Caught Short in the Park 1


I was desperate to go for a pee but was at least thirty minutes away from home. I hadn’t expected to be away for so long but it was quite a pleasant day so I thought I would take a walk home through the park rather than catch the bus. I was half way across the park and in desperate need of a piddle.

I knew there was a public toilet just past the games park, so I hurriedly quickened my pace before I wet my knickers and was almost at a slow trot when I saw the grey building.

I raced passed the open door to the gents and onto the ladies loo and the words I spoke to myself were not very lady like to say the least when I found that it was locked. I was hopping around from foot to foot deciding what to do next. Oh bugger it, and since I had only seen one other couple all afternoon in the park I thought what the hell…I was desperate. I sneaked back to the open door and peeked in calling in barely a whisper if anyone was there… No reply… I stepped in looking around…the place stank of stale urine. But I was desperate as my bladder started to slowly release its contents.

I darted in and flung the first cubical door open, quickly shutting it only to find there was no locking device but I didn’t care right then…I just got my coat undone, my skirt up and panties down before the flood gates opened. I didn’t sit right down on the dirty seat as I let my bladder release the stream of pee listening to it as it hit the water in the bowl. I looked down at the flow of urine breathing sigh after sigh of relief. When it slowed down to a trickle I took notice of where I was for the first time. The walls were dirty and stained.

I had never been in a men’s toilet before and of course the stories of the writings on the gent’s toilet walls are well documented, still, I was not prepared for what my eyes were looking at.

Dirty poems and drawings, some quite artistic, pornographic but well drawn all the same…others not so well drawn also adorned the walls.

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   Names with phone numbers, dirty remarks and offers of sexual acts scrawled and scratched into the old painted panels.

I was so engrossed in reading the primitive I didn’t realise I had lowered my bottom onto the dirty seat.

I quickly raised myself back up thinking how stupid of me…who knows how many guys had missed the bowl and peed on the seat…and who knows what else…they might well have…oh my god…it struck me…probably many had even wanked and cum on the seat.

Don’t ask me why I did what I did next…I just felt the urge to lower myself back down. I wanted my bare ass to touch the seat…to come into contact with dried piss and cum. God…I was even calling pee, piss…a word I had avoided to say all my life.

My pussy was on fire…I started to read more poems and look at more of the drawings as I slowly fingered myself. I wanted to add my own juices to those that were already on the seat.

As I masturbated and looked for new poems and writings I twisted my body until I had to rise of the seat and turn to read what was on the back wall. They were covered and as my eyes scanned lower my body also lowered to be able to read the hand written messages. Soon I was squatting with one hand resting on the toilet seat and the other pleasuring my soaking pussy as I looked at the words written behind the toilet.
I had never felt so hot…so dirty…so aroused.

I looked at the toilet seat…and don’t ask why a middle aged woman who had only ever had sex with one man in her whole life, was a member of the women’s guild and church committee did what I did next.

I lowered my head and licked the top of the toilet seat.

I don’t know what I was expecting.

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   The smell of stale pee was strong to my sensitive nose but the taste did not match the smell. . . it tasted slightly bitter but not over powering so.

I licked it again…and again.

My pussy …no my cunt…the words on the wall told me it was a cunt…was on fire
I wanted to masturbate so with two more quick licks of the toilet seat I rose and sat back down on it. I leaned back with my knees well parted as I started to work on my hard clit.

I looked at the walls and the stains and for the third in explainable time I leaned forward and licked one of those stains on the door…one that looked like it might have been dried cum. I tasted nothing…perhaps cum doesn’t taste of anything…I would not know…I have never sucked or kissed a cock never mind tasting cum.

I licked it again. No taste.

I leaned back and started to concentrate on masturbating, picturing myself doing some of the lewd and disgusting acts that were before me. I wanted to be one of those women that did those things. As I fingered my swollen nub I mauled at my right tit. Squeezing it…pulling it…pinching it…through my soft woollen jumper and bra.

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I reached under my jumper to get at my engorged nipple but before I had even got my hand onto my lacy bra I had decided to strip naked… naked…. there in a dirty gent’s toilet. I quickly rose again and less than thirty seconds later I was back on the seat legs wide apart with my clothes thrown in a bunch in the corner behind me.

I could feel the slimy floor beneath my bare feet…a floor that men had pissed and spunked on.

I closed my eyes and went to work on my tits and pussy.

