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I was in my early 20 when this story begins; I still was living home with mom, her new partner and my younger sis.

I am 5’9” feet tall, 170 lbs in weight. My body was pretty fit due to all the martial arts training, fit but not too muscular though. I never had a huge penis, in fact it is just about 6. 8 inches in length, but no girl ever complained about it (well at least not to me directly), maybe because it compensates a little with its girth! And to make the length of it stand out less, I was completely shaving my pubic hair.

I was involved in an intense relation with Julia, a beautiful 18 year old girl with a beautiful athletic and firm body. She was 5’5” feet tall, with long black hair, round 32 B boobs with puffy pink nipples.

That day we were in my room, talking as usual about some sexual, erotic stuff.

You need to know, before I can continue with this narration, that Julia and I were just fucking all the time since when we’d met. Any moment and any spot was good to push my hardness inside her wetness (and in a lot of other places). And when we weren't fucking like stupid rabbits, we were talking about how we would do it the next time. What's good is that we both had lots of fantasy and a pretty fervid imagination.

We were in my room, lovely chatting about the many ways a penis and a vagina can be stimulated and teased. Obviously my young body was reacting the best possible way to our chit-chatting, and a pretty big bulge was showing clearly through my shorts; enough that my sweet Julia put a hand over it, starting to rub it slowly, pinching it through the fabric with her thumb and index fingers. I was used to feeling that, since we really loved to do such things almost everywhere. She teased my poor little stick of love while on the bus, in a fully crowded church during a mass, even at the restaurant during the usual family meeting that occurs every year when our relatives come down from Sweden to visit us.

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Julia was a sex addict, when I met her for the first time she was just turned 18 and was a friend's girlfriend. He was always telling me she was so fucking pretty but so damn inexpert. Well, that was probably true, but she was largely compensating the lack of expertise with her everlasting horniness.

That day, I was saying before auto interrupting myself a couple of times already, she was playing with my cock through the fabric of my shorts. Pre-cum was flowing while her fingers were teasing the head of my throbbing cock, tainting the blue fabric that now was showing a pretty evident darker spot on the front.

"Let's do something serious, please! I can't bear this no more" I whimpered. "I think my balls are about to explode".

She replied to me by just looking directly into my eyes with that frightening look that she sometimes has. Then she bent her head down putting her mouth right where the darker, wet spot was and started suckling my lubricant juice, from the fabric. That was only making me feel more and more frustrated. The little warrior inside my pants was ready to stand up and fight! No matter what…

"Oh c'mon, bitch!" (We love to use bad names when we do 'sexual things'). I pushed her back a little, so I could handle my shorts to pull them down. I managed almost ripping that piece of clothing off me. My cock sprang out, standing up rigid, pointed directly to the ceiling, like a stalagmite in a cave.

Julia looked at it and smiled.

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   "My friend is nice and hard as always I see". Then she grabbed the shaft in her hand and pulled the skin back, uncovering the head of my uncut cock. The head was red, glittering in wetness, drops of pre-cum spurted out of the little hole when I felt his touch. She ran a finger all around spreading the transparent juice all over it, teasing right where the head joins the shaft, making me gloat in pleasure.

"Oh I always love when you play with it, Julie" I told her. "Now make your little friend happy, please".

She bent down, starting to kiss my swollen balls. Then her tongue started its trail of pleasure, slowly reaching the top of my steel hard cock. The tip of her tongue played a little with my urethra, filling it, spreading the little hole, making that sensitive part feel her touch. Then she pulled back the skin over the head of my penis, leaving her skillful tongue under it, rotating all around my sex under the skin. When she pulled her tongue out she sucked on my foreskin trying to dry what can't be dried.

"Let’s play a game!" she said.

"What's on your mind?" I asked while my hand grabbed hers still gripping my cock, guiding it, starting to Jerk me off with it.

"Choose something. Just whatever you like and I’ll try to push it up my pussy"

"Are you sure Julie?" I asked.

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   "I can be pretty evil sometimes"

"Sure I am. I don't fear you" she told me with her challenging look.

I looked around, searching for something that could fit the task. I know her pussy was quite elastic, but I didn't want to hurt her, maybe just leave her hole a little sore.

"Ok let's start with that" I pointed at a half empty 1. 5 liters coke bottle.

"Pff. . . that's too easy!" she mocked me.

"Oh but maybe you think I just want you to push the neck up your cunt" I said looking at her directly. "You have to squat over that bottle after putting it on the floor, I want you to try to make it enter the more you can".

"Deal!" she grabbed the bottle that was on my desk, leaving my cock alone, so I had to continue to stroke it slowly. She put the bottle on the floor right in front of me. "Is that the place where you want it?" I nodded while she unbuttoned her very short skirt, letting it fall down on the floor, then she slipped her black stockings down her long pale legs carved in marble, kicking it to me, like in some movie she probably saw.

