hand.

We went back to Paul and Michel's chalet for lunch which entailed getting clothed again to cross a public path. We had a leisurely meal with several beers under the umbrella on their patio just wearing shorts and then Paul suggestedsiesta before we went back to the beach. He showed me into his room and indicated to lie on the bed which I did with some trepidation. He started to push down my shorts and I checked him explaining that it wasn't I didn't fancy him but I felt disloyal toDerek. He said he understood and just lay cuddling me so I felt very special. After a while he got up and quietly crept out into the lounge then putting his finger over his lips motioned me to come and see.

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  I crept out quietly and with a smile he showed me where Derek was lying back on the couch (where I had assumed he was taking a siesta) with Michel giving him a slow but energetic blow job!“You see” he whispered, “you do not need to worry about what Derek might think”. He led me by the hand back to the bed and this time I made no objection as he lay me down, slid down my shorts and proceeded to suck my cock, the first time ever Id had that done. He didn't just blow my cock he almost blew my mind. He certainly knew what he was doing as before I came he kissed all up my body to my mouth and whispered in my ear to suck him too. I needed no second bidding and following his example I kissed his chest and nipples before kissing down his belly and then his wonderful cock. Not as big as Derek's but shaved and tanned and I just adored worshipping it until he stopped me and started again to kiss me all over before sucking me again slowly. God knows how many times we swapped like this before he finally let me make him cum. He was very skilled and had me almost screaming to him to make me climax but he told me I couldn't do so until I made him cum first. By then I was almost out of my mind and sucked his cock hungrily just wild toget him there so he would do the same for me. I don't think I even paused to think if it was safe although I seem to remember him telling me it was okay. He let out a little gasp and then my mouth was filled with his wonderful creamy spunk. I was going to spit it out but before I could he dropped to his knees and kissed me passionately his tongue swirling his juice around in my mouth until we both swallowed our share. Only then did he lay me back and suck me till I was almost in orbit! I felt the orgasm building deep in my belly then firing all my body till I exploded, emptying my balls into his mouth as he teased my knob with his tongue driving me wild with passion.

After Derek and Michel had finished their “siesta” we went back to the beach and basked naked in the late afternoon sun. I didn't mind any longer showing off my erection and Paul kept teasing me about it.

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  Each time my cock got limp he would kiss me or suckle my nipples and bing! It got as hard as iron again. By the time the sun went down and we retreated to the chaletfor a late supper I absolutely ached to cum again. We dined simply but with several beers and a bottle of wine till I was quite tipsy. Derek and Michel headed to the couch to bed down for the night and Paul led me by the hand into the bedroom. I was trembling with anticipation but also with fear as I guessed he might want full sex and I was scared this would hurt and I might chicken out and disappoint him. He fondled and caressed me andwhispered not to worry nothing would happen that I didn't want. He kissed me and aroused me so that soon I was begging him to do whatever he wanted with me just so long as he would let me cum after. He lay me back on the bed and curled up my legs so he could kiss my bottom and as I felt his tongue tease my tight little virgin hole I almost shot my load in ecstasy. I remember moaning to him to fuck me even if it hurt and then I felt something cold around my sphincter, he told me it was a lubricant but also a local anaesthetic which would help me relax this first time. I clenched my fists waiting for what I knew was coming but he climbed on the bed beside me, his finger still stretching my rectum and handed me a condom to put on his cock. He showed me how to take it in my mouth and then slide it down his shaft unrolling as it went until he was covered and it was wet and slick with my saliva. I gasped as he slid a second finger in and worked them around stretching me slowly and giving me the most wonderful sensation. His cock grew in my mouth and I knew he was ready. He knelt between my thighs curling my legs up again and leaning on the back of my thighs as he pressed his wet, rubber covered cock head against my slippery puckered hole. I held his cock tight guiding it into me and with a moan I closed my eyes and begged him to make me his.

