Careful How You Point That Thing


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not know Emma Watson or Bonnie Wright and have nothing to do with them. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

Story Code: M/ff, Teen, Fantasy,

Careful How You Point That Thing
By Muhabba

It was a warm Spring day which made the crew of the Harry Potter movies job more difficult. In the make believe town of Hogsmead it was supposed to be the middle of Winter and as such the crew were currently walking around with buckets of white paint and fake snow in order to create the illusion of Winter in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Two of the stars, Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliff, and his co-star Rupert Grint were currently at the craft table trying to find out how many shrimp they could fit in their mouths while two other stars, Emma Watson and Bonnie Wright, were off in the near-by field having a wizards duel. Well, a pretend one anyway.

"Freezeum!" cute little, red haired Bonnie shouted as she pointed her wand at Emma.

"Blockus!" Emma shouted, her chestnut colored hair flowing wildly around her.

Both of them giggled like they young girls they were as they ran and skipped around the field pretending to fire their magic spells at each other. They were in their costumes, black school robes over standard school clothes with blouses and skirts floating out and around their prancing bodies.

"Blaster Awayes!" Bonnie shouted as the wind lifted the teenage girl's skirt above her nobby knees.

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"Shieldum!" Emma said as she jumped up and spun around her skirt and hair flying up around her. She landed on her feet poorly and tumbled to the ground, giggling childishly all the while.

Bonnie ran over to her co-star and started laughing at all the grass in Emma's hair. "I win!" she shouted and began jumping up and down in joy.

Emma jumped up on her knees and reached for Bonnie, grabbing her slender thighs and pushing her down on her pert rear-end. "I don't think so!" she shouted as she rolled on top of the red haired girl and began tickling her.

Both girls rolled around on the ground, laughing and tickling each other until the were stopped by a strange pair of feet. Emma tried to blow her brown hair out of her eyes as she peered quizzical at the pair of cloven feet. "Who let a goat into the field?" she asked Bonnie who was laying on top of her.

"I think he's an extra," Bonnie said as she stared up at the strange man. He looked rather short but maybe taller than Emma and her, with a large gut. The reason she thought he might be an extra was the appearance of two horns on his broad forehead and the goats feet he had. He was sitting on a stump she couldn't remember seeing earlier and was smiling warmly at the two young girls.

Slapping his knees and barking out a laugh the strange looking man introduced himself. "Well that's a strange thing indeed.

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  Who could possibly need an extra puck when Robin Goodfellow is puck enough?"

Emma and Bonnie looked up with curiosity as the furry man. Emma was the bolder of the two and asked, "Your name is Robin?" as she struggled to get out from underneath Bonnie.

"Tee hee hee," Bonnie giggled childishly, "He said, 'Puck'. "

"And what is wrong with a good puck now and again?" Robin asked with a wide, warm smile. "So what brings two fine young girls like you to this field with your fine words?" he asked as Bonnie and Emma managed to get to their feet.

"I was winning a Wizards Duel," Bonnie said proudly.

"Nuh uh," Emma said, "I tripped. "

Robin's eyes crawled over the two girls hungrily. "And what fine wizards you are to summon me here," he said by way of congratulations. "But it appears that you've made a bit of a mess with your robes he added.

Emma and Bonnie looked at the grass sticking to their robes and hair. "Uh oh," Bonnie said.

"Wardrobe is gonna be so mad," Emma added.

"Fear not," Robin said as he slapped his hairy knees before standing up, "A good puck can fix any situation. "He pointed at the stump and nodded at the two girls.

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  "Simply remove thy robes and Robin shall tell you the proper way to repair. "

Emma and Bonnie looked at each other for a moment before shrugging their shoulders. Each girl removed their school robes leaving them in their white blouses, gray skirts, and orange ties. They placed their robes as flat as they could on the stump and then looked back expectantly at Robin.

"Very good, very good," Robin said, his smile never leaving his face, "Now point your wands at your robes. "He waited patiently as the two girls skeptically complied and then placed his hands on their slender shoulders. "Very good. Now close your eyes and concentrate," he murmured and waited again for the girls to comply, "Excellent. Now think of the sun, warming the air around you. Think of the air blowing through the field, a warm wind surrounding both of your bodies. "

Emma and Bonnie concentrated as hard as they could on what Robin told them, not even realizing the strangeness of the request. They could feel the air around them warm up even more, blowing around them, becoming a strong wind that blew through their hair and surrounded them.

