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i'm 26 year old guy working in a private company as a accounting incharge. This is my real story in my life and ofcource added some extra words to it and moreover i'm not good in english please adjust with my gramatical mistakes. My company is big one having multiple branches in india. This is my first job but still stick with it because i got good salary,reputation and many more. This relation happened to me at mysore where i worked almost 3 years .

In my first 1 year carreer starts at chennai and then moved to myore branch. I had good team of 5 members when i join there but later its turn to single man army. After 5 months team sizereduced to 3 people due to revenue loss of our company . i have good time with those experienced guys but that happiness lasts soon. One person moved to another branch and one moved to another company within 2 months.

As a single person handles all paper and e-work and makes so frustrated. I planned to leave the company and told to manager also. He personaly request me to hold my decision for a week. After 5 days he called me and asks my concerns. i told him " i need atlest one subordinate ", he made a call to higher official and said okay to me. He also gave freedom to recruit that person.

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I'm boring you right so i will tell you about my sexual habit before continue. i'm lean black guy and my tool is also average. Frankly saying that i play almost 3 to 4 times in a week with my 11th big finger ha ha. . i tried many hair styles for my dence forest and sometimes cleans completely . When i clear it completely i feels it looks giant in size .

As i told you earlier about my team , we 3 people shares a flat ,company pays almost 80% rent and we pay the rest. Its 2 bed room flat in 4th floor . Me and my colleage sathish have took one bed room other senior guy got other bed room. when i join there my sexual routine gets affected because i have separate upstairs room in my home no one have a clue what i'm doing inside. i can say one thing to realise how i enjoy mylife, most of the time i slept with nude.

In sharing room , i miss many things . After a few weeks i got a nice opportunity when roommet sathish went to home town for 3 days i enjoyed 3 days sorry nights completely, plays with my tool , nude sleep , it makes me adict to make it on 4th day too. Luckily i have no problem , sathish asleep in tired because of traveling. And after 4 days my wait continues indefinetly.

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  . . And i got another chance after few weeks . We had releavingdrinks party of a colleage . . . ah i forgot to tell one thing i'm non smoker and non drinker too.

two of roommet enjoys well and i took them to flat in midnight, we change our dresses. After taking facewash i wentto hall and switch on tv , change channel until it reaches f tv, hot girls walking with tranparent panty. my tool rocks me , i puts my hand inside my phant plays with my tool. by the time my phone rings in bedroom, i switch off tv and move to bed room to pick up the call. Oh its a wrong number it makes me throw the phone in bed. Next minute my mood changed, i saw sathish in sleep lost his control over his lungie that is i saw him with his boxer. my tool requires immediate attention ,i removes my night phant without making any noise and gently shakes my tool , my mind starts fly in the air after a long wait. i sat on bed and continues my action, between some shakes i constandly saw his face no sign of waking up.

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when i reached climax and i starts running towards bathroom and makes final move. Ah its a huge releif ,sat on bath room floor some time . After cleaning all things went to bed quickly.

Almost 2 month, i had no other chance . By that time sathish activities looks strange to me, initially i dont took it as serious but later watching his actions closely. first thing was he had only boxers underwears , now he changed to normal and also very tight ones. most of the times his hair shown outside the panty. Second one was , he took bath and wears inner fits in bathroom usualy everyone did like this but now he dont , he came with towel and wears all in front of me very casualy. Normally we discuss many things like cricket,science,our office after dinner and went to sleep, nowdays he shows interest on sexual topics.

All my questions answered on a friday, its a memorable day because of two reasons , one is our colleague marriage and other one i cant tell you in single word. I took incharge for buying gift for marriage , entire office went for lunch . we back to room in the eveningand i went to bed . when i woke up i saw sathish also in bed, clock shows around 9 , i called him for dinner. He told "macha buy something for me . please.

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  . . ", i finish my dinner and bought chappathi which he eats often and returns back to room. i woke him up to take dinner and went to hall and switch on tv. After sometime he came to hall and says "thanks da". we watch together about an hour , i feel better to go for bed but i have no sleep mode. i took of my t shirt , jumps to bed and watching fan movement with no intension. He too came to room and shares the bed.

Second reason to remember actually starts from here. He rolls over & came near to me , i didn't took it as serious. He starts chatting that is really looks no meaning ,my mind asks why he talks about irrelavant topics. Finally he got a point to grab my attention. What he says

He : "Hey you have 6 packs ah".
Me : "dai this is too much. you have the gym body"

he refuses to accept and starts counting something on stomac by toching it.

