Cherry Hill riding club part 5


     Emily was snooping in Jenn's room every day, eager to see "Cherry Hill riding club part 7 Jenn" added to her daughter's collection. Her pussy was hornier every day, fuck, she couldn't wait to see her daughter taking on the hard, stiff horse cock.

     Two weeks after Jenn had agreed to losing her horse cock virginity, Emily was at home, relaxing, when Jenn and Cherry entered. Jenn looked somewhat dazed, her face was flushed, and she walked gingerly, and Emily felt her pussy pulse with heat. Oh, it looked like Jenn had got her horse cock virginity plucked.

     "Are you okay Jenn, you're looking a little flushed, sweetheart. " Emily said innocently.

     She saw the look that Jenn and Cherry exchanged.

     Jenn replied quickly, "Yeah, I'm just a little under the weather, they got a stomach bug going around at school, and I think I have it, now. You know how these things get around. "

     Emily grinned inwardly at the obvious lie, and said, "Well, why don't you go upstairs and lie down for a while. I'll make you a cup of herbal tea, and you just take it easy for the rest of the day. "

     Jenn said, "Thanks Mom, I think I will. Cherry, do you wanna hang out for a while?"

     Cherry said, "Well, I need to get home, I still gotta do my chemistry homework, or Miss Stinson will not be pleased. And I need to keep my grades up, or my parents are gonna take away my cell phone for the rest of the school year. "

     Emily watched as Jenn gingerly made her way up the stairs.

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   On an impulse, she said, "Would you like an ice pack sweetheart? I can bring it up with your tea. "

     "Oh that'd be great Mom" Jenn said.

     Emily brewed up her tea, got the bag, filled it up with crushed ice, and took it upstairs. Jenn was lying back, and she took the ice bag, holding it, waiting for Emily to put down the tea and depart.

     "Okay sweetheart, you rest, I'll be downstairs if you need me. "

     "Thanks Mom" Jenn said softly.

     Jenn looked so damn sexy, Emily couldn't resist, she leaned down, and pressed her lips against Jenn's. Jenn looked startled for a minute, but then Emily felt her lips warm against hers, and she felt Jenn's mouth push back against her. Emily's pussy felt warm twangs of heat as she held the kiss for a few more seconds, Emily was aching to slip her tongue out, but, that might have been too much. Emily pulled her head back, breaking the kiss, and saw Jenn's eyes wide, looking into hers.

     Emily saw her smile, and she said softly, "That felt nice, Mom. "

     Emily was a bit flustered, taking a chance like that, and she said, "Well, sometimes a Mom just has to kiss it and make it better. Call me if you need me baby. "

     Emily went to the top of the stairs, and then crept back to Jenn's room. Emily peeked in, saw Jenn pulling off her skirt and panties, she spread her legs, and her bare, smooth shaven lips looked red and sore.

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   Oh yes, she did indeed take on that cock. She pressed the ice bag against her hurting lips, hissed a bit at the initial weight, then let out a sigh as the ice started to numb down her stretched out entrance. She lay back, keeping the ice bag against her, recovering from her experience. Emily crept away from her door, and went downstairs quietly. She took her cup of tea, sipping at it while she thought about it. What was it like, how painful was it, did she enjoy it? Emily wondered if she would enjoy it, if she had the courage to go through with it. Her mind was whirling with the things that were crowding her mind. More than ever, Emily needed to see Jenn's DVD join her special shelf. Then, she'd confront Cherry alone, and if need be, threaten to tell on her if she didn't let her find out for herself, what it felt like.

     Emily's last comment, about how a Mom has to kiss it and make it better, ohhh my, she knew what she wanted to kiss. Emily felt it, it was so naughty, incest, my god, that would be incest. So what, who gives a damn? My daughter just got horse fucked, here I am, wanting to take that same wild ride, and I'm worried about a little incest? It's not like we'd be breeding and be creating a deformed baby. Emily didn't believe in religion, she thought it was just a load of shit, to try and control people. She wondered about just marching in there, then pulling the ice bag away, and licking gently at Jenn's sore, swollen pussy lips.

     She went upstairs quickly, before she could change her mind.

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   She breezed in to Jenn's room, making Jenn jump, she still had the ice bag pressed against her.

