CFNM For Neighbor and Friend


This woman, Christina, who lived a few doors down from me in our apartments, didn’t have a car and she would ask me for rides all the time. I didn’t really mind it because she was really hot and each time I did take her somewhere I would wear short loose fitting shorts that would let my cock stick out of the short leg band. She would always look but would never say anything. Knowing that she was looking always gave me a hardon and instead of just hanging out of my shorts my cock would be sticking straight up out of them.

This one particular day I heard a knock at my door and when I peeked through the peephole it was Christina. I was naked and had been sitting at my computer watching porn and jacking off. I still had lube on my hand and my hard cock and decided to go ahead and open the door that way. I opened the door just a little and Christina said,

“Hey there, just your pesky neighbor wondering if I could sweet talk you into giving me a ride again. A friend owes me some money and she said if I could get a ride over to her place she could pay me back. I don’t mean to bother you but you would be doing me a huge favor. ”

I said she was not a bother and I would be happy to give her a ride. I told her I needed to get dressed real quick and she could come on in. I turned and walked away from my front door as she opened it and stepped in to my living room. She gave out a little gasp as she saw my nakedness as I walked away from her. She quickly gathered herself back up and said she was sorry if she had interrupted anything. As I turned, at the end of the hall into the bathroom, I told her it was OK.

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   I said it was just a morning thing that I could finish later and I just needed to clean myself up a little and I would be right with her. She said,

“You don’t know how much I appreciate this. It will really be helping me out. Oh! I really hope you don’t mind me saying this but you have a really nice ass. I know we agreed, because we are neighbors, we shouldn’t get involved, but I would really like to get my hands on that sweet ass of yours. ”

I thanked her very much as I finished drying my hands and cock and balls. It was a straight shot across the end of my hall from the bathroom to my bedroom, where my shorts and tee shirt was, and was completely visible to anyone standing in my living room, by my front door. I walked across, in no particular hurry and saw Christina looking at me out of the corner of my eye. My 8+ inch circumcised cock was still rock hard and was sticking straight out in front of me. I still had my cock ring on, over my cock and under my balls, and my whole package was really swollen. With me having stopped in the middle of jacking off and with a gorgeous woman in my apartment with me, getting an eye full of my cock and balls, I was horny beyond description. Christina said,

“Are you sure you want to go now? We could go later so you could finish what you were doing. I don’t want to be the cause of any discomfort you may experience. You can change your mind, if you want to, and I won’t mind at all?” I said,

“No Christina, it’s OK. Let me just throw on some shorts and a shirt and I’ll be right with you.

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The next thing I know Christina is standing at my open bedroom door staring at my nakedness as I was getting clean soaks from my dresser. She said,

“God, you have a gorgeous cock. The head of it is so fat. And this is the first time I have seen your whole package and I love how fat your balls are too and that you are completely clean shaven down there. You know I love it when you flash me. In fact I fantasize about watching you jackoff when my boyfriend and I are fucking. I imagine how great it would be to watch you cum all over yourself. I know this is going to sound really crazy but I would love to pull a big surprise on my friend. If you don’t want to I’ll understand. OK, here goes my idea. On the way over to my friend’s house you get completely naked and start jacking off. Of course I’m going to be so hot watching you I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep my hands off you. When we get to her house I will go in and bring her out to the car. I will have her close her eyes and let her get in the car next to you and tell her to open her eyes and get our surprise. What do you think? I bet she will shit herself when she sees you jacking off.

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   Is that too crazy for you? God, I love standing here looking at you naked. I know you are a much older than I am, but you are still a good looking man. ” I said,

“Christina, I am a total exhibitionist and ride around in my car naked a lot. I love jacking off in front of women, that are complete strangers, and seeing the surprised looks they get on their faces when they see me naked and what I’m doing. And if they watch long enough to see me cum, which is just a few seconds after I see the look on their faces, that's just icing on the cake. When I do that I usually squirt a lot of icing. ” Christina said,

“You better get dressed and I better get out of your bedroom. Me standing here completely dressed and you completely naked, with a raging hardon, has me hotter than I’ve been in a long time. If I don’t leave I’m going to forget out plutonic arrangement and jump you right now. I’ll wait for you in the living room. ”

She darted out of the room and I finished getting dressed. We had just barely got in the car when she asked me if I could get naked and start jacking off. She said she wanted to watch me do it when it was just her and I in the car. I gladly stripped off all my clothes, put some lube on my cock and started jacking off. Christina was just staring at what I was doing in wide eyed wonder.

