Coffee, Tea or Me


Mandy has been a flight attendant for the past ten years. She worked for a major airline and flew up and the eastern coast - from Miami to New York.

Mandy is 5'7" and weighed 136. She has a 36-35-35 figure with short blonde hair and blue eyes. She’s so beautiful and heads are always turned to check her out when she walked through all the airports.

Mandy loves sex. She loves sex so much she often finds men or women during her lay over’s. Or I should say – laid over’s!While she’s up on the air, she will check out the guys. “Yep, I’ll fuck him,” she would say to herself. Or “Nope. Don’t want him,” she would think to herself while she gave some guy his drink.

So here is one of the sexual adventures of Mandy. It happened during a June flight from Pittsburgh to Tampa.

The Monday flight went smooth from Pittsburgh to Tampa. There were a few men on that flight that got Mandy’s pussy wet. Whenever she walked down the aisle, she would glance at them with a cute smile.

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  Mandy has a smile to die for.

The plane landed at 1:30 in the afternoon and it wasn’t too long before she was in her room at the Hilton hotel at the airport. She wasn’t supposed to fly back to Pittsburgh until Wednesday morning. She had almost two days to soak up the Florida sun.

After a quick dinner, Mandy put on her red bikini and went to the hotel pool to work on her beautiful tan. She found a chaise chair and relaxed in the warm sun.

Thirty minutes later, Mandy sat up to put on some more lotion. A couple of chairs from her was a guy named Gary. He was 53 years old with blonde hair, blue eyes, 6’2” with a nice body as he’s taken care of his body by working out at the gym and jogging sometimes.

Gary noticed Mandy strain to put lotion on her back. He walked over.

“May I help you?” Gary asked.

Mandy looked at Gary and liked what she saw. A little older than me, but he looks cute. She thought to herself.

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  “Thanks,” she said then handed Gary her lotion bottle.

Gary squirted some lotion into the palms of his hands. “Lie on your stomach,” Gary told her. She got on her stomach.

He slowly massaged the lotion into Mandy’s back. Mandy enjoyed it.

“You have nice hands,” she said. “Thanks. My wife always tells me I give good massages,” he replied while he continued to massage the lotion on her back.

While he massaged the lotion into her back, Gary checked out Mandy’s ass and sexy legs. He started to get hard but fought it, as he didn’t want to embarrass himself. Then he got brave. He squirted some more lotion into the palm of his hands. He placed the palms of his hands on Mandy’s thighs. He waited to see if she would kick him away.

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  She didn’t.

He massaged the lotion up and down her sexy calves. Then he slowly massaged lotion up to her thighs and checked out her sweet ass. Then Gary got brave. What the fuck!He thought for himself. Gary slowly inched his way to her inner thighs. Mandy didn’t resist. Gary massaged lotion on the inside of her thighs. Mandy opened up her legs a little. Gary massaged more lotion on her inner thighs. He was finished. When he removed his hands from her thighs, he lightly ran a finger up her crotch. Mandy smiled.

“I’ve never had someone massage me like that,” Mandy moaned.

“If you don’t mind me saying, you have a sexy body.

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  My name is Gary,” he said. “Thanks. I’m Mandy,” she said. Gary removed his hands from her body. “You’re ready for some more sun,” he said.

Mandy turned over and sat up. Gary looked at the breasts and liked what he saw. Perfect tits. He thought to himself.

“Are you staying here long?” Gary asked. “Leaving Wednesday morning. How about you?” she asked. “Leaving Wednesday afternoon,” he said.

Mandy looked around the pool area. “Where’s your wife?” she asked hoping he would give the answer she wanted.

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“Home in Phoenix,” he responded. Mandy smiled, as that’s the answer she wanted. “Well, I better let you finish soaking up the Florida sun,” Gary said.

Mandy didn’t want him to leave. “How about drinks at the bar?” Mandy offered. “I have a phone meeting in twenty minutes. How about 7” Gary counter offered. “Sounds great,” Mandy replied.

“Good, see you then,” Mandy said. “Seven it is,” Gary said then walked away.