     Jenn whipped a sheet over her, and gasped, "Mom, what. . . what do you want??"

     Emily was right at the foot of the bed, and she cooed, "Well, as a Mom who has to kiss it and make it all better, that's what I'm here for. "

     Jenn gaped at her, and Emily grabbed a corner of the sheet, and whipped it away.

Jenn still had the ice bag pressed against her, and Emily gently took her hand, and lifted it away. She saw the red, sore lips, and she felt a rush of lust and the Mom doctor feeling.

     "Oh baby, it's so red and sore. Let Mom kiss it and make it all better" Emily cooed.

     Jenn relaxed, her legs still spread wide, watching with wide eyes as her Mom settled in between her legs. Emily saw her smile of desire.

     Jenn cooed, "Umm, oh yes Mommy, my poor little pussy got fucked so hard, and it hurts, kiss me Mommy, kiss me right there and make it all better. "

     Emily grinned, she was going to enjoy this. She adored licking pussy, in college, she'd been a dedicated pussy lapper, and she had licked every sorority sister, many times.

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   Those were the best times of her life, there was lots of one on one times with her sorority sisters, and once a month, in the secret, specially designed playroom that only the sisters knew about, they'd have an all sister orgy, and Emily was in her element. Licking, being licked, using dildos and vibrators on each other, cries of delight, shrieks and howls of orgasm filling their playroom as sexy females sorority sisters were cumming, it was an all sorority sister, all night orgy, and Emily would cum so many times, she would be totally exhausted when she tumbled into her bed, just as dawn was breaking.

     Being a dedicated pussy licker, she was going to give Jenn the best lick job she could. She gently, very gently ran her tongue up and down Jenn's sore, swollen lips, Emily's tongue sliding feather light against her. Jenn let out a soft moan, and ran her fingers through Emily's hair.

     "Oh yes, you are so right, Mommy kissing it is making it feel so much better" Jenn crooned.

     Emily felt a rush of lust, and she slid her tongue in, very gently parting Jenn's pink seam, hearing her daughter let out a little gasp, and sliding her tongue gently, gently up and down her lips. She could taste Jenn's juices starting to flow, and the taste of those female juices always fired her up. She kept giving her daughter the gentle sliding tongue, enjoying the way Jenn was responding. Emily could see Jenn's clit rising quickly, so hard, so pink, and so ready to be licked.

     "Ummm, oh yes, kiss it some more Mommy, it makes it feel better and better" Jenn crooned huskily.

     Emily's own pussy was throbbing with heat as her tongue started long, broad sweeps over Jenn's twitching clit, listening to her daughter's cries of pleasure. Emily ran a hand down, unzipping her jeans, slipping her fingers under her panties, seeking out the steamy, wet heat, burying her fingers deep, moaning into the pink lips of Jenn's pussy.    

     "Ooooh, oh yes, Mommy's kissing is making me feel so good" Jenn cooed.

     Emily finger-fucked herself wildly, licking Jenn's clit, she could feel both her daughter and herself racing towards orgasm.

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   Jenn stiffened suddenly, pulling her mother's mouth tightly against her. A rush of Jenn's juices gushed out, flooding her mouth, Jenn letting off squeals of pleasure as she tumbled into orgasm. That gave Emily the final push she needed, and she felt her own juices gushing over her hand as she moaned loudly, her pussy exploding around her plunging fingers, feeling her walls gripping tightly at them.

     Coming down from her orgasm high, Emily was terrified. She just gone down on her daughter, she saw Jenn looking at her with wide eyes, my god, she had even masturbated herself while licking her own daughter! Jenn could very well be disgusted and sick at her for being such a pervert. Jenn stood up, facing Emily, and Emily saw the smile curving her lips. Jenn moved forward, she her hands came up, and started stripping her down. Emily watched, it seemed almost surreal, to see her clothes being stripped off by her daughter, and cast aside.

     When Emily stood, totally nude in front of her daughter, Jenn whistled. Oh yes, her Mommy was so damn sexy, it had been a while since she'd see her Mommy naked. At the age of 34, her Mom was a total MILF; sleek black hair with hints of brown, sparkling blue eyes, slender build, gorgeous 34D-cup breasts, a pert heart-shaped ass and shapely legs. She'd seen more than a few guys giving her Mom close, hungry looks when they were out and about.