I was almost about to scream as my climax was about to overtake me when I shot bolt upright on hearing a sound to my right.

I could not believe it.

I had spotted the hole in the wall as I was reading the writings but never gave it a thought.
There poking through a hole that was about 9inches round was an erect cock that looked as dirty as the floor.
My hands immediately went to cover my bare pussy and tits as I looked behind me to where my clothes lay.
“Suck it” came a voice from the other side of the partition.
I didn’treply as my eyes were once again upon that erect penis.
“Suck it” the voice repeated.
My mind was in turmoil…I had never sucked my husband’s penis never mind one belonging to a complete stranger.
I was asking for god’s forgiveness as still seated I lowered my head towards the penis that was much larger than my husbands.

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   Unexplainable action number five.
I opened my mouth and took the head into my mouth…it tasted as strong as it smelled. It tasted dirty in a urine kind of way.
“suck it don’t just sit there. ”
I had no idea what to do so I did as he asked. . . I sucked and as I did it went further into my mouth…I almost choked as it hit the back of my throat. I spat it out quickly.
“This your first time?” I heard from behind the partition.
I nodded…not sure why because he of course could not see me nod, and as soon as I realised I answered with a dry and squeaky voice…”ye. . yes it is”
“How old are you kid?”

“I. . .

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  I am not a kid. . . I am 47 years old”

“Like fuck you are…you sound like 18 or something”

“I am a grown married woman. . . I am…”

“Wha…wait a minute. . . you a fucking woman?”

“Ye…” I stopped myself realising what I had just said and what position I may have put myself in.

The cock disappeared and I heard the other door open. I started to reach for my clothes when my door flew open. I shrieked and once again covered myself as I stared at the most disgusting creature I had ever seen.

There before me was a balding tramp with a face covered in dirty long beard…his teeth were dirty and stained. His dirty rain coat was tied together with string.

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   I could just make out his dirty trousers that were obviously way to large for him as they hung well over his shoes which I could just make out the scuffed toe caps.

“Well, well, well, what have we got here” I could see that half his teeth were missing as he smiled.

He stepped in making me lean right back against the back wall…the water pipe digging into me. I was too shocked to even shout for help. I could see his dirty penis poking out from between his raincoat.

“Take your hands away from ya tits…I wanna see them”

“Nooo…please don’t”

“I won’t tell ya agin”

He raised his hand as if he were going to hit me…I quickly dropped my hands from my breasts.

“My a pair of beauties we have here…a little droopy but never the less…whut size are they?” His breath stank.

“38 E” I whispered not taking my eyes of him in case he hit me.

“Whut ya doing in here?”

“I … I was just needing the toilet and the ladies were closed”

“Ya usually piss naked?”

I didn’t know what to reply as I coloured up with embarrassment”

“Lets see what’s between those legs of yours…spread em”

I did as he asked not wishing to be aggravating him in any way…

“Mmmm…nice neat trimmed bush you have there missy…and a little creamed up if I am not mistaken. ”

My reddening face got even brighter.

“Please don’t hurt me” I spoke with a quiet voice…

“I ain't gonna do that missy…just wanna finish off what ya started. ”

“You mean…you mean …” I gulped

“That’s right missy…get that mouth back onto my cock”

I looked up at his eyes as he looked down at my naked body…only my doctor had seen me this bare and open as my husband was not one for open mindedness when it came to sex. Missionary and in the dark…which suited me. My pussy started to get that itch back.

I lowered my head once more to that disgusting flesh.

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This time I did not have to do much except keep my mouth open. He took me by my head and started to use my mouth as if it were a cunt…that’s right . a cunt…I was starting to enjoy using the words that I had seen scribbled and etched on the walls.
A number of times I choked as he pushed his cock deep into my mouth hitting me at the back of my throat.

Above me I could hear him grunt as he called me names…names that turned me on even more. I could not prevent my hand touch my aching cunt…cunt…love that fucking word…did I just say fuck…fucking cunt…fucking cunt…yes I am a slut…a cock loving slut…I was repeating what he was saying in my mind. . . agreeing with the names he called me as my fingers flew across my clit.

I suddenly coughed and pushed him away…his cock had gone down into my throat and I was gagging.

He allowed me to get my breath back before grabbing me by my hair and pulling my mouth back onto his cock. He started to fuck my mouth once again…until once again he had gone too far down which started my gagging reflexes to kick back in… he allowed me time to recover. I had never been so turned on in my life…. I was allowing a dirty tramp use my mouth as a source of relief for his sex.