Robin's smile widened as the breeze began lifting the girls' skirts to reveal their pert little asses. Bonnie was wearing a cute, little, pink pair of panties while Emma was wearing a pair of light purple panties. Emma's panties were tucked snugly between her delicate ass-cheeks while Bonnie's had pulled around to expose one pale, little cheek.

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  He licked his lips hungrily as his eyes crawled up and down their coltish legs and over their supple thighs.

Emma squinted through her hair at their robes. Her eyes shot wide open as she saw what she and Bonnie had accomplished and she squealed in glee, "They're clean!"

Bonnie opened her eyes and nearly dropped her wand when she saw that Emma was right. "Oh my gosh!" she squeaked.

"Very good, girls, very good," the puck congratulated the two girls as his rough hands slid up and down their backs, "But whatever small we do about your hair?"

Bonnie and Emma looked at the grass sticking out of their hair and Bonnie immediately tried picking it out of co-star's hair. "I've got a hairbrush in my trailer I think," she offered helpfully.

"Nonsense," Robin chuckled, "Who needs something a mundane as a brush when the world is alive with magic!"He positioned the two girls facing each other and then began instructing them again. "Raise your wands, my sweets," he said as he once again placed his hands on their shoulders, "And close your eyes. Think of the wind, that warm wind you just experienced. Concentrate and imagine it blowing over you, caressing you. Imagine that wind touching you, covering you, sliding across your skin, flowing through your hair as it flows over your skin. "

The two girls had their eyes closed as they concentrated. The warm wind began to rise, once again lifting their skirts, slipping up their legs and between their thighs. Their clothes did nothing to prevent the warm rush of air to caress their skin as it slid up over their panties, along their arms into their blouses. It flowed like warm water over their flesh like a rhythmic wave washing against them.

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Robin watched as the girls relaxed against the touch of the wind, their thighs twitching, their arms shaking, their nipples becoming hard and pressing out against their blouses. They moaned out, their voices joining the wind as they concentrated, their faces and firm, young bodies becoming flush as the wind moved through them. "Very good," the puck hissed as the two girls' breathing became more shallow and ragged.

"Are. . . are we clean?" Bonnie panted.

"Is. . . is it over?" Emma added.

"Do you want it to be over?" Robin ask as his strange penis began poking out of his fur.

Bonnie quickly shook he head no at his question.

"Then you are most certainly a dirty girl, my red haired doe," Robin grinned. "And you, my sweet treat," he began with Emma, "Do you wish for what you feel to end?"

Emma actually appeared to think for a moment before shaking he head no.

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  "Nuh uh," she gasped.

The puck clapped his hands with glee. "Then lower your wands, my sweet morsels, and let our sport continue," he said.

Both young girls slowly lowered their wands, their eyes wide as they stared at each other. Bonnie dropped her wand as she panted, the wind blowing her red hair out as Emma dropped her own wand. The wind swirled around them like a small tornado, their clothes flaring out around them.

The puck called Robin Goodfellow sat back down on his stump, his strange red cock sticking straight out hard and pointed. He rubbed his knees merrily. "Such sweet pieces," he cooed as he rocked back and forth, "Why don't you show one another exactly how sweet. Kiss. "

Emma and Bonnie took a step towards each other and then wrapped their arms around one another's waists. What came next seemed perfectly natural all of the sudden and they both wondered why they hadn't done it before now. They kissed. As their pink tongues met their hands slid up and down their backs as they moaned in appreciation and the wind lifted their skirts.

"Now, you two lasses love each other," Robin cackled, "So make sure you use plenty of tongue.

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Emma slid her moist tongue into Bonnie's mouth as Bonnie pressed herself closer to Emma. Both young girls caressed their tongues as their slender bodies rubbed together, chest to chest. They moaned louder as the warm wind blew against them harder.

The puck licked his lips as he peered at the two girls. "We're having a bit of a hot day today, wouldn't you agree?" he asked and giggled as the two celebrities nodded in agreement, never breaking their kiss. "Yes, quite a hot day. How 'bout you take those shirts off," he said.

