Cheating with a First Timer


Gina was a very neive married lady.   She knew nothing about men and how agressive they can be when they are meeting someone they think they are going to get to fuck.   Gina wanted to experience her first time to be with a man she was not married to, she wanted to cheat on her husband.
The first guy she met was a first rate asswhole.   As I mentioned before she was very neive she thought she could meet this guy and if she didn't like him she could leave.   Her first mistake was to agree to meet behind a secluded warehouse building, the second was to think she could control the cituation.   Within a few short minutes Gina wanted to run, this guy was a creep. After two minutes of talk Gina told him she was leaving, the guy grabbed her big round tits and gave them a hell squeeze or two bwfore Gina could back away.   Gina was pissed a hell and swong her large hand bag at hit hitting him in the side of the face.   Gina ran to her car and sped off.
This is where I come in, we had met on the net and were enjoying our emails, after several weeks Gina decided I was harmless and wanted to meet.   I told her where to meet me and we'd see how it went.   Gina was so sure she wanted me that she told me to get a room.   I sprung for a room in hopes It wasn't a waist of money.
When Gina drove into the parking lot I was very pleased, she was far prettier than her picture. SHe was very excited as we made our way to the room, once inside we kissed very passionately, her tongue wa in my mouth instintly.

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    I let my hand slide up her body very slowly to see if she would pull back, I detected no resistance.   I let my hand cup her large firm breast, Gina took a big gasp as I lightly tweaked her nipple with a sigh of Ummmm escaping her lips as I tweaked that nipple.   
I knew I was in luck Gina was going to fuck me, I would be the first man other than her husband to fuck her.   Gina went into the bathroom and returned in a black & red outfit.   Her tits were very large and firm, they were the real thing, no plastic!  Her nipples were big and hard she was ready to give herself to me.
We lay on the bed as I began a slow calculated assult on her body, kissing her in many different places and different ways, I gave her a foot massage and kissed the inside of her ankles, I caresed her smooth legs from bottom to top making sure not to touch her pussy.   I knelt between her legs and hissed each breast for a long time sucking each nipple as I listened to her moan soft little moans of pleasure.   I kissed her belly then back to her breasts again this time I let the head of my dick rest against her pussy lips.  Gina took in a sudden deep breath as my cock touched her pussy lips, she held it like she was waiting for me to slide into her waiting cunt, but I did not.
I wanted Gina to be so hot and ready that she would beg me to enter her vagina.   I spread Gina's legs wide so I could fully access her clit and slowly began to eat her out, her pussy was extremely wet and tasted so fresh.   I worked my way up and down her body from her pussy to her tits over and over, each time I sucked her nipples I made sure the head of my cock was teasing her pussy lips and clit.   Gina was going insane her body was jerking with excitement she was trying to get my cock in to her pussy.   
Finally it was time, as I slid up her body I drove my cock into her pussy in one swift motion until I was barried inside her to the hilt.   AS I entered Gina's pussy she took in a big gulp of air and let out a long sign of Ooooooooooooo Ooooooooooooooooo!  Gina's vagina was the smoothest I think I have ever entered, she was soooooo wet that my cock just slipped in so easily, Oh my she her pussy was great to be inside, I did not want to take my cock out of her.

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I must have fucked Gina for half an hour before I ask her to get on top.   Gina didn't hesitate mounting my cock, she took me in one stroke.   Now it was Ginas turn to fuck me, she was on top and in control now.
      Gina fucked me even more enthusiasticly than I had fucked her, she kept tossing her head from side to side riding me faster and faster.   I told her "Your going to make me cum!", rather than slow down she sped up intensifing the sensation her pussy was passing on to my cock.   Again I told Gina she was going to make me cum, she sped up even more and tightened her pussy muscle.   4 times I told her she was going to make me cum.   She did not let up it was obvious she was going to make me cum as quickly as she could.   However, not before I made her cum, I began to flick her clit with my finger which triggered Gina's strongest climax she went nuts making me cum right behind her.   She collapsed on my chest with my cock inside her twitching cunt.  
    Gina had wanted to cheat on her husband for months, she wanted the right situation to give up her marrital virginity and I was it.   Gina was one of the best fucks I have ever had, I can't waite for her to want to cheat on her husband again, she'll call me when its time for me to give her that needed and wanted climax.   We talk often, she thinks she's about ready to fuck me again.   My guess is within he next 3 weeks Gina will want my cock in her vagina again.   Wish me luck!
    This is a true story related from my own experiences.

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