Mandy watched Gary walk back to his seat, grab his towel and left the pool area.

Mandy showered and had a quick dinner at the hotel restaurant. She hoped she would run into Gary there, but no such luck.

After dinner, she went back and put on a sexy red dress. She headed down to the bar.

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Gary, wore Khaki pants with a golf shirt, showed up just as Mandy ordered a Captain and coke. Gary ordered a whiskey and coke and told the bartender to put her drink on his tab. The bartender nodded in agreement.

They moved over to a booth to be alone. The drinks flowed and they had a great time and got very comfortable with each other. As more drinks were gulped, they moved closer together. She would stroke his arm when they talked and he would lightly stroke her knee.

“You know something, I think your wife is right,” she said.

“What’s that?” he asked. “You do have great hands,” she said and smiled with a sexy smile.

“I do love giving a sexy woman a massage,” Gary replied with a wink.

“And I sure could use one,” Mandy offered.

Gary moved a hand to her thigh. He massaged it and worked his way down to her crotch. She accepted his hand.

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  He massaged her inner thigh. Mandy moaned, as she loved it. Then Gary lightly rubbed the crotch of her panties. They were wet.

“I need to go powder my nose,” Mandy said and got up and left with her purse.

Gary sat there and watched as she walked out of the bar. I fucked up. He thought to himself while he sipped his drink.

Five minutes later, Mandy returned. She sat back down in the booth and moved next to Gary. She shoved her panties into his front pocket. “You can put those back on me in the morning,” she said and winked.

Gary knew he would be getting some pussy tonight. He discreetly moved his hand down her thighs. Mandy opened her legs a little to accept it.

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  Then Gary felt her shaved pussy. It felt so good as he slipped his index finger into her pussy. Mandy moaned.

Gary discreetly finger fucked Mandy’s pussy in the bar. If other people in there only knew what was going on in their booth. He pulled his finger out and discreetly sucked her juices off it.

“Your room or mine?” he offered. Mandy finished her drink. “Your room,” she replied with a kiss on his cheek.

They left the bar and walked to the elevators.

They entered the elevators and when the doors closed, Gary gazed in Mandy’s eyes and planted a kiss on her lips. They kissed while the elevator went up to the eighth floor.

He kissed her neck. Then sucked on her ear lobe.

Gary inserted his middle finger into her wet pussy.

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  He finger fucked her and she wrapped a leg around his leg. He removed his finger and stuck it in her mouth. The elevator dinged and they separated. The doors opened and they left and walked down to Gary’s room.

Gary opened his door and picked up Mandy like they were on their wedding night. He closed the door and marched her over to his bed.

He immediately removed her high heel shoes. He grabbed her right foot and kissed the bottom of it. He kissed all of her toes. Then he started to suck on her small toe. Mandy moaned while Gary sucked his way to her big toe. He sucked on it like it was a small cock. Gary put her right foot down and picked up her left foot. He started sucking on her toes. While he did this, Mandy massaged Gary’s crotch with her left foot.

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Gary put her foot down. He stepped back and removed his golf shirt. He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. He dropper his pants and stepped out of them. He removed his boxer shorts and stood before her bare ass naked.

Mandy smiled as she got off the bed. She dropped to her knees and looked at Gary’s hard 6-inch cock with strawberry pubic hairs.

She licked the base of his shaved balls then licked her way up to his hard shaft. She licked her way up to his shaft to the tip.

She grabbed his cock and lightly ran her tongue around the tip of his cock. Gary moaned. She opened her mouth and sucked on his tip. Then she moved his cock deeper into her mouth. Gary grabbed her head and started to fuck her mouth.

“You’re a great cocksucker, Mandy,” he said while he fucked her mouth.



“I know,” she moaned with a mouth of hard cock.

Gary pulled her cock out of her mouth. He stood Mandy up and lifted up her dress, removed it and dropped it to the floor. He undid her bra and let it drop to the floor. Gary looked at her naked tan body.

“Mandy, you have a sexy body,” he said and smiled.

Mandy turned around so Gary could check out all of her.