Before he pulled my head back onto his cock he spoke.

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   “Ya are loving this you fucking whore …aren’t ya?”

I managed to nod in agreement before he plunged his cock deep into my mouth forcing it right down until I could feel his dirty coat against my face. I gagged and struggled to breathe…tears running down my face as his cock was deeply imbedded down my throat. He held it there for what seemed like forever before he pulled it back out and let me catch my breath once more as I spluttered and coughed.

With tears still running down my face I nodded and opened my mouth wide when he asked me if “I was ready”.

This time he slowly started to fuck my mouth…gradually working his cock into my mouth until it was entering my throat…when I gagged he pulled back out slightly until I got used to taking his cock deeper and deeper. Finally he was fully in me…my throat accepting the intrusion without my gagging reflexes taking control. He slowly started to fuck me deep…his pace quickening as he started to approach his climax…the names he called me were getting cruder and cruder. My fingers were flying over my clit.

I could feel he was about to cum…I wanted to taste his juices…I didn’t want them to go straight down my throat without letting me taste what cum was like. I pushed him hard away which surprised him as I had not done so before.

“Let me taste you…cum in my mouth. . . on my tongue”

He just grinned and nodded before he once again plunged his cock deep into my throat and started to fuck my mouth to get him back to his peak. I felt his cream pump through his engorged cock vein and as the first spurt reached his head he pulled out so it landed in my mouth.

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I was not expecting how pungent and thick it was…and how much he ejaculated. I spluttered and chocked as the second spurt erupted in my mouth and his cock came out. I could feel the warm semen splash against my face and hair as I swallowed what was in my mouth and try and recover from my repeating gagging. I was able to get the cock back into my mouth for the last two small spurts of warm seminal fluid.
He leaned back against the door…panting…his eyes closed.

I could feel the slime run down my face and drop onto my heaving breasts. I lay back against the back wall thinking what a slut I was…and how could I have done such a disgusting act to an even more disgusting creature.

He opened his eyes and noticed the cum on my tits

“Lick em clean”


“Ya heard me…. lift those titties up to your mouth and lick my spunk off em”

I looked down at my tits…they were coated in his juices…how could a man produce so much. I looked back up at him and caught his dirty smile…and as his eyes made contact with mine my hands lifted my right breast to my mouth.

My tongue came out and touched his goo. I allowed my tongue to lick as much of the sperm it could reach…and that which it could not reach I shuffled towards my mouth with my fingers. My right breast shone with my saliva as it licked it clean. I repeated the same action with my left tit…all the time the cheesy grin not leaving the tramps face.

Without being asked my fingers also sought out his ejaculate on my face and hair and when it was found my mouth licked them clean.

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“I need a piss”

My eyes shot up to his…surprised with his words.

“Wha…” I did not finish my words before he repeated them again.

“I need a piss” but he did not move. I realised he wanted to piss in the bowl and not outside in the urinals. I made my move to rise from the seat.

“Stay where ya are missy…. just spread those legs wider and sit further back …unless ya wanna be coated in ma piss”

I looked shocked and didn’t move as he took a step forward and took a hold of his now flaccid penis. I could believe what he was about to do but I most certainly did as he asked and scooted back just as his pee started to rush out of his cock.

His aim was slightly short and it just caught the front of the seat, splashes of warm pee hit my lower belly and pussy before he got the trajectory of the amber liquid right hitting the water of the bowl beneath my spread legs.

I looked down fascinated as the dirty yellow stream flew past my pussy lips which were obscenely parted showing the inner pink flesh.

“You hold it for me slut”

“What???” I shot a look up at him

“Well I am gonna let go of it and if ya want it to keep on hitting the bowl ya better guide it”

I could see his hand starting to uncurl from around his penis…my hand shot out just in time to keep it on its correct trajectory.

His cock dropped slightly hitting the rim of the toilet seat again and in over compensated slightly the warm stream just brushed past my pussy lips before I got the stream right hitting the water in the bowl with obscene spattering sounds.

God how much pee has this man got as it continued to flood out. I could smell the strong odour of concentrated urine.

“Lift ma cock up a little…let me hit ya square on ya cunt”


“Do it missy…ya know ya wanna”

Even as I was shaking my head no my hand raised his cock until I felt the stream hit my lower pussy.