Bonnie's delicate fingers began undoing Emma's blouse from her neck down to the top of her skirt as Emma began untucking Bonnie's blouse. Bonnie slid her hands into her co-star's blouse, across her soft tummy, up to her chest, over Emma's budding, bare breasts to her shoulders. Emma began hurriedly unbuttoning her red-haired co-star's blouse from the bottom up. Then both girls slid their friends' blouses off their shoulders baring their small breasts to the warm glen. And also to the puck called Robin Goodfellow.

Never breaking their kiss, Emma and Bonnie slid their blouses down their arms and let them fall to the ground. They once again wrapped their arms around each other, pressing their slender chests together, smothering their small breasts together. Both young girls moaned and gasped in pleasure as their hands trailed up and down their topless bodies.

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"Bonnie, I think you need to show Emma a bit more appreciation," Robin sad with a giggle.

Finally breaking the kiss, Bonnie began licking and nibbling her way from Emma's lips to her neck. She nuzzled her brown haired co-star's ear lobe before kissing down to the hollow of her friend's collar bone. She slid her hands from Emma's back to her sides and then up to her chest, cupping her small tits. Bonnie licked around both of her friend's warm, silky tits avoiding her hard nipples until the brown haired girl's tits were gleaming in the sunlight.

Emma gasped out as Bonnie's tongue finally made contact with one of her hard nipples. She held her friend's head to her chest like a teddy bear as the red haired girl sucked her nipple into her mouth and lashed it with her tongue. She groaned in pleasure as Bonnie slid her tongue wetly across her chest to her other nipple, sucking it lovingly and causing Emma to shudder.

Robin giggled as he tugged on his prick. "Good, good, good," he cackled, "Emma, show Bonnie how much you appreciate her. "

Emma let go of Bonnie's head and allowed the red haired girl to pull away from her chest. She kissed the other girl, their tongues briefly meeting before she began kissing down her co-star's jaw. She nuzzled Bonnie's neck before licking down to her chest. Emma quickly squeezed the red haired girl's tiny tits, hungrily sucking on her hard, pale tits. She quickly switched from one budding breasts to the other, lifting the small breasts up and licking back across her chest.

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"Oh yes, Emma, yes," Bonnie panted. She held onto Emma's slender shoulders, guiding her from one small breast to the other. Her eyes fluttered in pleasure as she rolled her head back, concentrating on the pleasure her friend was giving her.

"Girls, girls, girls!" Puck chuckled with glee. "Thy skirts, my lovelies, remove thy skirts," he commanded eagerly.

With a small flutter from their hands, both girls dropped their skirts and let them fall to the ground. As they took turns licking and sucking at each others' chests between kisses, they paid no attention to Robin as he clapped with glee.

For a moment, Robin was enthralled by the two girls dressed only in their panties as they kissed and nursed at each other. "Such wonderful sport!" he giggled. The wind he tricked the girls into conjuring began to subside and he realized that he would have to return to the Fey before to much longer. "Ahem, girls," he said to get the two horny females' attention as he pointed to his throbbing, blood red cock, "I believe it's time to show me some appreciation. "

Both teen girls looked over at the strange object sticking out between Robin's hairy thighs and their eyes shot wide open. They both eagerly licked their lips before rushing over and kneeling between the puck's spread legs. Bonnie gripped the base of Robin's cock with one delicate hands just as Emma did the same. Both girls began tugging on the base of the shaft as the red haired girl pointed it at her co-star.

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  Emma eagerly opened her mouth and sucked the tip into her warm, wet mouth.

"Oh sweet Jaysus!" Robin gasped as the young human began bobbing her head up and down on his cock. Her pink lips slid up and down his shaft as her tongue caressed him while both girls jerked on his base. The brown haired girl took his prick out of her mouth and gave the red haired girl a turn and she immediately swallowed as much of him as she could.

Robin grunted as the red haired girl began deep-throating him and he grinned at having done such a good job with the two girls. One little spell and they were both under his control, knowing exactly how to please and pleasure him. "I have got to get out of Fairy more often," he giggled as he pulled the brown haired girl up to her feet. "How 'bout a kiss, my bonny lass," he said and the girl immediately complied.