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   She said she had never watched a man jackoff before and she thought it was the hottest thing she had ever seen. I have jacked off with my left hand for a long time. When I first started exposing myself to women, in my car, I would park beside their cars so my open right side passenger window was next to their driver’s door. They would hear the sound of my hand sliding up and down my well lubed cock and turn to see what the noise was. Jacking off with my left hand gave the women an almost clear view of my swollen cock and balls. That surprised look, they always got on their faces, would send me over the edge and I would blow my nut all over myself.

With Christina very intently watching me jacking off and commenting about how much she like it and how wet it was making her pussy had me more turned on than I could ever remember being. I slowed to just barely stroking and told her I had to or I would cum before we got to her friend’s house. Thankfully her friend’s house was on the next street. I stopped on the street and Christina went in to get her friend. In just a few minutes they were coming out the front door and her friend was every bit as hot as she was. She had on really tight short shorts and a very skimpy bikini top that the triangle patches just barely covered the nipples of her at least 36DD gorgeous tits. I thought I was going to cum before they even got into my car. As they got close I heard Christina tell her friend to close here eyes so she could give her, her surprise. Christina opened the passenger door and guided her friend in.

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   With her eyes still closed she slid over next to me and Christina got in next to her and closed the door and said,

“Sherri, this is my neighbor I was telling you about and this is my friend Sherri.

Sherri, with her eyes still closed, stuck out her hand to greet me. I took her hand and gently kissed it. Sherri said,

“Christina, I see your neighbor is a gentleman. What is that slurping noise? Can I open my eyes now?” Christina said,

“That noise is part of your surprise and yes you can open your eyes now. ”

Sherri opened her eyes and was looking directly into my eyes. She started to tell me I was better looking than Christina had told her but before she could finish her eyes drifted down and saw that I was completely naked and stroking my cock. Christina said,

“SURPRISE!!!!!!” With her eyes glued on my cock and me jacking it off Sherri said,

“WHAT THE FUCK!!!! Holy shit! OK Christina, this is completely over the top. You never told me you neighbor was hung like a horse. How the hell are you not fucking him every day? God, watching him jacking off, especially out in public like this, is totally off the chart HOT. No wonder you’ve been keeping him to yourself. ”

Looking down at Sherri’s gorgeous tits, with her now very erect nipples standing out under the very thin bikini top material, and being in my car naked and jacking off with two gorgeous fully clothed women (CFNM) was driving me crazy and I said,

“Girls I’m sorry, but being naked with two gorgeous women watching me jackoff is driving me crazy. I can’t hold back anymore. OH FUCK! I’M GONNA” and before I could finish both girls together said out loud,


My first squirt of cum accidently shot across Sherri’s bare legs as they both watch, wide eyed and jaws dropped, as I squirted the rest of my cum all over myself. I kept slowly stroking my cock after I had stopped cuming to bring myself down from my amazing orgasmic high.

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   Both girls were quiet for a few minutes then Christina said,

“Do you have a rag or tissues in here so we can clean you up?” Sherri said,

“Yeah, I need some tissues too. I was in the line of fire when you first started squirting. ”

I told her I was very sorry for letting it get away from me like that and she said,

“Fuck sorry. I was hoping you were going to keep cuming on me. In fact I’ve always fantasized about having a man jackoff all over my tits and I was hoping you would lean over and give them a good coating. Christina, I just had a crazy idea. We have a bunch of kinky girlfriends that I bet would love to take part in a wild CFNM party, don’t you?” Christina said,

“Well neighbor, what do you say? Would you like to be naked in front of a half dozen fully clothed women? Maybe you could even answer the door naked as they arrive? Serve us drinks naked and let us fondle and maybe even suck your gorgeous cock a little? And when we are all drunk and crazy hot we could all sit around you and watch you jackoff? Would you like to do that? Pretty please with pussy juice on it say you will?” I said,

“OK! Let me think now. What the fuck. That is the definition of a no brainer. Of course I will. ”