Camping Out


Camping Out


My name was James and I’m 52 years old and married.   I’m also bi-sexual curious and have always wanted to suck a cock and have a guy fuck my virgin ass.

My buddy was Ken and he was 51 years old and also married.  


It was June and Ken and I decided to go on a guys camping weekend.   So we packed up my tent, our sleeping bag and the rest of the camping gear.    We headed out on a Thursday afternoon and arrived in a secluded area of a national park in the northern area of our state.

After we had the tent set-up and the campfire going, we just relaxed and enjoyed the twinkling stars while he drank some beer.   We laughed and told dirty jokes and then our discussions led to talk about sex with our wives.    We both confessed that our wives wouldn’t let us cum into their mouths or perform anal sex.

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    Since we both were a little drunk, we both mentioned that we wanted to experience cumming in a female’s mouth.

It was time for bed and we both had to pee in the worst way.

We got up and walked over to a nearby bush.   We both whipped out our cocks and the stream of piss sprinkled the leaves of the bush.   While he peed, I couldn’t resist and glanced over and took a peek of Ken’s cock.   Nice!  I thought to myself while he held his flaccid dick in his hand.   It looked to be about the same size as my cock.   But what I didn’t realize was that Ken also snuck a peak of my cock while I was pissing.

So after we peed, we stripped down to our boxer shirts and climbed into our sleeping bags for the evening.    While we lay on our back in our sleeping bags, all I could think about was the sight of Ken’s cock.   Then those thoughts of his cock gave me a boner.


It was two hours later, and some commotion outside me up.   I looked over and Ken was not inside his sleeping bag.   I got concerned so I got out of my sleeping bag and went outside the tent.

The campfire was nothing but glowing coals and I looked around for Ken.   Then the full Moon provided enough light and I saw him by some trees.

To my surprise, Ken was standing bare ass naked in the woods and he was stroking his hard cock.   “Suck my cock!  I’m a cocksucker,” Ken moaned out while he played with his boner.   I just stood there watching Ken stroking his sexy cock.

Ken sensed me and looked over and saw me watching him with his hand around his cock.   His mouth dropped opened in shock.   “Oh fuck,” he said and looked totally embarrassed and covered his crotch with his hands.

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“It’s cool,” I told Ken while I hurriedly pulled off my tee shirt then pulled down my boxer shorts.

I walked over bare ass naked to Ken who stood there speechless.   I took a gamble.   “Are you bisexual?” I asked him.

Ken nervously looked at me.   “Are you?” he replied afraid to give me the truthful answer.

I nodded my head in agreement.

Ken nodded his head in agreement.

“Well then, can I suck your cock?” I said as this was a question I’ve always wanted to ask a naked man.

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Ken took away his hands from his crotch and I took that to mean he was in agreement.

I walked over and the feeling of being bare ass naked out in the open air was thrilling.   I got to my knees and looked at Ken’s cock that was now flaccid.   I leaned forward and ran my tongue all around his balls, which were shaved.

“Feels good,” Ken moaned out while my tongue licked the base of his tight balls.

I ran my tongue back up to his cock that was rising to attention.  

I ran my tongue up his hard shaft and then all around the tip of his cock.

I opened my mouth and put the tip of his cock inside.

I sucked on this tip for a few minutes.

“Suck me cock!” Ken moaned out.

I slide his cock deep into my mouth.

“You’re my fucking whore,” Ken moaned out while he grabbed the sides of my head making me his bitch.

I loved the taste of his meat inside my mouth.

I continued to suck his cock and thoughts of tasting his cum were filling my head.   I decided I was going for the gold with Ken who started to moan louder.   “Oh yes.   Suck my cock you faggot,” he yelled out.

I felt the tip of his cock start to swell up and I knew it would be time.

“Ahhhh!” Ken yelled out then I felt a glob of cum shoot out of the tip of his cock.   “Fuck!” he yelled out again while another glob of cum shot out from the tip of his cock.

Then glob after glob of cum filled my mouth.

I took his cock out of my mouth and quickly swallowed my prize.

“Ah man, that was fucking great,” he said while I stood up with a boner.

Ken looked at my boner.   “If you don’t mind, I’ll suck you off later,” he said.

“I understand,” I replied knowing how us guys lose interest in sex after we shoot our load.

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We walked back to our tent and decided sleep naked on top of our sleeping bags.  

It wasn’t too long before we were spooning bare ass naked and feel fast asleep.


The sun started to rise and I felt something warm on my balls.   It was a good feeling and it gave me a boner.   I opened up my eyes and saw that Ken fulfilled his promise and was running his tongue all around my tight balls.

“How about a morning blow job?” he said with a smile while he grabbed a hold of my cock.

“Noting like a faggot sucking you off in the morning,” he replied with a smile.

Ken opened up his mouth and took the tip of my cock inside.

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“Yes.   Suck my cock!” I moaned out.

Ken took my cock deep into his mouth.  

“Yes. Yes.   Suck me off!” I moaned out louder.

The excitement of being sucked off by another guy was becoming too much.   I arched my back.   “I’m cumming!” I yelled out.

