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Well its now been a month or two our hole life has changed not only Lyn my wife, she gone from a prim and proper house wife to well a slut really
Partly my flout for not stopping it happen after the first encounter with a black guy called Mark she got to know off some site I really did think it would fizzle out but no
After it was over and he had gone I think we may of felt guilty about it happing at first when we got to talking about Lyn didn't seem up set that she jest had sex in front of mewith an almost stranger her only complaint was she felt a bit sore and and it did feel a little uncomfortable deep inside her I am not surprised he had a very large penis which put my dick to shame it must of been eight inches long and so fat her fingers wouldn't meet round it when you think she is used to me under five inches and thin for all the years I don't think any thing bigger has been in there
I now know to my cost its the size she wants , needs,
Any as we chatted about what had happened my hand slipped between her legs which where apart her lips where still puffy and part rolled back not the normal fleshy slit there was still a lot of his sperm seeping out I let a finger slide in it did feel very sloppy and enlarged she pushed my hand away
I asked if he hurt her she said no not really it was a lot bigger than yours . at one pint I did think he was hurting her when he first mounted her the look on her face was as if she was in pain she admitted to start with it was uncomfortable
She told me the climax's where so intense and strong she thoughtshe may pass out at one time and there was so many of them one after another she had never experienced any thing like itbefore
I n the morning Lyn got out of bed I could see marks on her inner thigh and bits on and round her breasts there was a damp patch where she laid she must of leaked in the nightshe had taken two full loads from his massive balls
I asked later in the day where things would go from here she said she wanted to see him again which could of been a good thing in away it did seem he had not only used her for the one night she was not long before she was on the phone to him chatting like its her boyfriend
A few days later he was here when I got home as I walked in he said your home white boy come to watch and see what she needs now as they both laughed at me
It was not long before they where on our bed naked Lyn sucking on his black cock getting it ready he looked up and said she a black slut now look at her she loves it she never want your little white boys dick
He got her on her back legs wide open and his between them and I am thinking is Lyn ready for him his not given her much foreplay a little worried if he may damage he,r to me his cock looked even bigger this time
There is a big intake of breath he must have the end in, then Jesus Christ she shout I see him push with his body the basted given it to her in one thrust it moves her up the bed she scream out loud his in ball deep I can hear her say it hurts he pulls back and gives it to her again making her curie out he start to pick up the pace speeding up but slamming into herLyn is now panting and moaning she arches up and massive climax rips true her which starts her off one after the other he flips her over onto her knees and fuck like that his been going fifteen minutes by now
He digs his fingers in pulling her back by the hips right on to his cockas he grunts and jerk he must be pumping his seeds right into her as I watch it makes Lyn cum
When his balls are emptied inside her he lets her go she flops on the bed like a rag doll
Looking at me he says come hereI walk over to the bed embarrassed spunk all over my hands and on my legs my little dick even smaller now
He tells take a look boy my lovely wife her legs wide open her pussy gaping I can see his white spunk starting to ooze out his big black hand go's on the back of my head and push me down I try to push back so he hits me in the tummy makingbend over my face is pushed between Lyn's leg I am held there and told to lick and clean it upthere is a strong smell of sex and cum I am forced down into it my face is coved in sticky slime I have to put my tongue out then lick the slime is now in my mouthsome thing comes over me the smell the taste I want to do it
I like and suck like mad I am swallowing lumps of it he lets go I am doing by myself Lyn has started moaning I come up to her clitoris I have never seen it like this it is sticking right out and very stiff like a little dick I suck into my mouth she climax
I look up and she is sucking his cock it hard I am pushed to the floor out the way and his on top of her mounted riding away I had to leave the room I left them to it I could hear the bed going banning away for a long time scrams
and moans from Lyn then silence and the shower came on not long after that he went out the door


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