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   She was wearing a pair of girly yellow knickers that made a very erotic contrast with the rest of her sexy clothing, especially with the darker stain spreading on the front.

"Keep those on!" I ordered her.

She smiled at me, and then stood right before me, legs parted. She grabbed her yellow panties pulling it aside, revealing her perfectly shaved, drooling pussy to me. Some drops of her juice flowed off the opening of her slit finally free, dripping on the floor. "Do you like the sight?"

"Hell yes! I'd be damned if that's not one of the better cunts I ever fucked" I replied to her, just speaking the truth.

"Now look carefully". She started to squat down slowly, like she was dancing to the rhythm of music only she could hear. With the hand that wasn't keeping her panties aside, she reached her pussy, starting to rub her middle finger between the wet outer lips of her sex. She was teasing her clit, stroking it slowly, while her breath became heavier. When she finally was close enough to the top of the plastic bottle to let it penetrate her, she stood up again, starting her little show from the beginning, teasing me more and more making me burn with anticipation.

She finally sat on the bottle; I saw it get inside her wet pussy for about 8 inches, stretching her young pussy where the neck starts to get larger. She got back standing, lifting the bottle with the grip of her vagina. That was a pretty funny thing to see, there was a beautiful girl in front of me standing with her legs spread and a plastic bottle hanging from her pussy.

She went down again bending her knees.

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   The bottle hit the ground and she tried to make it enter more.

I stood up. "Let me help you!" I placed my hands over her shoulders. My cock was right in front of her face, bouncing up and down following the accelerated beat of my heart. My hard piece of meat hit her nose once, then again a second time. She opened her mouth and sucked it in, then she started to move her head back and forth without even using her hands, one busy keeping her panties aside while the other was keeping her labia spread to help the big plastic object to slide in her tender hole.

Feeling the warmness of her wet mouth embracing my pleasure pole gave me a shiver down my spine, my muscles went into a spasm that suddenly made me push my hips forward. I hit her throat feeling the back of it against the head of my swollen cock. My balls pressed against her chin. She pulled her head back, coughing loud. Weird noises were coming from her throat, like when a piece of food gets stuck and you try to cough it out. "Sorry, I didn't mean to do that, it was totally involuntary". I like to play the asshole from time to time (and maybe I also am) but I don't like to really hurt anyone who doesn't deserve it. I actually enjoyed that accidental deep throat, but she didn't seemed to have enjoyed it the same way. .

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  . she looked like she was about to puke out her last Christmas dinner.

I have to be completely honest with you, my main concern was that she could stop our game in that moment (that's why I told you that maybe I am an asshole). But now the spark lit the fire, and there was way to stop the brakeless train.

While she was still busy coughing I grabbed slapped my wet, hard cock over her face. She looked at me with angry eyes, but didn't say anything. With the hand that still was over her shoulder I started to push. She just stopped thinking about her throat. "No please stop, it cannot enter more than this!" she yelled. Her pussy was stretched to the limit. She tried to get back up, but I was keeping her firmly down.

"You will tear me apart, you asshole!"

"Good! Maybe, if you make me cum, I’ll let you stand up!" that said I pressed the head of my cock against her lips, before she could speak.

She reluctantly opened her lips to let my cock in, and while I was keeping her down with both hands now, she started to suck. I didn't want to push her down more than this, but I wanted her to believe I could have done it.

I felt her tongue move in circles all around the head, that almost brought me to cum, but I managed to resist a little longer.

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   What I didn't know was that she wanted to make me pay for treating her like I was. . She rapidly moved the hand that was keeping her panties apart, grabbing my balls. I barely had the time to understand what was happening and look down when she squeezed my sack really hard. Just seconds before I could cum. I cried out my pain with cum that already started to rush up the shaft. What she didn't consider was the involuntary reaction of my body to the pain. Instinctively my muscles contracted, my hands pushed violently over her shoulders. She wasn't ready for that, so the bottle penetrated her more than she wanted to. She cried too, before throwing herself back falling down on the floor with a loud "Thud". What a mess!

Falling she released my balls finally freeing me of my burden, cum started flowing again.

The door suddenly opened "What's happen. . . "

I was standing there, in the middle of my room, in front of the door, wide-eyed, watching a spurt of freshly squeezed cum fly in the air.

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   That moment seemed to last an eternity. I was hoping something could stop that creamy "Identified Flying Object", but Julie was on the floor and there were no further day-saving obstacles on its way so. . .

Less than a second later I was watching my incredulous little sister with a large splat of my hot, thick cum all over her face and dripping down her cheeks and chin on her, just bought, new (obviously black) sweater. . .

But that's another story. . .




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