College Friends


There were these two girls on my residence floor. one lived there and the other was her friend but god were they both hot. Kaylyn was a french exchange and Cassidy? she was a friend from some camp some time. Really when she talked I didn't listen because it was only a distraction from looking. Cassidy was a goddess. 5'7" longest legs I'd every seen, Big Blue eyes, perky C cups, and golden blond hair that looked so good with her summer tan. Kaylyn was the opposite. brunette, porcelain skin, and kind of short. but she was nothing to complain about, she too had a decent chest on her and her french accent. well that's why ppl fantasize about the french.
It was the first week of classes and I had already met Kay on Move in day and at floor meetings, But this one night she stumbled in from a party with a couple friends. Cassidy was one of them. "hey Kaylyn who are your friends?" I called.
"oh Hey Josh! this is Kyle and Dan and Cassidy. " the two guys were gorillas of men. both towering over the girls and both obviously varsity.

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   The one had his hands all over Cassidy. But even then I couldn't help but stare anyways. she was wearing tiny little jeans shorts which made her legs look even longer than they were. and a white and pink bandanna as a shirt. it was Alpha Phi Theta. She was one of the campus elite. and given her tight body and golden tan she deserved to be their queen. She was teasingthe guy grinding into him looking over her shoulder she bit her lip and winked. Better him than me I guess seeing as just watching this gave a a huge hard on. he picked her up threw her over his shoulder and started tickling her. they were obviously all drunk. when she wiggled free she ran across the room and sat between my friend and I. there was no room for the guy and he seemed pissed.
"hi!" she smiled. she was breathing heavily and her perky tits were rising with each breath and about to bust out of the tiny bandanna.

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   "you don't mind being my safe zone do you?"
I did not mind at all. The other guy was leaving and took Cassidy's admirer with him. and the two girls went back to Kay's room to watch a movie. As she got up I caught a glimpse of a lacy little thong poking out of Cassidy's shorts.
I couldn't help but think of what I wanted to do to that girl. catch her in the elevator. hit the emergency stop and really give her something to smile about. tear off what little clothes she did have on. push her against the wall and have her there. these fantasies were cut off- when Kay txted me. I was invited to come watch the movie too! I picked up my books and went straight over. hoping they'd gotten comfy and perhaps had less clothes on. or were maybe making out with each other or. . .

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   well I opened the door and it was only Kay. "Dan came back for Cassidy he's going to take her home too. but I wanted company. . . . so who's nicer than you" she said this all in her sexy little accent.
I got the hint. when we were watching the movie I made the move. my hand slowly running up her leg until i was rubbing her pussy through her shorts. Kay was moaning and in the dark I could imagine it was Cassidy. she undid my pants and slid out my cock. rubbing it firm and fast she got me so hard, or maybe it was my fantasies about Cassidy. . .

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   and I got impatient. Picked her up stripped her down and threw her back on the bed. In one motion I thrust into her. griping her hair. her legs wrapped round me and ironically french manicured nails digging into my back I made that girl scream I kept fucking her through her first orgasm as her hips bucked with each thrust I made. I went faster as I felt my own coming. thrusting deep and hard. I pulled out a came on her tits. I moaned Cassidy when I did but she either didn't care the fucking horny slut or didn't understand. she hopped in the shower and I went back to my room.

Elsewhere. . . .
Cassidy closed the door to the truck and Dan drove off.

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   It was Kyle who'd beendrinking and flirting with her all night but Dan had already taken him home. "So Cass. . . whats with you and Kyle?"
"Nothing. I was just feeling. . . . horny I guess and that made me flirty. But nothing happened. I'm not so drunk that I wouldn't remember and I think he's too drunk to get it up anyways" she giggled. they laughed. Dan pulled into the alley behind Cassisdy's house. "some of us stayed sober tonight darling.

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  . . " he said this as he put his hand on her shoulder and let it slide down her back till he cupped her ass in his hand. the tipsy girl giggled and ran her hand up his leg. "chicken?" she dared. and his hand calmly ran over her leg from her ass and started rubbing her pussy. she gasped in surprise and her pushed her hand up onto his already exposed cock. Shewas so horny and he had some magic hands. and quickly she ended up in the drivers seat too. . . on top of him. his hand still down at her pussy he gave a quick tug at the little bit of fabric that was the crotch of her shorts and it ripped. her thong came off quickly after that and she slid down on his massive cock. he was a proportionate guy, taller than most, bigger feet than most, bigger hands than most and a much bigger cock than most.

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   he reached down and pulled the lever that reclined the seat. she started riding him that way. Her head hitting the roof of the truck cab when she pulled completely off so she could take all 18 inches in one thrust.
    he could barely control himself. She was so tight and so gorgeous. her Blondie hair glistened in the streetlight and her firm body looked amazing. his hands cupped both her perfect C cup tits. Drawing circles around her nipples, feeling her pussy tighten with anticipation until her leaned forward and took one in his mouth. she moaned loudly. if anyone was walking by they'd've heard. he sucked hard and grazed his teeth over her nipple. she bounced up and down on his cock faster and he got the point. sucking the other one he bit a little and her pussy squeezed him tighter so he got rougher and rougher with them until she was going so fast and was so hot and tight that he came. inside her throbbing pussy. his explosion was enough to bring her to climax too and she shuddered and collapsed in orgasmic bliss.

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       she was out cold. he pulled her off. he couldn't give her to the alpha girls like this. . . . so he took her back to Kay's.

    "I swear Kay she was just horny and jumped me and next thing she was out cold. She's breathing fine but I couldn't let anyone see her like this. " Kay let Dan put Cassidy on the bed. She was so drunk she wouldn't remember this night. Dan left the girls a smug smile on his face as he walked out. She hadn't aid no and she wouldn't remember it anyways. And not like Kay would put the pieces together.

    Kay looked at Cassidy.

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       Fuck it wasn't fair. Kay felt amazing. . . unless she was around Cassidy. Every guy wants Cassidy. Kay ran her hands up and down Cass's famous goddess legs. those she didn't have. and her tits. They wore the same bra size but Cassidy's always looked better. they were perfect, perky, and firm. Kay cupped her own then cupped cass's. yeah they were the same size but they felt different. so different. Kay rubbed them and then pulled off her top.

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       "lets see these things. . . " they were gorgeous. Kay played with them some more and then crawled into bed with Cass and started to kiss her friend. Cass was responsive not out cold anymore which freaked her out. But when she murmured "kyle. . . " Kay knew she was safe. Cass kissed back. and Kay ran her hand all over her body. then slid down to her pussy. it was perfectly shaven. so clean and neat.


      and it smelled like sex. . . so good to Kay. she started licking and Cass let out a moan. MMMM. . . she tasted good and was so wet. Kay kept licking. flicking her tongue over her clit till cass's hips were bucking then thrusting her tongue deep inside to get as much of her sex juices as she could. cass's hand were on the back of her head pushing her deeper and deeper into her pussy- when I walked in. I forgot my books and figure Kay would still be in the shower or asleep so instead of waking her I was just going to grab them. . .

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       but this stopped me. Kay hadn't heard the door open. I watched in awe. her were two amazingly gorgeous girls. one I'd just fucked and the other was my new fantasy. I closed the door. went back to my room and for the coming weeks between that image and Kay's raging sex drive I was very well taken care of. .