Cherry Hill riding club part 6


    Jenn was halfway downstairs when she saw Emily. Their eyes met, and Emily was hoping she had not shoved their relationship beyond the breaking point. When Jenn got to the bottom of the stairs, she took 3 steps, and pulled Emily against her, hugging her tightly.

     "Thank you Mom, for making me feel so much better" Jenn whispered in Emily's ear.

     Emily relaxed a bit, and enjoyed the feel of Jenn's sexy teen body against hers. Jenn pulled back, gave Emily a look and brought Emily's head forward, pressing her lips against her Mom's, giving her a drawn out, passionate smooch.

     "Mom, can we go out for dinner? I'm so hungry, and I don't want to waste time making dinner, when we can just sit back, relax, and let our favorite restaurant do all the work for us!" Jenn said, smiling.

     "Sure baby, just let me grab the car keys, and we'll be off" Emily replied.

     Soon, they were seated at Carlo's Trattoria, Emily and Jenn were both big fans of Italian food, and Carlo's had the best they had ever tasted. Since they were regulars, and Carlo was very happy every time when they came in, and he got to ogle their fine, sexy forms, Carlo allowed them the liberty of letting Jenn have wine with her meal. Where he came from, back in the old country, wine was as much a part of a fine dinner as plates and silverware. Jenn was 17, she was with her Mom, and Carlo thought the age limits for drinking alcohol were really excessive. He agreed with age limits in bars were young teens would do nothing but get drunk, or worse, end up driving drunk and killing themselves. In his trattoria, no one got trashed, his diners were responsible drinkers, and Carlo had no problem when Emily ordered a glass of wine with dinner for both of them. They settled back, talking about everyday things, not really mentioning what had occurred between them earlier. That changed to some degree, after Jenn had downed some of her wine.

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     "Mom, what happened earlier, I just wanted you to know, I liked it, I liked it a lot, and don't feel bad, or guilty. It's not like you took advantage of me, I knew what was going to happen when you removed the ice bag, and I saw the look of sexual hunger in your eyes as you looked at me pussy. I spread my legs just a bit more when you saw my pussy, and I realized that I couldn't wait to feel your tongue against me. My poor pussy was so red and sore, I got fucked so hard, and your soft wet tongue really helped me feel better, bringing on that wonderful wave of orgasm. I hope that I licked you as good as you did me, did you enjoy it Mom?" she asked, her eyes gleaming.

     Emily recalled the heat, the feel of her pussy being licked by the skilful, experienced tongue of her daughter, as she replied, "Oh baby, it was fantastic. I haven't been licked like that since your Dad passed away four years ago. "

     That stopped them for a minute, it had been 4 years since their husband and father, Will Lawner had died in a car accident. His car had skidded off an icy road, flipped over and over, and he had been killed at the scene. It was still a pretty fresh wound, and they didn't talk about it too much.

     Jenn said, "So you liked how I licked you?"

     Emily said, "Oh yes baby, you licked me so well, and gave me a wonderful orgasm. Your tongue was so hot and wet, so good, ummmm, it felt like you knew what you were doing. All those sleepovers with Cherry no doubt taught you how to lick pussy so well, I imagine you had more than few sessions between that girl's thighs, right?"

     Jenn gasped, her face turning bright red.

     Emily giggled, and said, "No worries baby. I didn't spy on you, but more than a few times, I'd heard giggles, sighs and now and then what sounded like moans of pleasure coming from your room late at night during your sleepovers, I'd been tempted to peek in, but I'd resisted that urge.

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     With a grin, Jenn replied, "Judging by how well you can do that Mom, I'd say that you did your share of muff diving, didn't you?"

     Emily giggled wildly, and Jenn joined her. Muff diving, she hadn't heard that for a long time.

