Cabin Fever


I throw myself at the near by couch and Mike sits on a chair. The older woman and Suzy go into the kitchen. Betty sits next to Mike while Lara sits on his other side. I lay there with eyes squintingbecause the light was bothering me but still well aware of what was going on. As I look over at Mike I see Betty, which by the way is like 150 lbs, and saw how she has put her hand on Mike’s thigh and squeezing it as she slowly moves her hand closer to his package while Lara is brushing her hands through his hair. Mike, almost immediately gets excited and up came the tent. By this time Suzy and the older woman, Maggie is what they called her, had been in the room. Mike stands up and excuses himself for the night.

“Betty, help him to his room and see that his needs are dealt with,” said Maggie.

“Yes ma’ma,” she responded as she helped Mike out of his chair and in to a room next door.

When they were gone I sat up and Suzy jump on me and started to slowly unbutton my shirt. Maggie walked over and told her :

“He’s mine, go see if your sister needs help. ”

“You too Lara, go…go, go, go. ”

“ Now mister,” she said to me. “ Lets get started, by the time you finish with me your not gonna wanna let go,” she said with a smile.

She unbutton the top of her dress, exposing her very round 38C cup tits.

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   But I just sat there, enjoying the view. “So your not the foreplay type of guy, I can live with that. But I’m sure you want a piece of this,”she said as she pulled her dress up to her waist and leans over the edge of the dinning table letting me clearly see her perfectly round ass. Almost in a trance, I snap out of it as I hear moaning and giggling coming from the room next door. I stumble a little trying to stand up. When I do I walk over to her and place my hand on her soft but firm ass. I do nothing but stare.

“What’s the matter ?,” she said. “You don’t know how to ?”

“Aww, don’t worry about it,” she said as she turned around and dropped to her knees.

“I’ll help you remember,” she said with a swift move as she dropped my pants and underwear to the floor, gripped my balls with one hand and helped place my cock in her mouth with the other. Immediate sensations were riding up my dick. Her soft and warm mouth was oh so pleasurable. Her head bobbed back and forth as I looked down and saw my 7 ½ inch dick appear and disappear, appear and disappear. She suck harder and faster every time. In and out, in and out until I knew I was going to come.

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   I roughly shoved my rock hard dick into her mouth and let it all out. Taken back by amount that was coming out some of my cum came rushing from her mouth but she managed to swallow most of it. Surprised by the amount of cum I released I almost lost by balance, but managed to lead on a column. A few minutes passed as I caught my breath then I came to realize what I have just done.

Along with my five senses, my hormones started up and with a jolt I grabbed Maggie and put her on the dinning table. Nothing was said. I lifted her dress just enough to have access to her treasure. She smiled at me as I pulled her legs as far back as I could. Without warning I slammed my throbbing cock into her pussy. It was wet and cozy, but not so cozy as I thought “obviously this is not the first dick she’s met. ” I pump long and hard. Faster and faster.

“Oh baby,” she moaned, “I guess you do know how. ”

A smirk formed on my face as I quickened my pace. I knew she was ready, I felt her muscles tighten.

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   A few more thrusts and she released.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” she screamed.

I pulled out and came all over her pussy.

Pleased with my job I drop to my knees and clean up my mess. Her pussy lips were so pink and swollen. I gently licked off both her and my remainders. As I got deeper and deeper I heard light moans.

“Oh, ah, yeah that’s it,“ she mumbled in a low voice. So I increased my movements and I licked and sucked faster. Occasionally stopping to pull out my tongue and lick her lips just to tease. With just a few minutes of this she came all over again. Tired of this position I stood up.

She sat up and was pulling her dress down when I stopped her and said:

“No, No. ”

I pulled her dress up again and positioned her at the end of the table. Placed my hand on her perfectly round ass as I did earlier and

“Chuu, chuu, here comes the train,” I blurred out unnoticeably.



With a hard thrust I shoved my dick up her ass as I heard my balls slap against her skin. She let out a load screech then hushed. Harder and harder I thrusted. Not really caring for her needs I kept at it, harder and faster every move. Then I was ready. I released inside her with a load grunt.

I pull out as I collapse on the near by sofa. Moments later she comes over to me and helps me off the sofa and leads me to the other side of the cabin.

“It’s not over yet,” she said.

Confused by her comment I said, “What do you…” and before I can finish my sentence she opens the door to the room were Mike was in. In there I see…….

To be continued…
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