     "That feels so much better Mommy," Jenn whispered huskily, "And to thank you, lie down and let me do the same to you. "

     Emily did so, seeing Jenn grinning at her. Jenn took off her blouse and her bra, letting Emily get a good look at her nudity, she was similar in body style to her Mom, and Emily felt her pussy pulse, seeing her daughter displaying her naked charms and assets for Emily's eyes.

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     "Ummm, oh yes, Mommy licking my pussy, kissing it and making it all better, getting so excited, and making my hot little pussy, and her hot little pussy cum" Jenn crooned, "Now, it's time for my Mommy to get as good a licking as she gave me.


     Emily watched, her eyes wide with lust, as Jenn's face got between her thighs, she could feel her hot breaths against her wet opening. Jenn ran a finger along Emily's labial lips, making Emily moan with the contact. She watched as Jenn then ran two fingers along her, and slipped them inside, bringing another moan of pleasure as Jenn's fingers plunged in, her juices coating them. Jenn pulled her fingers out, and Emily watched, her pulse thumping, as Jenn slid her fingers into her mouth, moaning at the erotic taste of her mother's juices as she licked every drop off her fingers.

     "Ummmm, oh yes, you taste so good Mommy, so delicious, I want more" Jenn purred.

     Jenn took the plunge, plastering her mouth against Emily's bubbling heat, her tongue shooting out like an arrow, burrowing deeply into Emily's churning pussy. Emily let out a growl of desire, oh fuck, that felt so wonderful. She stroked her fingers through her daughter's long hair, looking down and seeing Jenn's head bobbing between her legs. My own daughter is licking my cunt, she thought, and that thought made her lust start to roar.

     "Oh yes, Jenn, yes my sweet baby, lick Mommy's cunt, fuck, it feels so good, lick me baby!" Emily gasped.

     Jenn heard her Mommy, and it spurred her on. Cherry and Jenn had been dedicated to licking each other since they were 15, and on a dare at one of their sleepovers, they'd discovered how great it was to lick pussy, then have their pussy licked, also. They had really become cunt lappers par excellence, and Jenn was eager to bring her licking skills to bear on Mommy's throbbing pussy. Her tongue slid up, down, sideways, around and around in swirling circles, making Emily's head spin.

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   She grinned as she saw Mommy's, hard, bulging clit, she was going to enjoy bringing Mommy off. She wanted to see if she could make Mommy squirt, so she buried two fingers deep, finding the spot, and her fingers started to polish Emily's G spot, listening to Emily's growls of pleasure. She then surrounded Emily's throbbing clit, wrapping her tongue around it, swiping at it over and over, intent of licking her Mommy to a frenzy.

     Emily could feel it building, she'd had a G spot polish several times during her sorority days, she was panting, tossing her head from side to side. It built to a crescendo, and Emily's voice let out a loud wail of pleasure, she locked up and felt that squeezing urge to pee. Emily tightened and squeezed, and felt the glorious burst of her orgasm releasing, her pussy squirting wildly, gushing her girl cum all over Jenn's grinning face. Jenn wondering about whether her Mom could squirt was answered as she felt the splatters of her Mom's cum squirting against her face. Jenn stayed with Emily, keeping her tongue right there, catching every last shudder of orgasm.

     Emily slumped back, catching her breath, and Jenn cuddled against her. Jenn closed her eyes, and slipped into sleep. Emily quietly slid out of Jenn's bed, now that the nova bright burst of passion had faded, she felt unsure, nervous, and decided it might be best to withdraw, and see what happened.

     She went to her local coffee bar, and sat sipping a hot cup of Costa Rican, as she ran back what had happened. Fuck, she wasn't quite sure, she just had that overwhelming urge, eager to use the pussy licking skills she had learned in her sorority. Judging by the way her daughter had licked her pussy, it felt like she'd had more than few sessions between a girl's thighs. Cherry, probably, she'd heard giggles, sighs and now and then what sounded like a moan of pleasure coming from Jenn's room late at night during their sleepovers, she'd been tempted to peek in, but she'd resisted that urge.

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     An hour later, she was back home, and wondered about what was going to happen. She heard the door to Jenn's room open and close, then the sound of footsteps descending. She took a deep breath, and turned toward the staircase.