Emma moaned into the puck's mouth as his tongue slipped inside of her. He held her to him with one hand around her slender waist as his other hand slid across her chest, cupping one of her small breasts and teasing her hard nipple with his thumb. She kept one hand on top of Bonnie's head as the red-haired girl bobbed up and down in his lap.

Bonnie held the base of the strange man's prick with one hand while her other slid up and down Emma's thigh. She swirled her tongue around the tip of Puck's prick before sucking him deeply into her mouth, moaning in pleasure at the taste of him. She wiggled her pink, little tongue against him as his shaft slid wetly in and out of her mouth, her pink lips stretched tightly around his girth as her hand teased the warm juncture of Emma's slender thighs.

Robin patted the tops of both girl's heads affectionately before breaking the kiss with Emma.


  "And now why don't you two switch," he offered and both girls immediately complied. The brown haired girl got on her knees and replaced the red-haired girl's hand with her own as the pale girl stood up. He pulled Bonnie to him, kissing her deeply as Emma sucked him into her mouth. Just as he did with the slightly older girl, he held Bonnie to him with one hand while using the other hand to tease her small, sensitive breasts, both girls moaning in pleasure.

Emma swallowed the stranger's dick as deeply as she could, the tip of him bumping against the back of her mouth, his hair tickling her nose. She groaned around the length of him, one hand jerking the base of him, her fist meeting her lips as her other hand crawled between Bonnie's coltish thighs. Her fingers dipped into the elastic of her friend`s panties, her fingertips caressing the other girl's wet, sticky labia as she hungrily bobbed her head up and down over Robin's lap.

As Emma tickled her pink pussy-lips, Bonnie groaned in appreciation into the puck's mouth as he toyed with one of her pale little nipples. She rubbed herself against him, her body flush with excitement and lust as she kissed him as passionately as a teenage girl could. She ran her fingers loving through Emma's hair with one hand and through Robin's fur with the other, gasping in pleasure.

Robin gently pulled Emma off of his throbbing meat before breaking the kiss with Bonnie and presenting his cock to her. "I think it's time for you to appreciate all of your hard work," he said with a devilish smirk. She quickly yanked her panties down before eagerly climbing up on his lap and he cupped her behind her thighs to lift her up, her coltish legs spread wide with his prick pointed straight between her legs. He lowered her down slowly with Emma helping to steady her, his tongue poking out from the corner of his mouth.

Keeping a firm hold on the puck's prick, Emma raised her free hand up between Bonnie's obscenely spread legs, cupping her pert ass as Robin lowered her friend down.

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  She helped guide the red-haired girl down until the sharp point of the hairy stranger's prick was pressing against the opening to the slightly younger girl's wet, virgin pussy. She heard Bonnie gasp out as she took the first inch of Robin's dick inside of her and she released her hold, sitting back on her pert ass on the ground, her eyes wide as she watched intently.

"Ohhhh. . . " Bonnie groaned as her small, tight pussy parted around the puck's prick, slowly enveloping him. She threw her head back, her hair trailing down her back to just above her ass, her eyes wide and her chest heaving. A sheen of sweat broke out across her flushed body, as inch after inch of Robin's cock filled her and she moaned in pleasure as her virgin pussy was stretched out causing sensations she had never even imagined before to course through her young body.

"Oh sweet Morgana," Robin groaned out as the young girl took the last of his cock inside of her trembling body. His rough hands trailed to her plump little ass, cupping er delicate flesh as she groaned and rubbed against him. He raised one had up to lovingly stroke her red hair as she began panting and moaning. Using his other hand, his two middle fingers between her pale cheeks, he lifted her up slightly, just a bit, before setting her down again making her gasp out as he slowly started fucking her.

Emma stared in wonder at the sight of Robin's cock stretching Bonnie's hairless little slit as it sled wetly up and down his shaft. She had never seen anything like it and it was amazing make her entire body throb in new-found lust. She found herself drawn to the wet juncture of her friend's trembling thighs, leaning up slowly as her pink tongue extended, slightly ticking Bonnie's tightly spread pussy-lips, her mouth watering at the taste.