   I felt an electric shock run through all my erogenous nerves.

I raised his cock higher until it hit the entrance to my pussy…I wanted to feel his piss inside my cunt…yes piss and cunt…I was starting to get aroused once more.

“Piss in my cunt…. ”

His hand went down and I saw him pinch his cock between his belly and my hand.
The flow of urine stopped

“Ya whut?”

“Piss in my cunt…I want to feel your piss in me…please”

He laughed…”my ya really are a tramp…”

“Get up”

I did as he asked and he squeezed past me undoing the string that held his coat together. He lowered his dirty pants revealing an even dirty pair of underpants that must have been white at one stage in its life. He sat down on the seat.
I looked as he grabbed his cock and held it up…although it was still flaccid.

“Sit down on it”

I stood astride of him with my back to him and lowered myself onto his dirty cock…it was soft and he had to feed it into me, his hand slowly slid down giving way as he pushed his soft cock into my pussy. I was on fire

When I felt my bare ass upon his dirty legs I stopped lowering myself and he withdrew his grimy hand.

“Give me a few secs missy it will soon start up again”

I could feel his soft flaccid cock deep in me…he was probably deeper in me soft than my husband has ever been even when he was fully erect.

He reached around and started to squeeze and play with my breasts. He was not gentle but at that moment in time I did not want gentle…I wanted him to pull and twist and squeeze and pinch. I looked down as his hands mauled my white globes. They looked even whiter against his dirty hands.

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I started to rub my clit and occasionally slid a finger inside my cunt along with his cock.

I looked around sharply when I heard a noise coming from outside our stall…someone had entered the toilets. I sat rigid on the tramps legs…his soft cock buried deep in my cunt…I dare not move and I prayed that we would not be noticed in here. If this ever got out I would be ruined…my family would be ruined.

Just then as I heard the man piss hit the steel urinal outside I felt piss being pumped into my cunt.

My god…the tramp was pissing up me as another man was pissing outside the stall.

My cunt suddenly went into overdrive…. I climaxed as I sat on a flaccid cock as it pumped yellow waste into me. I had to bite hard down on my lower lip to prevent me crying out.

I flung myself back onto the tramp turning my head seeking out his dirty mouth so I could kiss his lips.

I could smell his bad breath and taste the stale hair that surrounded his lips as I sought out the entrance to that odious opening. His lips parted as my tongue snaked its way into his mouth seeking out his. He pushed his tongue back into my mouth where I sucked on it like it was his cock. His piss was still being pumped into my cunt but was now forcing its way past his cock and into the bowl. I could hear the splash of his urine as it hit the dirty water in the bowl below.

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My climax subsided but still I kept his tongue in my mouth. Sucking…tasting his filthy cigarette tongue with my own taste buds.

His piss slowly stopped flowing. I fought hard by sucking onto his tongue as he tried to pull away from my mouth. That foul piece of flesh that I was still so keen to have down my throat. He pulled both nipples hard making me yelp in pain. I broke the kiss.

I was still sitting on his lap with his cock still in me as he pushed me to my right, guiding my tits towards the hole in the wall.

I turned my head around to him as to say what the hell he was doing…but I daren’t speak less we were heard by the man, now at the sink washing his hands.

The tramp just grinned as he found the hole in the wall and with one last mighty tug He had my left tit pushed right through it. He held naked torso pressed against the dirty stained wall.

I was shaking in terror…and hoping the man would just wash his hands and leave without noticing my exposed breast.

The water in the sink stopped flowing, and then heard him curse that there were no towels. Not a sound was made…obviously the man was looking about him to see what there was available for him to dry his hands on.

“What the fuck….

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  ” He must have seen my left breast pushed fully through the hole.

I tensed up as I heard him walk towards my exposed breast in the next stall to us. A few seconds pause before I felt his soft hand touch it cautiously.

I looked at the tramp…his grin was wider than I had ever seen it…he knew that my tit was being touched. The hand next door became a little braver and started to squeeze and mould my hanging boob…pulling on the nipple…squeezing the fleshy orb.

The tramp leaned forward and whispered into my ears. “What’s he doing?”

“You know fine well what he doing” I whispered back

“Like that missy…like ya tittie being mauled by an unknown hand?”

I didn’t have to answer him…the soft low moan from my lips told him that I did.