Gary walked up and smacked her ass cheeks. “Is Mandy a slut?” he asked her.

“Yes,” she replied.

Gary smacked her ass a little harder. “I said – Is Mandy a fucking dirty slut?” he said again then squeezed one of her ass cheeks.

“Yes. I’m a fucking dirty slut,” Mandy yelled out.

Gary smiles and pushed her down on the bed.

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  He grabbed her legs and scooted her to where her ass was at the edge of the bed. He sucked on her toes again. He kissed all over her feet. Then he kissed his way down her right leg to her sweet crotch.

He got on his knees and spread Mandy’s legs open. He stared at her wet pussy. He kissed her inner thighs down to her twat. He kissed all around her pussy. Then licked up and down her slit. He kissed his way to one of her ass cheeks. He sucked on her ass cheek. He went over and sucked on her other ass cheek. Mandy moaned.

“Eat my pussy!” she cried out.

Gary ran his tongue up and down he slit.

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  He found her clit and sucked on it. It drove Mandy crazy. After five minutes of sucking on her clit, Mandy arched her back and squeezed Gary’s head.

“FFUUUCCCKKKK!” she screamed out when she had an orgasm.

Gary ate Mandy’s pussy for fifteen more minutes. She was out of breath and had around five orgasms. Gary then licked all around her pussy. Then he licked his away down to her sweet asshole. He licked all around her hole. Mandy moaned and arched her back to allow Gary better access.

“Yes baby, lick my asshole. I’m a dirty slut and need my asshole licked,” Mandy moaned.

Gary licked Mandy’s asshole for five minutes and she fucking loved it.

Then is licked back up her wet pussy slit and kissed and licked his way to her belly button. He licked his way to her gorgeous tanned tits.

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  A-cup tits. He sucked on her right nipple. She grabbed his head and ran her fingers through his hair while he sucked. Gary moved over to her left tit and sucked on her nipple. Mandy moaned, as she loved having her tits sucked.

Gary kissed his way up to her lips. They kissed. Passionate kisses and held each other tight. Then Gary poked his cock at her pussy. It poked inside and went deep. Mandy wrapped her legs around Gary’s waist while he pumped her pussy.

“Yes baby, fuck me,” Mandy moaned in his ear.

“You’re one hot slut,” Gary cried out while he fucked her.

They became one sweaty twisted pair while Gary fucked Mandy in the missionary position.

Gary got off Mandy and put her on her hands and knees.

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  He went behind her and rubbed his cock up and down her pussy. He poked his cock at her wet hole and it slipped in.

“AHHHH,” Mandy moaned when his cock slipped into her pussy.

Gary fucked Mandy doggiestyle for five minutes.

Then Gary pulled his cock out and rubbed it against her asshole.

“Does my slut want her ass fucked?” Gary asked.

“Yes baby. I’m a fucking slut and want you to fuck my asshole,” she said then wiggled her ass at him.

Gary rubbed her cock against her tight asshole. He pressed the tip against her hole. He pressed a little harder and her hole opened up and accepted his hard cock.

“Fucking feels good,” Mandy yelled when Gary’s cock entered her asshole.

Gary slowly pushed his cock deeper into the ass. He stopped when it was halfway in. He slowly pumped her ass.

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  Mandy laid her head while Gary fucked her ass.

“FUCK!FUCK!FUCK!” Mandy screamed out while he pumped her ass with cock.

Gary fucked Mandy’s ass for five more minutes.

“I’m going to cum,” he cried out.

“Cum on my face,” Mandy replied.

Gary pulled his cock out of her ass.

Mandy got off the bed and got on her knees on the floor. Gary stood by her and stroked his cock. She licked his balls while Gary continued to stroke his cock.

“I’m cumming,” he cried out.

Mandy opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.

“FFFUUCCCKKKK!” Gary screamed out and shot his load of cum on Mandy face with some of it dropping on her tongue.

Gary stood Mandy up and faced her. He licked his cum off her face while she swallowed the cum that landed on her tongue.

They French kissed.

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They walked hand in hand to the bathroom and took a shower.




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