     After their laughter died away, Emily said, "Yes, I was a muff diver, and I loved it! I learned how to lick pussy when I was accepted by my sorority. The idea was that we should be free and open with our sisters, and I licked every sorority sister, many times. Those were great times, there was lots of one on one times with my sisters, and once a month, in the secret, specially designed playroom that only the sisters knew about, there'd be an all sister orgy, and oh my god. Licking, being licked, using dildos and vibrators on each other, cries of delight, shrieks and howls of orgasm would fill the playroom as my body would cum, over and over, surrounded by my sexy sorority sisters who were cumming all over the place, also. It was an all sorority sister, all night orgy, and I would cum so many times, I was totally exhausted when I tumbled into bed, just as dawn was breaking. "

     Emily's face was flushed, and she could feel the dampness as her pussy creamed up at the recall of those hot, sex filled nights. Judging by Jenn's flushed face, she had a feeling that Jenn was similarly turned on.

     With a giggle, Jenn said, "Well, your talents are still razor sharp!"

     Their conversation came to a halt as the waiter approached, and they set about to eating. The Fettuccine alla Fra Diavola, fettuccine pasta served with large shrimp in a spicy garlic tomato sauce that Emily ordered, was perfect. Jenn was equally enthused about her dish, Fusilli al Salmone, corkscrew pasta served with fresh salmon and leeks in a pink vodka sauce. They were hungry, and didn't let the meals sit out on the plate long enough to get too cool.

     Jenn started talking about Cherry, what a wild child she could be. Emily wondered if Jenn was going to tell her about her day at Cherry Hill, but Jenn didn't.

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   Emily realized that it could have been too much for Jenn to share at this time, no problems, she would see for herself soon enough, hopefully.  

     A week later, and Emily hit the mark. A DVD, with the title "Cherry Hill riding club part 7 Jenn" had been added to Jenn's collection. Oh god, this was it. Emily could feel her lust factor go from 0 to 100 in seconds, her pussy started to cream up, and she could her nipples become stiff, rock hard points. Jenn was out with her friends at a bridal shower, Emily figured she'd have more than enough time. Just in case Jenn came home early, she set the security chains, that had to be opened from the inside. She quickly got her 8 inch vibrator, and scurried back to Jenn's room. Her pussy was practically dripping, she wouldn't need any extra lube.

     She turned on the DVD player and TV, and inserted the DVD. It cued up to the beginning as she propped up three pillows against her back, and spread a thick bath towel right under her ass as she settled herself into position. The way her pussy was dripping with lust, she figured she'd need it. Try explaining to Jenn why her quilt had a giant wet spot!

     She took the remote, and pressed the PLAY button. The action began as the others had. Jenn was riding a horse around a sun dappled meadow, the camera following.

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   She steered the horse towards the camera, and she saw Jenn's face, alive with lust, her eyes gleaming with heat. The scene changed, they were now in the barn.

     She heard Cherry's voice "Are you ready to become a full fledged member of the Cherry Hill riding club baby?"

     Jenn growled out huskily, "Oh fuck, more than ready. Your popping elixir has made me so fucking horny, I'm dripping! Bring on the horse cocks, I need it!"

     Cherry stripped Jenn naked, and ordered Jenn, "Now, down on your knees baby. "

     Emily knew she'd explode way too early if she even nudged her clit, so she cupped her breasts, fingers tweaking at her hard, aching nipples, feeling the surge of pleasure going straight to her creaming cunt.

     Jenn knelt, and Cherry led Midnight in. She secured his legs, then let Jenn stare at the cock.

     "Now, stroke that big cock, watch his cock grow baby. "

     Jenn did so, and her look of wonder as she watched that massive cock surge up was recorded as Cherry had taken the camera off the tripod, and was in for the close up action. She played with his cock, until his huge cock was throbbing.

     "Now, lick that cock, run your tongue up and down that hard cock. "

     Emily watched, her pussy creaming crazily, as Jenn's pink tongue slid out, and she started to run her tongue up and down Midnight's huge shaft. She ran her tongue down the hard shaft and back up again, she licked at the head, then her mouth went down and up again, Jenn's tongue started to flicker all over his shaft. She then ran her mouth down again, planting a line of kisses along the shaft, then she went lower, licking at the big balls, running her tongue around them.