Then a few seconds later, I shot globs after globs of cum into Ken’s waiting mouth.

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He pulled my cock out of his mouth and immediately swallowed.

“That was fucking great,” I said all out of breath.

“I love sucking cock,” Ken replied.

“I love sucking cock also,” I added.

We got dressed and went out of the tent to start the campfire to cook our breakfast.

Ken and I spent the day fishing and relaxing around the tent.   We talked about our fantasies of sucking cock and how this was the first for the both of us.   We also took a drive to a nearby town for some supplies for the evening.


It was later that night and we retired into the tent for the evening.   We unzipped the sleeping bags and lay them out for a blanket.   We soon stripped naked for the evening.

“Who will go first?” Ken asked while he stroked his cock.

“I’ll go,” I said then I got down on my stomach with my pillow under my crotch to arch my ass upwards.   “Fuck me Ken.   Make me your whore,” I called out while I wiggled my ass.

Ken grabbed the tube of KY we bought earlier today.   He lubed his cock.   He lubed my virgin asshole and then he lubed his index finger.

Ken slowly inserted his index finger into my ass to prepare it for fucking.  

After a few minutes of enjoyable finger fucking, Ken climbed on top of me and rubbed his boner up and down the crack of my ass.

“Oh yeah baby, fuck my ass!” I called out while I wiggled my cheeks.

I felt the tip of Ken’s cock rubbing up and down on my puckered asshole.

Then he stopped rubbing and I could feel the pressure of the tip of his cock pushing against my asshole.    The tip of my cock slowly entered my virgin ass.   “Yeah,” I moaned out while his cock slowly went deeper and deeper into my ass.  

“Does my whore like my cock in his ass?” Ken asked while he was four inches into my ass.

“Yes!  Your whore loves having his ass fucked,” I called out while he slowly pumped my ass.

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“My bitch is a good fuck,” Ken moaned out while his cock slowly went in and out of my asshole.

“Fuck me!  Fuck me!” I yelled out while Ken started to pump me a little faster.

“I love your ass,” Ken moaned out.

“Fuck my ass!  Fuck my ass!” I yelled out a little louder and we both could care less if someone heard us.

Ken pumped my ass a little faster.

I moved my ass in response to the rhythm of his pumping.

“Yes.   Yes.


    Yes,” I moaned out while his cock fucked me.

“I’m cumming!” Ken yelled out.

“Yes, fill my ass with your cum!” I yelled back.

“Ahhhhhh!” Ken cried out when the tip of his cock swelled up and I could feel globs of his cum filling my ass.    He pulled his cock out of my ass and lay on he back panting.

I could feel some of his cum slowly oozing out of my newly fucked asshole.

“That was great,” I said then rolled over on my back.

“How does your asshole feel?” Ken asked.

“A little sore, but it’s a good sore,” I replied while Ken reached over and started stroking my cock.  

“It’s my turn,” he said while he got on his back and opened his legs like his asshole was a waiting pussy.   “Fuck me.   Make my your whore,” he added.

I straddled Ken and let my cock dangle in front of his face.

Ken leaned upward and started to suck on the tip of my cock for a few seconds.

He then licked the base of my balls while I stroked my cock where it soon hardened.

“Come on James.   Fuck my asshole,” Ken moaned out.

I got off him and positioned myself to fuck his ass missionary style.

After I lubricated the both of us, I rubbed the tip of my cock against his waiting asshole.

“Come one.   I’m a fucking whore and I need to be fucked!” Ken yelled out while he opened is legs like the way my wife does when she’s horny.

I pressed the tip of my cock against his asshole and it slowly slipped inside.

“Ahh!” Ken moaned out when my cock went inside his virgin ass.

I slid my cock deeper into his ass and lay on top of Ken.

He wrapped his arms around me.   “Make me your bitch,” Ken whispered in my ear.

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I slid my cock deeper into Ken’s ass while he hugged me.

“Yes!  Fuck me! Fuck me!” he yelled out while his legs were up in the air.

I pumped his ass the way I pump my wife’s hairy pussy.

Ken wrapped his legs around my waist while I fucked him.

“Fuck.   Fuck.   Fuck,” he moaned out while I fucked his ass.

“I’m going to cum!” I cried out.

“Yes, baby, cum inside my ass,” Ken cried out.

I moaned and groaned while I tried to fight off from cumming too soon.

“Cum in me.   Cum in me,” Ken cried out.

“Ahhhhhhh!” I cried out while I shot globs of my hot cum into Ken’s asshole.

I slowly pulled my cock out of Ken’s ass and rolled over on my back.

“That was fucking hot,” Ken said.

“I know,” I replied out of breath.


Ken and I spooned naked while we slept that night.


In the next morning, we couldn’t resist and got into a 69 position and sucked on each other’s cocks.   He came first and then I shot my wad into his mouth.


So that was the beginning of a great friendship where we would secretly meet and suck each other’s cocks and fuck each other’s ass.


If my story made your cock hard, email me at:  peterjenson34@yahoo. com.


Maybe we could chat sometime.   Maybe we could do webcam and watch each other jerk off.   I would love to see your cock cum!
























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