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   Then his hand starts riding on my chest to little above my private part, sometimes his hand crosses the boundry and rides over my tool. I dont took it as serious but my tool starts growing . After few rides he stuns me with his action. His hand rests on my fully active gun, i lift my head saw him, he acts like he is in sleep mood ,done it innocently. time goes by ,i simply close my eyes not yet sleep . I felt little pressure on my tool, i raise my head to watch it, he gentlypresses mine above night phant. I look him he keenly watching and enjoying his hand movements.

Me: "sathish. . . . . . . .

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  . " , i' calling him
He: "Ya", he replied to me
Me: "what are you doing there ?"
He: "Nothing da. . . ", he replied casualy

I rollover to corner of the bed and switch on the light. i found him sat corner of the bed

Me: "i think you are in some confusion. " , but no response from him.
Me: "go to toilet finish and come da. you will get releaved ", i said
He: "why not here. . " , he breaks the silence and asks me
Me: "If you want you can do here itself, i have no problem. go ahead"

Simply encouraging him, any way i felt its not big deal.

He: "what about you?. . " he asks me, but i didn't want to continue the chat .

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i simply sat on the bed, what can i answer to his question, i have no words. He came & sat next to me.

He: "I know you too have such feeling but you acting smart ". he told boldly, i tried to say no but he doesn't allow me to speak.
He: "i know what you were done on last party night". i 'm stunned , thinking of my wrong judgement about he was in sleep.

Me: " sorry , sorry . i will not . . . " , but again he stopped me.
He: "Dont feel sorry, i'm not complaining you. we act smart before each other, you are my best friend, hopes you too accept me as good friend. then whats the need to hide our action, its another feeling like hungry,anger but we took it as top secret. As you said , me too have no issue .

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  " he completes

Again a long silence, i replied "I agree with you. me too do here whenever i want it". He shows happy on his face and open the door and calls me to hall. i followed him , he switch on the tv searches for the remote, found it on the sofa. he mute the volume and starts browse the channel until he finds f tv. Its hot girls walking with only panties and bra. The show lasts in short duration, i saw him with little dissappointment, then i moved towards bed room. When i sat on the bed , he too enters and locks the door forcely. he saw me eagerly , i dont want to test his patience.

i tried to loosen my phant and pulls it down casualy but he already in panty , his hand busy inside panty. i pick the oil bottle and moved near him that is face to face, he doesn't have any clue what i'm going to do. i took oil in my hand and pulls down his last piece of dress. i saw his hidden area, its gives strong surprise that i never saw such black dence forest. i think he was stunned by my action but shows no reaction, i applied the oil to his forest and took some more from bottle applied to huge balls & shaft.

No more wait , i starts storkes his long little bended thick shaft, he completly out of control and enjoying every stroke.

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   After some strokes, i starts playing with his balls, he looks me and smiles. i gave him oil bottle, he understands what i expects, he tooks some oil pulls off panty forcely. By his action it slides to leg joint then he puts oil and applies directly to shaft. Suddenly he bends down and looks my tool and smiles at me. i asked him

Me: "what" by single word,
He: " no hair" , he replied,
Me: "ya "
He: "you have it on that day"
Me: "ya i removed . . yesterday itself. "

By that time we never stops our action, goes with normal speed.

He: "good job " he appreciated me, but i keeps silence and looks for his reason to feel good
He: "nice , i can access you fully . oh its smother too. " , he excited

he increases the speed which instructs me "do it faster". Few strokes with ultimate speed , hestops and signs me to go toilet. we continues the game there, our entire body gets sweating , i made another move starts caring his balls with other hand but my other hand always busy with shaft. He took long breath , i gave him full speed strokes . His gun fires at me, my stomac got his entire load, its milky white thick load.

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   I mention it because mine was slight yellowish and little liquid than him.
    He rests his head on my shoulder, tooks long breath for few seconds, then he cleans his tool under tab and moves to bed room. i looks his load starts sliding down from my stomac, cleaned it and continues mine. Suddenly he hugged from behind and stops my movement. his hand cares mine from behind, i can feel his gym body , oh its almost sex. Few strokes , i reached climax and loads completely.

    Both washed and return to bedroom . He searches for his panty but didn't find it. i went to bed nude after a long time. He finally found his 'tool cover' , ya his panty . After wearing it , he finds me in bed and asks me

    He: "What is this" and laughs continuously and jumps to the bed
    Me: "hey i usually slept like this. only here itself i wear something. . . ", i expects he undestands
    He: "Okay no problem"

    There is no more room for conversation.


       i went to sleep mode quickly , total body and mind relaxed.