The tramp grabbed me by my right tit and started to paw it…he was not as gentle as he took my nipple and pulled on it…hard…my moans were becoming more audible.

The contrast between the gentle smooth caressing of my left breast against the rough hard treatment of my right one was indescribable. . . I was starting to moan louder not caring now if I was heard or seen.

With each passing minute my right breast was being abused more harshly whilst my left tit was being gently caressed and now kissed and suckled.

The tramp shuffled a little adjusting our positions with me still planted upon his lap…his cock still firmly being gripped by my cunt.

He stooped a little and took my teat between his teeth and started to chew merciless on the soft tissues of my lily white orb, the coarse hair of his beard making my senses all the more alert.

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I was becoming dizzy with the pain pleasure that my tits were receiving. I reached down with my right hand and started to rub my engorged clit.

My right nipple felt as if it was going to be bitten off…but that just made me groan all the louder. One hand was gently expressing my left breast as the mouth of the clean shaven face the other side of the wall was gently suckling as if it were a baby trying to get its breast milk.

I felt the teeth on my right nipple ease its grip which made my nipple all the more tender as the blood rushed back into the damaged tissue. It was a short lived relief as the teeth once more found a new fresh piece of tit to chew and bruise.

This barrage of pleasure and pain continued for what must have been five minutes…I don’t think any part of my right tit was left without having had a set of teeth clamped firmly on it…. it was throbbing. The tramp was now just content in squeezing and pulling my aching tit.

Without warning the gentle sucking on my right breast stopped, followed a few seconds later by the groans of the man the other side of the partition as I felt the splashes of warm semen hit and gently flow down my left breast.

My climax was not long in coming.

We heard the man’s zipper being pulled up and hasty foot steps took him away from the stall and the toilets.

I pulled away from the wall and my right tit came back through. It was covered in fresh spunk.

“Lick it of missy…ya know ya love the taste of cum”

I looked down and slowly raised the breast to my mouth.

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As my tongue scooped up the cum, my cunt was once again starting that familiar itch. My breast was clean and with my nipple hard and throbbing by the time I let my breast go.

I looked at my right tit…it was no longer the smooth white orb it was five minutes ago…it was bruisedwith nasty looking teeth marks all over it…My god…how am I going to explain this to my husband.

I started to get up of the tramps legs and he told me to stay as I was…he wanted another piss.

I heard the unmistakable sound of a plop as it hit the dirty water in the bowl.

“Are you…are you. . . ”

I heard another plop.

“What do ya think I am doing…giving birth to a fucking baby?”

“Ohhhhh myyyy goooood”

I heard another plop. . . then…”Hang on. . .

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  think I am done”

My cunt was suddenly being filled with pee once more.

I just looked at him in disbelief.

When he had finished he pushed me off his lap …his cock plopping out along with yellow urine…it splashed all over his cock and balls.

He bent down to pull up his underpants.

“Are you not going to clean up first?”

“Ohh fuck I forgot…now what can I use…” He laughed knowing fine well there was no paper in the stall.

He looked around and saw my panties in the corner and before I could object he stooped down and wiped his dirty bottom with my silk panties. He also made sure his cock and testicles were dry from his piss.

He held his hand out with my soiled panties hanging from his grubby palm with a big toothy grin

“I can’t put those on. . . they are filthy. ”

“Ohh I don’t know” with that he turned and bent over showing me his dirty hairy bottom and slowly dragged my silk panties between his crease…his middle finger pushing them into his bum hole slightly.

Turning back to me grinning … “Put them on missy…don’t want you to run around half dressed now do we?”

What was I thinking of when I reached out and took them from him and slid them over my feet and up my legs. I could see the yellow and brown stains on them as they slid up over me.

He started to pull up his pants, tying them with the coarse string before wrapping the button less coat about him.

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He looked directly at me. “Couldn’t spare a couple of bucks for a drink now could ya missy?”

I shook my head at the audacity of the man…but nether the less I reached down and fished my purse out from under my clothes. I didn’t have much as I usually just use cards but I handed him £5. He kept his hand out until I eventually gave him all the money I had with me. He ended up with over £70 and some loose change.

“You got a pencil or something in there missy?”

I looked at him strangely…”I don’t think so”

He took my bag from me and rummaged through it until he held something up
“What’s this?”

“Eye liner pencil”

“That will do…what’s ya name missy?”