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As Emma's tongue tickled her from her puckered ass to her dripping pussy filled with the puck's strange cock, Bonnie began gasping louder and louder, moaning out in lust. Her body felt like it was burning in pleasure, her blood boiling as she began thrusting herself up and down, riding Robin's dick as it drove inside of her again and again. The hairy man sucked and licked at her small tits, sucking hungrily at her ripe nipples as she rocked herself up and down on his prick rising higher and higher towards ecstasy. Suddenly her entire body seized as she had her first orgasm, her fingers winding through the puck's hair and her toes curling up as she stuttered in pleasure.

As Bonnie came her juices spilled out onto Emma's tongue and trailed down Robin's hard shaft. Emma used her tongue to lap at her friend's gushing cum, moaning in appreciation at the taste of the red headed girl. She used her hands to split Bonnie's pale ass-cheeks to move in more, licking hungrily at her friend`s tart juices.

Smiling wickedly as Bonnie shivered in pleasure, Robin licked each of the young girl's pale nipples one last time. He carefully lifted the young girl off of his lap and laid her down on the soft grass nest to the stump before turning to Emma. "You're turn, my sweet," he said to the girl. She immediately leapt to her feet completely naked, her hairless slit glistening in the Spring time sun.

Emma frantically jumped into the puck's lap, her small hands eagerly grasping his prick as she shuffled around above his up-thrust cock. She rubbed the tip of him against her dripping pussy, teasing herself and groaning in lust as she stared down intently between her legs. She took his first inch inside herself, angling her young body so she could watch her pink pussy part around him. She was fascinated by the sight of gleaming cunt stretching around Robin's strange looking prick and the feelings it was giving her.

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Her eyes fluttering open, Bonnie stared intently at the sight of Emma's tiny little pussy slowly taking the puck's prick. She had never seen anything like it before and she felt excited as she remembered her own experience riding the strange cock. She slowly made her way to her knees behind her friend, reaching up to part the brown-haired girl's heart-shaped ass, revealing her co-star's tiny puckered asshole. She leaned up, opening her mouth and extending her pink tongue before licking Emma's wrinkled hole.

The puck could feel Emma shiver around his prick as Bonnie licked the other girl. It caused the brown-haired girl to slip down his shaft faster, her cock bottoming out inside of her as she came to rest on his lap. He reached behind her and found Bonnie's hands cupping her co-star's ass as she licked at her tightest hole and smiled wide before leaning down and sucking one of Emma's ripe nipples into his mouth.

"Oh, oh, oh. . . " Emma chanted as he pumped up into her and Bonnie licked her. She cried out as the red-haired girl's finally pierced her, pushing up into her body sending electric jolts of pleasure coursing through her. Her young body began thrashing around on Robin's lap, his cock continuing to thrust into her over and over again as her first ever orgasm rolled through her. Her juices gushed out of her tightly stretched cunt, her body shuddering, her breath catching in her slender chest as the puck continued nursing at her small chest.

The mystical puck groaned out as one of the two tightest little pussies he had ever had the pleasure of fucking clamped down on his throbbing prick, rippling around him, milking his cum from his bloated balls.

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  Emma began to come down from her orgasm he removed his face from her small chest, leaving it gleaming in the bright sunlight as he began lifting her off of his lap, his cock slipping out of her twitching body, and laid her down next to the excited Bonnie. Bonnie immediately wrapped her arms around the brown-haired girl and began kissing and rubbing up next to her.

Robin smiled wolfishly as he stood up, aiming his dick down at the two teenage girls. The both looked eagerly up at him as he fisted himself until he erupted, cumming over the actresses upturned faces and slender chests. They both looked up at him with wide smiles as his thick seed rained down on them, their naked, flushed bodies pressed tightly together. As his prick began to soften he chuckled as the girls began licking his cum from each other's bodies, their tongues sliding wetly over one anothers' bodies. Suddenly he pointed behind the girls and shouted, "Oh my goddess what it that!?"

Bonnie and Emma quickly looked behind them but saw nothing. As they turned back they could see that Robin, as well as the stump they had fucked him on, was gone.

5. Epilogue
Puck disappears and the girls get dresses and head back to the set. They are scared they they will get in trouble for being late but when they get back they find that no time has passed.

The End. .



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