    Some sound disturbing our sleep, oh its around 8. 15 and my colleague makes that noise. i dressed up and moves near door by saying "coming". But suddenly sathish pulls me from behind, i turn back . He moves to bathroom and signals me to open now. Its surprise to me because i found him nude, he too follows my nude sleep. I open the door , other roommet told me that he is leaving to his hometown and backs within 2 or 3 days.

    our chat ends with formal words 'take care ,bye ,call me if any' and so on. When he leaves to downstairs i locked main door and moves to bed and slept . Around 10. 40 i woke up and found sathish also in bed , its quite natural because we went to bed mid night. I took warm bath, and woke him for breakfast. we finishbreakfast in our nearby regular hotel and came back to room . As usual sat before boring with tv programs .

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       i got irritated so i went to bed , after few minutes he too came to bed but silence remains there. He breaks the silence

    He: "hey i'm going to remove this. . . " , while his hand plays with under hair.
    Me: "Oh no. . dont try to that"
    He: "why da ?
    Me: "you are looking good with hair. it suits you well"
    He: "but it disturbs while doing"
    Me: " i dont think so. it gives good sexy look. if you want trim it little bit" ,He immediately went to toilet pick the scissor and asks
    He: " how much i should. . . "
    Me: "If you dont mind i will do it", asks just for fomality. He gave the sign to it , rests on bed in semi sleeping position.

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       I moved in between his legs and starts trimming.

    After cleaning , he took bath and shows me how it looks , it was really sexy and appreciate myself for the good work. I starts riding in pubic area which turns him on. His gun starts jerking and ofcource mine too. He puts hand inside my panty and starts gentle shakes. Me too busy with his tool, we sat facing each other and continues our work. He suddenly bent down and tries to suck my tool, but i pulled his head away from me. He really shocked , i just moved from bed room to hall. He had no clue why i'm not allowed him. Time goes by he came out from bed room , took his bike key and went out. There was a story why i'm refusing it , i will tell you that later.

    I know he was really disappointed with my action so i made a phone call to convince him. But he didn't pick up the call and i dont know where he gone. i went to our regular mess finished breakfast/lunch around 1'o clock and again sat before the idiot box. He came back at 5+ , when i was preparing tea for my self.

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       I didn't noticed him , he just got entered bed room came back after few minutes. I'm asking him whether he want tea, he simply says "yes". He told me he ordered pizza for dinner, it reaches around 7:30 , we went bed after finishing it.

    In midnight i just woke up hearing shocking loud sound. who makes the noise for what. . . . . . . . . . .

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      . . . . . . . . . .

    When i woke up with shock sathish stands before me with small cake with glowing candles. Oh i forgot its my birthday so he gave such shock exactly 12'o clock, it gave real surprise . He went outside in the morning to that prepration what a sweet guy. He instructs to blow the candle , i done it ,asusual he took some cream and applies on my face. Mee too continue the game , as a result half of the spread around everywhere.

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       We finally clean up the messes , and moved to hall and sitched on the tv puts the hot stuff cd.

    I'm really happy with his arrangements and keeps thinking what should i gave him, tv gave the idea. In that hot movie a girl sucking a tool like candy , he was keenly watching this . I immediately went to toilet and cleaned my tool. when i enter the bed room i got an interesting idea, took the remaing cake cream moved to hall. No lights in the hall , tv gave some moon light, i sat sofa with cream in one hand. As he was struct with tv he doen't noticed me . i was only with towel sat on one corder of sofa, he sat almost other end. I slowly removes the towel and applies the cream all over tool without making any disturbance to him. I called him

    Me: "sathish".
    He: "Umm. . . " , he has no mood to saw me.
    Me: "cake da.

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      . . ". i told
    He: "enjoy . . its for you" , he replied without turning.
    Me: "I know but this delicious piece is yours" , he turns my side and found my cream tool. he shows happy shock but doen't know how to react to this. I lift my leg placed over hand rest of sofa. I gave him great look of tool which is now pointing towards him. He came near me and sat on the ground, now his head was between my legs. He was very bright with happy and no delay he started sucking my tool. He was doing very gently , not interested to end the session soon. He removes my skin over the tool head and plays with it. oh what a pleasure it was.

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       After few minutes he completely took mine inside his mouth and increases the speed. we completely enjoys the moment. When i feel i had to come tried to stop him but he refused to stop. I completely loads on his mouth, he then moved to toilet.

    He came back after sometime with fully relaxed. we went to sleep after some time. From that day onwards we sucking friends. We had many good time for a long tim .

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    Mail me amju66@gmail. com.



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