“Don’t bother…” He looked in my bag once more and took out some papers until “Oh nice”

I looked shocked but did nothing to stop him as he wrote upon the wall.

“If ya want a good blow job and use my tits for ya pleasure…call…Diane on 670430616”

Handing back my mobile telephone bill and the pencil he smiled, turned, and left the toilets.

I don’t know what was wrong with me…I had just been used in the most disgusting way and still my cunt was looking for more. My hand was inside those dirty disgusting panties pulling on my engorged clit.

I consciously left the door open wide hoping for someone to come in and catch me what I was about to do. I wanted to be seen and to be used again as I bent to remove my panties so I could sit back on the toilet and masturbate. Stooping when my panties were half way down my legs I noticed the yellow pool of urine still on the toilet seat where he had run out from my pussy after he had pissed in it.

Don’t…don’t…I said to myself even as I knelt on the floor with my panties around my knees. My head lowered slowly with my tongue out as I moved closer towards that pungent yellow pool.

I closed my eyes when my tongue came into contact for the first time…initially not moving as it took in that acid taste before I slowly dragged my tongue through the dirty fluid.

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  The first run complete I opened my eyes to position my tongue for the second sweep…that’s when I noticed the three large turds floating in the bowl where he had not flushed them away. Strangely enough the smell from within the bowl was not that obnoxious. My tongue continued to lick the seat clean, my eyes not leaving the brown floaters with my mind fighting what depraved act I was contemplating doing. A battle I was slowly losing.

I was just about to reach into the bowl…

“Ya filthy slut…. not satisfied are ya…I was wondering whut was keeping ya. ”

I shot around to look at tramp once more standing right behind me.

I was mortified…bad enough I was caught with my face covered in yellow pee but very grateful that he had not come in thirty seconds later…I could not say anything.

In his hand he held a sting and what was tethered to the other end made me gasp. It was the largest mongrel dog I had ever seen.

I was just about to rise from my stooped position…”don’t ya bother missy. . . stay whur ya are…I have another treat for ya”

I looked at him questioning.

“Found this here mutt trying to mount a bitch that was having nothing to do wi it… so thought you could help him out”

I grew even more puzzled…what the hell is he talking about?

The dog came forward and licked my bottom…I let out a small gasp of surprise mixed with a no of disapproval.

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   Another two licks.

What’s the matter with that stupid dog…why does he keep on licking my bottom?

As if reading my mind the tramp spoke

“Must be smelling that cunt of yours”

I looked at the tramp with shock.

I saw the tramp look down at the dog’s rear end and then back up at me…

“Yep. . . smells ya cunt alright…. better get up unless ya wanna be mounted by him”

“What. . . what are you talking about?”

The dog suddenly jumped placing his two front paws up on my back. I immediately raised my body throwing the dog back down.

“Sit…”The tramp spoke with a command to his voice that the dog accepted and sat down with his head not turning away from my bottom.

“Smells ya cunt right enough…look at him”

I glared at the tramp and then down at the mongrel who was panting with his nose just short of my coat.

I looked again at the panting hound…“Oh my goooooddddd” The dogs pink cock was poking straight out of its furry sheath

“Yep smells ya cunt right enough”

“Get them panties off and spread ya legs”

I should have said no…my senses were saying no…my hands and legs were doing what was asked of me

“Go…lick spud…lick her good”

Why I didn’t object I don’t know. .

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  . all that crossed my mind was … Spud…spud…is it his dog…he looks too clean and well groomed to be his. ”Thankfully the dog just looked up at the tramp as he spoke the words.

“Gonna teach this dog a new trick”

“Hunt the cunt” He said. . . and as he did he pushed Spuds head towards my naked cunt.

I gasped when Spuds tongue rasped against tender soft skin

I felt that electric shock surge through me.

Spud lashed out with his tongue again.

“Back down” the tramp barked and pulled spuds head away from my cunt.

He waited a few moments before. . . “Hunt the cunt”…he pushed spuds head back to my cunt…and once again shock waves rushed through my body. He allowed spud a few licks before “Back down” pulling spud away from me.



This was repeated three or four times by which time I was almost begging the tramp not to say the words back down.

“Hunt the Cunt”…this time the tramp did not push Spuds head forward…spud did it of his own accord.

“Back down”…spuds tongue stayed licking my cunt until “Back down” was repeated this time pulling spud away whilst giving the dog a warning slap.