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  I know I let out a little scream as he slid in and I felt myself entered for the very first time. My joy at giving Paul what he wanted overcame any slight pain I felt as he expanded my tight little orifice. I felt that delicious ache deep inside me as his shaft slowly probed my depths for the very first time. I almost passed out as he slowly pulled backtill he almost slipped out and I could feel myself closing up only to have him slowly push back in till I could feel his balls against my buttocks. I don't know how long he pumped in and out fucking me thoroughly but oh so tenderly, I was just in heaven. I know after what seemed like for ever and yet was not long enough his movements became more urgent. His hands grasped my own tool which was engorged but lying flat on my belly and stroked it firmly sending waves of pleasure coursing through my excited body. I moaned telling him I would not be able to hold back and he just smiled, stroking faster and ramming his cock more and more firmly into me. I felt it cumming, I tried so hard to wait for him but it was no good and with a little shriek I shot my load right up my chest and even onto my face. Paul gasped as my already tight little sphincter clenched and unclenched on his thrusting cock but somehow he held on just wanking me slowly till my orgasm subsided. He slid slowly out of me and peeled off the condom moving his glistening cock towards my face. I took him hungrily into my mouth and sucked hard pumping my head vigorously and he came almost immediately. I almost gagged as I felt his hard knob push down my throat spurting its creamy jism but he drew back in time to allow it to fill my mouth with his delicious juice. He pulled me too him my own juices dribbling down my chest and wetting his. His mouth clamped on mine and we shared a long erotic kiss our tongues entwining and tasting his hot salty spunk in my thirsty mouth.

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  I trembled as he licked my juice off my sweaty body and pressed his torso to my face to ask me to do the same, then we kissed again tasted each others and our own fluids in each other mouths. We fell into a divine slumber but each time I stirred I felt his strong arms around me and several times in that blissful night I awoke to find his lips wrapped round my erect tool or to find him pushing my head down between his legs to pleasure his taut member.

It must have been late morning when we finally emerged and found Derek and Michel still lying exhausted from their similar night of passion. We stayed with Paul and Michel to the end of that week spending each day sunbathing naked on the beach and each night in erotic passion which left us drained and exhausted by morning. The last evening before we knew Paul and Michel had to return to Paris, Paul became very serious after dinner (we had all finished off their store of drink and were quite drunk). He explained that he wanted to ensure that Derek and I became lovers and experienced as much pleasure from each other as we had from he and Michel. He led us all into the bedroom and after we undressed he told me that they wanted to help Derek to fuck me for the first time. I guess I was embarassed as well asa bit scared (Derek's cock was quite a bit bigger than Paul's) but Paul used his expert skills to arouse me to the point where I would have done anything. He coached Derek to arouse me too and for the first time my long term “friend” became my lover. Paul teased and coaxed my nipples while encouraging Derek to lick and suck my cock driving me wild. Then he got me to give Derek oral sex while Michel took over teasing my dick till I thought I was going to burst. Paul lay me over the bed while Michel wriggled underneath to carry on giving me that expert blow job which aroused without ever quite letting me cum. I could feel Paul lubricating me again and thrilled to his finger inside me once more while I sucked Derek discovering anew how huge he was and how hard his cock got as I licked and teased his knob, exposed and taut as I pulled his foreskin back hard. I slobbered over it so it was wet and slippy and Derek moaned as I did so saying how hard he was going to fuck me.

He moved round to my rear and I felt Paul hold my shoulders whispering in my ear to relax and I would be fine.

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  I felt Derek's hard helmet press on my tight little hole and I tried to relax to let him in. Paul coached him to be gentle and slow to let me stretch but Derek was too aroused to slow down and he shoved in hard. I yelled as it hurt but once that first pain was over I could enjoy the sensation of him inside me. He was huge as I expected, it felt like my whole stomach was swelling, I had this wonderful ache as he slid right up in my belly. Paul lifted my head and kissed me and Michel sucked slowly on my cock. Talk about the earth moving I felt as though I was somersaulting through space and didn't care where I ended up. Derek's fingers grasped my hips as he shafted me energetically, Michel's lips were doing the most wonderful things with my erect member and Paul was alternately kissing me passionately and suckling my nipples till I begged him to stop. I felt Derek spasm as he came inside me at almost the same time I blew my own load and felt Michel expertly milk the last drops from my straining cock. Paul laughed “Bravo. . . now you are real lovers. . . ”

We enjoyed each others bodies for the rest of that night and then packed our gear into Paul's car to leave for Paris.


  He dropped Derek and I on the peripherique where we could hitch a lift back to the channel ports. We ended up in a hostel in Calais waiting to get the ferry the next day which is where I started this story. Derek and I wanted to enjoy one more night of passion before we return to our families. Not even the other guys watching us dampened our ardour for each other. Things will never be quite the same again as we are already scheming how we can get together when we get back home. Until then I want to keep the memory of Derek's cock stretching my still tight little ass, his huge shaft pushing up into me till my belly aches, the feeling of his hot juice spurting in my mouth, the taste of his salty spunk rolling over my tongue. When I play with myself I will smile as I recall Derek's expert tongue teasing my dick till I want him so much that it hurts. Hmmm. . . . roll on the next time!




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