     Cherry growled huskily, "Oh yeah Jenn baby, ummm, you know how to handle a cock, now, give Midnight the best suck job you can, you'll love it when he fills your mouth!"

     Jenn swirled her tongue back up, and licked eagerly at the strange looking head.

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   Emily could see her licking her lips, making them as slick as possible, and then she watched her very own daughter lean in and open her mouth as wide as she could. Both of Jenn's hands were wrapped around his pole, stroking his thick cock and Jenn was barely able to squeeze the strange looking head in to her mouth. It looked like a tight fit, but once the head was in Jenn's mouth she slid her lips down his shaft as far as she could. Jenn made it a few inches, pulled back, then slid her mouth down again, she was able to take little bit more, and Jenn got into the rhythm of the blow job, as she started to bob her head back and forth, taking in just a little bit more each time.

     Emily growled, "Oh yeah baby, suck that cock, suck it, and let that beast spew his cum all over you!"

     Jenn picked it up, she knew how far she could take it, and her lips started to glide back and forth smoothly, her mouth sucking on him, hands pumping that cock, eager for her first load of horse cum. Emily could hear her making little "mmm, mmm, mmm" sounds around his cock as she sucked him.

     Cherry said, "Oh yeah Jenn, good girl. Work up Midnight's cock to a gusher, you'll love it!'

     With encouragement like that, Jenn worked over that cock, as as Midnight started to snort, Emily rammed her vibrator deep inside, turning it on and feeling the tremors deep down inside.

     Emily could see Midnight's cock throbbing and pulsing wildly, his huge cock squirting, Jenn's cheeks bulged with the volume. She looked like she was trying to swallow as much as she could, but she had to pull her head back and his cum spewed out. Jenn gulped down what was left in her mouth as Midnight wasn't done yet and his wildly squirting cock was now giving Jenn a full facial, covering her face with a sheet of cum.

     That sent Emily roaring over the top, seeing her daughter doing such perverted nasty sex just made her crazy, and her pussy exploded with a force that brought shrieks of pleasure from her, she could feel her cunt squirting like a hose, her body jerking and thrashing wildly, she was cumming like crazy, my god, it was one of her most powerful orgasms. She kept her eyes open, watching as Jenn pointed his big cock down at her body, still pumping that beast, and Midnight's cock obliged, thick ropes splattering, warm cum splashing, long, thick trails all over her body, neck, tits, belly, her smooth shaven mound all got splattered.

     Jenn stood up, grinning, her body displaying the work of her horse cock sucking, letting the camera film her face, covered with dripping horse cum. Her tongue came out, licking at some of the thick, sticky semen around her lips.

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       The camera then trailed lovingly over her body, capturing the explosive, gushing orgasm that Midnight had unleashed on Jenn's mouth and body.

         Cherry's voice, said, "Did you like that baby?"

         Jenn cried, "Oh my god, I fucking loved it!"

         Cherry said, "Then you'll love what's coming next!"

         The camera was placed back on the tripod, then Cherry led Jenn over to the fucking table. On the table, on her hands and knees, Jenn let out a growl of lust as she was strapped down. Cherry took the jar of lube, and spread a generous sized glob of lube along Jenn's lips, then added two more that were slid up her tight tunnel, when you are going to take on such a monster cock, there's no such thing as too much lube.

        Cherry left the frame for a minute, when she came back, she was leading Snowflake towards Jenn.

         Cherry cooed, "Come on Snowflake, we've got a nice hot pussy for you, all ready to be fucked hard and filled up. "

         With Cherry's hands stroking at him, Snowflake's cock quickly grew, and she ran thick globs of lube up and down, making Snowflake's massive fuckpole glisten. She signaled to him, he knew what that meant, and he lifted his front legs, and they slid into the grooves built for them. Jenn was positioned so that long knob end was against her tight pussy lips. Jenn's shrieks of pain filled the speakers, Emily's cunt was throbbing, she started to ram herself with her dildo as she watched Jenn, her very own daughter, losing her horse cock virginity to a horny stallion in a deep, hard thrust. The screams and shrieks of Jenn losing her horse cock virginity, as that rock hard horse cock split open her tight pink walls, the panting of the horse, the liquid sounds of Jenn's pussy getting fucked deeper than ever, filled the speakers. After several cunt splitting thrusts, the lube took away the abrasive edge, and Jenn, like the other members of Cherry Hill, seemed to be able to take the huge pole, she was starting to let out sounds of pleasure.