The next couple of commands Spud did as he was told without being reminded.

“Sit down on the bowl and spread ya legs…let the dog get a good munch at ya”

I did as he asked…it was disgusting…dirty…but I was disgusting dirty…and I was aroused like I have never been aroused.

I sat waiting while the tramp once again took out his now erect cock and slowly started to masturbate.

I waited. . . and waited…pleading him with my eyes to say the words.

He just smiled as he continued to masturbate.

“Please…” I spoke quietly to him

“Well what ya waiting for missy…the dog ain’t going to do it unless he is told”

I looked at him quizzically, down at spud and back up to him. “You …you mean me…I have to say”

“Well it ain’t me that wants their cunt licked?”

I gulped…spread my legs wider…if that was possible and looked at Spud. “Hunt the cunt”…it was a whisper…I hardly heard it… “HUNT THE CUNT” I almost shouted the next time

Immediately Spud lunged forward licking my gaping cunt. I had never felt so much pleasure.

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   I had never even had a man kiss me down there and there I was letting a dog lick me to orgasmic pleasure.

I threw my head back as the dogs tongue tried to burrow its way deep inside my cunt.
Lick after lick I was being carried away on a wave of gratification…I started to squeeze my already aching breasts…pulling on them hurting them. I heard in the distance those dreaded words…I let out a cry of despair when spud withdrew his tongue from deep inside of me.


“Don’t…” The tramp shouted…”Don’t you give that command after I have given another”

I looked sheepish, hurt, disappointed. . . but stayed silent.

The tramps cock was hard and he was still stroking it…I could see he was more than aroused.

“Time for some cock sucking”

I gulped and nodded and leaned forward closer to the tramps cock.

“Think we want ya on the floor missy…” He pulled Spud away back out of the stall. I looked at the tramp in puzzlement.

“Get ya ass on the floor…sit just in front of the bowl and spread ya legs wide. ”

I did as he asked and with him still holding Spud away from me he clambered over sitting with his legs astride the bowl.

I twisted my head around looking confused…I couldn’t suck his cock from this position.

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He pulled and pushed Spud around until Spud was standing between my parted legs.

From under Spuds chest and head I looked up at the tramp still confused as there was no way I could suck the tramps cock.

“Shoulders” The tramp called…and at the same time he let go of the lead and leant down grasping Spuds ankles he raised him up on his hind legs and right over my head.

I was now staring at Spuds red penis.

I realised what was going to happen.

“Now what command shall we use…and when I say it its not the dog I want to obey “he laughed

“Nooo…I can’t. . . won’t…it’s. . . ”

“Hey. . . whats fairs fair…he licked you”

I could not take my eyes of Spuds cock…it looked funny…not like a man’s…kind of long…skinny…pointed…red…and oh my god…he spurted …he is cumming….

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  ”HES CUMMING” I shouted in panic.

“Its just lubrication …. girl ya sure are ignorant…but don’t waste it…get ya mouth onto that cock”


I felt the hot clear liquid hit me on my chest.

“LICK THE DICK” with that he raised his bottom off the seat pushing my head forward towards the dogs cock just as it spurted another warm shot of fluid.
It hit me on the chin

“Lick the dick” he spoke again

Once again my mind was shouting no when my body was doing yes…my head raised and I took Spuds cock into my mouth.

It tasted different…dry and yet wet…much warmer than the tramps.

I gently sucked not knowing how to suck a dogs cock…not that I know how to suck a man’s cock as it was a cock that was fucking my mouth earlier…not me sucking a cock.

Soon I was getting the hang of it. The hot clear liquid tasted sweeter than cum and a lot sweeter than the piss I had tasted. I swallowed as the dog started to get into a rhythm as it to started to hump my head.

“Better grab just behind that growing ball there if ya don’t wanna choke to death…don’t want his knot lodging down ya throat”

Ball…Knot…what the hell is he talking about. I strained and used my hand and found what he must have been talking about and gently squeezed…Spud yelped and jerked…

“Don’t squeeze that ball ya stupid bitch…gently squeeze just at the back of it. ”

Spud got back into the rhythm of fucking my mouth again as I found the right place to squeeze with a little guidance from the tramp.

Spud was starting to hump my face…I was having trouble holding him. My head was hitting the back of the bowl as his thrusts became more forceful.

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The tramp groaned and I felt hot liquid spurt over my head and land on my upper face and head… he was shooting his cum over my head, which only spurred my free hand to attack my hungry cunt with passion.

Spud suddenly stopped thrusting but lunged holding himself still before pulling back lunging again. I was not sure if it was him or his cock that was lunging but with each lunge, a spurt of a slightly thicker different tasting hot liquid was being pumped into my mouth.

I was now at my lowest degrading position I have ever been in and yet I was just about to have the biggest cum in my life. I was on the dirty floor of a man’s toilet with a dog spurting his cum down my throat and a tramp having just shot a load of semen over my head.

I must have passed out as my climax over powered me, for the next thing I knew I was lying on the floor with the tramp standing over me as Spud sitting down next to me licking my face…I turned away from his tongue and rose to a sitting position.

“Well that was a biggie for you missy…”

It was then that I noticed the silver disc that had ‘Spud’ etched on it with a telephone number below it. . . so it was not his dog. I held spuds head still as I looked around at the tramp…standing there with his cock flaccid but still hanging out.

“Well thank the mutt for giving you his doggie seed”

I looked at him with a questioning glance.

“You bitches always want to hug and kiss after you have just been fucked so now thank the mutt and give him a kiss”

My eyes widened in amazement. . .

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  I looked at spud then back at the tramp then back to the dog whose head I still held…its mouth open with that long brown tongue hanging out.

At that exact moment that’s just what I wanted to do…thank the person…thing…that had given me the biggest orgasm of my life.

I released Spuds head that immediately started to lick my face, this time I turned into his tongue opening my mouth and let him push his tongue between my lips. I gently sucked his tongue as if French kissing him. He seemed to enjoy it…all I knew this was degrading but I just felt it right…that dog deserved to be thanked.

I finally pushed spud’s head away from mine, patting him and rubbing his head as I rose to my feet. Spud when released turned and sped out of the toilets…

“Give me ya pencil agin”

I looked at him but did not question it as fished it out from my bag and handed it to him.

He scrawled under the previous scribble…

“She will also suck ya dog off”

I gasped.

“Now don’t ya even think about erasing this…if I come in tomorrow and see it’s gone I will go around and write ya fucking name and number on all the fucking walls. ”

I reached down to get my clothes to get dressed…lifting my bra first I was just about to put it on when I was pushed aside.

Gimmi ya bra”

I handed it to him automatically without question. He felt the fine soft lacy material, holding it to his face he sniffed it, and then to my utter amazement he held them over the bowl and started to pee on them…soon the bra was soaking with his yellow liquid, splashing on the toilet seat as it ran through the fine fabric. When the flow of piss had stopped, he wiped his cock before handing them to me with piss still dripping from it.

He nodded at me indicating what he wanted me to do…

I slipped the warm wet bra on with rivulets of yellow urine flowing down my naked body. My nipples were hard and could be easily seen through the now transparent lace.

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I lifted the stained panties and slipped them up over my legs and bottom.

I stooped down to get my skirt…the tramp took it from my hand. “And the jumper”

I bent and handed him that. “These will do for Susie”

“Wha…what do you mean…I need them…”

“Think ya self lucky that ya coat is not a good warm un or else ya would be without that as well…oh and next time ya come here looking for a bit o cock make sure ya cunt is shaven as clean as a baby’s ass. ” With that the tramp turned and left me standing there in my soiled undies.

I looked over at the cracked mirror. I was a mess. I stooped to pick up my now quite soiled coat and put that over my semi naked body…my bra and panties now starting to feel more than uncomfortable.

As I lay soaking in the bath I was grateful that I had only passed a few people on the way home, and mercifully they were not known to me. The afternoon events were replayed over and over in my mind as I lay in the warm soapy water. I don’t know how I could have allowed myself to be so degraded.

As each disgusting act was rerun in my mind I somehow couldn’t stop my hand from playing with my bruised right breast…twisting it, squeezing it. . . making me wince in pain.

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   I watched my other hand reach out as if it were not mine at all but some other hand that I could not control…it picked up the soiled panties and brought them to my face…I inhaled the pungent smell…pressing them hard so they covered my nose and mouth. I could do nothing to stop my mouth from opening and my tongue snake out and drag itself across the stain…

I was startled out of my daydream by my mobile ringing…I held the panties in one hand and answered the phone with the other…a number I did not recognise.


“That Diane?”

“Yes…who is this?”

“I have an Alsatian……………

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