         The camera was lifted off the tripod, and moved in for extra hot, close up shots. The camera moved around the table, capturing hot shots from all angles. Jenn's face was turned to the side, glowing, she looked almost delirious with pleasure.

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         Jenn growled, "Oh yeah horsey, fuck me horsey, fuck me, oh yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

         Emily's favorite scene was where she could see Jenn's eager pussy stretched wide around that massive shaft. She imagined herself in that position, strapped down, getting the most cunt filling fuck ever. She felt her pussy give a giant lurch, Emily had been fucking herself silly with the dildo, polishing around her throbbing clit, and she knew she was seconds away. Fortunately, so was Jenn.

         Jenn shrieked out, "I'm cumming, fuck, fuck FUCK, AWW GAWWDDD!!" and she let out a wild scream of pleasure.

         The horse let out loud snorts, and Emily could just imagine the huge load of thick creamy cum filling Jenn's pussy. Emily felt her own throbbing pussy explode, as her cunt burst apart in a blast of sheer pleasure, and her howl of orgasm joined the sounds from the TV. Fuck, it felt like she was turning inside out as her body flopped around on the bed, she felt like she was out of control, as she finally slumped down, breathless, watching as Cherry helped the horse down, letting him wander through the barn. Jenn's pussy had been filled to overflowing, and the camera closed in on her well filled hole.  

         "And now for my fun part, the extra special service you only get at Cherry Hill, cleaning up all the horny, messy pussies my horses create!" Cherry giggled.

         Cherry put the camera back on the tripod, and moved it closer to the action. She positioned the bench right behind Jenn's up-thrust ass. Facing the camera, she slipped off the robe she was wearing, giving the camera a full frontal view of her nudity. Emily saw that her mound was shaved bare and smooth, she looked so sexy, and Emily wondered how it felt to be hairless down there. She smiled to the camera, then she took a kneeling position on the bench, and plastered her mouth against Jenn's well fucked cunt, ready to clean up that messy, tasty pussy.

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         She heard Jenn coo, "Oh yes, lick me Cherry, suck out all that tasty load of horse cum, and make me cum baby!"

         Cherry was more than eager to do so, and Emily watched, her cunt still buzzing, as Cherry's mouth and tongue worked on getting that load out of her. She watched as Cherry slipped her hand down, eager to stroke herself. Cherry applied her oral skills to giving Jenn the best lick job she could, and it took little time before Jenn cried out in pleasure, as Cherry skilfully brought her cresting to another orgasm. Emily could hear Cherry's moans into the soupy mix she was eagerly licking up, as her fingers brought herself to climax.

         Cherry faced the camera, smiling, from the nose on down, she was plastered with a mix of Jenn's juices and a thick sheet of horse cum, thick streams dripping off her chin, splattering down over her tits. Streams started to dip off her tits, other streams were rolling down the valley between her breasts, and roll down her belly. She did this for a minute, letting the cum make thick trails on her body, she opened her mouth, showed the thick spunk that her mouth was filled with, then eagerly swallowed it down, giving the camera a big grin of satisfaction.

         "Ummm, my favorite part, I love being a horse cum slut. Cherry Hill riding club, were my horses will make you feel so good, come and ride a big stallion's cock, and you'll cum like never before. I'm looking forward to the next horny pussy, all messy and so juicy with a huge load of horse spunk, that I can lick clean!"

         Cherry giggled, blew a kiss to the camera, and the screen went blank.

         Emily was floating in a hazy afterglow, god, she'd never seen anything so fucking hot in all her life. She was determined to be part 8 of the Cherry Hill volumes, and she was going to confront Cherry very soon.